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From the transformation now

Wednesday 02 April 2014

The transformation is noticeable.

The lies of "the West", "the international community", "the Europeans", "the world community" are exactly those less and less believed the same one needs to maintain essential.

There are those "petty bourgeois", as we now already cynical-jokingly called himself whose still at least grudging assent to the system critically important.

In short, a large part of the thinking performer falls from not only, but turns off audible.

Man has learned powerful.

Meanwhile, there are complaints overwhelmingly no longer on the corporate media, whose possible censorship practices: Man mocks.

The media mind control is Defunkt.

The warmongering is exposed.

The last two years have brought the breakthrough. (more ...)

Once again Willi from Berlin ...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just called me at Willi from Berlin.

How exactly did he actually myself do not know why.

He had pressured speech but still.

And finally, he knew it.

Or I zuwenigst. (more ...)

Turkey and Syria: More war why and for whom?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

If you read these two pieces to Turkey or its Syria policy, one can be almost dizzy. campaign-12869234.html

Turkey has now actually burned through all its arms supplies and other support of anti-Assad forces in Syria, fueling the civil war there, the own ass?

What forces are there that make the Turkish government now think of a direct intervention in the Syrian civil war?

Know about anybody?

A handful of guerrillas can it be unlikely.

And he who hears the Turkish government not only phone, is even able to bring most secret deliberations to the public?

The Mossad? The CIA? The Russians?

Are suddenly so threatening perceived forces - obviously not Assad - from the box Qatar and Saudi Arabia funded?

Would that without the goodwill of the Americans? (more ...)

Ukraine: The law of the gutter (II)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Karrussell of death turns.

Selection from among Ukrainian US-EU bandits.

One, Alexander Musitschko has already been used, is in his blood.

Tymoshenko wants meantime shoot Putin prefers himself, his whole rabble Russians, even of a nuclear annihilation imagination, for the time being unconfirmed, the customer goes.

Cute friends have Obama and Merkel since.

Ukraine: The law of the gutter

Monday, March 24, 2014

As far as bringing about the new Ukrainian coup government of U.S. and EU graces anything in experience, you still can not help wondering if there was only one among them who is not an evil bandit, then reached to his head, that the over all asked, afterwards only may ask that the worst bandits of all.

It has brought a whole smorgasbord of various Sauhäufen to power, it is grotesque, it acts like a hyped-up play.

And with this rabble and Gesockse you now closes quickly contracts that, especially since after the election on May 25, may at any time rightly declared no longer any other upcoming Ukrainian government.

This is Vabanque Policy. Unfortunately dreadful reality.

Durchgeknallte extremists, U.S. agents, brutalstgierige oligarchs and kleptocrats kleptomaniac and Kleptokratinnen, Grenzdebile prizefighter, demimonde all shapes, conspire and fester because miteinand and durcheinand, end open.

Mean the USA, the EU also, really, that they have this mess under control, just because so far all the bandits have well earned it and are well come forward for their treason? (more ...)

Google and Facebook: Of the child molesters of the NSA unwittingly abused?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Google and Facebook (paraphrased): "We, the ones were abused by the NSA, without realizing it."

The top NSA lawyer (meaning): "You knew exactly what is going on, you played good."

Here I have to say now, that of the three notorious liars latter with probability bordering on certainty once telling the truth.

Who so damn stupid and obvious lies like Google and Facebook, who has a problem.

If Google and Facebook collapse, but also the NSA has a problem.

Because then everything becomes more difficult, more complex, more expensive.

Such a beautiful symbiosis between the private sector and the biggest secret in the world: That would be too bad if that does not work anymore!

So only theater thunder?

Yes. But no. (more ...)

Do you want to be ... all Nazis?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

By now even the FAZ publisher Berthold Kohler Putin turns (!) Hernimmt with Hitler and Stalin comparisons, its editorial staff to ensure Geert Wilders, who asked his supporters at an election rally, whether in this city they (the Hague) and in the Netherlands more or less Moroccans wanted, still a specialty:

'The question also refers to the famous Sports Palace speech of the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, in which he had called in 1943 with a similar formula for "total war".'

"Will you ...?"

So that's enough again for the Nazi comparison.

Spicy mind, however, that Wilders an ardent admirer of Israel, a prominent member of the pro-Zionist Euro-pseudo rights. (As in Germany PI, the lost party "Freedom".)

There is no problem that a Lebanese-Dutch rapper a simulated execution video, clearly aimed at Wilders, posted online in the new NATO-coup government in Kiev people a formation sit ("Freedom" - "Freedom" - among other things, the Attorney General, which would elucidate the processes at the Maidan ...), whose chief bluntly to the murder of Russians, Germans and "Judensäuen" calls. In one breath! (more ...)

Mental Fortitude: A View from property (III)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Worms, viruses, Trojan horses: Man reflects this back vermin.

In the small fish. (more ...)

Of mental Wehr: A View from property (II)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Since the first part on the most likely to have worked a little surreal, I can now play all the more liberated.

Most entrench themselves in front of the possibilities of the realities of any faith.

Construction as wanted, her own prison. Like as if the bunker of faith before they more protected than himself, and from attacks of the weaker sort.

Yes, the battle-hardened Shaolin monk may endure much, not soft, even certain death before the eye.

But as he bound his power to a belief that he will knock down three, five, eight, thirteen anti-combatants, however, never find the real force for freedom.

So he will not take effect the bottom line. Even if his faith effectively protected him from certain weapons.

With sticks and lances resist laser weapons? (more ...)

Of mental defense: An outlook

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I just came across a very good SZ-Item to collection of "metadata only" through the "services".

Many lies are for telephone and Internet surveillance is no longer desired. We not only know how effective the depth to which the evaluators are.

Time, therefore, to make himself even worry about whether it (practically all) are forms of surveillance and data collection, perhaps in conjunction with mental and / or physical manipulation, against the target persons, of whom we do not even have secured customer .

To what extent, for example, can be physiological functions, including brain waves, possibly also on distance (not just at the morons that a bracelet for install) influence, measure unnoticed?

After all the brain research already know a thing about it when which brain areas such as networked, excited, used in what way and for what task. In addition, not bad when you know that the patient can and weakness, you also so weaken him quite above suspicion, ill make it murder.

Speculation about HAARP, all kinds of waves of all possible frequencies and types abound. Secured hardly.

This leads meaning that people who actually or allegedly victims of genuine arrival and assault with eg microwave technology (since it seems pretty clear that people can "roast" through walls, already with quite simple equipment), if only because the madness can be driven close to or in it, because they will be stamped as paranoid as a case for Psych, they will ask themselves again and again if they can not imagine anything but.

How then can we effectively protect against something that we do not exactly know which multiple (ie, in different forms) may occur which we do not know how it works, whether "it" ever present and at work?

How to fight demons? (more ...)

Erstschritt the precursor (First Steps unto At Ante Brain) - II

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Well, you who by the way is not always friendly. A Ante Brain is the many Anglo-Saxon necessary precursor to a functioning brain

We have to say yes, the stupid peasants would have the biggest potatoes.

But then none of them really believes.

You have not even noticed how you yourselves mitumerzogen. Since it was so nice to look at us. Just slept. Now your juice shops are in many ways even more at the end than our residual land that your looted hundred years.

What it may well be that you are so rotten with all the Gewinst, the web made from all the wars?

You ever thought?

Because it begins for you with the Erstschritte the precursor.

(The conditions offered greetings Mountain View.)

NSA network giants: liar sentimentality and unending chatter

Friday, March 14, 2014

What you get to read in this report, is the finest satire.

Even the FAZ calls the piece is titled 'welfare file NSA-criticism ".

The Facebook CEO Zuckerberg is the stinking on the American government, for which he eagerly allowed to collect data, continues to collect.

Google gives itself peeved, did and does the same thing, now babbles something of encryption, at the NSA you will die laughing about half.

The Urguru Wozniak hinwiederum:

'On the question of whether we could trust Apple, his answer was in front of a thousand listeners in Hanover: "No idea."'

And Bill Gates is also nice words:

"In view of the alarming intelligence activities Gates said it would trouble him much more if there were no government supervision." (more ...)

Until the evil Putin came

Friday, March 14, 2014

For once, I refer here only now, resentful, yes, I am sometimes, on a contribution myself, the constant topicality's sake:

Arms Schafsschrappler!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The thing with Ukraine is a warning sign.

Or fanfare.

The Brzezinski Doctrine according to the violent encirclement of Russia, China, ultimately, operate, Putin called arsonists, the facts simply ask on the head, seem to think that because they have separate synchronized media, no notice.

Or they feel already so lie sure that they do not care how many remember that?

Meanwhile, irony of history, talk about certain people, such as the Forum of the FAZ, already of Putin as his fifth column, an armada installed in paid writers, and there are probably mass morons, the lemming way went the Russian propaganda machine on the glue.

Alas! (more ...)

White heterosexuals: Even the women culture-free, forever yesterday pigs Pack

Saturday 08 March 2014

Here he is again, the anti-white racism, direct, unadorned.

Again the mirror, this time, how often: A (! White) feminist is like it.

"Although I have not worked me my status as a superior, heterosexual white man hard. He was just there. But he is better than that which is with you just because. "

So Sybille Berg on another Sybille, who, whether justified or not is no matter here, homophobia accused.

Strangely now, woman mountain that homosexuality my knowledge, no country is punishable with white majority population. (more ...)

Majdan-sniper: On the lodges?

Wednesday 05 March 2014

Here you can see how people wake up in rows, which already for a comment string now!

It is close to the liberators of Ukraine.

From the upcoming aristocratic revolution (II)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recently, I got it with, one was convicted because he had probably somehow linked to our besatzten enemy state the UN not agreeable side, while the one who supplied the content, remained unmolested.

That was no accident, this was a signal.

Who linked, may at any time drape, even if you do not beikommt the author of the material, do not want to get at. (It would have been the author probably may well get at, in the case mentioned. He sits apparently not in North Korea.)

The right fear mongering so. (more ...)

Circumcision of boys: Breeding a sick, steerable warrior caste

Thursday 06 February 2014

"Otherwise, the baby roar due to lack of or no anesthesia performed mutilation not worth mentioning against the fact that in this way are maimed for life deprived of a part of your sexuality and punished with partial numbness."

That just wrote earlier the laudable loyal reader and commentator "Anonymous" for circumcision of boys, in the pre-Range commenting.

He mentioned the topic of censorship.

That's because, of course, of course.

We're not even to get to that one says to all mankind the truth about such a big part of herself!

Not an idiot would think not from something. Odder? (more ...)

Women's World Cup in Qatar?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The wage slave state Qatar has his slaves die easily, so how did that not a classic slave state: a healthy slave who would have cost 50,000 euros, you would not die so easily.

After all the terrorists in Syria you pay probably decent.

Perhaps FIFA should emphasize these remarkable Sheikh humanity in their PR a bit more.

"Qatarische major gifts for the whole year's Arab Spring"

"Qatar brings the greatest servant in wages and bread"

"Qatar can be fighters for freedom in the lurch"

It would be better, of course, sent our freshly baked defense minister a volunteer woman brigade to Kulturbereichererland that showed the idlers from Nepal, India and Pakistan as true as they do not just topple over if there is a little bit what to do. (more ...)

Kiffen is conservative (II)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

About a hundred criminal professors declare publicly that the prohibitive, consumers criminalizing drug policy was in her estimation failed.

Portugal has long continued, Uruguay legalized hemp partially, Holland no longer pursuing Kiffer a long time in the United States is running in California an average farce because of "medical" application (which can easily any claim for themselves), Colorado has just released Wahsington State wants to follow.

In Berlin but silence in the forest. Similarly, in the media sheep. Although one report, but suggests no debate. No one dares. Or has a what I said, I just did not heard?

You duck again cowardly away. You will obviously have to avoid the debate itself.

That CSU and CDU not cut the line, is hardly surprising. Because they are no long more conservative parties. Since the rest certainly decadent, you hear nothing else.

What are they all afraid of? (more ...)


Sunday, January 19, 2014

In the money they bathe the Obermaladen

In louder guilders from the people debt.

On earth do God's work they

When you destroy holy existences.

Your God is, Not for the rest of

The excessive human plague.

Whether Satan or the Lamb

The program

Power clammy peoples.

With thirty billions Dollaren

On their islands

The belly brushing up

Pekuniaes Tsar. (more ...)

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