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Matrix already half keel up

Thursday 06 February 2014

I belong to any secret society.

This may believe who wants.

In support of this statement, there is nothing but my speeches, which probably already spent around 10,000 in the net.

Enough of the pre-exercise.

The "Matrix" wants me to talk.

However, not so. (more ...)

Matrix: Here is counted differently

Sunday 02 February 2014


What should it be?

The wet Halbphilosophei of Zween Hollywoodcranksbrüdern?

ME YOU want something specify?

Time it thought that you could have but mistook the dimension?

As the son of Zion against the Matrix?

Do you have it yet all? (more ...)

Guy Fawkes? Down with the masks!

Sunday, 07 July 2013

The Guy Fawkes masks are so repulsive as meaningful upside as ridiculous and idiotic.

That they are repulsive, must not be further explained.

Inverted sense they are because they lean against a Guido Fawkes, who wanted to blow up as a Catholic fanatic the English Parliament in the air.

Ridiculous and idiotic they are because it just comes to tear off masks that even any contrary kick the masked with their own visions.

In movies you can see at the end Vendetta a bunch of faceless triumphant mob. Should it be? I beg your pardon?

A typical example, as in that stupid strip matrix, the double, if not triple manipulation and -aberration.

Those against whom it is to have the blunderbuss, the sheep press, the network data.

Work, people finally the visor! It helps you nothing! The only way they will learn to fear you! (more ...)

Sibylle: Böckin in the sheepfold

Sunday 09 June 2013

Actually I wanted to not again einschafen a sheep ichtes quote from the sheep might schafichsten all media SPON, but Sibylle has bleated it quasi here:

"The fact that there is no difference between men, women or people who know how either of the two sexes belonging, we will learn as well as many other things."


No, dear wife Sibylle, although it may be true that you will "learn" the more for themselves, but I hardly.

I will continue to not confuse namely not only testicles with wombs.

Not that I looked at what I specifically from one or the other often. (more ...)

Prior to the main parts (Lug in "The Matrix")

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let's go down to business. (This is just the introduction.)

I know why I like almost all people who know me personally.

I speak not only often from what little one wants to hear, but also so that there are so certainly no one wants to hear.

I am writing to speak again and again into seemingly hermetically sealed ears.

Who no idiot, often times reading here knows that the intention is vollvorsätzliche. I stab and poke tirelessly with my Ohrenpfriem. (more ...)

Guido Fawkes' NWO Schafsseckel (II)

Friday, May 25, 2012

You can cut off the head of a snake. You can actually kill, break her Genack or totbeißen them.

But the idea that our society would be relieved by explosives, by a decapitation strike the evil leader is naive at best. (I think not at all mean that the Wachowski brothers are naive.)

Salvation by terror?

Of course there has been in human history many legitimate resistance movements that were unable to counter effectively a violent tyranny other than through its own force of arms.

Here and now, but it comes to global structures (even if it considers to be justified and supported) can not be changed so.

It's about the financial system, and it's about awareness. One can not wegbomben, and not the other way.

If anything, I would be a Muslim, because I believed that. (Bad joke.) (more ...)

With Kafka against anti-Semitism club? (II)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

In the follow-up to my recent experience with anti-Semitism accusations (I use the knowledge of the Erstartikels been this advance) said a wise man on the phone to me, whether it was because necessarily have to be that I once again exactly themed, but hardcore in anger is.

I replied that I now times, missing after a long discussion exactly, I do not want to make would have to if another had done what was but just not been the case.

It should be yes - Despite obliged - just my job to say what others do not come to mind, or they did not dare to bring into play or against it. What is it well otherwise?

Therefore, to Kafka: In Kafka, almost everything revolves around the individual who caught helpless and deeper, train to train enticht, is caught in a seemingly insurmountable matrix, always looking for a way out searches, but never had the strength, determination, the Mumm has to cross an imaginary-real red line.

For example, the Beetle turned to man is helpless because at some point on the back, do not know anything more to do than to shock at his own helplessness. (more ...)

Matrix zericht

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The suggestion of a comprehensive, undiagnosed mental matrix is ​​to create one.

We have succeeded in bringing many people go, that they are not even sure whether her shoe is a shoe and they actually harm the just. It also wants to be a projection Shoe yes.

So does the thing because, as desired: Who does not trust their own perception, is the easier not to believe in something Checked, is culled so.

How the world is measured less than one's own actions and experiences, but on assumptions, the fish in the net. (Yes, this is now redundant, but I say it rather doublestiched.)

All want to "higher powers" indicate great cosmic currents, I know what the main thing is, you do not understand themselves as more than an ant, but dessenthalben like as a hero, karmic Messenger, as long as you only mitameist therein.

They exist so that matrix. It is the reality of power weights but only from within the districts of religious believers in them. All too many phenomena remain there in a way set aside that says anything about it. (more ...)


Monday, November 23, 2009

There are a few people who called from what the occasion of idiots movie (why am I this way designating, another time) "The Matrix", are clearly broken.

As a cautious mind I see myself as times only for three quarters of the way so far good: but still.

In order to cover the (supposed) remaining quarter, I appoint me as far as I get around to it, now repeating self-paced instruction in Latin, besides other works; Sharpening of linguistic cognition is the trump of assets.

The agents 'Smith' in the world are not paired by metakarateske acrobatics done with esoteric concentration grotesque.

Against such help simply vile logic: Greek "logos" meaning word, meaning, Number, teaching, customer.

The gefühligeren among my readers who like such seriously and now do not scroll yawning, I like to add that each shot intuition might not hurt.

Those who are looking towards the east, however, I confess frankly that Confucius me, though insufficiently studied, this is more than reincarnation teachings or even the Abrahamic "Matrix".

Otherwise, I recommend except Cervantes still the Brothers Grimm and Friedrich Nietzsche.


Thursday, October 01, 2009

Matrix: I honestly do sometimes like, by means of which sense the persecuted content in the film "The sons of Zion" are mentioned.

This is ridiculous, if not intentional Vernarrung.

AIG: America's Incompetent Government

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AIG managers are now fearing for Their Lives. The super-sly of Wall Street are getting afraid to be hunted down in Their Very glitzy homes, the ones they "earned" by cashing in on building the housing credit crisis.

Of course, Americans are not Frenchmen; we do not see burning shops, as yet. Anyway, civil unrest is on the rise, even as many of yesterday's middle class families now live in cars and tents, and Obama May become the most unfortunate poor sinner who has ever taken the White House as a grinner. (more ...)