The actual Depp

I'm starting to get the impression that people fear less the guillotine, because to be called "conspiracy theorists".

The word seems to disable all thinking on head pressure.

The original question of history "cui bono?", Or "who benefits from it?", And therefore who is logical, with a certain probability after certain operations, without any signs of open, sometimes deliberately, sometimes abgeschmettert reflexively with the manslaughter word "conspiracy theory" and even before the questioner that he even claimed to know the answer clearly, without compulsively discredited.

This approach has method. Just as there's a method that wherever it is difficult for those in power, any purported spinners are introduced, therefore drivel actually just loose stuff, you can just that all even remotely similar Claiming ends by which to disavow as "Duweißtschonwers".

Is referred to as a "conspiracy theorist", so it is not in the least more necessary to check its theses or disprove at all: the word has a function as once "possessed by the devil".

Was at that time one an idiot, so this was proof. He was eloquent, as he led the devil's tongue. He went with the "ordeal" under, so the matter was proved. He swam up unexpectedly or could liberate themselves, so he was just as the Antichrist quartered.

At the same types traipse like that Tony Blair through the area as Karle Brasig, people, wars founded on lies ordered: What is the name something? Cute tea party?

And who so assumed a major criminal, he could have possibly lied more often and longer range, what is the? Well since you may only guess once. A nasty, crude ... well, you know.

Calculated mass murder is considered compared to bare logical thinking as reliably.

Evidence is irrelevant.


Let's see how long does that. Most people have simply not understood the structure of this conspiracy against the mind. The reasoning itself will, whenever it does not suit certain people as "conspiracy theory", that is disgusting and dangerous, anytime, anywhere, can be branded.

Because what miracle spared no expense.

Nevertheless, it does not look very good for the conspiracy practitioners. So they give in this regard so so powerful gas. All too many things are not so simple thought of too many. So the maximum intimidation must be found.

"Now they give butter by the fishes, Mr. Alwis Goeller!" - So there is some Conditioned internally automatically request at this point. So that I should submit a short time thirty thousand three hundred evidence for ongoing conspiracies but to read in three minutes and evaluate.

The hell I'm going to do. Who partout not want to think, I can not force it to. Moreover, only once has a little more detail here delve on this page, and he is more than enough for a basic study.

To those who have already understood at this point, what I say, I recommend that you can no longer be pressing this mongering from NOW to the wall.

For example, you can ask me, what does he mean, what intelligence had since your Verschwörungstheorieblöker so easy. What probably, ever since, except for insights, their craft. How to peoples who do not want to go there (often happens), drives in wars. How Julius Caesar was killed. Have you ever think that what your counterpart might be receptive.

In certain cases, it may even be purposeful, the tables simply turn around and laugh at the opposite ado. As the fool that he is. All the believers. The little ones. The figs. The non-thinkers. The follower. The lemming.

This is a tough agent, I know. Measured in the persecution but who are exposed to many, considering the deeds of Bush, Obama and Co.., So that's reliably as necessary under certain circumstances. I do not see how one is able to stop such people without some healthy hardness.

Damn: The joke at every conspiracy is precisely that they should remain secret. And when she finally blows up, is great or was, so they should still look like a noble or at least necessary. What else?

Yes, the spit belongs reversed. Now who's still not ready to think about the (possible) secret structures of actual power, THAT'S THE ACTUAL DEPP!

And so it belongs to him and said!

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13 Responses to "The actual Depp"

  1. hannes says:

    Yes you super nimst me the words from the mouth;)

    * Standing ovation *

  2. ichbinsderneuehier says: Are always the sensitive ones, the thoughtful, the sentimental, the question the meaning of life painful. Her tears are the water for inner growth ...

  3. Depp (really?) Says:

    Why the heterodoxy or blindness you busy your fellow man? Do you think you need these people to save the world?
    I do not think so. Who learns to think himself, about whom I am pleased.
    But the freedom to want to develop not own consciousness, I answer simply to ignorance and am dealing just with the issues and people with whom I want something. Everyone has to go his own way. And the more I've been fortunate to see something, the more quiet and modest hopefully I will.
    This is not meant as a criticism, I like your texts! But it explains why my website will remain empty for many years.

    With dear greeting!

  4. Christoph Messner says:

    Very well to the point!

  5. smaller muck says:

    Strong contribution, someone speaks the Tacheless !!!

    Keep it up !!!!

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Depp (really?)

    Not necessarily actually Depp, but something else.

    Many people were and are brainwashed. This easy to leave you alone if you know how they are being lied unscrupulously until they go to their brothers, or can burn in wars, which I see as irresponsible to.

    If not cynical and cruel.

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    I think I've just pushed away by mistake 'nen comment.

    If one does not find, please adjust again.

    NO conspiracy, most Frühsenilität.


  8. I'm starting to get the impression that people fear less the guillotine, because to be called "conspiracy theorists". | says:

    [...] The actual Depp «News from mutton castle. Did you like this? Share it: Tweet [...]

  9. ichbinsderneuehier says:

    With 90 percent of humanity dividing the attempt to not be a fool, fool or idiot. The rest is removed by medical reasons from the trial. ...

  10. HartzFear says:

    Tars and absorbs the VERSCHWÖHRUNGSTHEORETIKER! : D

  11. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Yes, if only they could find: Many conspiracy theorists have in fact conspired in such a way not to identify themselves.

    So a pack!

  12. Info War - conspiracy theorists - The actual Depp? "AkquiseScout® says:

    [...] Since when do you deal with this issue? Amplify'd from [...]

  13. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Franz Jung

    Thank you for your (other, according to your previous 'What is the right synonym for "financial expert"?') Very detailed commentary that I have just read only in peace.
    Unfortunately, I can not unlock it in this form.
    This is not censorship: My children have only their father, and would be for publishing things that you should rather not say in Germany (you never know exactly what not to say), to be held liable, if necessary.
    You know the situation. So I hope that they have understanding for this decision.

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