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What does this teach us a false Goethe Quote

Thursday 03 April 2014

The history of this post I put here are known.


Two things in the matter of interest.

First, that even - or especially? - Shortened, removed from its context quote Goethe but to - in my opinion - quite relevant considerations led.

Secondly, we have learned along it, how careful one should deal with quotes.

Jermain it took just a collection (you have dessenthalben enough ash to your main scattered, rather Jermain!), And I took it, the quote judgmental, although it appeared to me so strange an angle, then hinwiederum simply by his side.

It is Jermaine credit that he then precisely nachsuchte that the fraud was uncovered.

So we both did at first, if not wollentlich, Goethe wrong, put things in the world that ascribe to him as when viewing the original passage could not withstand.


This will be a lesson to me.

Opposition, rather Jermain!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

When estimated Jermain foutre le Camp can find a nice list of quotes on writing and the writer.


Alone, the Goethe quote that he chose the title, is not my consent: "The state of the writer the true reader shares immediately with completely."

And it's not because I know how loyal readers, despite its undoubted skills and achievements, no sovereign admirer of Goethe am much do detest what he has done.

The set is from my own experience how other along my knowledge of literary creation just is not right. (more ...)

From the "Satanic-Luciferian" misleading

Tuesday 04 March 2014

Many maintain the ritual Kinderschänderszene as "satanic", to be described as "Lucifer".

Even that is - at least - half a deception, even if such terms use at its most do not like to be aware of.

Only half misleading because "Satan" and "Lucifer" part of the program, which also includes the wealthy, they created "God", Yahweh heard.

These terms will not get you further. It works so still even unconsciously within the meaning of the program.

Clear? (more ...)

From our "national epic"

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Goethe's Faust is ultimately a selfish, narcissistic, pompous, conceited, ruthless, greedy, gehabsüchtiger, futile, vain, brutal, gossipy blessed, stupid and greedy scabby little schmuck.

The Nachwuchse (also the Bilderbergers) 2013 (II)

Sunday 09 June 2013

It is true, no doubt, at first, and always in a way to emulate our great ones.

It is quite essential nevertheless, the completely different education and socialization conditions must be observed and the changing reception of what is said.

One dares not even the most obvious thing to say what long ago should belong to Altabgestandenen: namely, as an example, that Dr. Faustus was a best unscrupulous gelahrtes asshole in Goethe's work, the whole story is not much else to it, except you wanted to draw conclusions about the author.

We carry a so-called "National seal" before us that from the very first reason her no good. (more ...)

From those and of these bloggers

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Literary seen a zero, as essayist just mediocre, sloppy craftsmanship as the sow, but hits like Bolle: have you already noticed that I just do not talk to me.

But by a United Blogger. (I do not mean the Augstein Junior.)

He is not stupid; he is quite knowledgeable; he is prudent; he knows what he is guilty of the Abrahamites tribute.

I know one other (which I'm not), which makes incomparably better, braver, no day pass in which he does not put his finger in the wounds for years, consistently, with probably not one-tenth of the other readers.

The latter blogger remains (in contrast to me) always at its core topics, as well as the former; it is crafted very carefully, in contrast to that; he writes well understood as that also, if one reads the sloppiness in his lyrics: Why, then, has the one, apart from the fact that he has a better-positioned platform, considering the, the much sharper, clearer, more pointedly, writes better, so much more successful? (more ...)

From Secret

Friday 02 November 2012

My God, I'm glad, after three bonds that I'm just a secret agent, and not a secret agent.

For a true secret agent one is not at all really secret.

Can not be.

Since there are bosses, sometimes even bosses, more or less clear rules and orders, and you have to by the whole shite, one has to do, even self-pretend, at least outwardly pretend did you take it out of patriotism.

One can not even be seriously pissed at a colleague, for whatever rows when the one itself pulls the wool over my eyes.

Even in bed one must still be careful to wofern least, traditional, still pure must a agent that a hint not suddenly rammed in the back massage from one spike to the heart.

You ought to know but the writing. (more ...)

The Nachwuchse (VI)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some of you, I can understand that, would rather be dead.

For death promises a, albeit uncertain, kind of freedom.

And he knows his mating call thereby sounded by warbles: "Only if you're dead, you will ensure your work! You know that you only praises Eckensteher before your death and recognize! "

Yes, even the most insidious of all sweet white godfather to shawm; but he not only operates this trade union.

For he has standing to protect the more help, the more living forces and powers contradict your work. He attacks you with such violence, because he is afraid that you would like him to overcome.

As well as those whose death will touch only one part of humanity for a brief moment. Their envy and hatred is indeed dangerous.

For they can not bear that your no yachts and luxury villas need to temporarily apply only as important. That you a sausage sandwich and a beer is enough to span all the wide world without hunger for food or even the least important within you and outside your. (more ...)

Want to Goethe, the A ...

Friday, March 09, 2012

Observant readers will not have escaped your attention that I did not really appreciate Goethe.

Yes, the man has great verses written, was a genius.

But he was also vain and a traitor. (more ...)

Goethe: best a Elftelsbegreifer

Friday, February 24, 2012

Goethe was allerbestenfalls a Elftelsbegreifer. Otherwise he would never have become Masons.

NWO Conspiracy: Vög§§§ illegal!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In the course of preparing my article to that remarkable Weibsniederpopp-PETA animal rights video I had to leave again enlighten me in my not very tender age.

Namely to the effect that, while "popping" publicly - without for ages 18 - say should (I remember the word you have seen on campaign posters of the Left: about "Friday I kiff, Saturday popp 'I, Sunday dial' I the Left "), but not vög§§§ hinwiederum.

That made sense to me somehow did not, and I can see if I like it or not, in the checkout line, as the tabloids at Lidl can pick up, also saw recently on the network side of a large - unpornographischen otherwise, any child can buy them or call - a weekly magazine Playboy Video section in which was not gevög§§§, but two preppy naked young twin ladies showed virtually everything they have to offer for it, eager fumbling.

Now this may be a curious marginal note in this our rule of law, but I find it a bit annoying and weird and take it therefore as an opportunity for a least mean conspiracy theory. (more ...)

"Goethe, the ass!"

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Meanwhile, the headline is not only a clear verbal legacy of early deceased friend, and also in line for a long time anyway my point of view: but I am learning more and more people know that the so also see and even dare to say.

At least ever in the pub.

Nod and laugh when I address the matter.

Yesterday I heard it at all just like that, without separate announcement.

It is brewing something together.

We are on a good way to rid ourselves of this charlatan and his hypocritical disciples.

Goethe was a scoundrel

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goethe was a gifted, hypocritical, vain Cur.

This was once said.

Who does not even understand after reading the "Wilhelm Meister", which is not helping.

Of reviewers and Spirit technicians

Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Beat him up the dog, it's a reviewer"

So clarified formerly the most tolerant Weltbürgerfreimaurerilluminat Goethe Tower Society, under whose name the Foreign Office maintains German cultural institutes worldwide.

So the poet laureate was even a lick him in Ursche. (more ...)

Short Goethe

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anyone who wants to know how Freemasonry, referred to in Goethe's "Wilhelm Meister" as "Tower Society", acting in good faith is applied to make steered completely idiot, which I recommend reading the years of travel.

It even fun is still driven hence, zwangszuvermählen two closest friends through threaded-wheeling with the ever mutually wrong adored quasi order then very briefly before just to pull clockwork and "höhö, was just a little fun of Tower Society" to call and for even yet to reap the devotion and gratitude of Goethe's exemplary young idiots.


Dream and Revelation

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The other day I dreamed of a session, more Liegung, in a famous reincarnation therapist, whom I consulted, because I no longer wanted to taste the wine.

I was sort of a questionable nature of Goethe-Jammer-trip ("only the Würzburg want to taste me ...") and knew me, because I could not find anything else Sick of me, just do not what else to do.

The return specialist was also, like his hourly rates (which I could afford loosely in the dream) was to be expected, initially very friendly and courteous.

But then he gave me the full edge. (more ...)