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Friday, January 17, 2014

At the top forty recedes from the decadence.


"Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you yourself." (AC)

The three of us live on 81 square - for the classroom actually nine less.

Do you have more than 24?

Magnus Goeller - Volksbank Stuttgart - BLZ 600 901 00 - 580 280 13 Kto.

Application for Federal Education Minister

Sunday, December 01, 2013

My lyrics make my application from clear.

Of the planned destruction of the white race in Europe (II)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I want the first article - the knowledge of which I am providing here - now even add a few.

I assume that you want to disable the white man in Europe should therefore fear him is because many believe in fairly homogenous society, to find a different way than those of the current capitalism.

And without mass misery, without expropriation, without gigantic mountains of debt, without penal camp, police state and total surveillance, without systematic child poisoning (Ritalin), mass drug addicts.

Might then also Japanese and Chinese and others rub their eyes and say, "Gadzooks, again a good, no, an epoch-making invention of Europe!"

And, adapted to their cultures and needs, imitating our model.

That would not be total tolerance, but the absolute disaster for those who are currently considering the in capitalism (also on their international socialist auxiliary troops, the dumbest of the idiot) the threads.

All the blood circulation of money would collapse.

Money money and money from war and misery and destruction no longer would run.

The people on the planet would very quickly much better.

The savings in military and pharmaceutical and insurance companies and banks and governments that improve health overall unimaginable creative, innovative, productive forces used freely so far, so fast that no reasonable even in dreams was thinking to want to return to the old system.

That would finally end.

Therefore, I think it is in Europe so radically against the white man.

I do not know how far you have already understood in Asia.

There have indeed not very many fundamentally understood even here.

But there are more every day.

And just because most of those who have already realized not dare to say, that does not mean it does not exist.

And there are very comfortable with that too "simple" people, so artisans and farmers and clerks.

Many of them understand yet more intuitive, a little blurry.

But no sooner does one explain it a, the open and receptive, you will come to a prepared soil.

A very important trick of the anti white racists Total tolerance is the people who are their brainwashing not or not completely inferior to suggest that they were a tiny minority.

So dares hardly to say something, everyone is silent rather, has the desired fear.

In addition to the personal encounter is our greatest opportunity therefore undoubtedly the World Network.

Anyone who opens his mouth, counts.

It counts even been to, the only better informed.

Because his thinking will change.

And so it is, even involuntarily, and speak and act differently.

So he's a bit more less a slave.

Master Kung and fear

Tuesday 05 November 2013

Confucius's life failed, was regularly on the run, always the end near.

He has triumphed anyway.

He lives namely, twenty-five hundred years after his death, still, even seven thousand miles away from home.

With the greatest on this outstanding philosopher for me, as he knew to deal with the anxiety.

Surely she was not even nonexistent for him. You could harm Ultimate Master Kung but never. He had in fact found the essence of fear.

It is not enough to know an evil spirit only by name.

Nor is it enough to be able to mock his.

Not even laugh or serenity always help.

You have to grasp the limits of his power.

Then he looks really old, zerschrumpelt and moldy.

Nietzsche had not even before the stupidity of fear, as he had once captured in this sense. Finally, he even had the evil laugh at will, at home among rose slopes and lilies hedges.

Clear that none of them scabby Geldgierschlünde and Kindervergifter understand something that still on top. You may not detect such, because so far they can not afford to ever think up.

I know who will win at the end.

Even if the whole planet is blown up, yet the cosmic aether flow through the mind and the attitude of Nietzsche and a master named Kung from last despair of those who are.


We are freelance writers nots (IV)

Saturday 05 October 2013

After all a thief has now headed. He no longer has my texts on his side. Words can work just yet.



I have just read that one of the main protagonists of the public recently and notably, without me even allowed me to say something about it (so much the fear must be broken) as pretty much explained everything from idiots to Evil One, because I am against Textklau resisted, whether my behavior was "deeply shocked" was. My dear swan. The poor man.

Now the inner troll?

Friday, September 27, 2013

We have the net - I interpreted it recently on already - adjust to new varieties trolls.

A few of them are well come or trained to actually carry gefühlige, as generally as possible outrageous statements by the context irrelevant individual stories as well as every kind of language by breaking special characters, and a thousand more or less smileys in Psycho ether, unassailable, since it clearly mawkish it.

Now they send women, troll inside, even here at the front.

You need it even more.

The male troll mechanisms are widely recognized. And who would suspect because even a woman behind a malice today?

So, that now, willy-nilly, and women send more into play, may not necessarily identical, but they can also be or not be better on the long dance.

The Trollin is, just as the Normalweib measured at the man, irritable in some ways, and especially vindictive; who to make this advantage wisely know will not have to fear their equal.

But one eighth of their own gullibility and, worse still often exaggerated mildness, where woman.

Just then, is now recognized by those who do not suffer from Schuldmännertum and foolish Weibsverherrlichung, but want easily in their flowing like added sympathy away catch.

Oh, I just fantasize?

May be. But I see certain signals; and I know my Pappenheim; and, yes, I admit it, maybe that is just so stuck in a particular segment, where it already festers some unfortunate time, spreading its not essential.

So the usual feminist idiots circus addition.

I exhort me in this regard nevertheless to care.

Now it gets serious in Südschwitz

Sunday 08 September 2013

Cui Bono? Who uses it? Why all this fuss? - So it haunted me in his head, rather perplexed and aimlessly until I suddenly stood in front of a relatively new restaurant, which I had not given the honor of belonging to a cozy Hesse named Max, who - Olli had already appreciative of had established a cozy pub which also offered discreet corners and tasty nibbles for beers - talked to him and his pint. She had become a not uninteresting mix of some meat of südschwitzer twentysomethings interior with ambitions, a not so secret tip for business travelers from all over the world, as well as the inevitable Hintlingen looking for a wife, plus a piano on which Bodo, one after inexplicably Südschwitz more advisable so as bäuchichter already grizzled piano teacher from Leeds, a very vigorous still, used to erklimpern of his life between Beethoven and strange free jazz, even a small literary circle was there Tuesday.

The bar immediately came Max, therefore, greeted me happy - he knew me already by sight and hearsay - provided me, unasked, a Blonde out only commented: "Magnus, nice that you get new items. The first is on the house. Give my love to Olli on occasion. Great mate. "

Well, here I did not directly hostile country on the edge of a rushing river is surging, so deleted the first südschwitzer night thirst. But lo and behold, what was that? - A Chinese of perhaps 45 years, handsome, slim, toned, entered into a thin, strong, desert-colored hemp trousers, in light bush boots up around a powerful leinernen short khaki tropical shirt, and looked for a moment-friendly around, the way to counter to drive, to ask me with a winning smile in almost accent-free German: "Good evening. Is this seat free? "

So he took because on my right place, dug a New Yorker, a Frankfurter and a Beijing newspaper out by tasted it be Blonde, flew over times this times this, then put the whole convoluted in his little goat leather backpack, and panted first by.

I thought it was about time now, probably the most well-traveled guest südschwitzerische hospitality opposed bring, as I asked him where he had learned because so excellent German.

He looked at me a little surprised and said: "But how do you know that I just may be more than a little German? I told only a few words! "" Well, at least now I know it, and before that it was very likely due to your diction. What brings you to Südschwitz? Sorry, I'm Goeller, I am village schoolmaster in the bush camp. "

"Village schoolmaster!" The Chinese said in an almost religious ecstasy. "Village schoolmaster!"

I was wondering first and said nothing.

"Um, yes. My apologies. I am Mr. Fong. I work for the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. "

"Aha. Are there interesting here for the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, or do you just leave? "

"No, not a holiday. It's about cultivation methods in particularly arid conditions. I have a contact in ... "

"Bush camp. Where else can. "

He smiled.

I could imagine already, with whom, so I did not ask.

"China has but does not this similar climate zones and thus growing conditions," I said instead something pointed, "in any case total seasonal".

"You really seem to know about a bit," Mr Fong said, "in spite of himself arid areas in some respects may resemble very rural. Moreover, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture not only in the People's Republic is active. "

Two persuasive arguments. I began Fong increasingly seriously. Why is he telling me this so openly? He knew already who I was? That I would run into him Buschhausen anyway on the way? I was already paranoid now because of Chinese agricultural engineer or plant breeder?

"Mr. Fong, I Lüde you like one to me for dinner if you are in the bush camp. I hope you are not a vegetarian? "

Fong was a little surprised, but then grinned like a Cheshire cat and shook to the head.

"I deceived namely love to real südschwitzer bush cuisine is very spicy, and there are plenty of marinated grilled meat."

"Oh, yes, Mr. Goeller, that sounds good."

I gave him my card, and added: "I know you in Buschhausen also reliable, cheap hostel, so you can wear the rest of your expenses in the Golden Gazelle, where you also get to know the race of men, whose miraculous agricultural methods to China to observe Find. The human terroir, so to speak. "

"Human terroir," he cackled again, "human terroir!" And ceased as abruptly.

Whether this strange Chinese, Ministry of Agriculture, who spoke German so well, probably of wine knew something?

And as though he had read my thoughts, Mr. Fong declined slightly conspiratorial three looking at me and said very quietly: "Mr. Goeller, you know how here, as a newcomer, as a foreigner, even as obvious Chinese, at a decent bottle Wine comes without the cost a week's wages? "

Either he just wanted to sound out and make a confidant, or he wanted to make clear at least equal times its wine supply for his entire stay, all forward-looking Chinese, or both. To a bottle it was not him anyway.

"Mr. Fong," I said, "the thing is very simple in Südschwitz. There are people who import directly, and to know this, which is not harmful. Otherwise Ollis Weinkontor is here in Freiberg still the best address. Wine cellar of upscale quality and selection, there are, as all Südschwitzer agree, there should not be a very hidden secret cellar, only two. But it drink except the owners or managers only invited guests on special occasions and with friends. It gets even sometimes a bottle gift, or a box, if the winemaker wants to make a special pleasure or send a deserved reward. "

Either the Chinese played very well or he figured it really was him or the mouth water.

"Mr. Goeller, you seem to know about," he said after a certain pause, "who has this cellar, and how to get there without losing face, under it?"

He had actually 'underneath' said. Normally you do not want topsy under a wine cellar.

"Anyone who has this wine cellar, white here, as I said, every child. They belong Olli, so the one who has made Südschwitz very much what it is, and the Supreme Hart Holtz, the site commander of the Bundeswehr. Since I know them both well, I know that the rumors about their cellars are none. "

"Mister Goeller!" - I do not know why he now slipped into English - "it seems to me you are one of the most privileged people here in Südschwitz!"

It really seemed as if he had gone through the horse. But I did not trust the roast. The whole thing was now also become a bit surreal. A strangely single-minded Chinese.

So I drank my beer, adopted me out of the not faked reason that I would have to do under all Höflichkeitsbezeigungen and the Verspechen, that I will raise a decent bottle of wine for venison, Mister Fong, host Max a thank you and a Bisdann waving in the cooler already become desert night.

Fortunately, I had more spiritually moved because excessively drunk, so that I now, shortly after midnight, when the proper thirst of the Südschwitzer maintains until all power, particularly on Fridays, break, quite to follow even my agreed with Olli duty happy me yet looked into the situation, as I only just a pub with a Mr. Fong, uh, Mr. Fong had behind me. I could not disappoint Olli, nor I could basically show too little flag.

In the Golden Ox so I would not break early into the midst of Hartholtzens band; damn, there are still those officials pub where all the deer management from Northern Goofy go. No, I do not myself today. The notice before everything later or never. Maybe tomorrow. Where?

All at once stood, as I paused, two normally dressed men in their forties before me, and one of them said: "Good evening. Do you know here in town a bit? "

It was the accent as in the faces obvious that it had to turn to the Russians or Russian-born German.

"Yes, a little. What are they looking for Men? "

"We are looking for a place where you can drink properly, beautiful women and such, but no puff, and no fights and Verrickten."

"Well, gentlemen, those are all sorts of ideas here in the small Freiberg." It occurred to me that since these powered by a Swiss small tavern was where not necessarily hovered my audience, of the me but about the've heard was, at least bestnäherungsweise what the Russians probably WOULD CHOOSE before, so why not even Russians, so you're going quite unsuspicious, the orchid.

"Gentlemen, follow me into the orchid. I can not promise you anything, the restaurant itself does not know well, but it will most likely meet your expectations. "

The Russian nodded. This turned out to be Boris, that as Sergei ago, I myself as Magnus.

We beat our way, and they parlierten time being in a good mood behind me in Russian. When orchid arrived, I pointed it to the entrance, not sure if I this matter should continue to expose what Boris and Sergei however, meant very clear to me that not to be invited to a beer from them at least an irreparable insult to the Russian folk-soul would, whereupon I saw sufficiently einkomplimentiert me in the shed.

As we were seated at the bar, dim light, psychedelic music, all in black and purple and acid green, Sergei and Boris were always better on it, they started in typical German Russians to tell raunchy jokes and always better to amuse.

Now I wanted some games feel the tooth, because as fun tourist saw Boris and Sergei as little like Mr. Fong.

"Hey, Boris, what are you actually with Sergei here, you are not about ..." I began.

"Sergei" Boris said freezing cold, "have you any idea why Magnus wants to provoke us?"

"No, Boris, he knows that we are not gay."

"Do you think he would have said in the Moscow subway also to us? Sergei? "

But suddenly she laughed and pushed, as though nothing had happened, with me.

"Well, I'll go then a minute," I said finally, turned to go.

"But no, Magnus," said Sergei, "maybe you can us a few tips to give. Another Blonde for my friend Magnus! "

So I let myself firmly witches again. Let's see what you still wanted me.

"We are from the Russian foreign intelligence service."

Now I really had myself first again keep my blonde.

Having somewhat taken me, I shook my head and said: "You are entering here openly as Russians and told me that ye are of the Russian secret service. A better nonsense you can probably not let you come? "

Both were silent, until Boris said to Sergei: "He has really not much plan."

Slowly but surely I realized that although I probably really did not have much plan, but must do so urgently, as though it were otherwise.

"Well, dear Sergey, dear Boris, if you do something umtut in Südschwitz, you will be well with you confirm that a certain village schoolmaster named Magnus Goeller in all things does not have much plan, you're not able are the first heroes, anywhere have come. I thank you for the beer and the pleasant evening. "

And straight out, first by breathing. What was going on here? Actually, I would have liked ceded in my Kate, the little shed, the Olli always discreet for me holds in Freiberg.

But I could not after two pubs and just three beers, especially without even to begin the compulsory passage in the Golden Ox, already in my Geheimratseck.

So the Golden Ox, it was now nearing two, ie the time when the mood with the onset of cool nights wont heat up there.

The Golden Ox it was like usual boozy, the usual illegitimate children in initiation, only the soldiers Stammtisch appeared quite strange depressed mood behind the beers.

"Guys, I may join you, or did you Truppenrat secret?" I joked and sat down without waiting for an answer as usual to do so.

"Magnus, you've got it good!" Said the drunkest of eight or nine soldiers.

"Why, Hermann, I'm not even Stufz and have no legal assault rifle. And the Federal Republic holds much less of me than you. Therefore, you may even serve in their military. "

"But you do not have the hard Holtz on the cheek!" He said dreamily, almost a little whiny.

"I the hard Holtz not on the cheek?" - I realized that I was not allowed to exaggerate - "Who the not on the cheek? I about? Pays me at least a beer expense? "

Harry spoke up. Main field. "But you can not command."

"Oh no. But it is sometimes hard turn. What will you whiners, you wanted but here in Südschwitz his country bravely defend what's got into you? Soon all of you who do not hire the SAS, constant pede scrapped from the Old Reich? "

"I understand almost that hard Holtz times you called a die, arrogant civilian penny from me. But well, you will learn in it anyway. Hard Holtz wants from Monday tear our asses, you can imagine what that means for me as a main field that, as he put it: ". Südschwitzerinnen all know afterwards, where there are real men are here"

"That's what the Colonel nevertheless formulated very nice and motivating," I replied, "some Hintlingstochter may still come as a soldier."

"Listen to Magnus. Leave it now. He has said he is even with, and that we still are the Zisternenbauen and root galling and hand bow hunting learn at the abgewichstesten Hintlingen of the children. It all looks not by jokes from. "

"Have you any idea what brought him at once to this Rappel?"

"Zero plan. Well, it's there already that with his aunt, but why should he us now, right where he can let it fly since his stroke pull themselves to mercilessly want to chase in the desert? "

"Does he somehow messed up?"

"Messed up? I am now ten years on the force. He is unequivocal. Only soldiers with excellent benefits should receive the usual full supply during exercise. "

"That is, he makes the Harten. He threatens with the maximum penalty. "

"Yes, he told me clearly that even full beer ban for careless officers at any time part of the program if we do not toe."

"Well, you are my hero beautiful because you threatened on Monday dehydration, and you practice it already Friday night: Let us raise one, as long as the sun has not yet the glass"

This pleased the doughboys, and they were again funny, and I set about half past three under südschwitzer puns continue.

Konstantin Eulenspiegel's previous misadventures

Wednesday 07 August 2013

I have here for everyone, take the proportion of Constantine fates and tests, compiled the recent reports of his experiences in chronological order. by lot-to-braunschweiger-kinder/

Andreas Temme

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Are you Andreas Temme?

The Nachwuchse (also the Bilderbergers) 2013 (III)

Sunday 09 June 2013

I've just decided.

If I have to explain in more detail why Goethe's Faust is good for nothing, so kost 'what.

For what nix kost ', is well known, nothing worth.

From 100,000 euros to 100 characters bids will be accepted.

Bilderberg 2013: The aliens are here

Sunday 09 June 2013

For the last day of this year's Bilderberg conference, the aliens really came.

That was clear, set a reader Jochen disclose:

"Two aliens meet:

Says one: How's it going?

Says the other: Oh, I feel again today as it ever would be no me.

Then one says again: Well, then are you really like me ".

Whereupon the untstehende dialogue ensued:

"The Goeller overdoes it with his insolence. He insinuated that it could give us, but if so, only as a trans-galactic freaks and idiot. "

"Yes, that's definitely going too far."

"What shall we do?"

"We could try to put him on this comic Jochen in an appropriate random. The point is that his jokes about us are so stale, that people are finally abgewenden. "

"Yeah, right. Do you have the yokes already a text? "

"The Jochen hears a little bad, even unwillingly, often does not follow specifications, but, yes, I have something."


"Dear Magnus, Your Gesülch, slobber, drivel, Gestrunz and Geschlunz, Gewaber and Geblürb, your Geschiele and Getriele, babble, babble, Gehunz, Geröbfunz, Gegeugelhupfe and Gestreugelzupfe, Gebrunz, Gegagel, Gehunthagel, Getreibs and Gebreckel, Genabsung and Geniederbrung, Geseftel and Geabheftel annoying Mechtel. "

"Bongo. So let's do it. " (more ...)

Konstantin in Stuttgart (II)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Magnus awoke a little earlier and had breakfast concerned, bread, butter and Käs together with a roughly sliced ​​ham, Flädlessupp and corn salad with onion and tidy breakfast radish, this one probably reasonable pancakes placed.

That might also Konstantin like, a glass of white Burgundy should not be missed, because it was decided also to make breakfast equal to the midday meal, alswelches when such great deeds funny, alswie the core of Swabia Stan, commonly called Stuttgart, from his eingesumpften inertia Dionysian joy recognizing to throw.

It was clear that Magnus was very biased as Schwabe, Konstantin as non Schwabe of the other terrain but not necessarily safer than the former, so that you really almost inevitable tricks, all still one walking in the afternoon in the castle garden and rear at the babbling chess players spent, finally, as it were, to enter the safest part of the uncertain parts of Stuttgart introductory and inspirational, to "pre-heating" as the estimated M. The name them, the natives Stammbeiz entered.

So far just sat the narrow romantic poet, as always musing, schorle drinking and smoking at their place, a few Usual and Unusual lounged right around bored. Counter, two glasses of beer.

"Well, here you have at least his rest!" Konstantin quipped after eight or ten minutes, the whole seeming tragedy considering. (more ...)

From Schuldenlug, of repression, of cowardice, secret societies and aliases idiots

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Probably the Tragikomischste, which I'm not sure if this word really carries it, certainly not only for a Schwaben, if it means he wants some games create something decent, as he is constantly in mind, at least try, which is do so, he wants his anus put off those who produce nothing, produce, except stupidity and money from money.

As much as a sometimes angry, even may oppress, especially when approached with from the closest environment to one that is the first commandment means that you do not let that account be bitter. People are so conditioned. (more ...)

Konstantin wieder in Freiburg

Freitag, 03. Mai 2013

Konstantin kam also wieder nach Freiburg, seine Gerlinde zu besuchen.

Er trat einfach in ihr kleines Gasthaus ein, und die Wirtin, seiner überraschend angesichtig, stürmte auf ihn zu. Sie war schöner denn je. Aber hinten stand Hans.

Hans erwies sich als ein durch und durch braver Mann von etwa fünfundreißig Jahren, der, Gerlinde war dessen mehr als froh, sich einem gemeinsamen Kruge mit Konstantin, wohl wissend, mit wem er es zu tun habe, sobald die Geschäfte besorgt seien, nicht abgeneigt erklärte, er möge erst einmal Brotes, Käses, Weins und des Tagestopfes aufgesetzt bekommen, wofern er nicht etwas besonderes wünsche, was Hans ihm selbstverständlich schaffen werde, soweit es in seinem Vermögen.

Selbstverständlich ließ Konstantin sich also nicht lange bitten, dankte der freundlichen Einladung, begehrte nur des Angebotenen.

Alles war vortrefflich. Der Graue Burgunder, kräftig, blumig, leicht verspielt, doch mit Rückgrat und mit guter fester Säure, das knusprige Holzofenbrot, der Schwarzwaldkäs, von Kuh, Schaf und Geiß, Butter, ja, die gab es auch, sodann die gut gewürzte, bestgemüsebrühte Kartoffelsuppe mit kleinen, derben Rindfleischstückchen darinnen, Lauches nicht gespart, selbst noch ein Töpfchen Rahm daneben, um gut badisch noch nachzusahnen, dazu, dabei, frischer Radies, Feldsalat, Schlotten, zusammen neckisch angemacht, obendrein eine Leberwurst, eine unvergleichliche Pflaumensoß dazu.

Konstantin ward nicht nur mit einer Träne im Auge klar, dass Gerlinde in guten Händen war. So ließ er es sich trutzig schmecken.

Als das Geschäft gegen elf ruhiger wurde, kam Hans mit einem Kruge Rieslings an Konstantins Tisch, frug, ob alles gemundet und in der richtigen Ordnung gewesen sei, bat, da dies vollauf bejaht, sich jetzt zum anberaumten Gespräche setzen zu dürfen.

Nachdem der Riesling anverkostet war, Konstantins höchstes Lob berechtigterweise, nicht zu Hansens Ungefallen, ausgesprochen erhalten hatte, sagte der ohne Umschweife: “Ich weiß, dass sie Dich liebt, aber ich glaube mich liebt sie auch. And I'm there for them. Willst du mir sie streitig machen?”

Konstantin wischte zum letzten Mal an diesem Abend eine Träne weg und entgegnete: “Nein, Hans, das will ich nicht. Aber lass mich morgen noch einmal mit ihr reden.”

"Of course. How would I ban you or her. I also know that she is the also want. Women One should not make lightly in the way, you know that. "

Nach einem kurzen Schweigen widmeten sich beide, sich noch einiges ihrer jeweiligen Heraufkünfte erzählend, noch eine gute Stunde brüderlich dem Weine, dann, nicht gleich unmäßig zu werden, einvernehmlich den Abend gen Bette beendend.

Gerlinde war glücklich. Hans war ein guter Mann.

Konstantin bekam noch Schinken, des Rieslings, Atzung für wohl drei Tag in seinen Ranzen gepackt, beim kurzen Abschied, und er begann seinen Schritt, ohne Ziel, einfach von Freiburg hinan, ostwärts, in den dunklen Tann.

Vom Strategeme der verbalen Unterlassung

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Man soll ja nicht lügen, heißt es. Nicht einmal schwindeln. Ich will jetzt aber nicht der Frage hinterhersophistieren, ob es moralisch verwerflich sei, sich selbst dann, wenn noch keine direkte Not dazu zwingt, unterschätzen zu lassen.

Donnerstag, 04. April 2013

Keine Kinder mehr, weil…

Mit schutzempfohlenen noch nicht volljährigen Menschen zusammenlebender, volljähriger MenschIn

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ich habe gerade erfahren, dass laut Armutskonferenz “alleinerziehend” ein unsoziales, diskriminierendes Wort sein soll.

Da habe ich mich natürlich gleich gefragt, weshalb ich, als einer, auf den das Wort zutrifft, der es selbst verwendet und welches so von ihm und über ihn verwendet wird, das noch nie gemerkt habe, wie ich mich da andauernd unsozial behandeln und diskriminieren ließ und gar noch, ich Esel, obendrein selbst unsozialisierte und diskriminierte.


Ich werde ab jetzt jedem mit Klage drohen, wenn er mich einen Alleinerziehenden schimpft, und zwar wie als ob ich ein Neger wäre, der ein Neger geheißen! (In Amerika nennen sich die Neger, wenn ich den Filmen trauen darf, untereinander lieber “Nigger”.)

Wie konnte ich mich nur jahrelang “alleinerziehend” schimpfen lassen? Mich, in meiner unterdrückten Sklavenmentalität auch noch selber ins Unsoziale treten, außer mich treten zu lassen? (weiterlesen…)

“Dein Netz”

Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

“Mein” Netz funktioniert derzeit nicht richtig.

Eben habe ich mir einen Artikel angeschaut, war mir hundertmilliardentausendprozent sicher, dass ich den schon verbessert, dahingehend korrigiert hatte, wie ich ihn dann auch aufgerufen gesehen.

Ich habe ihn nochmal nachkorrigiert.

Von “Patrioten” und “Pazifisten”

Dienstag, 20. November 2012

Man hat aus einem großen Teil der deutschen Rechten Zionsjünger gemacht und aus den Grünen die beste transatlantisch geprägte Kriegstreiberpartei im Stall. Beides ziemlich gleichzeitig. Das ist eine erstaunliche, zumal bestens komplementäre Leistung. (weiterlesen…)

Gefährliche Berater

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ich habe nicht wenige getroffen, einschließlich meiner selbst, die beteuerten, sie hielten sich für sehr gute Berater, aber nicht geeignet, selber einen Entscheiderposten mit hoher Verantwortung zu bekleiden.

(Ich habe immerhin schonmal gesagt, dass ich bereit sei, das Bildungsministerium eine zeitlang zu leiten. Weiter traute ich mir bislang auch nicht.)

Zweifellos gibt es Naturen, die in der Analyse wie im Entwickeln von Konzepten stärker sind, als im Entscheiden und Vornehinstehen.

Wir müssen gleichwohl die Frage nach der Feigheit stellen. (weiterlesen…)

Falsche Milde

Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Man soll Frauen deren Nichtverzeihenkönnen eben doch nicht durchgehen lassen.

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