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Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections: Who chooses, selects against himself!

Thursday 04 July 2013

I hereby unequivocally call for a boycott of parliamentary elections.

At the same time, I call on boycotting all this, choosing to boycott active.

What this means is that you may other, ask in person, by means of leaflets and posters, in the network, via advertisements, comments, until the demonstrations and the appearance before the polling stations with signs etc. to every means within the law, also to boycott the election, as this was the only reasonable step to show the corrupt Recorder parties, where the people are.

ALL parties in the Bundestag namely working AGAINST German interests.

Germany's UN-enemy state, has no peace treaty, no makeup, no self-determination.

In contrast, none of the parties desires to, not even the AfD or pirates, and as long as that's the case, just not for us is German, is not selectable, any such election no real choice.

To show that we have understood that all these parties only agents of foreign interests, especially the United States, we German in this respect not even such let us continue nasführen to find those legitimacy, all set against the country's welfare and working , active, open abstention is now the way.

Who chooses, selects against himself!

Who chooses, selects slavery!

Who chooses, selects ESM, EU Commissioners and the NSA!

Who chooses, selects the treason!

Who chooses, elects liars and cowards!

Who selects proves his stupidity!

Who chooses, can not know what he's doing!

Who chooses, selects his sellout to the banks!

Who chooses, selects global killer program of USA!

Who chooses, selects submission!

And: Who selects open and loud and not justified, chooses not right!

Because he chooses not out of laziness or frustration not, but as a clear protest vote in the non-election! Get up!

He just chooses not therefore BECAUSE he is politically interested and informed!

He's the one who likes to have a real choice, except the non-election!

But he will not participate in any election that is no!

He will not make the supporting Hampelmann a choice that a complete farce!

None of these parties is "only" for freedom of expression and against the sexual organ mutilation of defenseless boy!


A non-voters have yours safe!


The above text is in the public domain unchanged and stating "unzensiert.zeitgeist-online.de" and "Magnus Wolf Goeller" as the source and author.

Germany is not free

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

At this Nov. 9, 2009 Germany is still not free.

The enemy states clause applies.

Germany has no peace treaty.

Germany has ratified the Lisbon Treaty and thus abandoned the Basic Law, that is, only less power emanates from the people.

Germany has still not confirmed by a two-thirds majority in free and secret ballot new constitution.

Four facts that speak twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall still for themselves, even if currently talking about a little.