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From the transformation now

Wednesday 02 April 2014

The transformation is noticeable.

The lies of "the West", "the international community", "the Europeans", "the world community" are exactly those less and less believed that one needs to maintain the same essential.

There are those "petty bourgeois" as they now already cynical-jokingly called himself whose still at least grudging assent to the system critically important.

In short, a large part of the thinking performer falls from not only, but turns off audible.

Man has learned powerful.

Meanwhile, there are complaints overwhelmingly no longer on the corporate media, whose possible censorship practices: Man mocks.

The media mind control is Defunkt.

The warmongering is exposed.

The last two years have brought the breakthrough. (more ...)

Ukraine: The Law of the gutter (II)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Karrussell of death turns.

Selection from among Ukrainian US-EU bandits.

One, Alexander Musitschko has already been used, is in his blood.

Tymoshenko wants meantime shoot Putin prefers himself, his whole Russian mob, even a nuclear destruction of imagination, for the time being unconfirmed, the customer goes.

Cute friends have Obama and Merkel since.

Of mental defense: An outlook

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I just came across a very good SZ-Item to collection of "metadata only" by the "services".

Many lies have to telephone and Internet surveillance is no longer desired. We not only know how effective the depth to which the evaluators are.

Time, therefore, to make himself even worry about whether it (practically all) are forms of surveillance and data collection, perhaps in conjunction with mental and / or physical manipulation, against the target persons, of whom we do not even have secured customer ,

To what extent, for example, can be physiological functions, including brain waves, possibly also on distance (not just at the morons that a bracelet for install) influence, measure unnoticed?

After all, the brain research already know a thing about it when which brain areas such as networked, excited, used in what way and for what task. In addition, not bad when you know that the patient can and the weakness, it is thus weaken him beyond suspicion, ill do murder.

Speculation about HAARP, all kinds of waves of all possible frequencies and types abound. Secured hardly.

This leads to it, that people who actually or allegedly victims of real presence and attacks with eg microwave technology (since it seems pretty clear that people can "roast" through walls, already with very simple equipment), if only because the madness can be driven near or in it, because they will be stamped as paranoid as a case for Psych, they will ask themselves again and again if they can not imagine anything but.

How then can we effectively protect against something we do not know exactly which multiple (ie, in various forms) can occur, which we do not know how it works, whether "it" ever present and at work?

How do you fight demons? (more ...)

From Pädopfuhle and perverse law

Sunday, February 16, 2014

To me it's only happened a few days ago, I opened a power unknown to me, because I showed my utility that came from there hits on my, wanted to see where it came from.

First, some which confused babble, I was displayed shortly before pushing away because I saw a picture there, not naked, but showed a girl of about ten years in a costume that suggested Relevant.

I immediately went out. Having the page even considered, would have eventually can be designed with any criminal seconds more, for he only invokes a so consciously and deliberately, continues to roll even if he sees something is off. But who knows what is consciously and deliberately? (more ...)

Circumcision of boys: Breeding a sick, steerable warrior caste

Thursday 06 February 2014

"Otherwise, the baby roar due to lack of or no anesthesia performed mutilation not worth mentioning to the fact that in this way are maimed for life deprived of a part of your sexuality and punished with partial numbness."

The just wrote earlier the laudable loyal reader and commenter "Anonymous" for circumcision of boys, in the pre-Range commenting.

He mentioned the topic of censorship.

That's because, of course, of course.

We're not even to get to that we say to all humanity the truth about such a big part of themselves!

Not an idiot would think not from something. Odder? (more ...)

From worst vermin

Sunday 02 February 2014

So, looks like it did the most prestigious media authority of the planet, the BBC, almost man and mouse knows what their star Savile drifted with children, over a thousand, twenty and more years.

It will also come close to the magical heart of the matter.

Of course I should not say that. (more ...)

Women's World Cup in Qatar?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The wage slave state Qatar has his slaves die easily, so how did that not a classic slave state: a healthy slave who would have cost 50,000 euros, you would not die so easily.

After all, the terrorists in Syria you pay decently well.

Perhaps FIFA should emphasize these remarkable Sheikh humanity in their PR a bit more.

"Qatarische major gifts for the whole year's Arab Spring"

"Qatar brings the greatest servant in wages and bread"

"Qatar can be fighters for freedom in the lurch"

It would be better, of course, sent our freshly baked defense minister a volunteer woman brigade to Kulturbereichererland, which showed the idlers from Nepal, India and Pakistan as true as they do not just topple over if there is a little bit what to do. (more ...)

Away with the pain Phonen!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Already some may begin to realize that it was not a stupid pun, as I correctly with "Schmerzphon" translated "smartphone".

Who carries around one fact that is the idiot of the NSA.

And when he realizes the pain of radiation not the same, but already some of those total surveillance, those to be just a dork. Only later will correctly recognize the pain that may arise therefrom.

Then, when he is being blackmailed open. Then, if he does not get this job or that health insurance rejects him.

With the Schmerzphon the NSA knows not only what a wanted and nachsuchte and when, but even he JEWO thereby staying.

No more sapient man wearing a Schmerzphon around with you. Anyway, if he does not necessarily have to. As a slave. (more ...)

Kiffen is conservative

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Everything is going to be released on the hemp; she seems unstoppable.

What will happen if the prohibition madness finally ends?

People who know of the properties of hemp as little as an Amazon Indians from baking bread, already worried that US companies could monopolize the business of drug hemp quasi.

A ridiculous assumption. Who can plant tomatoes, it can also with the hemp. He needs only appropriate seed to achieve good results. Good varieties are hundreds, if not thousands out there, and within two or three years has any good breeders a new variety.

So the drug hemp would oligopolisieren only under a world dictatorship hemp. This is certainly one of the reasons why you do not want him to share. Monsanto will not be pleased. (more ...)

Who wants this tyranny?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Who when according to EU total tolerance within the meaning of "diversity" all minorities, so women and children and young people, migrants, Jews and Muslims, gays and lesbians (the latter twice) actually remains as those ominous evil diskriminöse "majority society" left, etc. subtracting?

This can then be but only begotten straight men, the few that still exist.

A very good short essay for that I found here yesterday:

Finally, we read there: (more ...)

Glorification of homosexuality ...

Friday, January 10, 2014

Now they rotate through completely.

This is so great with homosexuality, that any one kicker, the "outed" himself, is everywhere hinanstilisiert erstseitig hero.

It is so great that it will be soon declared in Baden-Württemberg schoolchildren not only in biology, but in all subjects. Of course incidentally also transgender and so on.

If you do not find class, which is, well siewissenschon or so.

The mirror speaks of incitement whether a petition against the plans of the rainbow err in Stuttgart; fact there is no trace of agitation in my opinion.

Even the FAZ condemned the petition ... they are distorted again ...

In the new quota Republic, in which only about nichtabrahamitische (possibly Christian) white hetero men jokes may not be made ​​without a disability, an interesting solution offers: The Muslims are allowed to practice with the girls and the rainbow alone socialization.

At the high school course.

The rest comes to special schools, has math, science and geography, so learn punishment for his other altgestrige privileged awareness there even old Spachen is so deservedly intellectual Prekariat.

This will then later clean the toilets on the equality bodies, the faculties of Gender Studies, etc., the scruffy tofu carry away, in front of the mosque sweep the alley.


I have fear of gays? Before even lesbians?

How so?

The more gays there are, the more hetero women are free, and the more there are lesbians to the less hetero women are newly released. That should balance out yet.

I do not envy the teachers who are to be set from 2015 in Vorarlberg, which is sunbathe.

Although I am not State schoolmaster, but in the trade, and therefore I know teaching situations as well as the youth of today that will be difficult to completely umgegendert in one year.

Enjoy the re-education.

The Romans are crazy.


One can only wonder whether the Jews who can not afford private school, will send their children prefer to special schools or at the rainbow high schools, where they learn with Goymädchen and Muslims and other Allerlei homo and transphobia, etc. instead of German, Maths and English are.

And many Muslims is not out yet and whether they prefer to send their children to be on Regenbogengymmi or not but rather on a good special school: even if there are more Jews.

So the Muslim elite with the poor Jews and the normal German guys will land on the special schools.

Unless you denied Muslim and Jewish boys access to the special school.

Otherwise it will probably not go.

Elite SoladadatInnen made ​​in USA (II)

Friday 03 January 2014

When is born on the front the first Marin indoor baby?

Located in uranium ammunition steam?

She has simply not noticed, even by whom, the fight was just too hard.

And, lo and behold: It kömmet.

America is saved.

Against this film is not anstinken.

Instead chins deep shock breaths as she knows of labor, who was there.

What can the daughter probably be because a Marine?

Here the real Lara Croft is born. No Fake. It will even let her breasts.

Yes, all because of the equality.

I'm lovin 'it.

Catholicism: Sisters worse than brothers

Thursday 02 January 2014

I know that it is partly again 'in' to be Catholic.

Some even think that was a kind of protest against the impudent Jews and Muslims.

At least you have such a safe haven for a bit patriotic.

It displaces obviously Bezeichnendstes.

Namely me variously confirmed again in discussions over the holidays, independent reports of the extraordinary and almost unique wickedness and cruelty of Catholic nuns and sisters.

What does that say about a religion when their most loyal women mutate regular way to beasts?

Sure, not all are evil. Hildegard of Bingen and had left good.

But there are damn many of them angry.

What this may well lie?

From the evil Catholic priests are told much. Not only tells.

From the evil nuns hardly a verwagt to talk. They're probably about equal under.

It already does the man not good, if he must verheucheln his sexuality to even how much more but hits the woman.

In the worst case, unfortunately, not rare, the whole man will envy.

It does not matter what one has. Wife has even more of that envy on the open wound in the stands to reason that they will heal.

But it has power. So it torments, as far as only allowed.

It is thus deputy of God on earth. It was God-fearing. You learn at nuns.

She loves to torment small children of both sexes; probably rather be with the adult males; but this may be wrong, because men might tell more of it.

After all, even today some women children, and not only men, which perhaps would not just forgivable, and that's the meanest thorn in the flesh of the nun.

This sow has not only gevö ...., No, that's not enough, it is also so out came a brat here, achwas, even two BWA!

No known reason bessrer envy. This is the precipitate. How can this bitch dare, before me and before the Lord!

No, folks, it is not honorable to be Catholic or to be.

You have evil women.

That says it all.


Friday, December 20, 2013

EU-tolerance dictatorship: Religious delusion? From where?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The EU's Black Propaganda always takes bizarre forms.

On the downright absurd targeted tolerance totalitarianism I have already referred in another place, that will certainly do so again, want me now but devote the question of how safe the people to build a completely open dictatorship here have made obvious, actually are the extent to which they believe in it, that they will have success with it, and what drives them, why.

Sometimes I think that thinking about a factor not after success.

It MUST be easy, so no need to that.

In this respect they are like religious fanatics.

On the other hand, they have very cool translucent, completely abgezockte types in their ranks, for example, a Jean-Claude Juncker.

But even by this example question is just this, why that is so amazingly safe imagine in their committed and planned to continue until the end atrocities.

Again and again I wonder if there reigns a sort Zombietum, a programming unit, which we have not yet really recognized. Why turn such a nice subcontinent as Europe in a prison camp, plunge into chaos at the end?

Yeah, Ordung from the chaos that we already know.

How to keep this order?

Who wants to live in it?

Yes, sometimes I have the feeling that these people are actually externally controlled. How strunz drunk on their awful idea. That it actually does not even own power to them, but in fulfillment of a sacred, a virtually divine order.

Yes, I know the silly chatter of Goethe and of Lessing, I have heard of Albert Pike's plans as of those of a Coudenhove- Kalergi: somehow enough for me not everything.

How will you because there are a total swamp against the rising powers of China and Russia? Should you do not? Is it really about sacred job to move everything to the wall? Think not you?

You think probably in reality not much. It is believed. This kind of fanaticism is usually national or religious. Or both. An EU-nationalism, growing out of the people can be awakened from it, the can but, with all due respect, probably far Lubricate ass. Religion? Which one? Which one should kindle the enthusiasm? The religion of the total tolerance, which clearly goes against the majority, at the end against all minorities?

The concept is quite diffuse.

There are strong indications that the brain itself scrubbers are brainwashed, do not know what they are doing. You know for some reason seem to only do they have to do it, that it, as indeed repeatedly emphasize "alternative" is.

From what hell feel at risk, they could reasonably last of such a disastrous driving from? What are they, so animated, as they believe they are, in reality fear?

That Yahweh or Allah or both or both in personal union, a few aliens, hieniedenstieben, they burn forever, they were doing great work not wofern this?

Anyway, I see now, more cautious, I guess here a collective madness prescribed.

I can not explain it to me simply different.

It is good if you destroy families.

It is good when people totally confused and scared is.

Well, it is if they ultimately played incites by seeking them to take ownership of each and every identity.

It is good if you already poisoned the children with amphetamines.

Million adults remains are the worst with hemp banned psychotropic drugs.

It is good if one stirs panic of terror, themselves hires terrorists.

It is good if you attack leads wars and destroys entire countries is.

Well, it is if you ban incandescent bulbs, while aviation fuel tax exempt and you are flying in private helicopter to the heated pool of something distant neighbors to discuss there about climate goals, and about how the skin in the pan, which find that odd.

All this is good.

And much more.

Not that my examples or even ran out of breath, but I will not now bored of madness.

These people do not doubt.

No: It's all good.

Above all is probably good that they do not doubt.

We know from the history of religious madness, that doubt is the cardinal sin.

Yes, I have no clear solution.

On the basis of all the symptoms but I must regard as most likely that it is an induced religious or quasi-religious delusions.

Do you have a better idea?


The now any comparisons with the Soviet Union (in the sense of what is planned), "EUSSR" are not completely made up of air.

They want, in turn, forced, create a new people.

Only: Communism, Leninism-Stalinism or Maoism whether, was based on a reasonably coherent ideology that at least temporarily able to inspire the masses.

In what the EU crazies start, really schwurbelt everything up obergröbst.

Free speech and always keep his mouth shut, no democracy and participation, tolerance and total intolerance to be one.

We have therefore decided that they thus fail even faster.

Logically, wofern there is a, there is much evidence.


There is some evidence that these people therefore promote Islam in Europe so vehemently and want to hear any more criticism of it, because he simultaneously argued for tolerance and stands as an example the concept of total intolerance.

So you get used to advance. Hehe.

Of course there are other reasons. But that is planned for the future clearly - and for the current agenda - probably very much in handy for.


Supplement November 29

It may be also promised a reward of a special kind.

Does not matter if no one gets to receive, if they can not be issued.

The main thing is the morons running.

Have been that way.

This is not much more money and power.

For many followers of course already.

Otherwise lying on a different plane.

Since I'm pretty sure.

Of the planned destruction of the white race in Europe

Thursday, November 14, 2013

We need to be clear that the anti-white, anti-Christian, antiabendländische Monster, the EU today is called, after the Second World War was planned at least.

There are many indications that much longer puttering in the background to it.

Who speak out against every kind of racism there, are in truth even racists of the worst kind.

Whether their journalistic protagonists Broder or hot Augstein, who is called an the other an anti-Semitic Dreckschleuder: You agree that the white race in Europe belongs to the garbage dump, no matter by what means.

Constitutional violation, breach of contract, expropriation, hate propaganda, prison or psychiatry for dissidents, twisting all terms, first of all that the tolerance in the totalitarian intolerance.

I'll not bother to demonstrate here that this is so carefully planned and wanted. The examples of corresponding statements are legion.

Who this only addresses is a "anti-Europeans" (also this concept so on his head), "paranoid" (ie looking through), a "conspiracy theorist" (ie a realist), at least when he is not equal to branded a racist (again on the head) or even as a Nazi, so one Peoples lust murderer.

Islam, as a religion of peace and tolerance (!) Is used specifically, criticism or even rejection silenced, at least as far as this goes so far (one is planning to ban them entirely), socially marginalized, just as criticism of Judaism or the State of Israel, while Christianity every day may be ridiculed in any way incomparable. From paganism to mention. This is before everything Nazi.

But this is only a foretaste of those Super tolerance, which, as already said, already in planning.

It grinds traditional holidays, calls for new, for the immigrants, because of tolerance.

Many places also have the Sharia, even in milder form, tolerated or required their tolerance: because of tolerance.

Cartoons may not be shown (against Christianity and the Pope, all other well) if they relate to Islam or Judaism. Peaceful demonstrations are banned, while little or no followed violent attacks on election stands or events dissenters, promotes breastfeeding even on winding paths. All detectable, no booking air or invention of me.

By becoming aware of the electronic total surveillance (which needs it because of the tolerance) you have many people already so far set in fear that they no longer even trust, or at least feel fear about to open in the web pages, within the meaning of tolerant could be somehow intolerant. It is indeed registered with each click.

"Do you want the total tolerance?"

No, we will not even rhetorically asked if those people we want total tolerance.

Their total tolerance is in fact, as "more Europe" (ie less), no alternative.

So why even ask?

But you should ask yourself again: Why do they do that?

Now, many have realized that it. To uprooting and mass immigration to the unconditional Lohndrückerei and purpose of capitalism 'by the grace of Goldman Sachs et al goes. Therefore, anything to shatter so to entdemokratisieren (because of tolerance, hehe) that it is easier exploitable, controllable, that coercion, where the controllability then not quite so given, can be used necessary, without further in advance as part of the plan created. The people are at the end still begging to have a reasonably functioning police state, on knees.

The radical anti-white racism is based obviously on it (this is clear once the sayings of a Coudenhove- Kalergi on) that one is afraid of the white man.

More: Man dares to reasonably homogeneous white peoples to be able to successfully set against the plan to fight back. Economically, culturally and socially successful.

Therefore, the white race in Europe must be destroyed.

This is no "right" conspiracy theory. Lots of clear statements to be before.

But, after all: So horribly grand as the plan may be, by the same time national resentments between the European (residual) peoples are stoked mercilessly course, the course reduce only by a Super Europe, he is wise limited.

Namely where still a clear majority of white people understand to preserve its heritage and its sovereignty, things will go better than in the States or in the Super tolerance Toltaltoleranz-EU.

You will there see exactly how the total EU-tolerance is tolerated by Kulturbereicherern zutode by what is now already the case, already in schools teaches the total tolerance, the abolition of any genuine national and European identity. Especially white identity.

At some point you will have to run so many prison camps, need so much money for the military and police, are economically unproductive, that (remaining) white mass misery occurs.

If you do not then it manages to bring about a third world war, you can see all his plans fail overnight.

Not every white man is namely shoot at the white man, just because you have dressed him in a uniform.

And if you put only Muslims and Africans in the uniforms, the thing is more obvious and does not work for long.

The total tolerance lunatic will come to an end.

Desfalls it will cost many of them not only their power and wealth, but also the neck.

That seem but somehow still successfully displace.

Well: There are just misleading, particularly resolute to mad anti-white racists.

Understanding of which is not expected.

Now that the matter is already pointed in the banlieues and the suburbs and the suburbs on button, they make all the more, still merciless drunk of their total hubris. (Who knows what else you do in the tea.)



I am writing this now so clearly, because I reckon that may or may not be too soon. Many views are in the EU already punishable. These people do not shy away even from murder. Who has a different opinion, is for a terrorist. Of course, none of the good ones that you pay for yourself and forms and sent to Libya or Syria, but one of those who are fighting to last on and eliminate if necessary.

Should you ever so customer will happened from my suicide, so I was not sure. And if I end up in the loony bin and going down there for the full benefits medicated idiots, so certainly not because I had suddenly suffered an extended roof damage. And if I have an accident, then the probability is at least high that it was not. Do you believe that not a word.

Who burned all peoples and races for Behufe his plans, for the man is nothing.

Enter this text further.

It is best to print it also.

I beg you.


Addendum II

I give this text unchanged (without highlighting, internal mounting of foreign text or images or other elements, the beginning and the end clearly separated from any own opinion or comments before or after, and must indicate the name Magnus Wolf Goeller, first publication date and this blog as a source) to any unpaid reproduction and publication dates.

Sadisten, Schwindel, Lernfähigkeit

Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Wenn er einen gerade nur ein bisschen demütigen, schikanieren, misshandeln darf, kann es geradezu interessant und gar belustigend sein, auf einen Sadisten zu stoßen.

Oh wie er enttäuscht ist, wenn man sich ungerührt umdreht, ohne auch nur ein Widerwort, seine Bosheit keine Wirkung zeigt!

“Was habe ich falsch gemacht? Wieso hat der sich nicht einmal geärgert? ICH bin doch ICH!”

Also wird der Sadist sich danach selber quälen, sich fragen, wieso seine gewohnte Macht nicht im gewünschten Sinne zog.

Er wird gar wütend werden. Vielleicht gar die angreifen, an die er sich bisher nie heranwagte, besser gar nicht heranwagen sollte.

Leider wird er möglicherweise als Kompensation aber auch die noch mehr quälen, die ihm unterworfen. Dann aber wiederum vielleicht so unmäßig, dass es ihm selbst unversehens übel ergeht.

Ich glaube übrigens nicht an die Mär, dass alle Sadisten selber einst Opfer gewesen seien oder noch seien und darüber so wurden, wie sie sind.

Es gibt wohl Menschen, denen es einfach Spaß macht, zu quälen. Es ist ihr entarteter Wille zur Macht.

Ich mag dazu auch erst recht keine Geschichten von vergangenen Leben hören. Man kann sich zu allem und jedem ein feile Ausrede erfinden.

Keiner muss bösartig werden. Kein “kosmisches” oder sonstiges Gesetz sieht das vor.

Dass, wer immerzu gequält, endlich in seiner Wut über jedes Maß ausschlagen kann, ist ein anderes. Aber auch da ist es nur ein Kann, kein Muss.

Ich glaube auch keinem Elter, der behauptet, nie unmäßig gegenüber seinen Kindern gewesen zu sein. Vielleicht gab es mal einen, aber glauben tue ich es erstmal keinem.

In der Erziehung stets das richtige Maß zwischen Milde und Strenge halten zu können: das wäre des Übermenschen. Wer weiß auch nur um die jeweilige Härte seiner Worte?

Ich weiß, weshalb ich mich als einen liberalen Konservativen sehe oder, umgekehrt, einen konservativen Liberalen. Irgendwo dazwischen liegt das, was ich zu sein versuche.

My kids may just about anything. But if the toilet seat is fully sailed maybe the third time and the Apple Core lie in bed, the prongs is from sometime for me too. For I am come not as a cleaning slave to the world, nor that I appreciated flies and mold.

Back to the sadists. These are people for whom reciprocity ultimately does not matter.

Some of them, yes, I mean, in fact, have probably encounter only on the wrong guy to perhaps to remember.

Must, as a typical example, I mean a two-meter buffalo of a motorcycle gang who has already beaten tens of people, but then unfortunately comes across a small Jet Li, who, after ten requests to start any Handel, finally so a few pours him pour that the monster but again comes to mind, thanks to him, not all bones were broken. And from there starts not the only reason not to much smaller, but because he could not cope with them.

The human being is capable of learning.

Potentiell selbst ein eingefleischter Sadist.

Ob ein Henry Kissinger noch lernfähig ist, weiß ich nicht.

Er hatte noch keinen Privatunterricht bei mir.

Biotriazine (II)

Dienstag, 05. November 2013

Die Biotriazine sind derart perfide Wirkstoffe, dass man als Meister Arglist nur Gefallen daran finden kann.

Dass man als Meister Arglist daran aber wohl schnell selbst versänke, endab, daran denkt Meister Arglist nicht.

Das ist schonmal der Nachteil.

Wie man deren Wirkung überwindet, das werde ich den Meistern der Arglist jetzt nicht erzählen.

Da sollen sie mal noch ein bisschen forschen.

Ein bisschen Selbstversuch käme nicht schlecht.

Ein bisschen Risiko wäre schon dabei.

Es könnte passieren, dass man rein zufällig den Chef erschösse. Das wäre dann beiderseits ein bisschen dumm gelaufen. Shit happens.

Man könnte sich auch einfach in Formalin ersäufen. Shit happens.

Man könnte auch einfach versuchen, eine Straba mit der Hand zu stoppen. Hand ab. Shit happens.

Man könnte auch einfach nur seiner Frau beichten, woran man arbeitet, und sie fände das nicht mehr sozialverträglich. Shit happens.

Und letztlich könnte man gar auf einen treffen, der bereits jenseits von Shit happens.

Den gibt es sogar schon.

Jermain Foutre le Camp

Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

Ich fand diesen Artikel von Jermain Foutre le Camp eben beim Dude ( und verlinke ihn aufgrund seiner außergewöhnlichen Qualität auch hier.

Das ist ein Text für alle, ganz besonders aber für den schreibenden Nachwuchs.

Obzwar er eine gewisse Melancholie beinhaltet, hebt er mir die schon lange hereingebrochene Nacht.

Jetzt will ich von Blumen und duftenden Wiesen träumen.


Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

Heute bildete ich mich ein bisschen über Benzodiazepine. (Ein Zufall führte mich da hin.)

Valium, wohl am bekanntesten, gehört zu dieser Medikamentengruppe.

Mein lieber Schwan.

Diese Drogen machen regelhaft in kürzester Zeit psychisch und körperlich abhängig, bei weitem nicht “nur” einsetzende Demenz ist, vor allem bei Älteren, eine ganz normale Nebenwirkung.

Ist das der Grund, dass sie so massenhaft verordnet werden?

Weit über eine Million Menschen in Deutschland sollen süchtig sein.

Legale, kassenfinanzierte, von Medizinern herbeigeführte harte Drogensucht, meist jedenfalls.

Man setzt sie unter anderem bei Alkoholentzug, bei Depressionen, bei Schlafstörungen und Suizidgefahr ein.

Ein Milliardengeschäft.

Und selbst noch der Entzug soll überaus häufig genau das produzieren, was zuvor bekämpft werden sollte. Plus X.

Den Bock hunderttausendfach zum Gärtner gemacht.

Wahrscheinlich hätte ich solches Gezeugs im Handumdrehen verschrieben bekommen, wäre ich nach dem Tode meiner Frau aufgrund meiner nicht gerade heiteren Gesamtstimmung so blöde gewesen, zum Arzt zu gehen.

Angesichts dessen, was ich dazu gelesen habe, frage ich mich, wie ein verantwortlicher Arzt so etwas verordnen kann, wofern er darin nicht den allerletzten Notanker sieht. Wahrscheinlich wäre selbst sauberes Heroin noch “gesünder” als das.

Man jagt weltweit immer noch Kiffer, und das jubelt man den Leuten massenhaft rein.

Den Kindern bei Problemen Methylphenidat (ein Amphetamin), den Erwachsenen Benzodiazepine.

A rogue who thinks evil of it.

Goethe ist endgültig fällig

Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Den Wilhelm und den Heinrich zu den eigentlich dauerndzu irrseligen Freimaurerweltbürgern als Sinnbilder des Deutschen, schon nicht mal nur mehr schlafmützigen Michels, nein, auch noch Volldeppen, vorsätzlich gemacht, im urersten “Bildungsromane” und auch noch in unserer vorgeblichen “Nationaldichtung”, beides blanke Schande, weltweit von Deinen Kumpanen, von Japan bis Kolumbien, also eifrig verbreitet: Das setzt nun die notwendige Folge.

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