Currency reform - D-Mark-2 - at Pentecost or Assumption?

After the currency reform - reintroduction of the D-Mark - Ascension should not succeed and how the author was able to bring from reliable government sources in experience, even at Pentecost is not yet realized, now is the Assumption as a surefire date.

No, joking aside, such a shift to new money - especially cash - is not feasible in a night-and-dagger operation even during a long weekend.

Especially not in secret, because tens of thousands would have to contribute to it, all silent as a grave euros.

It is conceivable, of course, know that the euro breaks apart or a D-Mark must be reintroduced, in the interest of all Europe, as the old anchor currency, the guilder, Belgian franc Schilling and attach themselves firmly as ever voluntarily, while others can go to their old ways again devaluation.

However, the thing in my opinion is not eaten: As here mentioned before, could very liquid East Asians find little pleasure in being subjected again to the sole dollar dictation, use inexpensive entry courses, American redeploy in Euro-bonds, laughing about how stupid speculators from the Anglo-Saxon from the laundry look when its put options (short positions) smooth decay.

Anyway: These positions are very fast worthless if the euro just yet not sag, which in turn can lead to a backlash.

Whether it is then called "Kill the Pound" , as here also been brought into play, who knows?

Anyway, a number of fundamental data rather against sterling and the dollar as against the euro, not only the government deficits (England lies there on Greek level, Obama Wonderland not far away), but also the industrial power and social coherence.

I for one will give a damn to what give gold speculators, American rating agencies and other relevant interested persons of itself; and it may well be, as much as these same previously for Goldman et. al. lied proven that other market participants realize what is played and the tide turns in the near future.

Who wants to risk as a speculator something and possibly make a killing right, now does not run after the herd of sheep, but is consistent with a Euro-purchase options.

Perhaps Chinese and Japanese, who could send by restacking of government bonds the course at any time in the desired direction, the already done ...

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11 Responses to "currency reform - D-Mark-2 - at Pentecost or the Assumption"

  1. Headlines on 15/05/2010 says:

    [...] News from Hammelburg: Monetary Reform - D-Mark-2 - at Pentecost or Assumption? (The author holds a short-term and fast currency reform in D for rather unrealistic.) [...]

  2. Gentle reader says:

    True, over a weekend is something not to introduce - and this has never been done. Would be unfair.

    However, with "forward" would the real purpose of a currency reform - hardly fold - at the expense of the citizens of the debt of the state.

    But is such a thing can not at all be kept secret.

    As a mass project the US-bomb was called, the Russians learned only after the construction of this.
    And as a major project was the Corona project (the first U.S. spy satellite) called - thousands were working on it, but only 5 knew what was built.

    Somehow seems to be the fashion denial of reality.

    A pretty accurate pictorial representation of this: all argue on the sinking Titanic now whether she now goes down in 15 or 30 minutes, and if it only gets bow or stern.
    Fine, keep it up - and the chapel to play what times funnier.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Inclined reader

    The "Manhattan Project", ie the development of the atomic bomb, was operated on a top-secret base: something like you can keep for a while under the blanket.

    But not reprogramming and Neubeschickung thousands ATMs overnight.

  4. mr fridolin says:

    To me, the gold hype before something suspicious. Certainly it is well advised, etc. to have a lot of coins at home. All live and complain against the euro and want loshaben him. Why would ???
    Perhaps because the same Anglo-Saxon speculators who currently gamble against the euro, to a resurgent euro bet in the legitimate hope that Asians "save" the euro. I find the above mentioned thesis very interesting.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Mr fridolin

    Soherum that the Anglo-Saxons could have been behind your back bet on the resurgent Euro, I had not even thought of.

    Interesting thought.

    Thank you!

  6. Gentle reader says:

    Fine, only that this was not a closed system. The workers were able to leave the base at any time. It should also serve as an example only, that makes impossible neither number nor the scope of a project secrecy for weeks.

    But THAT is not the real issue.
    The really knowledgeable are below 1000, conversions of machines go automatically to the technician are not visible (which controls only the bare minimum) or advance is not necessary.

    So there is for each view arguments and counter-arguments.

    What being certain fact is:
    the FIAT money system has reached its expiration date worldwide.
    WE have no experience, such as a change of any kind whatsoever expires.
    We can look into history, and look at the previous ways that were there wars or currency reforms.

    And now we're back to my Titanic picture from above. ;)

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Inclined reader

    Yes, the FIAT (error in all parts) - money system has reached its expiration date worldwide.

    I count on a solution without war / civil war.

  8. Herbert Huber says:

    I also read something frightening about the d-mark 2 in the net, especially frightens me here the following picture
    to the tune with the fine which you see there? how can I best "my euros" secure still, thus I lose anything?

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Herbert Huber

    Do not be so easily frightened, currently circulating a lot Jux, as well as of targeted waste.

  10. U made ​​my day says:

    Class blog, Respect!
    There are also a lot of information to safeguard reform under

  11. Anonymous says:

    Now we see so slowly, where things are headed.

    Keyword "tax havens". Before 2008, you could achieve 4% interest with virtually foolproof government bonds in Germany. In Switzerland, there were 0.75 to 1.5% interest for tax exemption. So it was cheaper to save his money in Germany and taxed. Nevertheless, many people have waived the interest income and brought your nest egg safe from the German Hungry Caterpillar in the Switzerland & Co.

    It was not about saving this "control shunt educators taxes, but to secure your money against attack by the German state, just as it is not Mr. Schäuble to these ridiculous taxes (35% to 1% interest = 0.35%, at an average balance of 2000 tax evaders from one of the CD's of around 300,000 euros, or about 1,000 euros evaded taxes per year and tax evaders would have been 2 million tax revenue), but the collection of all assets. If not loud zustange gekom menem agreement 42% of the assets should be confiscated, then that has nothing to do with "recapture", but with expropriation.

    Now we can already see clearly what is planned, the rich citizens of the bankrupt states are to be used with your assets and when they will require a solidarity tax on wealth, of course, by the Germans, only to have to this asset only capture times and that's the point and ONLY because drum!

    So till the elections all Germans should resolve your Swiss bank accounts and deposit the money in the form of Swiss banknotes in a Schlissfach in the basement of the bank in Switzerland. Interest there is anyway hardly any, for the Swiss franc will continue to gain value and then wait and see. With assets of € 300,000 = 360,000 CHF should not be a problem, 360 bills of 1000 Fr Easily fit in as a specialist and then accesses Mr. Schäuble into space.

    It is well not to worry until further notice, that it is part of a new agreement that the German tax investigation may also search the Bankschliessfächer German clients in Switzerland, even without suspicion as in Germany.

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