Jesus as pheno-Mem

In the commentary on the contribution Strange " Jesus not a Jew ? "wrote reader haschmech today include:

"Whether Jesus was a Jew or not, is actually a damn.
Who was or is Jesus, the great World Teacher, in truth? "

That Jesus, no matter what now, whether Hebrews, the Aryans, otherwise an ethnicity has, so to speak, "made it", it probably largely innocent, to be an almost arbitrary projection.

Who he is "in truth" was, we will never find out, with some probability, and it succeeded but, as believed those who wanted to believe in their way to him, just the case of IHN on, as they just want to.

In this sense Jesus is probably what is commonly referred to as a "hopeless case".

The abrahamitisch embossed part of humanity (well, most Jews are merely laugh, was granted them, I laugh too) should probably still a long, sometimes painful development by making (the Muslims who respect him as a prophet, too), to that this morphic to him Gewaber related fields ends.

Everyone does (I can save you now and each detail) of Jesus as he pleases. He is, in today's diction, no matter what, who, if he had any, nor any Mem. A "pheno-Mem" in the sense that almost only reflected in the interpretation of its respective participating selves.

This is in fact sometimes quite funny, but of course, obviously, not always been so and still not always.

When you think in this sense more detail about it, so is not difficult to understand why Nietzsche called Christianity in hard judgments to an indelible blot on humanity.

He said yes, we should punish Protestant priest even harder as a Catholic: you did not resist both arguments, but the penitentiary.

Sometimes I like to see him today, as he lesbian Lutheran Pfäffinnen was looking at, in addition to their well openly gay colleagues.

Maybe he commented on demand only that he had already said everything on the topic.

I do now however its own proposal, perhaps annoyed at least one above: Yes, Jesus was an alien, the one whether his megalomania its galaxy referred, who just found the idiot pile afterward his insatiable desire on earth.

And any piece of meat was the memo technocrat then rot on a Roman cross, on that madness sit properly.

No wonder in any case, that Jesus did not go to the Chinese or the Japanese.

There he might have fared really bad.

The former might have processed it to soup dog food, the latter summarily decapitated and thrown into the Pacific.

His Jews chatter in any case there would have hardly any interest.

It still interessert there today, despite all the efforts of centuries of powerful forces well below ten percent of the people.

Sometimes, I admit it openly, I would be alone for this reason prefer a Chinese or Japanese as a Swabian and German; after all my people has come up anzwingen this humbug.

But, well, the Chinese and the Japanese have already made mistakes; I console myself generally so that I could quite good and reasonably Schwäbisch learn German in this incarnation.

Herewith something that just yet it need not necessarily permanently hang in Jesus memes themselves.

English, however, I admit as frankly, I wanted just now for the sake of language, his never become.

Englishman, and then also Christ!

The chalice, no, these two chalices are - I do not know if I have sometime earned me somewhere - but then happily passed me by.

(Yet to clarify: I like the Englishman actually the normal Englishman is neither anti-German nor humorless, very correct and polite I was on the island usually very comfortable, the beer and the food, which I find very difficult, of course eliminated.... Even England is equal to Poland, and Germany, despite Jesus not yet lost.)

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220 Responses to "Jesus as pheno-Mem"

  1. Hemp section says:

    una bastet
    Hello una bastet. I find this discourse emerging here extraordinary and quite interesting. I have to tell you but first tell that I am neither mentally nor language at the level of yourself, MWG, Dude or yokes. On the contrary, I have noticed for a marked Rotzlöffeligkeit and clumsy provocation here. I have vowed to improve but I can not help myself the things how to approach a child and cry sometimes: "Heh, the Emperor's completely naked!"
    You know so much about the ancient Egyptian religion that I wonder whether you're a true insiders. You know, really, many years ago I was once young. Since I have been experimenting with pure LSD. On the plate of Paule McCartney & the Wings called "Venus and Mars" is a piece of it, "Spirits of Ancient Egypt". Since it has "clicked", dark nebulous Remember, thoughts of reincarnation etc, you know the safe.
    I'm interested now for this religion. The parable of Isis which is collecting the dismembered Osiris still stringently for me, I think somehow by animistic I would imagine that all matter is "inspired". Could it be that the "light" (Osiris) was imprisoned in matter. Stone, plant, animal, human ... .. (what's next?) ... The spirit has shaped the life, unstoppable designed for always and "shuffelt" himself up to the Pure light (harmony intertwined with love) ... but that is just by edge.
    Anyway, Bastet was immediately my favorite goddess. Not only because I love cats insane. I can still see the exasperated looks of my ex-wife when I wore for days an English translation of an Egyptian hymn to Bastet's in German.
    Your last comment is so pregnant with meaning that I have to think through every sentence deep, and I'm a little slow. That's why I want you first time, ask a question sir: adopted there are such powerful beings as Bastet / Sekhmet then asks me diie question whether they would stay in such moral "issues" as blasphemy? At some point my late hangover times did not like what he has me pissing in your shoes. Well Heissen I could this of course is not so hot but I thought that he wanted to tell me something, outside of his other means of communication. So it was and I got it. (The shoes I had, by the way, then throw in the bin. Term "God" I have so far "avenged" me that I dragged him to the verstunkenen shoe and then a toothbrush tumbler full of cold water poured over his head. He now has in turn also get it.)
    So still a childish question to you, who feel the Cat Love Goddess zugehörih: it is true that cats meow only to humans, never with each other?
    Wish you have a nice day. Bastet is sweeter than Sekhmet. But how clever the lionesses hunt the prey in the team and then leave the worthless Brüllern the first and tastiest morsel that has something, the world is in Ordnung..ihr want it but even so ... I think woodcut ... and inhale again to good improvement.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    So positive, they have not been able.
    The link I put like after yet.
    Otherwise Jochen may feel free to comment again here.
    Now back to business.
    Una jumped and jumps - to Jesus as pheno-Mem - from batch to batch to further leading, between interesting statements is much to me, at least not legally declared interspersed.
    Jochen and you hinwiederum Although my ever to have a clear line - Una said above, after all, elegant legally, they rätsele to a question about it yet -: But I can also each been identified.
    It's like as if we are caught up in a swamp.
    Christianity is in some ways irrefutably the aberwitzigste the three Abrahamic religions (the Ägypterei I suppose because as ancestress of the same still with), because it cemented over the Jesus sacrifice the guilt thoughts in every believer, then even those of the externally applied salvation, which indeed in Judaism and to be found among the Mohammedans also not a little, but not so bold to extremes.
    One might almost say - time will tell - that Jesus was the last real culmination and thus already endpoint of the whole Ägypterei and Abrahamiterei. Mohammed and his people only the aftershock.
    The desperate attempts of countless Christians and followers of Jesus, which I really got to know some of the most reflexive and question, is their top heroes should rotate as it agreeable to them, that is, I think, almost, I repeat, at least partially, much crazier, rapt as the what is commonly called Absdurdes theater.
    After all, can be most Christians - outside the wonderful USA - not crop, rather, mutilate their male children do not have the same god looking at the genitals, what from all praise, but by its essential reason "only" in the development of Christianity along Indo-European ethnic groups may have.
    Anyway, Jesus is the corresponding cults that were built around it, first of all to call Easter and Christmas, to a considerable extent a Aryanised Hebrews; you see him often blond and blue-eyed as hanging in Katholenkirchle, long-haired, hippie as a breakfast heartthrob. Although he is born each year on the same calendar day, he must die but always only when Ostara allow that, so on the first Friday of the first full moon after the spring equinox. To ensure that everything is actually already lapsed, at least ridiculous, the very least abundant inconsistent.
    Jesus had already wait while dying on the Germanic lunisolar calendar, of the arms, this pheno-Mem.
    Now I let him but first in peace, the arms, which must be then already died exactly to our spring fertility festival.

  3. Dude says:


    From "It's like as if we are caught up in a swamp." Article worthy in itself. The title to the sump also fit well ...;)

  4. Una Bastet says:

    Dear Magnus,

    You wrote: "Forgive me, I think numerology is no longer bring us significantly. This is usually only played with us for the rest. "

    It's here (regarding the revelation), are coded by numbers pictures AND information, not to ledigliche numerology, although give "holy" or significant figures clear clues on the origin of the hidden wisdom in this document. The 7, and the 22 (the Tarot is obviously right out of the ancient Egyptian religion, and took his way across India, where it was preserved, back to the reincarnated Altägyptern z. B. Europe) 42 are associated with mother goddess "Isis". Someone with seven eyes therefore carries the soul of the queen of heaven in itself. Quite important, therefore, to understand the significance of the numbers. The only way to prove to the satisfaction of what the disclosure in detail stating the Abrahamic path can also be a mistake to identify him walker. "If you want something here?" Is no secular question, but, as in Johannes' intuition (in his inner world, he was "on the day of the Lord in spirit"), Spiritual and seemingly profane are deeply intertwined: "This is a magical world. "(And only by one - in my open eyes - sheer wonder there is anything at all.)

    "A conjecture follows another, each new perspectives and claims between three scattered." (...) Chaos in the head? Or should such be induced? "

    I have even more to chew on, what was going to say the Amen at certain points; I have become aware of some things so only during this discussion, such as the identity of the animal. And the fact that we (clearly) are already faced with the fulfillment of the prophecy, they fulfilled. But not by the "work" of Messianiker they want to actively bring about, because they certainly have no idea that it is a constituent of the animal (or the whore, as "Christians") are, as both are alive pushed into the abyss (they are So at best, know as far back that they are destroyed). And who wants that? No, they consider themselves the elect to salvation, these bestial, depraved mind dwarfs.

    "And I know very well that you can, while still aware of your normal orthographic error is (...). (...) You play. "

    The one you think was intentional. How should I say it otherwise? Have we here recently the rule of law? I thought games! Otherwise, I played with my freedom, my health, even the current incarnation. Have you any idea what we (partially) have unveiled here ??? The revelation is fulfilled, we know the identity of the animal, we have the biblical confirmation of those diabolical fraud. It's like "antimatter" for the Enterprise crew in dire need ... Potentially at least.

    "Christianity is in some ways the irrefutable aberwitzigste the three Abrahamic religions (the Ägypterei I suppose because as yet with the same ancestor), because it cemented over the sacrifice Jesus the guilt thoughts in every believer (...). (...) The whole Ägypterei and Abrahamiterei (...). "

    Christianity is the only of the three that also includes the historical / religöse truth - as encrypted revelation that Amen Ra, probably of the Apostle John, certainly quite promptly post the namesake from his former gurus, Jesus sex shown "mortem". As described in Revelation, the Christians have become Jews are by no means to blame for the death of Jesus the reformer. But because of this sacrifice that followed the ad-effective incoming prophecy of events that "religion" became popular, Jews became Christian and thereby partly saved. That the church has corrupted this from the beginning, they forced upon a doctrine alone for the Jews the already devout Gentiles - including the original sin-nonsense - these were often characterized spoiled, or even killed for insubordination under Rome's teaching that they played the harlot, the can the Amen, the John of Patmos, and the confused Jesus, bad hold. To throw founded on facts kemetische religion with devil worship in a pot, just because their gurus they aped in part, copied, without understand something, is not gerechtferigt the contrary.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Una Bastet

    I was afraid to have you encountered with my last comment too much on the head. But you are tireless, and undoubtedly brave.
    Perhaps we have, as you think, here is actually more brought to light, as I recognized it in my sometimes sarcastic swipes; what you no doubt have now times, that's bite. And boldness and perseverance. That's a lot.
    I will also give you the effect quite that much is encrypted and symbolic figures and therefore also discover therefore. Clear. I do not see anyway so right, after 25 years of employment with where to me decisive Last would here.
    So You talk a lot and productive of the four, the seven, the six were not lacking also, as now 22, also 24, of Twelve, of course, but so far neither the Eight, the Nine, even the Thirteen scratched. Only the five we had recently.
    I let me, sir, but do not all my numbers of Egyptians, Indians and dirty camel drivers. Oh, and I mentioned it several times already: The sinnigste for me alphabet is one of 24 runes. Since each bar is right in its place.
    I am pleased nevertheless very much if you in this - have found shared versions of all further findings of carrying capacity - partly it was almost back up to grave struggles; for my part I know for me it might pure carelessness nor too little; maybe because I had to fidget with all recent posts, after all concerns and values ​​at all concerns values, always a bit after that and after that side to prevent an overall discussion of the funeral as well as feasible.
    In that sense, preventive, times on suspicion, shame on me.
    Your determination, your versatility, your eloquence finally, there's where the Beyond Good and Evil close, speaks for you. So far they wanted to me most times flay. Now comes one and tried it with numbers, words, symbols. Are still far too, that she plays. Whatever else? Respect.
    That means: You are still most cordially invited to stop even the craziest oddities here. And if I need another five years per unit, so deeply to understand the content, as you seem to feel it after all.
    However, it must be said at this point, your belief but seems a bit one-sided weibslastig; scares me not; but it may, as they say today, but do not be too helpful.
    Most women you were allowed so overwhelm a fortiori, many men will verhohnepiepelt a little, if not even feel repelled. But surely you know what you're doing, I say this only so as my opinion of the Publiko.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Una Bastet

    Oh, one more, yes: "This is a magical world."
    Maybe so. But wonders all still, whether the calculated seven eyes with one eye have chosen.
    The Chinese would have probably eight. To many Germans like it, einzahlig, seem Neune. The Jews also times when he just the star, not the Menorah, thinks iguanas.
    So simple, I mean, you can not.
    You think it possible that you, single, those from down in the hot sand southeastern countries, where water actually getting just a little in the mysticism of numbers - could be caught - magical?
    That would at least if true what you say, quite possible and therefore worthy of consideration.

  7. Una Bastet says:

    Dear hemp section,

    thank you for the compliments, but you seem to be mentally quite well equipped. Of course I am a initiate, I even know my creator ... But I am not omniscient.
    The light of the Holy Spirit, really folded into the matter, his emanation one; and also already off. It is Queen "Isis", which as this re-folding, when the throne / seat proved the deity / mother (the) nature; You and the source of all that exists are as it were merged again. Osiris was only "the perfect", which would correspond to 14 points, grade 1, but you would have 15, a 1 +. That with the fragmentation can be so happens, Seth is the be trusted; Ernst Muldashev mentioned in "The Third Eye", that until 3 days after death a corpse can be reanimated stored in a cool, except that which led to the death, is removed or the problem has done. This is done with the life force of this performance being whose partial enlightenment should be necessary for such healing magic. (The author is honest, he experienced what he says, but Helena Blavatsky and Steiner's theories, including his, are at least partly disinfo But but always there when he only speculated, therefore, still an extremely valuable book..)
    "God sleeps in the rock, dreams in the plant, awakens in the animal and realized [ideally] the people" is really a more appropriate sentence, if God is replaced by the deity, or the primal light.
    Bastet and Sekhmet are only part goddesses, and power or powerlessness has little to do with whether one is peeved and disgusted when someone pesonifizierte holiness and kindness, the perfect femininity, which, lewd blasphemes rightly adored. It's about justice, so that she has suffered enough - Osiris was murdered, you had to flee, pregnant beg for food in a foreign country, only partly successful, and then as a young mother, for your child to leave alone in the reeds etc .. What do you feel when someone pulls your love in the dirt? So it goes.
    Small cats meow also in response to other kitten meowing (or the good impersonator Inside:-)). I remember not (help-seeking, pathetic) of adult cats meowing, which they had addressed to other chicks. But my memory is due to chemtrail aluminum also been attacked, so it may also be that I have observed that it is but I omitted. I think it can happen depending on the situation, however, is rare. People are angemaunzt because they, like the earlier Mama to take care of the cat.
    Yes, the lionesses are a beautiful parable, because they really submit to the males, as these two eyes (soul parts) the associated consciousness / ego. Only for Hor the falcon was instead a lion chosen for other reasons probably, but a corrupt Pasha, who eats the young in need, would also be a very misleading picture. The male lion, the Mosaic chose as a symbol. He fits so well to Seth / Yahweh. Even the Katzentum (cat in a dream, woman) could fit: Seth, if solarplexisch enlightened, was thus partly female - Mother Nature, the world soul is a "whimsical Venus", and with this you have to be this one. However, a male Sekhmet or Bastet assigns the - under Rait - wiser; It is located on the superior mind; and the often disarming charm probable. Thank you, I wish you also a nice day!

  8. Una Bastet says:

    Dear Magnus,

    I turned out the 3 numbers because they are original or "random" (42) associated with the Great Goddess. This religion was once widespread across the globe, as even the Bible of the Christians admits: "[the Great Goddess] Diana [should] be taken for nothing, and even their divine Majesty will go down, which yet the whole landscape Asia and the world circuit Attention bestowed. "(Acts. 19:27). It may be that "Weibslastigkeit" is tactically stupid, but for strategic lies I'm too proud. The throne of Amun happens to a female person, your male children are always to some extent by the female essence of your creator. A witch complained times that Christianity is bad, wrong, because while only a few would be saved, the Ur-religion've looked the whole world (everyone) as saved. That being said, that is either a misunderstanding on the part of Wicca or is an illusion / outright lie in the old religion: Truth is what is true, rather than what one would like, what would be much nicer. Putting one's head in the sand can hardly disappear danger.
    The 7 but the (2007 officially as these revealed) number of mother of Hor (us), the goddess; and the seven eyes (eyes, feet also: allegories for the soul) mean the being has yours. The 7 horns (phallic symbol) show that there is a guy with whom quasi woman would consider the love feast.
    Something I really miss when I'm less versed in Germanic mysticism of numbers, the elders can also stand for 24 runes, if it were at the time 24. That would have to check the text; two, yes dreideutig true propositions are in this world but not uncommon, I think in allegories it behaves then as well.

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Una Bastet

    Now you finally radiate the mutual acceptance of the sexes from happy. Of which little was previously felt. Wunderbar. Why then still questionable gods with unreliable numbers?
    Finally Your Female finds a harmonious representation with the masculine. After all, when you see it rustic and generous. Very welcome. I am pleased.
    Graberei and gender: Well, we'd better be cautious. Regardless, you have now for the first time a cat in your cat enclosure - at least theoretically - be admitted. This is progress, because like Egyptians or otherwise who deny what they want. Did you loose something.
    I can start with pride woman very much if he really. Where he advanced, as I turn away quickly.
    Yes, you are the closer to what I take seriously in this sense.
    Without even clever women everything is nothing. For a long time my belief. Maybe I've done too seldom clear.
    I do not know who you are, only now, that you have a format. Oh, we've done that.
    Now it pleased me, would you really real.
    I gladly would read that.

  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    What am I here, carelessly, possibly leaving too much mess run, which is Jesus as pheno-meme, so made and internalized figure, considering the what is going with Jesus, just beyond that, at least a little, maybe not but probably could actually go.
    We consider this my Schwurbelsatz in mind. Please do.

  11. Dude says:

    Speaking of Memetics ->

  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    As already mentioned, I was at times a little Übersetzungsarbeitlein with off set, which now leads the German title: "Alien deception detection."
    Now, I postulate: Number deception detection.
    I see some Nasführung increasingly clear.
    Pool because who likes for himself.

  13. Hemp section says:

    Thanks to you because of your benevolent explanations. 've Pretty much get "thinking material". With numerology I have not yet dealt me'm totally ignorant, except what relates to the 23.
    Only in a tiny point I need to improve you: The lions always eat only the offspring produced by another lion, never their own. "Men" halt. Why the natural gender "invented" has not yet entirely clear, a "divine" trick anyway. I would now like human male being (to which I also belong) does not condemn, but sometimes I do think in the short life of winged ants. Fertilization and then verp ... .en.
    Horus is for me very "interesting". "Eye in the Sky" by Alan Parsons I have associated with it. "I can read your mind" has changed me more than anything hitherto experienced. Thanks again for the many references and a good time for you.

    A Discourse on Jesus can / must a prioiri lead to such content, imho.

  14. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    This, just found again by chance, I will again call attention to the:

  15. Dude says:


    "Why the natural gender" invented "has not yet entirely clear ..."

    Here's answers:

  16. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    I now throw just a new question here: Where is along the basic question Funny, easy to taste joy?
    I want, if the six already so high up, Kenaz, for art.
    It may continue to call upon everyone likes what belongs less to do so. I do not now but time for Hüllenlosigkeit. Will read: liberation, out of the swamp.
    So I should probably start another, perhaps again very oblique joke.
    Meeting, a believer, hard businessman, a Freemason and a "secular" Jew.
    The Freemasons of the business man, "You have no spiritual foundation for your actions." The Jew: "That's what I was about to say."
    The unbeliever to this: "Do you think just because I do not believe in your verbiage, I would be able not to count the money?"
    Es kann hier leider nicht davon berichtet werden, wie der Freimaurer und der Jude sich hernach wanden, denn es soll ja ein Witz bleiben.
    Jesus, so viel sei aber doch verraten, fiel ihnen darin aber dazu gar nicht mehr ernsthaft ein. Der war wie weg.


    Ich helfe jetzt ein wenig zu dem hin, was im allgemeinen Esoschwatz “Transzendenz” geheißen. Transzendenz heißt, dass man endlich weiß, weshalb man lachen muss. Muss. Sagen manche schon lange. Ob's ihnen gefällt, das zu tun? I dont know. Einzelfällen nachzusuchen fehlt mir die Zeit.

  17. Hummingbird says:

    Dieser Mythos Jeso hat seinen Zweck sehr gut erfüllt, denn damit konnte der Zugang zu den Goldminen erfolgreich verhindert werden, indem uns “die Eingeweihten” einmal den Gekreuzigten hinstellten,mit der versteckten Botschaft: “Wer sich gegen uns richtet, dem ergeht es wie dem da!” Was dann in vielfacher Weise auch praktiziert wurde, um diejenigen, die die Lüge erkannten, abzuschrecken. Klappte wunderbar.
    Heute sagen sie es öffentlich, wer nicht für uns ist, ist gegen uns, also entweder er wird gleich gestorben, oder zumindest, sollte einer eine Machtposition einnehmen, derer enthoben. Dies nennt man heute Demokratisierung und eventuell wenn nötig, wird auch mal ein ganzes Land mit Friedensbomben beglückt, dafür setzen sie das Himmelfahrtskommando ein.
    Während sie sich die Ressourcen der ganzen Erde zu Eigen machen, überlassen sie den Menschen liebend gern das biblische Himmelreich, und die Menschen arbeiten auch fleissig daran einmal dorthin zu gelangen. Es heisst ja auch schön: Glaube versetzt Berge!

    Threatened as this myth to crumble, had quickly something new here, New Age was born, which has immediately found many supporters, this meme was yes again with so much light and love. simply dazzling, now sitting, imagine meditating in the way for the so-called "insiders" can still realize their megalomaniac ideas at the expense of the people.
    This meme has also been equipped with the all-embracing love, enlightenment, so that each of the overworked yourself enough, can leave this planet forever, so it is unnecessary to further incarnation.

    The parallels between then and now would be really easy to see, I guess that many take refuge in a fantasy world because reality but demands some strength, courage and fortitude.
    In one or dots had the so-called "insiders" certainly right: "The lie must be large enough that it is believed and the atrocities must be so cruel, so people can not understand and say, lie so much and so cruel can but be no, this does not exist .Daneben so a figure of light, even if only a fiction to which people can then escape, is doing her miracle.

  18. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Hummingbird

    Wunderbar. Refreshingly clear. Calmly, sober, hard.

  19. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Der eigentlich schrägste Witz an der Sache ist ja, dass Jesus als Phäno-Mem eine Art Beruhigungspille ist, so merkwürden das auch angesichts der grausen Opfergeschichte, ja unglaublich, zunächst.
    Nun sagte mir vorgestern einer, der Witz mag besser oder noch schlechter werden drumb, die eigentliche christliche Religion sei viel älter, habe wohl schon einige Jahrtausende vor der jüdischen ein, na, eher schon das Licht der Welt erblickt. Das sagte mir kein Sonstgrundblöder, ansonsten erwähnte ich es vielleicht nicht.
    Vielleicht ist Jesus gar kein Lamm, symbolisch, sondern doch eine Art stets zu pflegender halbkranker Esel, immer Lasttier als Last.
    Schon eine Schande, diese Geschichte, für die Menschheit. Ich spare es mir jetzt, Nietzsche dazu zu zitieren.
    Der hat, bei allen herausragendsten Verdiensten, auch damit, dass er uns den Zarathustra schenkte, anscheinend, weiß ich's schon?, wer weiß, den Sack womöglich doch noch nicht so zugemacht, wie der es braucht. Mag sein, es fehlt noch das letzte Zuziehen und Festmachen des Bändels.
    Ja, und der schlimmste, dümmste Witz ist ja noch, dass man mit dem echten Jesus, wenn es ihn je gegeben, inzwischen durchaus Mitleiden haben kann, fast sollte.
    Und das ist ja auch noch das lächerlichst Vermaledeiteste daran.
    Der Wein wird trotzdem nicht schneller sauer, denn dass man ihn stehen lässt.

  20. Magnus Wolf Göller sagt:

    Die eigentlich hier aufgeworfene Frage ist wohl, wie sehr das, was zwischen Nil und Jordan weiland ausgebrütet wurde, immer war es zu heiß, scheint es, als dass man dauerhaft ruhig und richtig denken konnte, oder es fuhren zu viele von außen, dass es nur so aussähe, hinein, uns noch lenkt, steuert, jeden Tag in unser Leben greift.
    Die ganze Karre scheint sich, nimmt man die Freimaurer mit, da bleibt einem kaum etwas anders übrig, noch um Abraham, von welchem mir überliefert, dass er seinem Gotte seine Vorhaut mit der Axt abgespendet habe. Wo sind wir eigentlich? Im Affenhause? Dort fiele keinem Affen so etwas Unsinniges und Abartiges ein.
    Das Ganze irrwitzige Konvolut soll uns nun durch einen Jesus erlöst, wir dessen enthoben sein. Wie kann ein Mensch von Verstand sich das zusammenführen?
    Mit der Freimaurerei hat man die ganze systematische Idiotie auf ihre – soweit mir bekannt – vorläufige Spitze getrieben. Man lügt und ägyptisiert, dass noch die Schweineschwarte kracht, macht sich darüber erhaben und regiert eifrig.
    Nicht aber in meinem Kopfe. Da regiert gar nichts mehr von jenen.
    Ja, man mag wohl merken, dass ich bei aller Liberalität in der Debatte nicht missverstenden sein will. Ich liebe Leute nicht, die an der Liebe nur den Zweck lieben.
    Ägypten ist im Eimer, alle anständigen Christen sind eigentlich keine, die Juden sind noch ziemlich hintennach, leider auch die Mehrzahl der Mohammedaner.
    So sieht das aus.
    Jetzt verordne ich mir einen Moment des möglichst wenig andächtigen Schweigens.

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