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From free death and the cowardly hypocrites

Friday 04 April 2014

Among Christians and many others, attach the crude religions, suicide is a grave sin, a mortal sin at all (laughing).

So I know this also from the usual reincarnation believers who are indeed more likely to avoid the concept of sin, but about talking about a crime, going against himself as the cosmic order, which can be too bitter to pay for the one who bitterly atone .

Now, I want to be fair: I can not prove that they are all wrong.

One for Bedenk I give this but. And if it should penetrate only glued ears. (more ...)

From the transformation now

Wednesday 02 April 2014

The transformation is noticeable.

The lies of "the West", "the international community", "the Europeans", "the world community" are exactly those less and less believed the same one needs to maintain essential.

There are those "petty bourgeois", as we now already cynical-jokingly called himself whose still at least grudging assent to the system critically important.

In short, a large part of the thinking performer falls from not only, but turns off audible.

Man has learned powerful.

Meanwhile, there are complaints overwhelmingly no longer on the corporate media, whose possible censorship practices: Man mocks.

The media mind control is Defunkt.

The warmongering is exposed.

The last two years have brought the breakthrough. (more ...)

Osho: Just decadent as UG Krishnamurti

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I am reading a little Osho. In Spanish. So I bit them back at least learn again.

Already on the first pages was clear to me where the fascination stirred his philosophy.

Alleged absolute freedom and self-determination.

A philosophy but that has no children, so they these as - front hires free - yet.

Ultimately, an individual monastery philosophy.

Socrates, as a shining example, let drank the hemlock, also could mention either staying in Athens, or go into exile.

This he did, not shrinking from death, not this lighthouse human freedom and self-determination.

Yes, without responsibility for children. So ultimately the transmission of life.

So, as well as Osho. (more ...)

Just look like an artist! (II)

Friday, January 31, 2014

How does an artist today?

I set times in case the delinquent would not be gay.

I continue to have faith in the event that he belonged to the lowest caste among the artists, so that the thought, speech, and penmanship.

How he would like because look like a least halfway interesting half winner?

Geneva bands and gowns wish him well not dress respectably.

Visible abgewatzte or well polished shoes?

Can he, because of Genderei, wear as a man nor a pair of pants? (more ...)

Just look like an artist!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Last night I received good advice.

This was honestly and precisely even, well-intentioned.

In short, asking me to talk and act more as an artist, especially externally, in appearance, in terms of what today is called "outfit".

So it was a better marketing myself.

Allzuvorschnell I drew this a little ridiculous.

Whether I should than half, totally shaved monkey hinunt strutting the King Street because, to be better seen on the Vanity Fair? - About as I answered.

Whether I should make me so much more to Kasper, just as, just as if I would not of been and already would look like this? (more ...)


Thursday, January 16, 2014

I have, though often pointed out to me on the way, prompted even, long resisted against it, even to also make a call for donations to support my work.

I hereby therefore jump to the effect on my shadow.

Under the Dotted will continue to stand with every post, what you see now.


"Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you yourself." (AC)

The three of us live on 81 square - for the classroom actually nine less.

Do you have more than 24?

Magnus Goeller - Volksbank Stuttgart - BLZ 600 901 00 - 580 280 13 Kto.

It speaks

Sunday 05 January 2014

I understand my namesake Magnus Carlsen, the new World Chess Champion, I begin to water can not reach into his main discipline.

You can make some, sometimes not talking minor things without even thinking for a moment. They are just there. It's talking about. You can deal with other things at the same time continue.

He says he expects alongside variants, while he was talking catered. I take him off. I know that. Except that it is not chess variants, more languages ​​are, the spirit more important than a course offered, long recognized as necessary response.

Modern Art: A brief statement

Tuesday 03 December 2013

So it was a clear once and for all: Stupidity is not art.

Nor möchtegerniges Together Crafts and boxes of ugliness.

Only slaveholders and dumb to tell, sing, can sing the praises of trash.

Empty images, frayed songs, singing as croaking, texts that are good from the privy, but not even to read there.

Architecture of people from the school for the blind.


Who needs something?

Old fashioned stuff.

Almost any fascist, nä?

About 90% of modern art is simply blown over commercial scrap.

It is not even enough to kitsch.

I looked at a few pictures from that Adolf Hitler in power. Matter of taste. But at least for good kitsch it was enough for sure.

Good kitsch is always preferable to me as perverse director's theater and fat corners and carrots inserted in the U-Bahn in asshole.

To do what he wants any.

But I will and will not find anything good, just kind of remarkable, because an established art world and its lackeys believe it to have are for good in the arts pages or actually need.

Deconstruction as a giant idea. Still more deconstruction as further developed Hyper idea. Ugh Deibel.

Feces, blood, rough sex, Shredded. Yes, it makes you fun.

The craft is close to zero or none at all, so the conceptual ephemeral as primitive, the loose chatter to completely unbearable.

Yes, so much of the sogenannnten art world is built today.

Annoys you calm and insulted me.

Since you would do something meaningful. At least potentially.

Again, a church, a Crawl

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The whole esoteric and magical theories, of which I have heard, read, with whom I came in contact, have a hook.

I'm not talking about the notorious craving for the respective "spiritual" leaders who Geheimhalterei and Lügerei outward, the whole useless paraphernalia, the clamped crude Initatiationspraktiken and such more questionable.

No, it comes that everyone at all times very different "function" can, as specified by any doctrine. And so well that the respective "Master" rather no longer compete.

And no matter whether these masters only a shaman in the central African bush, or whether he was the Chief of Skull & Bones, Skull with Cochise in hand.

Learning is now times more valuable than praying and speechify.

Self to itself is stronger than any retreat.

Yes, I also had masters, as a stonemason and as a linguist.

But those were not magic Fritzen. They could their stuff.

There are other - for me - undoubtedly spiritual energy fields that our exact observation and description elude so far.

However, this also under the control of any wannabes, and may they have practiced so long and hard up halbbeinige whole phalanxes of their disciples for it.

Consider only the literary mind awareness of the works that are presented by this kind of people.

What we see since, typically?

First, an overload of texts with any relevant terms that never quite defined, thereby exalted above all, untouchable.

Then bad style. Insonderheit in the sense that not only the redundancy too much, but that also stands out besides the obvious Sultry Right, the omission of significant, at least in contexts substantial, striking.

Had I, for example, an Indian guru before the shotgun. A very untypical existentialist pessimism (UGKrishnamurti).

United recorded. Some good observation. He was not even a cult around himself.


Nowhere the art.

So again a loser. Ultimately, even a chatterbox.

I mean now that the question of the concept of art a kind of litmus test for every religion, philosophy, esoteric Assembly and so on.

Since all the fun with the whole Döns and listen to drivel that is very fast.

As it is, their true colors.

Since it is important to show what kind of person you are.

As soon debunked merely swollen breasts, Western postmodernism are eastern divan esque Metaästhetiken not long ohngeistig hand.

There were no priests, who built the magnificent Gothic domes, but these were stonemasons. Understood the obvious more of the golden ratio and other essential principles, as the Bible garbled Laber Sacks, awarded the contracts.

Bach's music is not Christian. No Japanese is because Christian Bach.

Otherwise: Although one God, but to a lot of Archangel, the Mother of God, djinn, devils, lots of irrelevant and somehow hinwiederum but very important accompanying rabble. Highly important. Ugh Deibel.

Yes, I did not see all this nonsense for a long time, so I might have to Speiben.

No wonder, when you look at the, reason that many gifted refuge in a rationalism that is not significantly better.

Now there is suddenly nothing more, except the already explicable.

Again, a church, a Crawl.

Perhaps the defining aliens are really reptilian.

That fit.

How to become a champion? (II)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I need some sleep, at least Resting, so now speak briefly to you.

If you make it, you will be able to leave a crystal out of your hands grow, as once the Kalle Wirsch the Augsburg Puppet Theatre.

Hardly anyone will understand.

Are you going to, most likely, can not repeat any.

You'll learn that sometimes you can do it most of the deepest dejection out, sometimes out of the freest happiness, sometimes from the almost bored equanimity.

You realize you always different.

There is no ideal work conditions.

Even the whisper only gates and seducer.

You can do. How does matter.

And: About Throw not real friends, because they you just do not understand you.

This is very likely to occur.

The greedy but, the example of you. Go out of their way. Binding only on them, if absolutely necessary.

Take your art with in your dreams.

Be you not be angry if you cherished a seemingly great idea suddenly appear stale.

You just may not be fully worked out. Then she returns again later. Or it was wrong from the plant. What you need is time. Your time. Trust yourself.

Be especially vigilant when suddenly but the money comes.

That you're not used to. Cant not thereat.

With the money, the women come. Cant of which only half wrong.

Always be approachable, but not recklessly.

If you close from you? Are you everyone's friend?

You are you.

Not Martere you, if just do not want a crystal out of your hands grow. You're not the one God. If you believe in one, it'll let that which can be forever.

Be gracious, but not too gracious, against those who do not understand you, resist the slanderers.

Be a master.

How to become a champion?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My God! What hopes are down a young artist!

Should they him, ever gifted to the more insistent, cast out?

Can you do that?

I came - to happiness? - Not in the fix to take care of a young artist, whom I knew to say something that seriously took me, at my council would have wanted, allzumal in the sense of that it my profession.

I imagine the case, but now times before.

The guy is 24, very talented, it is not lacking in ideas, his German already shows remarkable traits, he tinkers and makes and does one or the other piece can already flashed class.

He is convinced that he will make it.

Now there is the fundamental problem. The double.

What will you create?

Want to write well, do you want success, or do you want both?

"Of course I want both!"

Can you tell him now, should we tell him now that he had much more likely to succeed in the lower middle dimensions, because if he wanted to tackle the road to Parnassus seriously?

Should we tell him that he must be a well-behaved member of a Masonic lodge quickly to "count for something" in the next ten years, with some probability?

He is, at least biologically, already a man.

No: To the more he is good, the less one can save him.

It is clear to him that it might never be something with art. And not just in the sense of ability, but in that allzumal of success, and even just when it became the Can something.

One is different, so you lie. Unless you did not know better. But then you will not have asked.

"From when you are a champion?"

"A Master you are if thou canst alone assess your successful work. If it does for you no matter how much it respected by others. If you still look at the other judgments with interest, but they can no longer put off you. "

"And how does one become a master?"

"You practice yourself in your art itself, tirelessly, and you practice in that second art, that the judgment about your art. Of their own, merciless, relentless, independent judgment. "

You will see that your best attempts and early works are most reviled, second and third rate is however praised.

This is done in rare cases to you to confuse the senses: usually it's the lack of judgment of others.

But there are also wise critique. Your choice good critic is almost a third of art. Some entschlugen this largely, and went not bad with it.

And: Make all the other arts. Are you a poet, so talk to painters, with musicians, with actors, with sculptors, singers wrong actions. Because you do not jock off. Scot you better by other living poets from because of those.

It applies to every letter, every sound. Not only is too low, that it was not observed.

Look at your work again and again. Turn yourself not just go away. Spare you any embarrassment of knowing your defectiveness.

Surrender to drink any more than the women.

Well it is, if you learn a craft.

This sharpens the senses. The Practical is brought to life.

Convert hope in will and work.

Hope does not help you.

And, clearly: Study the works of the great master of your craft. Over and over again.

But: Look out also because accurate. Many a shine only in the other eyes and ears, often merely because they taught to the mass so.

And: Wage something. Not always, but again and again. Try your hand once zutraust to a thing that you not even to you. If it goes wrong, half goes wrong, which is quite likely, so look at it as a attempt at walking. Master do not fall from heaven.

Sometime you see a grain of sand or a tobacco crumbs, and it grows you from a new idea, perhaps a large, far-reaching.

Learn to pose ideas long in you.

Do not turn away from simply ugly, from evil. To be able to do great things, you have to grasp, know exactly that too.

It will tell you that you do not sollest. Option you should only see the beautiful. They tell you this, are fools or seducer.

And: Set also your abdominal brain in gear. Feel.

All I know for the time being not to tell you.

Tomorrow I might think of something else that I forgot in the rush.

The Kabale eats its children

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

If you look at a Interior Minister Friedrich to, a Professor Wolff's son, Axel BC Krauss recently exploded here as examples – - , A green Bilderbergers Özdemir, a tolerance Hunter Interior Minister Ralf Jäger, other such figures of the incoherent speech, the Kabale eats at least already fierce at the brains of many of their children.

Depp Stan was now times announced: So the tenor of their submissions.

Everything is sold at a loss and vergoldmansachst, and "explain" this kind shapes us do it all and in unison as "alternative".

They may be material in power, but about the power of the Spirit they do not have.

They are not even clearly drunk when they give their peculiarities of themselves.

Since affects another drug.

One that apparently does not degrade himself.

These people feel called. Called to Great Work.

Someone like me, if they ever perceive him, keep the best one for -. Maybe a little disturbing - Lost Ones

For one, the pointless battles against the time.

Yes: At the bottom of my to do, the time is theirs.

You do not notice them as they make increasingly serious error. That they are already laughing stock for thinking Could end, the only unfortunately may still fiddling with the levers of power with. More they can not namely. They are the third row.

That the Cabal is weakening, demonstrated by the fact that they can no longer do without this kind of people obviously.

Although they are only the third set, but make very reason but to a considerable extent the face of the Cabal.

Thus they are irrelevant to this in any way. They should also carry the messages.

Each "spin" a spinning mill. By your task would be to darken, they illuminate the scene only still flash to the more.

It is clearer every day that they are only speaking dolls. (Wolffsohnstraße possible exception.) That they have no substance of its own. And it would be their job to impress people.

Since then, the question of the second row. The seem to find a better staff more. So also is the moldy already.

This may not be the first row remained hidden. Even the white but apparently no longer know what to do. Since moldy already at least the toes.

Man knows not remember which one, how much terror, murder and war where wants to be worth while. You row, bombing, psychiatrisiert, blocks away, kidnapped, tortured, slandered, kills just as well as a just dream up.

No convincing performance more, the.

Keep to the anus philosophers, gives literary Nobel Prizes in privy writers, praises art of mentally threes, sends scratched Homos and childless Femos what you know else raise, vegan, Klimoten, nor the last gangsta rapper on the track.

Only: The poops from everything.

You lose the cultural hegemony.

On the one has everything much more structured because of the money.

This one has namely fast no more, if you do not know to keep the cultural hegemony.

In the first row you know that.

Where is the ass on Grundeis. Slowly but surely.

In the skin I will not put.

From Überstrategeme

Sunday 03 November 2013

The 60th and the 61st stratagem are not yet fully worked out, so await their description and notice.

The absolute Überstrategem I therefore also not receiving the list, is the artistic creation.

It must not fear Gegenstrategem.

No stratagem is permanently resist the art.

Again and again, people will realize the work.

You can kill millions have against it: and it is and it is and it is.

Goethe is finally due

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Wilhelm and Heinrich to actually dauerndzu irrseligen Masonic world citizens as symbols of the Germans, already not even just more schlafmützigen Michels no, even full idiots, intentionally, in the primeval "Bildungsroman" and even in our supposed "National seal", both bare shame, so diligently spread worldwide from your cronies, from Japan to Colombia: The now is the necessary consequence.

Beiholz, core logs, burn through branches

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I was just about to write a post about Trittin, the Greens, NATO, child molesters and legalized genitals mutilation and even more cultural enrichment in Germany freest of all time because I suddenly had simply not in the mood more.

A kind of serenity came over me.

Rather write about how you, freed observation and practice, yet reaches deeper into the Championship extended to what we thought belonged to dominate even as in sleep. (more ...)

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (V)

Friday 05 July 2013

So now was in the previous parts a little bit what processed and sorted.

The time now is therefore on the creative part. Professionals please think along exactly.

Who takes pictures, logos, campaigns?

Who, besides me, Sayings?

Who is doing the same project from a book, a major report?

Who has the best idea for the T-shirts and Apps?

Where are the comedians?

The boycott rock bands?

Who makes the best leaflets?

Where are the network videos?

Who makes the documentary?

Guys, I do not want to be insubordinate, but if I everything above that which already is far from everything hip look at me, I have to tell you that you should now swing times the hooves then even if your you understand me, myself do something, and not left to me, what I'm not able to afford alone.

So you are invited allerhöflichst, more experienced and more intelligent and resourceful and courageous especially for the better, to displace you once in an optimal trot.


This text is in the public domain in accordance with the conditions I-IV.

From achtundreißigsten stratagems

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The achtundreißigste stratagem, of course it is not easy to describe credible, is not in silence, but in the first, to the point, no more speeches.

From Scherbenzertreter

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yesterday I had to take harsh criticism.

For over a year I went too much with the cleaver around, very often three hitting on poor religions, allzumal my aphorisms to be partly underground.

Hardly once I wrote Beautiful, edifying, Hinanführendes. And if it vorkomme once, let the cynicism and sarcasm in all those around it under, so that one hardly even perceive. I would occur only shards, which there are already enough even smaller, alswelches a vain, useless, especially as inexpensive art.

My objection to the effect that I mean to make a necessary work to do, since I did not see that it would so adequately done elsewhere, helped little. Even small shards Treads give it Genung.

Now I feel honored least to the effect (you have to make the best out of everything), that the hauptbehuflichen Scherbenzertreter but apparently trusts, to something else. Otherwise I would have probably not prompted to do so.

In fact, however, the criticism contains truth; on religious and esoteric fuss I have been so often, so hard, redundant (I confess myself in pedagogy quite shamelessly to the principle of repetition, although here also must exercise a measure), hergemacht that I will take care reduces this area. (I had prior to the sharp criticism even have the feeling that there are now so once long. Insofar wore my critics, as he likes to call it, legs of lamb to Hammelburg.)

It is also clear that, at least if one proceeds as I understand these things constantly Picking up personal feelings hurt; for each like to do that in a text or another set this effect; and if not in that text, so in another. So that almost only this particular sentence or a partial execution is perceived, the rest around it hardly. Man turns away. (more ...)

Simply television arrived

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rabble, rabble, rabble, Lost, Enchanted, dissolute, ass noses; Cheaters, liars, Down Fischer, Ranzmichel; Scoundrels, cutthroat, whoremongers; Scoundrels, Hundsbrunzer, chaff baker; Lallhanseln, Laber jaws, air trap, pimps and rags; Loose, priests and monkeys; Biersäurer, Stiermäurer, Sprachpanscher and shysters; Schmocks, tramps, and Schlunze Hunze; Hurkse and Murkse; Abjaucher, kidnapper, Anabaptists; Zwiebelanschimmler, bum, hemp executor, Seckel; Valances, Spacken, juice bags, lollipops, Schietkutscher; Leeches, vultures, Rotzsammler; Nebichte, Halblebichte, weak Maten, Sandler, Sulzheimer, Anschleimer, Abhuber, manure making, Down oak, wax Soft, usurers, Witzschänder, Abhänder, Aufsprechs, Erzblöds, Nerzlöchrer, loafer, Tagdiebe, trickster, Grapscher, Seppel, swamp gene density and soup Spitter; Rübenvergifter, robbery founder, Röttel, Untköttel, dog Hetzer, gossips; -Blowing, bag slitter, Pfitzer, Ausmeirer, Seirer, statute musicians, Abtanten, Römpe, Gelömpe, Battel, Geschwattel, poisoners, soul Fischer, Nuffze, zeros, Stinkstullen, Huldheischer, Pinscher; Puhler and Suhler; Twisted, Inverted Zersülcher; Goats tip Endlitze, Gagel, Dollacke, boobies and gates; Strullbullen, Stinkochsen, barn burner, Zerhenner; Blasphemers, Lobhudler, Lällebäbbel, Lohle; Tinker, half-readers, Schulz Weser, Fricken, Frunze, Zerletzer, Entmärer; Nots, goblins, Ranzdichte, Brabbler and Dampfsabbler; Egel, Flegel, Haghulche, decomposers; Seichlinge, Gassgecken, Gülpe, Lolls, trolls, Driebel, Dülps, Dödel, jamb and Hampel; Hurze and Knurze; Prizzanten, mob, populace, Endschepps. (more ...)

Art, freedom, joy

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I see now that I have the last few days brought me written quite a lot of negative karma. Not a story in which the sky is full of violins hung because of Rolf finally got the Pitt, Elli and Lilly were married by Pastor Detlev in order afterwards to spend honeymooners looking at the Ararat incomparably steep nights.

Justin still sits in the loony bin, and Constantine did not appear for days from Munich. Whether it probably encountered even in the blackest night a Jesuit in the Isar? Not even from German-Südschwitz there are clear merry March Only the rumor reached me that the separatists there pushed forward the demand for a referendum on withdrawal from the euro very persistent.

Obama's teleprompter was not meanwhile stolen, the PR of our Big Brother so still works, donate to me because only very little consolation. Nor that we are no longer pope.

I do not even trust myself to my landlady. The question that is sometimes how I was doing. And I lie in this light not only therefore never, because that would be pointless.

After all, however, is opening on Sunday. Vector by Gunter Grass. In the Uhlberghalle in Filderstadt. My friend Roland has put on the legs. And this is now my happy Ernst:

Also, I'm going on 31 for Dude to Zurich. And the, and his young network side, there is also proven: (more ...)

Umspendiert. Beer erschwatzt unintentionally.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yesterday I received one of which I would have at least as pronounced never expected designated, as a liar, idiot, duffer, dreamers, babblers, said also, that I managed nothing. (I had truthfully admitted that the family I currently can not get through my literary work.)

I was not only surprised, first a little flat, because I had not been out with a man the first good conversation, know him as art direction, asked me all the time, so he told me, in all that to criticize me without further ado, that now were so hard. He expected me to smooth bottom wannabe ground proposition of our society. He was childless not even apply, that I my two staples in raising them alone for now well seven years, so well but also in that time at least a little bit would have done, except for me to drill for Philologenart in the nose or anus.

To a certain extent, I managed to turn the tide. (I would, of course, also can I just turn away, but I wanted a hand stand firm, on the other hand fathom why the by no dispute headed, no criticism on my part to him and his work, me in this way gives the edge at once, dazuhin times see if I still could not unsettle some extent his majesty at least.) (more ...)

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