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Of the planned destruction of the white race in Europe

Thursday, November 14, 2013

We need to be clear that the anti-white, anti-Christian, antiabendländische monster that now the EU is called, after the Second World War was planned at least.

There are many indications that much longer puttering in the background to it.

Who speak out against every kind of racism there, are in truth even racists of the worst kind.

Whether their journalistic protagonists Broder or Augstein hot, which is called an the other an anti-Semitic Dreckschleuder: You agree that the white race in Europe belongs to the dump, no matter by what means.

Constitutional violation, breach of contract, expropriation, hate propaganda, prison or psychiatry for dissidents, twisting all the terms, first of all that the tolerance in the totalitarian intolerance.

I'll not bother to show here that this is so precisely planned and wanted. The examples of corresponding statements are legion.

Who this only addresses is a "anti-Europeans" (also this term so on his head), "paranoid" (ie looking through), a "conspiracy theorist" (ie a realist), at least when he is not equal to branded a racist (again on the head) or even as a Nazi, so a peoples sex murderer.

Islam, as a religion of peace and tolerance (!) Is used selectively, criticism or even rejection silenced, at least where this is going so far (one is planning to ban them entirely), socially marginalized, just as criticism of Judaism or the State of Israel, while Christianity every day may be ridiculed in any way incomparable. From paganism to mention. This is before everything Nazi.

But this is only a foretaste of those Super tolerance, which, as already said, already in planning.

It grinds traditional holidays, calls for new, for the immigrants, because of tolerance.

Many places also have the Sharia, even in a mild form, tolerated or required their tolerance: because of tolerance.

Cartoons may not be shown (against Christianity and the Pope, all other well) if they relate to Islam or Judaism. Peaceful demonstrations are prohibited, while hardly or not followed violent attacks on election stands or events dissenters, promotes breastfeeding even on winding paths. All detectable, no booking air or invention of me.

By becoming aware of the electronic total surveillance (which needs it because of the tolerance) you have many people already so far set in fear that they do not even trust, or at least feel fear about to open in the web pages, within the meaning of tolerant could be somehow intolerant. It is indeed registered with each click.

"Do you want the total tolerance?"

No, we will not even rhetorically asked if those people we want total tolerance.

Their total tolerance is in fact, as "more Europe" (ie less), no alternative.

So why even ask?

But you should ask yourself again: Why do they do that?

Now, many have realized that it. Uprooting and mass immigration to the unconditional Lohndrückerei and purpose of capitalism 'by the grace of Goldman Sachs et al goes. Therefore, anything to shatter so to entdemokratisieren (because of tolerance, hehe), that it is easier exploitable, controllable, that coercion, where the controllability then not quite so given, can be used necessary, without further in advance as part of the plan created. People are at the end still begging to have a reasonably functioning police state, on knees.

The radical anti-white racism is based obviously on it (this is clear once the sayings of a Coudenhove- Kalergi on) that one is afraid of the white man.

Specifically: One dares to reasonably homogeneous white people to be able to successfully set against the plan to fight back. Economically, culturally and socially successful.

Therefore, the white race in Europe must be destroyed.

This is no "right" conspiracy theory. Lots of clear statements to be before.

But, after all: So horribly grand as the plan may be, by the same time national resentments between European (residual) peoples are stoked mercilessly, of course, naturally degrade only by a Super Europe, he is wise limited.

Namely where even a clear majority of white people understand to preserve its heritage and its sovereignty, things will go better than in the States or in the Super tolerance Toltaltoleranz-EU.

It will be there to see exactly how the total EU-tolerance is tolerated by Kulturbereicherern zutode by what is now already the case, already in schools teaches the total tolerance, the abolition of any genuine national and European identity. Especially white identity.

At some point you will need to run so many prison camps, need so much money on the military and police, are economically unproductive, that (remaining) white mass misery occurs.

If you would then not manage to bring about a third world war, you can see his whole plan fail overnight.

Not every white man is namely shoot at the white man, just because you have dressed him in a uniform.

And if you put only Muslims and Africans in the uniforms, the matter is all the more evident and also does not work for long.

The total tolerance lunatic will come to an end.

Desfalls it will cost many of them not only their power and wealth, but also the neck.

These seem but somehow still successfully displace.

Well: There are just misleading to all resolute insane anti white racists.

Understanding of which is not expected.

Now that the matter is already pointed in the banlieues and the suburbs and the suburbs on button, they make all the more, still merciless drunk of their total hubris. (Who knows what else you do in the tea.)



I am writing this now so clearly because I reckon that is no longer to be allowed or able to soon. Many views are in the EU already punishable. These people do not shy away from murder. Who has a different opinion, is for a terrorist. Of course, none of the good ones that you pay for yourself and forms and sends to Libya or Syria, but one of those who are fighting to last on and eliminate if necessary.

Should you ever so customer will happened from my suicide, so I was not sure. And if I end up in the loony bin and going down there for the full benefits medicated idiots, so certainly not because I had suddenly suffered an extended roof damage. And if I have an accident, then the probability is at least high that it was not. Do you believe that not a word.

Who burned all peoples and races for Behufe his plans, for the man is nothing.

Enter this text further.

It is best to print it also.

I beg you.


Addendum II

I give this text unchanged (without highlighting, internal mounting of foreign text or images or other elements, the beginning and the end clearly separated from any self-opinion or comments before or after, and must indicate the name Magnus Wolf Goeller, first publication date and this blog as a source) to any unpaid reproduction and publication dates.

From Googlegeschlunze

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Google is, at least for me, hard on the ass.

For some time he lists so uncoordinated and Zwerch that it has not even looks as if it were on purpose. And it would be intention, so they would run raggedly.

Besides my current stuff pushes the monster any old junk from my (journalistic) life forward, ranking and thus weighting is nigh ridiculous.

Dear Google: Do you think about that I was of your grace?

Do you mean that it uses your business in the long term, which shabbily thrown together information you define your customers regarding my now are bidding?

Either you've got a specific disorder - because your offer was even comprehensible - or I have been pleased with you in disgrace. What now not particularly surprised me, because after all, you are a kind of offshoot of the NSA. Alswelche know I none of her ardent supporters.

I'm going to do with security but not the Tort to annoy me about your inept business practices. That would be the shells around the pearls before Hängebauchsäue.

Your small electric Krämer have still not understood what spirit, what ersynapst itself. Specifically: It should not be.

Almost your acts already alswie a Dying, a Vorfossil, a data crocodile, the danebenverschluckt yourself. So a quivering ending thingy in irgendsoeinem abgewurstelten Hollywood movies. A crash avatar. A Golem in his piss. A hippopotamus, the horrible uncomfortable on Spitsbergen. Zero clock in Ulan Bator. Toads mud. "Do not be evil: Be dumb!" Jaja. So it goes when decadence corporate identity chosen. You fackt so from beautiful, better, lubricates in the Schlunz that the German laughs.

It is now times to suspect that your not just my data so shabby, so under shabby managed; and it would only mean so strange, which, as I said, hardly likely, as already showed that the pitting, the green mold that infest you hard.

Takes me doing just that I think of any hearty curse words to you. At least not the one I deeply care about, when I'm dealing with unrelieved rabble, wants to bring this clearly to expression. What's in it already, if someone people as "Loser" means? Where's the pizzazz? And for scoundrels, but your also not fit. Those were the bandits with sharp daggers, really sneaky, of whom one had to beware, if you wanted to survive between the Black Forest and Pomerania. You are indeed not even rogues, so the gesittetere variant of scoundrels. Only small weight counterfeiters. Not even for money counterfeiting you have the guts.

Datenzersabbler. Endabständigsteszusammenklauber. Garbage hustler and -riesler. Bauxitletztverfluorer. Marginal farmers of stupidity. Peeping Haeger. Steinverschnapser. Abkasper. Goals grove Heger.

May I very much so, just honored dessenthalben that I succumbed to your Ohngnad?

No, so far I do not wanna go. Reptiles has rarely raised one. One step up to übelen slimes as far as possible over, kick, where this is unavoidable, only carefully into it, keep his boots thereat always well greased.

Leipzig full Depp Interior (II)

Thursday 06 June 2013

That subsume at the Leipzig University with the new language regime, professors professors ("the Lord Professor"), the last Denkomatin has failed, would like to arrive still hard at least the female Sprachverhunzerinnen.

One language has so far been generally of morons, idiots, Schafsseckeln, imbeciles, exploiters, banksters, politicians, Tagdieben, goats tips, Stupid talkers, fascists, rags, loafers, parasites, Dampfsabblern, full idiots, Erzsimpeln, Wortverdrehern, Schlampern, Rotzlöffeln, Warmduschern, drunkards , Bauer Seppeln, fraudsters, terrorists, oppressors, hacks, Laberhänsen, cutpurses, bean counters, jackals, Hahnenbambeln, half Dachshunds, Peeping bags, child molesters, constitutional enemies, detractors, through binoculars, war criminals, concentration camp guards, inmates, offenders, murderers, drug dealers, con men, tax evaders , brigands, bandits, gangsters, conspirators, Volksverhetzern, rapists, well-poisoners, plagiarists, hackers, arsonists traffickers, smugglers, bums, are cruel to animals, Hundsföttern, torturers and scaredy-pants, so you will be in the future, consistency is finally on, all these and many other terms only if used in the singular or plural, the feminine form.

Since so and so but finally eliminated the previously common discrimination of Depp Interior, idiots, Schafsseckelinnen, Schwachköpfinnen, exploiters, banksters inside, I can not imagine that anyone will dare to have something about it.

After all, who wants to stand even as a woman or even a foe?

("The Kevin-Claude is a übelst radical leftist student. And a real Aufsprecherin. Dummbatzin A fearful to do so.")

Absolute double-talk (II)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A case of absolute Doublespeak we find also in the context of religions and the words "respect" and "tolerance".

I do not want that male children may be garbled in Germany legally in the sex part, so desfalls intentional serious bodily injury must be committed to protection commanded minors, so I am "intolerant", I show lack of respect for two "world religions". Some then lay still the accusation of "racism" to Judaism although lineage committed or conditionally, Islam did not.

I once had the police at the door, was that of a caring neighbors summoned the officer and the officer lay my two boys a little grin bringing to the threshold, apparently unhurt, just keep them from entering without a search warrant in my apartment because it in Indeed, but only when the two were fighting without end, had come to noisy references from my page.

That obviously nothing was out of the roar of my hand, happen, did not change the fact that I got missed with two children a forced appointment at the Youth Office, provision, the two officials, my crabs thought seeing by both the meantime laughing, had to achwas, all fours, just not me, where I fortunately on an understanding lady came, however, in turn, provision had to keep one year on a kind Watchlist me.

If I had my boys mutilated genitals, so that the Indicating hinwiederum would have been no problem, a master Disrespectful-Intolerant. A Muslim hater and anti-Semite.

Ebensoso: No one should be discriminated against because of his race, etc., says the Basic Law. Boys should be blended, not girls. Women and migrants with or without a German passport are already set preferred in many cases. Who but a job ad on, in which he (and it was that he was not paying attention only in the formulation) a man, a German, looking to fall quickly into severe water. The so-called family ministry called exactly: "Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth" ("and against men" is, in fact, at least not explicitly here).

Freedom of speech is propagated. But at the University of Cologne already watching an entire Guardian about the fact that "gender neutral" Newspeak is enforced everywhere.

The woman officer of the City of Stuttgart (not just this lousy Swabia nest) is also the Equal Opportunity Officer. Under the heading "Men Supervisor (r)" finds only those Zürcher, who was sacked soon.

Too bad Lady Before Zuger interior that not only is your gender lousy voice, but you can not make it in the literature, as desired, to bring women seriously in the forehand.

The will you, as long as men left no prohibition on writing, in five hundred years of the "Girls' Day" and sponsored by the Family Ministry creative writing courses for women, single award prices, regardless of frippery, not create them.

You do not even notice that your damage much more with all this shite your wards, than those against whom ye rise. (more ...)

Cowardice, thy name is man

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Several times already, just again, I heard the complaint that women are so much less against the world financial madness, the warmongering, the technotronic indoctrination of children, and what to madness and evil left in the world, presented as men.

Although the observation as such is certainly true; but the action is totally inappropriate, even naive.

I can not this quite common complaints, sometimes wailing of men, the women would take so very little merely sponges with the stream, only the explanation is that these, even if they reject the Geschlechtergleichmacherei otherwise, just that propaganda unnoticed just yet to a considerable extent have been misled.

How to get (in this case man) to expect from women a comparable risk-taking and leadership, alswie of men?

A similar ability to clear, persuasive speech? (Yes: women can speak well, especially since much is known how many really are capable speakers.?)

How many Hildegard it was in the story, how many victorious armies Amazon?

Women to the front, or what?

And the men do then for the wounded inside the sick brothers? (more ...)

From the bad habit of sensitive

Friday, April 26, 2013

I let continuous sensitive here in comments only still go through, because I only censor if this concerns areas or decency toward other participants is injured over the measure.

That to me but hardly something so very missbehagt as this naughty habit, that I will make here again clearly.

It is not about moralizing, but simply about the anti-social in the sense behavior of this Use ends that he - there may be exceptions, but then please be entitled literary - willfully, deliberately against the habit of reading other breach so bold as pointless.

I've been wondering if I this kind unseemly insolence that bring to nothing thing, except that they get angry, although still not clear away, as the other blogger do understandably, but in principle not against with your comment.

Why should I respond to someone who willfully spits me on the table? (more ...)

Freedom of expression guaranteed grenades default

Saturday 06 April 2013

It has by who taught us in school with freedom of expression, made a serious mistake.

Many students namely, self-the lernfaulsten who likes to hear, this principle found objectionable in any way.

Later the Helleren had but find among them, that what they learned at school as most well-liked, even then it was a lie.

How much more today because there is not only language and speech prohibitions in dizzying speed, but also the de-facto bids.

Idly, cite examples here, because every free spirit knows enough of it.

The phenomenon concerns but certainly not only us, the UN-enemy state. (more ...)

From the first marriages of mankind

Monday, March 25, 2013

I expressed myself here several times at this direction, do it now but even more so again.

When I say "spiritual" only hear the word, I have to watch that is not equal turns me brain stomach. Almost always, the term (as well as the noun "spirituality" to) hollow, and thus still more abundantly to a manslaughter word.

The non devoutly lauschet, scared resigns, reverently, as soon as it rings out, discredited the Profane, proves automatically that he if was not a Ohngeist even an evil one.

The word stands for the Esopolitische correctness, the verbal sense of the alternatives and good.

Hardly a dare against it, raising his head from the furrow. Too Quick to those reputation is moderately loose, a sub-human. (more ...)

With protection recommended not yet of legal age people living together, full age MenschIn

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I have just learned that, according to Poverty Conference "single parent" to be antisocial, discriminatory word.

Since I was of course immediately asked why I, as one, to which the word applies, uses it himself and which is used by him and about him, which had never noticed how I constantly treat me as anti-social and discriminatory allowed and even still, I, bargain unsozialisierte ass himself, and discriminated.

RIOT !!!

I will every now threaten with legal action if he scolds me a single parent, and indeed as though I were a Negro, who commanded a negro! (In America, the negroes call, if I may trust the films, among themselves rather "nigger".)

How could I only years can be "single parent" rant? Me also occur even himself into unsocial in my oppressed slave mentality to have come out of me? (more ...)

How to honoring Astrid Lindgren and Otfried Preußler?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It honors Otfried Preußler and Astrid Lindgren by nachzensiert their books.

Shame on you hypocritical Geschwattel! (more ...)

Uncertainty conference in Munich - Third World War?

Saturday 02 February 2013

After his Islamist terrorists do not seem to create the coup in Syria alone, has the American Vizepäsident Joe Biden, self-proclaimed non-Jewish Zionist, called at the Munich Security Conference intervention there.

He does so, to Libya, even bomb an Arab secular state into chaos.

Let's see if any German political force except the Left Party dares open, clear contradiction. A great newspaper? (Rather probably puts a chicken pork ham.)

Again, I wonder how, if you look at the spring-like conditions in Egypt, may be in Israel's interest, and soon north of its boundaries to have an unpredictable state Islam.

If you look at this policy, so no wonder that the Jew Henry Kissinger said, there in ten years, no more Israel.

It looks as if the most senior friends of Israel's most dangerous enemies. Yes, this sounds crazy, but funny, but all the evidence. (more ...)

False is correct. And really is evil. (II)

Friday, January 25, 2013

A few weighings to the first article .

Properly located, so is evil, seeking a geopolitical agreement with China and Russia.

Wrong so properly, the Brzezinski-Doktin to follow, first encircle these two powers, and finally plunged into chaos destroying set to work.

Properly located, so that is unjust, not only will the differences between the sexes not to abolish, but ignored, even underestimated, says of those.

Wrong, so really, is to promote the leveling of the sexes up to their mental and physical infertility and finally destruction. (more ...)

False is correct. And really is evil.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I have again my thoughts about the set forth by Jon Rappoport made ​​(German translation by me) destruction of logic. (For English speaking Jons original article directly here .)

Not only that, as he shows, an idea, an idea, a concept, therefore, sight unseen can be damn unchecked, because it originates from a disagreeable person: the matter goes further.

For example, have many animal rights activists and vegetarians, without even having personally insulted or attacked or invaded the stables ever a pig, must listen that Hitler had indeed been vegetarians.

Not only that, some was already insulted directly as a Nazi because Hitler as a vegetarian.

And: Can I now that I am not a vegetarian, possibly be a Nazi? (Why should this now be a stupid question?)

And: In fact, the National Socialists in 1933 passed the first animal protection law, campaigned for species conservation. Should we abolish welfare again why? As many types exterminate?

In the United States of "conservatives", also some "libertarians", often a line from German Natonalsozialismus drawn to animal and environmentalists ((see, so call themselves mostly) and those who do not undergo climate atrocity propaganda, only against nuclear power are or fracking, genetically modified seeds, etc.).

Should we then also against animal welfare be, for nuclear power, Monsanto maize, every day, eat three chips, to avoid being called a Nazi? (I am the way, none of it known, that would have been between 1933 and 1945 anyone except to the onset disaster of war, forced into Germany, to become a vegetarian. I do not even know of a great propaganda campaign, because of meat eating was "un-Aryan" . "un" or like it should have been but that, so I will of course correct this nachreichend here.)

Clear that environmentalists now - still crazy? Abuse supporter of Monsanto & Co called "Gennazis", people who reject climate alarmism, Al Gore & Co. as "Climate Nazis" -. (Monsanto has "national" not to do with the least, any more than the Klimakatastropheten On the contrary, international, it is hardly possible so far as they would if already -.. Although the appeal of something strange - as "Geninternazis" respectively "Air Inter Nazis" to . designate)

Clear (yes: CLEAR!) That the comparison of "climate deniers" (such as whether the presence of a climate-denying) with "Holocaust deniers" has been pulled and is often. (more ...)

The WHO is one of Germany?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Islam belongs to Germany."

To Saudi Arabia, he obviously belongs; but to Mali he is no longer part really, at least not like there.

Sad-funny it gets, that those who reject Islam, contrary smashed, "" Islam did not exist yes. What the pöhse Diskriminateur and racist etc. fanatasiere there? If the religion of peace, however, should belong to Germany, then it exists with a "The".

You turn it around, as you need it straight. Islamists who do not want to kill all Christians and Jews alike (possibly the rest), do not say this in any event, the talk is of "moderate".

And so you need because, it seems as if at German schools and Islamic education, so instruction in religion, the one founded, is said to have taken his favorite wife 9 years. So one ... (more ...)

Augstein a global Oberantisemit?

Wednesday 02 January 2013

Das Simon Wiesenthal Center rechnet – auf Empfehlung Henryk M. Broders – den Journalisten Jakob Augstein unter die weltweit zehn schlimmsten Antisemiten (als einziger Deutscher auf der Liste!).

Interessant die Facebook-Antwort Augsteins auf diese Art der “Auszeichnung”:

“Das SWC ist eine wichtige, international anerkannte Einrichtung. Fuer die Auseinandersetzung mit dem und den Kampf gegen den Antisemitismus hat das SWC meinen ganzen Respekt. Um so betrueblicher ist es, wenn dieser Kampf geschwaecht wird. Das ist zwangslaeufig der Fall, wenn kritischer Journalismus als rassistisch oder antisemitisch diffamiert wird.”

Der Laden also, von dem er derart – Broder vergleicht ihn mit Julius Streicher – nazifiziert wird, hat seinen “ganzen Respekt”.

Das meint er doch nicht etwa ironisch? Was faselt der da? (weiterlesen…)

“Ab die Vorhaut von dem Glied”

Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

Irgendwie hatte ich die letzten Tage das Gefühl, dieses Jahr noch einmal etwas zum Knabenverstümmlungserlaubnisgesetz sagen zu müssen.

Jetzt ist ein grüner Landtagskandidat am Ende, weil er ein Gedicht dazu schrieb, das zwar stilistisch nicht unbedingt Oberklasse, inhaltlich aber unabweisbar den Punkt trifft.

Es beginnt also:

“Wetzt das Messer, singt ein Lied,
Ab die Vorhaut von dem Glied.
Kinder können sich nicht wehren,
darum müssen sie uns ehren.”

And ends (you can find the whole poem here ):

“Bist Du für ein intaktes Glied,
so bist Du gleich Antisemit.”

So viel freie Meinungsäußerung, in ihrer Aussage gar kaum zu bestreiten, darf eine Gutmenschenpartei, die lieber Käfer schützt als Kinder, natürlich nicht durchgehen lassen.

Man kann sich eigentlich nur noch fragen, wie ein Mann mit eigener Meinung und Mitgefühl für Kinder sich je in diesen verlogenen Schleimschleckerladen verirren konnte.

Immerhin ist Herr Dunkel jetzt über Nacht als Lyriker im ganzen Lande bekannt.

Von der poetischen Seite her muss er aber wohl noch einiges dazulernen, damit es mit der neuen Karriere etwas wird. (weiterlesen…)

Beuys' Kunstbegriff: Eine Abrechnung

Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

Leserin Lisa schrieb vorhin im Kommentarstrange zu “ Von der Glaubsucht ” unter anderem folgendes, was mich zur nachstehenden Riposte veranlasste:

“Man kann über Beuys' Kunst streiten, aber ich stimme seiner Aussage, dass jeder ein Künstler sei, zu.”

“@ Lisa

Ich vergaß noch Beuys und den Kunstbegriff.

Ich meine, dass der Mann einen grausen Bockmist verzapft hat.

Nicht nur, dass er unzählige Stümper und Schwachmaten in ihrem eingebildeten, aufgeblasenen Tun noch befeuerte, uns den letzten Rest des Tages zu stehlen, nein, er entwertete so die Kunst, das, was sie bedeutet, gesellschaftlich nachhaltig als solche.

Bei mir allerdings nicht um ein tausendstel Gran.

Es gibt kaum etwas Boshafteres, Zersetzerischeres, als jeden Krackler, Krattler und Kritzler zum Künstler zu erheben.

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Vom Lehrertrauma

Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

In Diskussionen in jüngster Zeit fiel mir wieder auf, wie belastet das Wort “Lehrer” bei vielen, oft durchaus Gebildeten, die zumindest manchen ihrer Lehrer nicht wenig zu verdanken haben dürften, einem roten Tuche gleich, ist.

Man hat nichts gegen den “Coach”, den “Trainer”, den “Dozenten”, den “Seminarleiter” (manche nichtmal was gegen Gurus, also Lehrer, im westlichen Sprachgebrauch absolute Oberlehrer), meinetwegen Kognitionskoordinatoren, Logophilaster, Hirnstromakkutechniker…kurzum: Die Lehrer dürfen heißen, wie sie wollen, nur eben nicht Lehrer.

Dass einer, der lehrt, auch dann ein Lehrer ist, wenn er sich einen anderen Namen gibt, scheint da bei vielen Zeitgenossen nicht die Bohne eine Rolle zu spielen.

Manchmal habe ich mir schon überlegt, ob ich vor dieser verbreiteten Wortphobie klugerweise lieber einknicken solle, nicht mehr zugeben, wie lange ich Lehrer war bzw. bin, damit man mich nicht gleich für eine Kreuzung aus Arschloch und Gefängniswärter hält. Und gar nichts mehr von dem wissen will, was ich sage, weil man einem Lehrer prinzipiell nicht zuhört.

Wer mich allerdings kennt, weiß, dass ich eine derart schwachsinnige sprachliche Anpassung an den Zeitohngeist gar nicht gerne mitmache. So sehr ich nämlich bisweilen Spaß am Basteln von Neologismen habe, obschon ich des Englischen leidlich mächtig, auch manchen Latinismus oder Gräzismus mal in meine Diktion einfließen lasse, so bockelstur bin ich doch, wenn ein geläufiges, gutes altes deutsches Wort auf einmal in Bann getan wird, weil die Leute spinnen. (weiterlesen…)

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Vom Dissidenten

Sonntag, 23. September 2012

Zeit, mal wieder ein bisschen Politsemantik zu treiben. Nicht, dass ich noch aus der Übung komme.

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"Racism" as instructive empty word

Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Es kann ja durchaus von Vorteil sein, wenn der, mit dem man einen Händel hat, ein bisschen doof ist.

But not necessarily.

Denn wenn der Rest drumrum lieber auch doof sein will, sich dessen Doofheit gar vor lauter Angst unterwerfen, gilt das nicht unbedingt. Er möchte aus seiner Doofheit (die vielleicht sogar keine ist, sondern ein auf genau jene abgezieltes Strategem) dann noch seinen Vorteil saugen.

Beim allfälligen Rassismusvorwurf wider all jene, die sich der Religion der Unterwerfung nicht unterwerfen wollen, scheinen beide Ausprägungsformen zu walten.

There are massive Muslim Indo-Europeans (Bosnians, Albanians, Kurds, Iranians, Pashtuns, Indians, etc.), Orientals (I save now, continue to enumerate all), Turkic people, yes, even Semites, Hamites, black Africans only, so far, probably not too many Indians.

The racism accusation against people who do not appreciate Islam is hereby completely insane. (Ich sage das nicht zum ersten Mal, ja, aber Wichtiges muss mitunter auch wiederholt werden.)

But hardly anyone dares this total, obvious bullshit counter.

Selbst Juden (oft selber Semiten) werden des Rassismus' bezichtigt, von Arabern, ob ihrer Palästinenserunterdrückung. The same bullshit.

Nun, warum tritt diesem Schwachsinn fast keiner entgegen? (weiterlesen…)

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