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From new beginning end

Saturday 05 April 2014

This blog is from this - last post serves only comment pointing - at least in the longer term.

This means that all contributions continue to be called, opened the comment, I will respond, where appropriate.

After more than five years and more than 4000 articles, it's time.

My special, heartfelt thanks to all who here manchesmal at great expense, often very suggestive, involved.

It may also well be that here - or anderwo, perhaps also in printed form - will eventually appear a compilation of my opinion most important published texts.

As everyone can imagine easily that knows me, I'll allzumal not set the literary creation.

Also, I will earnestly still supervise my zeitgeist-print column or write on the side something. (more ...)

From the transformation now

Wednesday 02 April 2014

The transformation is noticeable.

The lies of "the West", "the international community", "the Europeans", "the world community" are exactly those less and less believed the same one needs to maintain essential.

There are those "petty bourgeois", as we now already cynical-jokingly called himself whose still at least grudging assent to the system critically important.

In short, a large part of the thinking performer falls from not only, but turns off audible.

Man has learned powerful.

Meanwhile, there are complaints overwhelmingly no longer on the corporate media, whose possible censorship practices: Man mocks.

The media mind control is Defunkt.

The warmongering is exposed.

The last two years have brought the breakthrough. (more ...)

Greetings conditions Mountain View

Monday 03 March 2014

If I only imagine I would be a Abhörmaschinennachgleichrichter, a half-educated highly paid network Stenz at Google or equal at NSA because I find ü, ä and ö soon no longer on my own Zerzasteratur.

Every evil than sift who still dares to wear a Gran mind with him, his conjecture that this is so, can be communicated even in a hurry.

What a pathetic fucking job.

Then, as though the self-humiliation as not already Genung, must make clear to the Department Manager on dislocations having to seek that as a particularly suspicious, potentially dangerous bird was tracked, although it does not even know how to burn a match, but with quite questionable words associated would.

How do you keep it longer than six weeks in such a Puff from?

Cocaine? Whiskey? Better both, and enough of it, and only the best? (more ...)

Trolls: It's time to get full creaming

Sunday 02 March 2014

I think that currently there is no labor market, where the real demand for qualified personnel exceeds supply in such a way as to that of the Troll system, the Netzdesinformanten.

A real growth industry. Money is enough there, and if need be also. What workers want? (more ...)

From the upcoming aristocratic revolution (III)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The aristocratic revolution comes forward to even my more leis made soles.

It spreads as I know, already under the oh-so-underrated youth from.

You can tell already there as a Totalversklavung wollentlich set to the factory.

Still potter people like Julie toe or Sascha Lobo around helplessly in the matter.

But partly also set the already signs that, like these two, Sheep media have spread.

These have of course only because they do not touch the core, the core of the matter.

Already clear. (more ...)

From the upcoming aristocratic revolution (II)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recently, I got it with, one was convicted because he had probably somehow linked to our besatzten enemy state the UN not agreeable side, while the one who supplied the content, remained unmolested.

That was no accident, this was a signal.

Who linked, may at any time drape, even if you do not beikommt the author of the material, do not want to get at. (It would have been the author probably may well get at, in the case mentioned. He sits apparently not in North Korea.)

The right fear mongering so. (more ...)

From the upcoming aristocratic revolution

Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's all on the head.

In business, the bankers are the masters of the world, the work of God verrichtend by creating anything real.

When it comes to information, the world network, the administrator, distributor, Verhunzer Verzwunzer and apply those more than those who actually deliver information.

Even the semi're most electrical box fuzzy feeling, measured even on a veritable productive artist, as Hermes Trismegistus.

Whole skyscrapers full of trolls, Abschakale, Hacker: As the masters of this world.

That will not last. (more ...)

From Pädopfuhle and perverse law

Sunday, February 16, 2014

To me it is only a few days ago happened that I opened a power unknown to me, because I showed my utility that came from there hits on my, wanted to see where it came from.

First, some which confused babble, I was displayed shortly before pushing away because I saw a picture there, not naked, but showed a girl of about ten years in a costume that suggested Relevant.

I immediately went out. Having the page even considered, would have eventually can be designed with any criminal seconds more, because who as an only calls consciously and deliberately, continues to roll even if he sees something is off. But who knows what is consciously and deliberately? (more ...)

Google does not yet Allah

Saturday, February 15, 2014

By Google under my Image Search to Magnus Goeller still assigns a Hitler image, while the other search result is still more ridiculous and irrelevant, I was told very firmly that I should not be sitting on me, I should, no, I had the "Report inappropriate photo" in Google at least report the better send equal a juicy e-mail, even better, with lawyer threat.

I beg your pardon? What should I do?


At the company, the German free tutoring takes many years for me, me for me initially quite weighed (as I said, until recently was little to complain about in the classifieds), now treated as a Unterpariah of Netzsubprekariats?

Should I beg these wayward giant squid about? (more ...)

Disk as evidence for the ... A.

Friday, February 14, 2014

If a guy like this Friedrich, who as interior minister a Lügenlakai the Amis, pierces to the SPD leadership that there are investigations into the possible possession of child pornography against one of its deputies, so that this can be warned and most likely will, so that was a crime.

Mommy has noticed all of the course again nothing ...

Course for Mr. Edathy presumption of innocence.

Had But police and prosecutors with him - but still, because of the stupid like a walking stick, or without warning - found such material as would apply to me the presumption of innocence still.

Do I know whether or not certain services have played the stuff on the hard disk to the man, without his noticing? Or if you did this only in retrospect? (more ...)

Dumb as a piece of Google

Friday 07 February 2014

As above it looks today erstseitig when "Magnus Goeller" enters into Google.

Not only do these weaknesses Mate company warns that my site could have been hacked, no, that's not enough, they joined me one more Hitlerbildchen at, schlichtemang because some guy has written something with probably very small range about me and to the Dolf sorted.

Was sorting my person at Google until recently still quite understandable, as it is now nigh imbecile.

Some things with which I have nothing more to do for 5 to 10 years, plus any external comments somewhere garnish the first few pages.

Previously, still referred to as important and current articles from me. (more ...)

Away with the pain Phonen! (II)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The what in the beet, so wearing a Schmerzphonding not around unnecessarily.

No normal man must always be accessible.

Am I a radio Hampel, wherever ever? I beg your pardon? What?

In the meantime (not that I had ever so) would be for me would me my wife so (grade is none there), I had to carry around a Schmerzphon to be always available, they could not after, a clear separation principle.

Can not I just traipse through Städtle times, sitting on the grass, einlöffeln with two buddies for a beer, so as I please? (more ...)

Away with the pain Phonen!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Already some may begin to realize that it was not a stupid pun, as I correctly with "Schmerzphon" translated "smartphone".

Who carries around one fact that is the Depp of the NSA.

And when he realizes the pain of radiation not the same, but already some of those total surveillance, those to be just a dork. Later will only really see the pain that may arise therefrom.

Then, when he is being blackmailed open. Then, if he does not get this job or that health insurance rejects it.

With the Schmerzphon the NSA knows not only what a wanted and nachsuchte and when, but even he JEWO thereby staying.

No sapient man wearing a more Schmerzphon around with you. Anyway, if he does not necessarily have to. As a slave. (more ...)

Thousand dead Trolls

Sunday, January 19, 2014

No, of course I have not killed a single troll. Thousand certainly not. Only a few discarded.

I imagined even more often, I did work as a troll, properly remunerated for.

Then I imagined that I would meet someone like me.

Since I realized that I not only did not want anyway ties do, but also regularly would inevitably lose out wofern the Betrollte his business only three-quarters as good as I understood.

Understand the Betrollte his business, so he is always at an advantage. (more ...)

Only the cowardly rabble network?

Thursday 02 January 2014

It wished me already one Lamaist Tibetan monks have withdrawn my skin alive. Sadhu called the. Since I had been up to unspiri for saints and Inspiris.

Just now came a Bulgur - also a nice Nick - and thought that a man of his own'll totally unexpected, pick up.


For ice cream?

What drives this kind creatures?

The money?

Could be.

But there are still more than enough this kind - basically clear criminal - cowards that will not send the money.

But quite simply a fanaticism that such seemingly safe, expresses itself.

Most such existences are already at the stupidity of selecting their aliases as a fanatic, just not to recognize professionals.

A professional usually called Mia or Rolf or Dagestan. At least Tajikistan. But not Sadhu or bulgur. My experience. Depth Psychology to I can save now.

The true professional is insidious, but not necessarily cowardly. It is part of the job now times that he hides his identity. Since nothing special to it.

The fanatic but sees no professional job, but a mission already in his code name. He can barely different.

His parallel identity überwallt him quickly. He makes it so neither for money nor even for fun. He demonstrates his already so low excitation threshold, its easy irritability.

He likes himself too much in his power to eject anonymous threats. The probability that he hardly would bring out a word face to face, is almost one hundred percent. His profession and Behuf is Eckensteher.

This does not mean that such Schmalstspurfahrer would not turn the ball from serious professionals forward, to provoke, to explore the terrain, to distract, to tie attention of the target person, so to speak, to keep contact with the enemy.

Quite possible, therefore, that you stick Sadhus and bulgur as Spring fools.

It binds so forces can attack all the more unsuspected elsewhere. At least then the usual plan.

Much more than threats and curses, curses, these shadow warriors of no just sad shape then but usually not on it, and know the pros also. Particularly, to enable such attacks strengthen the vigilance of the target person still, their defense therefore able to still strong.

That is why professionals do not work like the fanatical idiots. Although the are free, they notice almost never what, are so soherum harmless, but they address it quickly damage, obstruct completely unconscious paths.

It is not particularly intelligent, tamper with the net open with murder fantasies, threats of torture and deprivation of liberty. This is not only disgusting, it's stupid.

Nevertheless, like a professional who has coverage, with such a means times come up as a test. Simply safely test the reaction. Whether the other but nervous.

The professional will, of course, quite different than the fanatics who have studied the sore points of the target person. The in view, whereupon they start, where they are most likely to lead on Glatteise.

I could now call me four or five points. But I will not do, because even the classmate of my sons and their schoolmaster or rector could read here. They need not even know about yet.

In reality I have of course at least eight very weak points. Which I know but all the more, the more they attacked. (The ninth is in my expression of weakness, never overcome.)

Yes, sometimes it would almost seem as if the world power to the cowardly rabble Behufe been invented alone.

But even this appearance is deceptive.

Top Desinfoagent on the market

Monday, December 30, 2013

I offer already for 250 euros an hour best, according to DIN ISO 9002 quality certified disinfo.

Ufologists, Nazis, EU-critics, self-healers, parents against children drugs or circumcision, people who ask questions even occupation: I'll make you all for all.

I'll hail pancakes on reinforced concrete buildings that readily slump in itself, I make you a bloody war of aggression, which leaves the desired or not desired chaos, a humanitarian feat.

Long learned enough on the other hand, I know exactly how not to do it. I bring real, proven, demonstrable expertise with.

Only anti-Jewish orders I can not accept historical and legal reasons. I ask for your understanding. When anti-Muslim orders, I ask occasionally to Bedenk.

Also race baiting I've only against whites on the pallet. This need not be further explained.

My methods range from the simplest indirect questions and Lockspitzelfallen to long-term infiltration and destruction or alternatively occupation of a publication.

I'm very sure nick. Of course, I also work with multiple aliases. Used precisely dosed.

At the beginning of each job is a detailed analysis of the target object and its parent as the basis of which to be achieved, then a tailored disinformation campaign is being developed. After this exercise and the payment of the principal contract, 50% in advance follows in cash or gold at today's price.

Of course, temporary lump-sum payments per contract can be negotiated here. This relieves the client as the contractor bureaucratic significantly usually. Small orders will be handled as easily been for 25,000 euros.

Also, of course, risk premiums can be added, especially if it is potent services or corresponding large criminal syndicates, dangerous secret lodges and the like. Since then carefully consider whether you accept my calling, or prefer to use a low-cost provider who takes in his despair any money for any job.

It is clear that I do. For my task as soon as the main contractor granted, must have largely free hand To German: A constantly annoying "commanding officer" who does not understand what I posit is not part of the business concept. Regarding insurmountable differences there are, what the other 50% is concerned, opt-outs.

I will continue to ask for your understanding that I can not perform free Erstberatungsgespräche. The people who want to hunt in vain the Gewusstwie themselves, are not few.

For this purpose, therefore, I raise a fee of 1000 Euro for a one hour evaluation interview, what are you, for my part, on a further or refusal by Bedenk.

All prices are subject to change.

I look forward to your call.

Magnus Wolf Goeller

Schlosserstraße 17

70180 Stuttgart

0711/66 48 70 28


2014 as in the coming Yottajahren

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Now even a minimal positive views of the year 2014th

For the horse-dealer in the network could crack a tough year.

I mean first not Facebook, Apple, Google, NSA & Cie.

There are paid submarine hacks in the forums, there are especially those "alternative" Pages that an increasingly adult audience confronted, the only right and still looks just the gift horse in the mouth.

Although more and more money is for the cyber armies, working with text and videos, with commentary and denigration, output, you do not sleep, refines the decomposition and disinformation methods, the disavowal of pages and authors, but it looks but not look, such as whether they made too much progress in this area. On the contrary.

Where to conduct its own pages, aims to provide an interactive communication, usually sinnigerweise must, therefore, allow comments, because you are exposed as a rule, at least by some success occurs through censorship made as soon as really critical questions arise.

And if you are now already great among the little ones, then speaks the already very fast around. Let's see who will earn the title himself in 2014 to be the "alternative TIME", as those publication that censored at three stupid test.

Censorship in "alternative" media comes of course from genuine ideological reasons masse before. Then there are but special religious and esoteric and somewhat sparkling sides, rather no major platforms.

A lot exposure as could take place without GPS Schmerzphonortung without account number along with fingerprint, simply by way of the called honesty. The youngest of all the virtues, as it identifies Nietzsche's Zarathustra.

A orderd Text is reported if not ordered in the sense that a Dostoijewski can keep his gambling addiction only by delivery of continuations of his story in the newspaper about viable to recognize very quickly as only one such. At least then a text string.

How many professional trolls will you probably employ worldwide?

No idea.

But the really good one has, depending on the quality scale, at most a few thousand.

The rest can usually not much more than those who simply beyond the normal programs, so practically by itself, work.

The problem for a top troll or its customer is that he must indeed deliver at some point results, orders may accept only after preliminary examination, rather declines when he knows that he here, even with a lot of hard work, even suddenly hard on the nose fall or even could be pushed to the brink of what happened, too negligently put his reputation on the line.

Indeed, it is quite so that experienced Mitforisten, nor do under the umbrellas of a skilled administrators from a troll in a class at the end of a relative buffoon, yet is without this previously noted its voltes and appeals to the best spice the debate beiziehend with Plaisir.

Who do you need, what you need, as a troll in a class?

Basically you need one, which it almost does not exist. He was supposed to be at best an apparent and an excellent scholar who knows more and so to pose as a bit goofy if necessary, on a linguistic as on the level of content that does not realize yet the Gewitzteste. Cervantes was something. He had, however, not only studied, but fencing also lost an arm against the Turks and then already learned as a young man in captivity in Algiers under the daily life danger. It does not matter. To my knowledge, it is so or not so available.

There are also 2014 not decide any case bits and bytes.

This applies anyway, at least, for the coming Yottajahre.

Goldman Sachs swears the NWO from (II)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dave Silverberg is swallowed by the earth. The rumors are that the National Security Council of the United States of America practically nonstop met since his return from Moscow, Silverberg has to do there very intense.

It speaks according to our research, at least nothing that would Silverberg meantime slipped in the bathtub or the residual edge there would have been or have to give.

On Wall Street, it is meanwhile suspicious. Who knows what Goldman this time up to?

Man jokes already, the NWO did it anyway never existed, so those wishing to renounce almost certainly ridiculous, or a still hinterfotzigerer trick, but this time was clear.

"It is not for the Dutch government to comment on the humor of a speaker of a private bank, be it ever so great, as long as not necessarily Dutch interests are involved." So Den Haag.

Ueli Maurer, in his Confederate President, explained, discussed in relation to the banking center of Switzerland, that Switzerland had now done for several centuries their world order itself, with visible success, it was all in the Lot.

And, no, the arrested minister sons Turkey have after all, reportedly as little to do with the Goldman-NWO affair as the French "intervention" in Central Africa.

Not even the island dispute between Japan and China are - at least directly - to expect very ambivalent half capitulation range - to put it mildly - this in the orbit.

It is true nor, as a wag spread the net that "Nonwo" in the maternity hospitals of Delhi and Mumbai had shot up to the most common girl name, as the Times of India brought a corresponding headline. And the "left-autonomous" rioters in Hamburg have probably not even know what it mitgekriegt that their patrons seem to have fallen into heavy water.

It will be exciting for a while. The thing is not eaten.

Gerhard Mersmann year plan view 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

The special Year in Review, probably better year plan look, I found earlier on Dudes page where it "The Power and the bill" the excellent article linked below - the title could hardly be better chosen - by Gerhard Mersmann zweitpubliziert.

I commented at Mersmann so:

"I have way here through Dudes page and will now first here to express my appreciation. The article, refreshing and just kept on point, however linguistically very articulated, appears, certainly deliberately, waiving examples and Détails.
I especially like the summary conclusion, in which the reality of life is placed against the run mystification.
Plane for the first time on this site, I'll look around here now more accurate. The above post, I will certainly recommend to my blog and link, but probably with its own, worthy of forming Anmoderation and two or three own observations to it. This can therefore still take a bit (at least until later in the evening).
LG "

And the Dude:

"I have just spoken Gerhard Mersmann on his blog my appreciation.
A crisp text, indeed, you realize the masterpiece. Relentlessly to the point. And with a clear, elegant style with which pervades the whole post next to its contents as another thread.
Hats off. "

A longer quote from the text itself, the penultimate section:

"We saw (we saw us last year from our own eyes -. Note from me) the differences of the monetary and spiritual wealth. And we saw the development of the expansion of the monetary prosperity and the tendency of the spiritual well-being. The increased nearly comprehensive digitized timing of our work processes would namely exposed from the entire ideological nonsense of autonomy and identified as what it actually is: the expansion and perfected control, the liquidation of any self-determination and the inquisitorial persecution of free will. It would show how uniform the digitized era has become, where each remote and each sensor lurks a program that standardized and unified. And it would fall from the eyes like the scales that at all Individualisierungsbrimborium only standard stereotypes be tolerated. "

What I see here speaks so much so remarkably concise for yourself that I now first do not want it to comment further, but wants to see counted as a Lockschnipsel which may bring as many readers on the page of the author, the total reading there to . enjoying

So short and clean with so much illusion that is sold to us as normality settled!

A real treat.

An essay, which I will present many Pappenheimer, of both the sake contents and to linguistic teaching purposes.

Censorship in the "alternative media": the users have to judge

Sunday 08 December 2013

That the so-called MSM media, the classic sheep media reader comments censor what it's worth, is also known as little surprise.

Less well known but somewhat surprising, at least at first glance, how many massively censor "alternative" portals, nachlöschen, lock.

I myself have had similar experience, but heard again and again very credible the fact that I'm not the only colorful dog whose objections are apparently not so rare perceives alswie the horse apple on the white tablecloth.

We are talking here of course only of contributions, the extent of free speech in Germany legally, the operator has thus not protecting himself as the commentators, and of those that do not contain exaggerated insults or vulgarities or so off-topic, perhaps only to advertising purposes, just purely arbitrary, simply because the operator does not fit the content, the Light of the world can not see network.

Witziger- or sadly, as one might see it often seem just so not squeamish deal operators, especially the rant loudly about media manipulation with their own clientele.

What of the ox shall not (to denounce in the media sheep), this is probably the Jupiter bargain.

Jupiter texts can in fact have no gross inconsistencies, the reader notices a Jupiter, sure.

It seems actually to go to a kind of nimbus of Gurutums: you have to can be easily criticized by every running up Schlunz.

Often it may be shrewd calculation: this commentators I shoo rather equal, or teach him Mores.

Im Ganzen geht es aber, so oder so, um eine Aussteuerung der Herde, um Gefolgschaft.

Man hat ja, gemessen am vermuteten oder tatsächlichen Nutzen, in der Regel wenig Schaden daran. Denn wenige trauen sich, wissen sich wirksam zu wehren, die Mär zu verbreiten, wer da wo was. Viele sind zu feige, andere wollen kein Nestbeschmutzer sein, sich womöglich selbst in ein schräges Licht setzen, indem der Reflex der Guruanhänger fast sicher in die Richtung geht, der Zensierte habe sich eben entsprechend danebenbenommen.

Und auch: “Der Mann macht doch gute, wichtige Arbeit, wir dürfen uns doch nicht selbst zerfleischen!”

Stigmatisiert ist also schnell derjenige, welcher auf Zensur hinweist, und nicht der Zensor.

Jasinna, YouTube, Google harassment and new considerations to

Friday 06 December 2013

Instead of pausing to take back something that the U.S. network giant is behaving even more brazen.

Google schikaniert seine YouTube-Videoeinsteller, also genau die, von welchen die Tochter lebt, wie als ob sie dort zum Bittgang müssten.

The young German activist network "Jasinna" has now described very nicely.

One should deliver still further, Clear Name ago, phone number, Google + account, otherwise it no longer properly funzt, and videos with over 15 minutes in length no longer run.

Well fine.

This excellent service of the NSA, which also makes good private business, the NSA but also saves a lot of money by getting what they want, without having to even hold the capacity for it, so keeps us all for Depp Staner, for remote Borgs.

That CONTENT not by programmers, computers, generated by algorithms, but only processed and made available, so you should be glad to be able to be an avid service provider, if you already own creates nothing interesting that you have probably forgotten, or you it displaces, where "Do not be evil!" the motto.

"Suck them all out and enslave them thorougly!": That would be recognized honest.

Yes, to the search, I use the services of this company yet. Die sollen ruhig sehen, was mich interessiert. Since they already see that even one so much interested in what should not interest him. In addition, a good customer, also in the sense of the incoming traffic.

I'm a journalist but also in a different position because an innocent owner.

However, it may very well be that I Google will eventually no longer use (which does not mean that the company does not yet figure out how I will look for information), me it a shite still interested in how, where do I stand there in the Range .

And even even if I get downgraded everywhere, on page 37, or 115 order get less traffic. This may eventually be even completely no matter to me.

In addition to the monitoring (the case of other user behavior, if it is not quite set, about every other service probably will remain similarly effective.): This is about harassment

How much of that can you offer?

If no other service (providing, of course, the NSA, or she taps him from) friendly offer his services?

When I see that I somewhere to some "account", so open an account, to even just to leave comments, I usually have the channel fully. Here with me no one needs an account in order to say something may.

Am I a banker? Kann ich nicht froh sein, wenn jemand sich spontan interessiert, etwas sagen will, ohne sich registrieren zu lassen, erstmal noch Epost, Passwort, den ganzen Schiet sich reinziehen muss?

Pages, where I first "log in" I must, after just such filing, I boycott a long time. Why do they do that?

Um ihre Zensurnotwendigkeiten besser abschätzen zu können?

So they can lock me trouble, if they want to?

As yet make a lot of private, smaller media and operators ultimately similar than what Google now attaches to YouTube.

Anything else would be a real name Forum, where you can specify only occurs, as before in the classic letter if the name specified and the editorial also known address. Then open sight for all who have the ass to in the pants. (And maybe the head on the neck.)

So people report below deck name that many in any case, try to hide their IP, which is also not funzt so pretty, thereby making even more suspicious, in short, a single stupid Gepfitze.

Google is just the tip of the iceberg.

We generally need to rethink.

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