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God, There, Gaia: Who wants wrong 'testimony?

Wednesday 25 July 2012

It seems pile up themes that are grossly esoteric as to outline, in the so-called silly season: and it works - oh, horror! - Like as if I am einreihte in this trend.

Lots of religious (for me is the lower), Crowley, deaths soothsayer, return specialist, God's words, alas, also to the survival of the Quantenkolosseum struggling elementary particles, the Catechism of the theoretical physicist, secret societies, of course, the Jesus question, archaic-magical initiation rites: all kinds not really classically Scientific came here recently to do so.

To some extent I think it's funny, and sometimes, that would be foolish not to admit, I challenge this kind even in terms of an ongoing debate, even cheeky.

It is annoying but if neither an intellectual or theoretical progress is achieved, not even one who actually watched the now.

So everything revolves in a circle, too little Postgraduate recognizable. (more ...)

CERN did I like

Sunday 13 May 2012

I just read an article once again on the work of physicists from CERN, the Riesenteilchenbeschleuniger in Switzerland.

As always, I knew next to nothing special from what has been said (except that it is so strange terms like "leptoquark" hail, etc., to the philologist, of course, fallen), but that the experts there is now enormous ass on the ground ice, to the effect , they may soon have to admit that they have been told for 35 years, only manure nor abraffen like me and yet Einstein also blessed and holy time past the bargain verstund.

The way we played as children sinking ships, these people seem to play sinking billions. In Teravoltbereich. (more ...)

We Zerdenken Dödeln to us?

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The question "Are our thoughts enemy" on 2.12. Philosophy in the Stuttgart meeting will be discussed in my presentation (see the red banner at the top right), was initially inspired by a question-answer document with a very unusual Indian "wise men".

You can find this under "Thought is your Enemy" on the net.

I want the theme, however, not only from a philosophical point of view and based on this "VERSTANDESZERSCHMETTERNDEN 'work, which I will introduce shortly, (I have it not bother to read it, many others, especially religious, are to be cracked up more or less after reading discuss ...), but especially on the individual-such as mass psychological level.

"What I do not know will not hurt me": So reads a familiar German proverb.

Say, the idiot, even the willfully Ignorant, has less of a problem: he does not get mad.

(Whether he was dispossessed by just € rescue or something. And if, for example, have to date again, think about the causality Guttenberg, also gets a slightly Brecheiz ...) (more ...)

My Guru

Sunday 25 September 2011

Now I read the script of a guru, who wanted to be at all any more.

Of course he taught anyway. (I have never previously read the writings of an Indian guru in whole or in substantial part,. It was not important to me)

This is due to its experience and its Inderei become a so abgezockten nihilists, that I told him, in all logical fractures, semantic turns, Wortverdrehereien and argumentative twists, for his consistent inconsistency in these matters for some respect pay must. (more ...)

The federal government acts: conspiracy theorists get care

Tuesday 06 September 2011

One at least of the symbolism of her major step towards saving our country is reported.

Every respectable German can from 9.11. Funding for the care of a conspiracy theorist to apply state-approved.

Under the - preliminary - "Action MoinMoin" motto to socially and democratically engaged citizens pay regularly for conspiracy theorists, home visits, help them in the mail, they also run times in the city park. (more ...)

Aliens? You're crazy!

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Once again, I have now embarked on the topic of aliens, I will do my duty in this regard chronicler also reasonably satisfied.

The issue today is that excuses are typically used to diverse phenomena as not alien to dismiss.

(I emphasize before, that not all of these excuses have to be always and inevitably,.. Things like that can arise from various causes, too, that I still consider myself a total on the skeptical side is nothing more stupid than believing in science, probably as a whole.. )

First All UFO phenomena are due to advanced human technology (Bluebeam, etc.) creates distracting to us to have all the best and the real things in the direction of supposed alien.

Second With appropriate sightings are "German Reich" or other man-made flying discs.

Third All the strange Fritzen, is reported to have earthly pleasure.

4th All reported phenomena are merely astral projections. (more ...)

Today, more clearly

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

There is no single sensible argument for the gender dirt.

Any even ansätzige touch of mind is opposed to egalitarianism between men and women.

I'm going to something crude and simple.

It deserves protection, and for that he must sometimes go drinking.

It is simply absurd.

One would like to ask how society looks at the operators of this destruction program, the balance between conscious and Dummverbildeten destroyers.

Very purposeful is not.

What matters is that I engegentrete the.

On the cowardly Christians can be zusammenhunzen even their Bible Genderisten without serious opposition to venture, I am counting - with exceptions perhaps - a damn.

On the other Abrahamites to me now nothing.

It is a program, and an Alice Schwarzer not argues.

Nonsense. (more ...)

"Truther": The term is not running

Wednesday 06 July 2011

It sometimes seems like a fight against windmills.

In the discussions about 9/11, only once, for example, are some well-meaning, industrious people, of which but few trained really well for it, an army of professional, well-supported and paid disinformation agents - often even believing it, the real evil were the "Truther" - opposite.

And it's starting already with little things, that the "Truther" regularly come in an instant into a disadvantage.

Namely, if only by the term "Truther" itself (more ...)

Financial Flasks

Monday 04 July 2011

One must study in order to wreck economies?

Rhetorical question, obviously yes.

All this regard ausgewiesenermaßen capable of them are studied.

And while they have just learned, what they should learn. And good though. (more ...)

Aliens? -: Montalk

Thursday 30 June 2011

I want to take this opportunity at last to emphasize one of the many speculations and conspiracy theories of all kinds umranktes issue that I have not been given explicitly by aliens.

Is despite countless allegations, rumors, alleged or truthful reports and UFO sightings not in itself absurd, uninteresssante, especially if the subject irrelevant to humanity for decades (at least since Roswell!) In a kind of dubious journalistic penumbra.

Which is precisely why you should too, and then just now read first if you are a hard skeptics who normally automatically roll his eyes when ever this problem is being addressed. (more ...)

Something to think without loss of reason

Monday 11 April 2011

Only if we are able, where necessary, to think as crazy as the Finanzmanipulateure and warmongers, not worrying about himself to lose his mind, we will recognize the prevailing logo behind their ludicrous appearing actions to discover further intentions to understand the structure of mischief you can take the necessary and proper measures in time.

We will therefore not spared, nor by thinking about the abysmal thought itself. (more ...)


Sunday 05 December 2010

"War on Terror", "War on Terror" stupider I have seldom heard.

The basic problem of Christians

Saturday 04 December 2010

It's just a cruel cross for most Christians, that their infallible God in the Old Testament is an almost unbeatable asshole Sun

Not even I had not a single one for each a halfway reasonable explanation.

Very easy to break out of sheer hatred, if you do not mention these.

No wonder that the program would otherwise be called love.

From the art of lying

Monday 18 October 2010

A little man in my ear telling me that I now had to say something again, that anyone can understand that it is trying earnestly.

So do not knock brief spells, but expansive talk.

Yesterday I read in PM (October issue) an article on research liar. A Yank (who else) as well has found a lot of forms of human lie detectors, which look exactly, especially the facial muscles of volunteers, but also to pay attention to certain linguistic features to learn. The thing sounded pretty reasonable.

The theory was so good that they are the hook to express themselves included. Man lying habitually and so often that one can detect, especially when and why he does this right now (more ...)

Inflation talk

Thursday 30 September 2010

That with the "spiritual" against the German "spirit" is fairly similar to how "authentic" versus "real" is nothing lost, just swollen.

Where it is in "spiritual" even worse, the word carries any halbdackelige esoteric full Fasel Hansel like a rooster in front of it and it blows out his cheeks huge magical, as if the aforementioned property is already realized by highly important utterance.

I can hear the word any more.

Prophecy already fulfilled

Tuesday 07 September 2010

In the mirror, it's been so far, as I croaked in the previous article, our education system, so our social system will be upgraded in accordance with the shortcomings that many immigrants bring here:

"Our education system must adapt better to the cross-cultural environment. Highly qualified to not only migrate, they can win by a low level of support in their own country. By international standards required by the German school system from the parents very much. It makes assumptions that meet immigrant parents often limited. Full-day and full-day schools early childhood education, when they are high quality built, making this effective remedy. As for all-day schools and day care centers, Sarrazin's absolutely right, but the demand is not new. "

So you can "research" Klaus Bade SPON today under the title "There is no integration misery in Germany" one.

Mind you: (more ...)

20th July: Weltpäderastentag?

Tuesday 20 July 2010

It speaks for Hitler that he probably was not a child molester after all?

Polemical issue on 20 July, as the assassin Stauffenberg is glorified as a hero, one who followed his guide long excited, but only until the war was obviously lost, who also belonged to the circle of the esoteric secret-Germany-George pederasts.

Whether Stauffenberg probably desecrated and children, in Prussian duty, for the "saints" or "Secret" Germany?

He followed his master, George, and in any case too readily resented such obvious at least not much.


I had such an even hand is not enough, if I had not two sons. (more ...)

Fathers Inside (II)

Saturday 17 July 2010

Since in previous articles on the subject has been made clear that we are approaching the intentional, politically correct language collapse - at least, unless you want to use language to communicate to the obvious - and I'm now, as promised, continue to work on solutions that allow us could allow to know what is being discussed when we talk about people.

Perhaps it would be possible if it were begun in the crib with teaching the children, (more ...)

Fathers Inside: Idiocy in our time

Saturday 17 July 2010

After mothers according to the EU now "women at home" should be called (see "Mothers Inside" and "Mothers Interior (II)" , I have now also made ​​us think about fathers inside.

I'm "home man" one?

How to name a politically correct now single father?

Since I'm in the latter situation, of course, personally I'm interested in this question particularly. (more ...)

Mothers Interior (II)

Friday 16 July 2010

Meanwhile, the original article "Mothers Inside" arrived a few inspiring comments that have inspired me to continue. (Thanks for that!)

"First mother" woman at home with ox

"Bad mother" woman at home can dig

"Nut" woman writhes home

"Placenta" woman back home

"Grandmother": weitmösige woman at home

"Housewife": Mrs. winzhause

"Mother of the Nation": Mrs. faschause

"Nut" Mrs. abhause

"Axle nut" Mrs. ächzhause

"Unmutter" Mrs. ohnhause

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