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All Egypt?

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The whole Cranks, the here and now believe to determine somehow can, in the so-called West, are pathetic southeastern Ägyptizisten.

The explanation is simple.

The Jews have changed the world Copied in Egypt monotheism, very wisely, to enter, very much then, the greatest coup in Freemasonry.

People like me, so have no connection to Egypt or the Torah or the New Testament or the Koran, the Änhänger so the transmitted teachings of course hardly able to conceive.

"How does THE without Egypt and Jews?"

Yes, at this question like me have some choke.

Allzumal, because the answer is clear.

There is one which both Egypt and the Jews mean little.

He says: Much shouting, not really done anything. A Schwabe halt.


Absolute double-talk (II)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A case of absolute Doublespeak we find also in the context of religions and the words "respect" and "tolerance".

I do not want that male children may be garbled in Germany legally in the sex part, so desfalls intentional serious bodily injury must be committed to protection commanded minors, so I am "intolerant", I show lack of respect for two "world religions". Some then lay still the accusation of "racism" to Judaism although lineage committed or conditionally, Islam did not.

I once had the police at the door, was that of a caring neighbors summoned the officer and the officer lay my two boys a little grin bringing to the threshold, apparently unhurt, just keep them from entering without a search warrant in my apartment because it in Indeed, but only when the two were fighting without end, had come to noisy references from my page.

That obviously nothing was out of the roar of my hand, happen, did not change the fact that I got missed with two children a forced appointment at the Youth Office, provision, the two officials, my crabs thought seeing by both the meantime laughing, had to achwas, all fours, just not me, where I fortunately on an understanding lady came, however, in turn, provision had to keep one year on a kind Watchlist me.

If I had my boys mutilated genitals, so that the Indicating hinwiederum would have been no problem, a master Disrespectful-Intolerant. A Muslim hater and anti-Semite.

Ebensoso: No one should be discriminated against because of his race, etc., says the Basic Law. Boys should be blended, not girls. Women and migrants with or without a German passport are already set preferred in many cases. Who but a job ad on, in which he (and it was that he was not paying attention only in the formulation) a man, a German, looking to fall quickly into severe water. The so-called family ministry called exactly: "Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth" ("and against men" is, in fact, at least not explicitly here).

Freedom of speech is propagated. But at the University of Cologne already watching an entire Guardian about the fact that "gender neutral" Newspeak is enforced everywhere.

The woman officer of the City of Stuttgart (not just this lousy Swabia nest) is also the Equal Opportunity Officer. Under the heading "Men Supervisor (r)" finds only those Zürcher, who was sacked soon.

Too bad Lady Before Zuger interior that not only is your gender lousy voice, but you can not make it in the literature, as desired, to bring women seriously in the forehand.

The will you, as long as men left no prohibition on writing, in five hundred years of the "Girls' Day" and sponsored by the Family Ministry creative writing courses for women, single award prices, regardless of frippery, not create them.

You do not even notice that your damage much more with all this shite your wards, than those against whom ye rise. (more ...)

Are most Muslims Jews?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The provocative title stems from my thinking about the circumcision of boys practice.

I read several times - and was in self-reading anything about it, although I did not got through the whole book - that in the Koran there was nothing to find a duty to circumcision of boys, most Muslims this cruelty on own child but still thought was commanded and ran.

In the most important Jewish book, however, the matter is clear: "Must be circumcised!"

Mohammed Simply ever forgotten a verse, or a not unimportant part of it?

Then the book would be unholy, and that's probably can not want to have.

Have those Muslims ever thought that they could do with the circumcision ritual to quasi Jews? (more ...)

German 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In 2012, makes a German patriots crucial that it does not even grind between Muslims and Jews.

Hetzer and spin doctors among themselves (II)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I put here right now still separately after.

It almost does not matter who you talk to: the "moderate" Muslim, Christians or Jews. (more ...)

Hetzer and spin doctors among themselves

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It is these things which dominate our time, so it does not help to ignore them. (more ...)

Jesus not a Jew?

Monday, February 06, 2012

In many places haunted by the assertion - the net is full of them - that Jesus was not a Jew.

I reach this strange thing on now, because they psychologically interesting, also potentially quite conflictual one hand, on the other hand but also from the personal reason that you have accused me of having Jesus named as Jews (and not just as a "likeable guy" , probably "great teacher of wisdom," etc., which many also may be pushed).

"What's that supposed to be so bad about that?" I asked. "And according to all that you can piece together after 2000 years and the whole Bibelfälscherei etc., but everything indicates that he was a Jew. Well, I have not personally known Mary and her pedigree yet be reliably do so. Have you evidence in the other direction? "

Then I heard that Jesus was a Galilean, alsomit may or may probably not a Jew. In addition, that place was used in John's Gospel, where Jesus says to the Jews that their father was the devil. Consequently, he could not have been a Jew and his God only entirely different from Yahweh.

"Why should I now hold precisely this passage to be authentic, and all the others in which he speaks of the renewal of the old covenant, with his" father ", that God of the Jews, or of Yahweh, for forged?" I replied.

That is simply clear that you feel, just so it is logical about was the answer.

Now comes the hardness: (more ...)

All agree that "Jews are people"

Monday, February 06, 2012

"Not be reduced to Auschwitz Jews" under the title brings Raphael Gross (Wikipedia: "His activities include: Reader at Queen Mary Collage, University of London, Honorary Professor of History at the University of Frankfurt, director of the Leo Baeck Institute in London (since 2001) , Director of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt (since 2006) and Director of the Fritz Bauer Institute in Frankfurt am Main (since 2007). ") in his early criticism yesterday Jauch show (there were only Jews or Jewish guests or loaded with Jewish roots ) on faz.net the remarkable sentence: "Everyone agreed that Jews are human beings."

He brings it even twice, once in the text and in front, bold set as the first of four sub-headings: which should be ruled out that the author could have brought this completely thoughtless. In addition, it must have been very important to the communication Vollprofi that finding this statement, which also proves the Hevorhebung.

I wonder what he really wants to tell us. (more ...)

No respect for Islam Minister

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Of course, I can respect a Muslim. Assuming he thinks and does not live what is in the Koran.

There are so essential as that is nasty stuff.

Ever, that a woman has only half a testimony and inheritance law and may be punished by marriage husband.

Then have Jews and Christians only very limited rights.

All other people have no rights.

There are even more nasty stuff in it, as if that was not enough.

Why should I respect as a religion, someone who believes in them in this sense?

In addition I would be a completely morbid Decadent, or a brainwashed Wirr- and flat head.

For non-believers like me (more ...)

FAZ lies about Sarrazin and Jews

Saturday 04 September 2010

"After his derogatory remarks about Jews and Muslims Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin loses very likely the job."

It stands today as a leader to a video on the first page of the network presence of the FAZ, as a factual assertion.

Without notice, of course.

Where, how and when please Sarrazin has spoken disparagingly of Jews?

I still have it exactly in the ear, (more ...)

Sarrazin Gensturz

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now we explain the time-honored FAZ , why Sarrazin is now irretrievably done.

Berthold Kohler writes allda:

"31st August 2010

Who speaks in Germany by a gene of the Jews, which is beyond help. The term can all dams the dam break. That was "grist for the mill of racism and anti-Semitism," judged Vice Chancellor Westerwelle. The Vice President of the Central Council of Jews spoke of a "recourse to elements of the eugenics of the Nazi period." Since it uses Sarrazin also nothing that he - only known as an admirer of Jewish intelligence and for not accused of racism - its now scourged set two reputable studies on the genetic roots of the Jewish people will have taken. At this no one bothered, as the "Jewish General" reported on it. But when three say in this highly sensitive area like that is still not the same.

That should have known Sarrazin. "

Clearly can not formulate that we are dealing with an open two-class freedom of man.

Thank you, Mr. Kohler.

Aphorisms 82

Tuesday 09 March 2010

Goering is quoted as saying: "Who is a Jew, I decide!" Now there are others who say, "Who is an anti-Semite, we decide!"

One may not even lick me in Ursche

Saturday, January 16, 2010

As a Jew or a Christian, I would be in accordance with the Koran at a much lower rights, so only socially discriminated against as violent here today a Muslim ever, just to tolerate even so; as neither the one nor the other Minderabrahamit not even that.

Why pray tell, I should, any non-Muslim should approve of this religion?

In the I as Heide basically of death?

For my part, let me sing to verdrümpelten Toleranzgeschwulfern of what is not even a minor third is far right?

They would have to, well north German, yes powdered almost from birth with the Klammerbeutel and his mind became completely harebrained.

But there are still plenty of Masonic rabble and others who want to sell us Islam as our common cultural enrichment.

Islam belongs to where he belongs, until he died there or changed.

I do not want a war, I want my peace.

Goebbelse against Hitler

Friday, January 15, 2010

The intellectually sad Godwin'sche law that Nazi comparisons or -Anwürfe be thrown sooner or later in every political and social debate, after which the discussion sinks in discursive Orcus, unfortunately proves again to be accurate.

In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders is not tired to prove Islam with such comparisons, while conversely, many Muslims represented as the new Jews and weighted them politicians, columnists and cheap professors deal with criticism of Islam accordingly.

Why not simply say the times "assholes", "perverts", "criminals", "idiots", "oppressor", "wanker" or anything halfway Civilian contradict each other?

Did they all do not have ideas, which have since all do not even have the vocabulary, creativity and scheinargumentative lexematische repertoire of a teenage student aid?

Since slow shudder but the sow, whether one may consider these edible or not.

If this continues, then we wake up one morning, and everyone is a Hitler. Or a Goebbels.

Then finally you can only operate Goebbelse insult Hitler and vice versa.

State that the world is likely to have reached the final domination-free discourse.

This belongs not even more in my category "idiots Cabinet".

So from now a new "Goebbelse against Hitler".

Nathan the Wise keel up

Monday, January 11, 2010

If I were a Christian ...

Then I would consider it any longer. (more ...)

German: Minus 15 points IQ

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I just re-read in an article the page "peculiarly free" that Ashkenazi Jews have a higher average IQ by a few points showed as "white Caucasian".

With the "white Caucasians," says the author who otherwise castigates the self-hatred of Western and Northern Europeans in his article, suitable, höhö, probably in just as politically correct as absurd Anglo-Saxon diction white Europeans and Indo-Europeans.

Beyond this nonsense I will concentrate on looking at the already established by Thilo Sarrazin's thesis, "Eastern Jews" (hereby Ashkenazi Jews) would deliver around 15 points (!) With higher IQ, is to be certified as native Germans. (more ...)

Pro Bono

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am after a long day mild: The Jews like Muslims are and thereto together with them Christian.

Afterwards the Christians behave decently towards the rest of humanity.

Everything will be fine.

Of the three good

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Once you have me now made it clear that Friedrich Nietzsche was not a true philosopher lack of systematics, ie only a more or less prosaic entertaining talkers, I need to keep the less with my still much more modest ineptitude behind the mountains themselves.

So please read the following text only if you are of age and in good health.

"The Three Good", hereby Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are undoubtedly saugut; (more ...)


Monday 02 November 2009

In today's Mirror explains Henryk M. Broder, who makes the first Narcissus among German Jews the "gelled nuisance" the Friedman rank dispute ("obviously I had the German public G-spot hit"), under the title "The ideal candidate "that he no longer seeks the office of President of the Zentalrates.

He sees his mission as fulfilled, basks in its chutzpah and closes his mocking to all sides essay with the founded words: "Do not worry. I'm not doing it. I am not a megalomaniac nor hedonistic. "

Very the question: his playfulness, he has undermined the authority of the Central specifically to his jokes, without, however, to save on malice towards the "non-Jews".

Suppose the thing sporty: In its hubris Broder makes not only himself ridiculous, but also his employer, the mirror, the German sheep medium par excellence.

And when one of the smartest Jews in Germany, then Mr. Sarrazin may have been just a little miscalculated so that Eastern Jews bring an increase of 15 points racial average IQ than autochthonous German.

The German public as an unsatisfied, sexually emaciated woman in need of a Broders, who really takes time dimension, which is in fact a so narcissistic as hochnotköstliches image.

Aphorisms 49

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I think - as a heathen - that Christians are on average happier than Jews and Muslims: you have given up their claim to world domination and allowed to eat and drink what they want.

Jewish celebrities and Sarrazin II

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have (last item) deceived: How do I even learned in the night, the Jewish celebrities already beharken due Sarrazin now but directly ("intellectuals" against the General Kramer, only a convert and not even born Jew is yes ...).

It became exciting; more soon.

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