Bermuda Triangle of Vernünfte

"Bermuda Triangle of Vernünfte": the pun brought me earlier with a student.

He has him by his own admission of his German teacher, so related it to his students, as he was now probably ended up with them right there (it is uncertain whether he actually "the Vernünfte" said or not but "reason").

The brave schoolboy now transferred the nice discovery in his homework on the Schmerzphon and how it affects its users.

He took her in any case intuitively at hand, because I had to explain to him that "reason" is not normally pluralized, so I just quite liked the one with the Vernünften here.

Black Hole of healths.

Abyss of knowledge.

Schlingschlund the Arese and Aphrodite.

Maelstrom of the joint.

Grave pit of minds.

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4 Responses to "Bermuda Triangle of Vernünfte"

  1. Woodcut says:

    Side of the moon of happiness

  2. Woodcut says:

    Einzigartigst yet in any way: the jungle of madness!

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Settled sludge of relativities.

  4. Rainer Grzybowski says:

    Mariana Trench of the spirit.

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