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From drones and catch of the drones racists

Sunday 02 March 2014

I just wonder when the first precedents will come.

How close, in what amount, a private drone of a police station or barracks may come up that they can be shot down, condemned the invisible helmsman?

How close can a drone come to me, how deep fly over my garden until I can make it in the first case, since they film me without permission, photograph, could overhear, even threaten me alive, safely harmless, the latter perhaps only display report against unknown?

Do I have to call three times loudly, she wants to fuck off, until that I may resort to the trouble?

And if the drone has a speaker, is painted accordingly, says she is from the police or from the "constitutional protection", I have to believe her then, in accordance with the presumption of innocence?

From what I can defend myself against such a beast?

Cars drive also only meters past me, perhaps only half a meter, so I can bring them but no steel cables under the wheels, so the fun fly and the mobile stranded quickly.

Can I only set against a drone for defense if it has wantonly torn me an earlobe? (more ...)

Strikes Unlimited Authorized

Thursday, February 14, 2013

USA: God's own dronery.

(Here again the link to reader Dudes documentary entitled "fascists want Martial Law / Martial Law in the USA")

Obama as U.S. Upper Killer

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Readers Dude has under the title "fascists want martial law / Martial Law in the USA" mysticalforum.ch on the documentation compiled, I recommend any more than, the other hand does not want to bury our heads in the sand, as in the United States under Obama establishes a murderous dictatorship.

Be sure to read complete link, contribute in forums, you do what only goes so that others noticed that!

Bravo Dude!

I quote once generous, so you can see what is going on (I put your approval ahead, you should that be too large, say please know.): (more ...)