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Who wants this tyranny? (III)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

OK. I let the cat out of the bag now completely.

Without any solid evidence, clearly, I think an extraterrestrial involvement in this Versklavungsfeldzug now more likely, because is "pure ground" that he created.

I know very well that a statement which so beautifully explained everything that you otherwise do not get regulated like to appear far too sweet, because it finally makes it were a cheap lid on the pot. Then do not explain, for the time being remains nebulous, is hereby warm as explanatory statement Not very convenient to their alleged solution white.

Warms me but not this declaration. Most of all, from a purely emotional, I do not even kennte it. Not just because they like a displacement activity, such as escapism, as not true Habenwollen acts.

I'm of the thought itself powerfully on the bag. He does not like me. Therefore I can but still not past him. (more ...)

Again, a church, a Crawl

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The whole esoteric and magical theories, of which I have heard, read, with whom I came in contact, have a hook.

I'm not talking about the notorious craving for the respective "spiritual" leaders who Geheimhalterei and Lügerei outward, the whole useless paraphernalia, the clamped crude Initatiationspraktiken and such more questionable.

No, it comes that everyone at all times very different "function" can, as specified by any doctrine. And so well that the respective "Master" rather no longer compete.

And no matter whether these masters only a shaman in the central African bush, or whether he was the Chief of Skull & Bones, Skull with Cochise in hand.

Learning is now times more valuable than praying and speechify.

Self to itself is stronger than any retreat.

Yes, I also had masters, as a stonemason and as a linguist.

But those were not magic Fritzen. They could their stuff.

There are other - for me - undoubtedly spiritual energy fields that our exact observation and description elude so far.

However, this also under the control of any wannabes, and may they have practiced so long and hard up halbbeinige whole phalanxes of their disciples for it.

Consider only the literary mind awareness of the works that are presented by this kind of people.

What we see since, typically?

First, an overload of texts with any relevant terms that never quite defined, thereby exalted above all, untouchable.

Then bad style. Insonderheit in the sense that not only the redundancy too much, but that also stands out besides the obvious Sultry Right, the omission of significant, at least in contexts substantial, striking.

Had I, for example, an Indian guru before the shotgun. A very untypical existentialist pessimism (UGKrishnamurti).

United recorded. Some good observation. He was not even a cult around himself.


Nowhere the art.

So again a loser. Ultimately, even a chatterbox.

I mean now that the question of the concept of art a kind of litmus test for every religion, philosophy, esoteric Assembly and so on.

Since all the fun with the whole Döns and listen to drivel that is very fast.

As it is, their true colors.

Since it is important to show what kind of person you are.

As soon debunked merely swollen breasts, Western postmodernism are eastern divan esque Metaästhetiken not long ohngeistig hand.

There were no priests, who built the magnificent Gothic domes, but these were stonemasons. Understood the obvious more of the golden ratio and other essential principles, as the Bible garbled Laber Sacks, awarded the contracts.

Bach's music is not Christian. No Japanese is because Christian Bach.

Otherwise: Although one God, but to a lot of Archangel, the Mother of God, djinn, devils, lots of irrelevant and somehow hinwiederum but very important accompanying rabble. Highly important. Ugh Deibel.

Yes, I did not see all this nonsense for a long time, so I might have to Speiben.

No wonder, when you look at the, reason that many gifted refuge in a rationalism that is not significantly better.

Now there is suddenly nothing more, except the already explicable.

Again, a church, a Crawl.

Perhaps the defining aliens are really reptilian.

That fit.

As the Western Allies lose the Third World War (II)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

How do I in Erstbeitrage " How the Western Allies lost World War III setting out ", it does not look like as if the three active major powers, the USA, England and France it is on the road to victory, why, because it's not obvious drain to ask (not that I would be the first posing this question) what the global puppet masters Bilderbergers et al. actually intend.

(The Third World War was officially started with 9.11, paradoxically, by the second not finished: Germany has no peace treaty, remains UN-enemy state, but must, gracious, as you are as to participate in the Third on the side of good).

Many "conspiracy theorist" now believe that when confronted with the proposition that lately might not "go according to plan" could run in two ways, with both lines of argument mix sometimes, it run just yet, "according to plan" (or, "that" had so many plans in store that could go wrong, what may).

A fraction is that China and Russia just also part of the great global cabal, ultimately only a long fatigue war is being waged between apparent enemies, to wear down the goals that mankind until they willingly, peace's sake, a fascist world government to accept zurechtverelendet and -geschossen.

The other faction believes that it the Globalistenbanditen was plentiful no matter whether the United States fall into chaos, the EU and the world financial system identical with, no, that was even taken into account, because maximum chaos is the Target, the downward spiral should all pull with it, so that at the end of the ruins just that fascist world government could be established.

We see that both notions, as already indicated above, overlap to a considerable extent. (It remains here mentioned that some suggest or assert that the world government then should serve as Satrapenregierung only. I leave this speculation here now first of my considerations outside before a secret behind all pact with Außeridischen.)

You can not now technically powerful aliens as the main actors "play", so both theories are still on shaky foundations. (more ...)

From Bußplaneten: Karma prison camp ground

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm sorry that I have to bother you again, but I just do not get so easily in my skull Swabia, as should work with the Karma and the reward or Bußinkarnationen.

Let's look at the current approximately seven billion inhabitants of the earth, so are probably a few handful of them - people like Buffett, Gates, the Emir of Qatar and the Saudi king - even Buddha, Jesuses, Krishnamurti, perhaps Herculeses have been so spiritual as energetic leader of mankind toward the good; a second group, depending on how strictly considered, 1% to 10% of the people who were their brave servants, so that they can now live very good to decent; the third, perhaps 20%, krattelt somehow so by because not all Advance hare was pure; 30% are more bad than good to make ends meet, because it really has no shortage of negative Karma now; the rest, ie all those who formerly always oppressed the good nefarious, lives at best from hand to mouth, starving and starving in slums and kraals.

Somehow, the bill does not fit. Or this is a Bußplanet, will mean that you have imported all of us major villains from here to far behind the Aldebaran to detention? (more ...)

Ash Wednesday for aliens

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

These own comment to ' "love" aliens? Because I laugh sometimes. ' I ask again separately one, because he deserves it.

@ Aliens

Ash Wednesday. The CSU should not have to alone. Would be even nicer.

As of now, Lent, love aliens. Not for me, because I am not a Christian. But for you.

I call namely hereby all mankind to on how to physically put yourself mentally to zero diet. Full fasting. No late as eating during Ramadan. Almost no beer, no fifth season: just nothing more.

Sure, I know, some smart Meier'd think I led you anyway energy, alone, as I mentioned yours. But this is not even skimmed curd. Such Eso-kindergarten sayings not move with me for a long time.

No more sausage tip - or eat your foreskins? -. For you (more ...)

"Love" aliens? Because I laugh sometimes.

Saturday 09 February 2013

I spoke under the title " aliens? Scum, scum, scum! "them (I ask those interested to observe the local comment line), that all may hierseienden aliens only" sneaky scum, low rabble, cowardly rabble "might be, and cried, not necessarily expecting that many participants would find , by inciting to fathom it were a little competition, which is why I come to this harsh judgments.

(Readers Thomas's question whether will apply in the NWO-hell-market economy or socialism, the latter as inmates cheaper einschätzend, tipped the scales, so to speak, that game end, crossed the finish line.)

So we put the case that, as claimed by believers commonly, various varieties aliens buzzing around here, more physical, maybe that is to say, at least in fashion, and "trans-dimensional". And it (but it is irrelevant for this discussion, whether "trans-dimensional" case) give it quite a few very maliciously evil, just wanted to reprogram the human race (possibly also genetically), exploit, make a slave armies, to which Behufe However, other hinwiederum, which are quite right dear.

Those loved ones who - often argued about as by reader Lisa and readers Dude - activities only intervene want to at least reveal / can / may, if "humanity", after all, sufficient humanity, so well developed that it would make sense because, to put it bluntly: Blödel should be allowed to be Blödel until they are no longer of itself.

Speak against this common line of argument at least two important things. (more ...)

Aliens? Scum, scum, scum!

Thursday 07 February 2013

All aliens, it should here be those as many believe, can be so far only deceitful scum, rabble low, cowardly vermin.

The so simple as absolutely logical explanation of this statement follows only if more than three people seriously thought exactly about them and thus contributed their thoughts here to the point concretely as concise.

Reptilian warns of Iran war

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm not just that, if all of the major alien theories or science fiction movie of the last twenty years absolutely love to believe in prevailing here machtabgedrehte reptilian aliens; but now one of our altgedientesten Western grandees but looks almost like one of. (more ...)

Relativity FIRD Schdabilidäd

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The following video is all educators and especially young scientists strongly recommended:

Hartz helps

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hartz for aliens!

Stupid aliens

Monday, January 23, 2012

Should there be "benevolent" aliens, so they are very likely to be a bit silly.

Alien research in China

Friday 09 December 2011

In China, the clocks are different.

Research is open , in a big way, with - at least by our standards - enormous public interest and also with substantial government support in the exploration of UFO phenomena and the possible presence of extraterrestrials, perhaps for thousands of years.

Are they crazy? (more ...)

Aliens: Kiss my ass! (II)

Thursday, October 06, 2011

We use again the case, there would be aliens here.

They could then me of course once crosswise, they wofern us only deceive and exploit.

In other cases again, so they were among the ostensibly benevolent varieties, but also.

For who sees this mess here and says he should not intervene, which would have to be packed in his spaceship and fly at least. (more ...)

Aliens: Kiss my ass!

Wednesday 05 October 2011

Explanation follows.

Now I will think of perhaps properly paid underground clientele.

Aliens? You're crazy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

After I've gotten myself now once on the subject aliens, I want my relevant chronicler obligations do reasonably enough.

The issue today is that excuses are typically used to dismiss diverse phenomena as not extraterrestrial.

(I stress before, that all this must not always and necessarily be excuses, and similar things can grow from various causes, too, that I still think overall on the skeptical side Nothing is dumber than faith in science Probably a whole.... )

1 All UFO phenomena are produced by advanced human techniques (Bluebeam etc.) to us to have all the best and divert attention from the real things in the direction of supposed alien.

In the second corresponding sightings are "rich German" or other man-made flying discs.

3 All the strange Fritzen, one of which is reported to have earthly pleasure.

4 All reported phenomena are merely astral projections. (more ...)

Aliens? -: Montalk

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I want at this point but finally pick up a umranktes of much speculation and conspiracy theories of all kinds subject that I have not explicitly dedicated to me: aliens.

Despite innumerable allegations, rumors, alleged or truthful reports and UFO sightings by no means absurd in itself, uninteresssante, especially optionally irrelevant for mankind is subject for decades (at least since Roswell!) In a kind of dubious journalistic penumbra.

Which is precisely why you should even and especially now first read if you are one of the hard skeptics who normally automatically roll his eyes when ever this issue is being addressed. (more ...)

Aliens (II)

Saturday 04 June 2011

Looking at Religious, Reinkarnationöses, evil, there would result a large part of the endemic idiocy Earthlings a reasonable explanation, we would refer the action a little more helpful Alien in the calculation.

I plead now strongly in favor of doing so.

Also for other reasons.

But now I say this for the time being nothing more.

(I put just found that there already an already completely forgotten by me first article "Aliens" was / is. I ask all readers to forgive for the faux pas and to understand the therefore necessary Titelnachänderung in Roman II.)

Last chance by the High Galactic Council

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm now also even predict a huge disaster.

Who does not do that, is now totally out.

Who else uses the subjunctive, words such as "may" is not asked in this competition: indikativisches future tense is called for if one wants to be heard.

So what do we take? (more ...)

UFOs: What is it? (Art murder?)

Monday, February 28, 2011

In this article, once again speaks of a political heavyweight, we would have long extraterrestrial visit.

I would like to know more about it, argue for an official request to the German government in the Reichstag. (more ...)

Guttenberg an alien?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The fraud is variously demonstrated, but that's not sufficient evidence to substantiate the not yet unsubstantiated allegations of fraud had taken place.

To argue like this, people have studied for years Rechtsverdreherei, is, alas, also a PhD, of the absurd by even more, to those that came, which quashed all such long-standing dilemma coup-like.

It was the Baron, who explained that a fraud he could not go out because he just could not go out from him what is scientifically irrefutable and, moreover, every claim in this direction a Communist impudence.

Thus, the fronts were straightened: Everything you said, but no longer is good, you did not say in earnest; everything others said and you could need, they just had made a very first.

When Baron we can learn to time travel.

Außeridische: Chinese without blinders

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In China, where we know, only the dumbest people on the planet live, it seems to be here for some time to accept the UFO phenomenon and the possible existence of extraterrestrials completely different, also open by the state and the media, as in our super enlightened West, where only ostensibly mentally less well, Spinner and obscurantist and intelligence (ie the terrestrial closest relatives) take the problem as seriously as their confused brains is just possible to see here .

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