Aliens? -: Montalk

I want at this point but finally pick up a umranktes of much speculation and conspiracy theories of all kinds subject that I have not explicitly dedicated to me: aliens.

Despite innumerable allegations, rumors, alleged or truthful reports and UFO sightings by no means absurd in itself, uninteresssante, especially optionally irrelevant for mankind is subject for decades (at least since Roswell!) In a kind of dubious journalistic penumbra.

Which is precisely why you should even and especially now first read if you are one of the hard skeptics who normally automatically roll his eyes when ever this issue is being addressed.

Here then is just nothing be said, except one: An American named Thomas Minderle (born in Germany), aka "Montalk", 2009, a book has presented the sole basis of his psychological analyzes (see zeitgeist an article about it on Online ), as rule (even if the aliens "wegdenkt" itself!) is accomplished by misleading the masses, is worth reading.

So the apt title of the inscription reads: "Discerning Alien Disinformation" (alien deception recognize).

The core thesis of the author asks that various negative alien factions want to subdue practicable by finally voluntarily appearing, brought about through appropriate manipulations self-enslavement humanity: for quite known positive fractions will give us good reasons only help themselves, if we are ready for it have to deal with it.

Although the author is expressly convinced of the existence of extraterrestrials on our planet, it is not in any way to have eaten all the wisdom of this with spoons, he puts his theses, partly guesswork and admittedly uncertain predictions, in absolute unschwärmerischem, scientific, konzisem styles before.

Since only a limited mind will completely deny the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrials, a priori, serious research, therefore, urgently needed doing, I recommend reading this as a kind of intellectual starting point and complex excitation.

Recently lies - also - according to a Spanish a German translation of the book (by Rainer Grzybowski and me), as a PDF file on the network available, before.

Montalk offers skeptics, previously uninterested, beginners as well also people who consider themselves well-versed in the context of already, a short, condensed compendium of his fifteen years of research, which is probably not even bored those in total, of the subject with a light touch from the table to wipe supposes.


Here I have just found what Stephen Hawking thinks so. It assumes that there are aliens, but as Thomas Minderle not convinced that all necessarily "love" are.

He acts in this regard even a trace skeptical.

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39 Responses to "aliens? -: Montalk "

  1. sam says:

    Prima ye have translated montalks books. I had already thought of it offer him that, but has hitherto been simply too lazy to make a binding declaration. I once got the whole ormus translated junk and that was a pagan work - so I can assess your effortless quite well. is planning her website 1: einzudeutschen 1? I would finally an address for my foreign language disabilities friends:-)


  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Sam

    I will probably Germanize his side hardly complete.

    Or do you have enough money to pay me decently?

    Then I start tomorrow so happy.

    Otherwise, others may also a bit of what's working.

    I also here and there falls itself a thing but then only I can do.


  3. Föhnix says:

    "Dubious journalistic penumbra" it fits exactly. This is the modern version of press freedom. Nothing is forbidden, but a reputable employment so is virtually impossible. So you create outsider drawers and gets rid of critical minds - not only in this area (another example: uranium munitions).

  4. Föhnix says:

    I usually do not pay much on alleged UFO sightings, but this I found quite remarkable. In broad daylight many funny UFOs filmed over London in the last few days several times.

    UFO Mothership & Fleet Over London UK 24th June 2011 (Credit alymc01) [HD]

    UFOs Over London Friday 2011 - UFO fleet over Tower Bridge London 6/24/2011

    UFO over London Wednesday

    London UFOs: Multiple People Capture Odd Occurrence Over British City

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    With "Nothing is forbidden" You do not lie unfortunately correct.

    Even public doubts may result ever for many years in prison in the assertedly freest Germany.

  6. Peter says:

    Medjugorje or Project Blue Ray / Beam?

  7. Lis Minou says:

    All these aliens from Minderles "Inferno" (Jippi, a new Dante wants to make fun of us:-)) there! In the astral region. In the dreams and hallucinations of a long Sci-fi sprinkled humanity, monetary books or PR-horny Munchausen or harmless dreamers and their gullible "disciples". In the meantime (since half a century. Intended!) Maybe even as a technical projection. HAARP, Project Blue Beam and all that. ...
    No disinformation loud Minderles definition, rather misinformation. After all, who believes that probably really ... Paul Hellyer also seems credible until one considers that just a lie, for example, the US-Millitärs, may be eating. There are very different explanations for the real astral beings, MUST draw the energy. Part astral traveling Vampyre, partly dekarnierte between two lives, or even ascended Beings.
    But translation is indeed a pleasure rather than work, and discover beautiful it can also be ...

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Peter

    Would be nice if you could specify more precisely what you say or ask wanted.


  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Lis Minou

    I myself only know that from alien types described by Minderle no one has invited me to beer.

    Or at least, that I can not remember.

    On the other hand, the logically deducible probability of the existence of evolved aliens in the cosmos is above 99.999%.

    Which of course does not necessarily mean that there is currently floating around that.

    But that it can be so very well.

    I know myself in this area itself is not particularly out and came to the translation project almost like the Virgin Mary for the child.

    However, I think anyway, that you make it out with your explanation too easily.

    Although much may be projection, dahergeschwindelt etc., it may just be too different.

    And I am strongly that this must be studied.

    (Your Minderles comparison with Dante I find nevertheless very original and really funny. It may be that I have a similar quirky humor as you.)

  10. bl says:

    To detect disinformation or manipulation, you need only ask two simple questions:

    It authorized the individual - without conditions and concessions

    If any man fully accepted in its Suchness

    Once someone has with the law, or even to argue alternative, it is certainly disinformation and manipulation.

    I get my information about "Aliens" of course prefer by aliens themselves. Of Bashar is my favorite source. He belongs to the sort of "helping people help themselves".

    According to him, there are about 7 million aliens of any kind on the planet. This tick, as well as people, at different frequencies. So there are "bad" and "good" aliens on Earth. I put this in quotes, because the evil beings are ticking at a very low frequency and the good guys are the ones with higher frequency. So it is a question of vibrations and that is a universal truth.

    I suppose that many political posts are filled by such "evil" beings or advise, as can be seen in the effects. Whether those are reptilians or the "Black Men" is irrelevant. Considerably is rather to understand that we attract these beings as human beings, because we unfortunately are in the majority in the low frequency range. Suffering, pain, helplessness, guilt, shame, judgment, greed, fear, envy, etc. are expressions of this frequency range.

    If you want to get rid of these evil beings, you have to change and raise their own vibrations to himself. This is the necessary evolution or enlightenment. There is no one coming, the free one, but this is not necessary. Finally, people have all kinds of skills to do it yourself. I think this action - raising the frequency, the required education ...

    Here and Now

  11. Tester says:

    Hehe, the link is to his side blocked in the business here from proxy filter as "extremism and militancy": D

  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bl

    Yet another interpretation.

    'm Curious what Lis Minou - if - say.

  13. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Tester

    Is' yes sometimes funny: now Are the aliens extremist and militant or Tom and Rainer and I?

  14. Lis Minou says:

    Hi bl,
    Just because I accept no man in his suchness, the defiles children, other people murdered or tortured, mutilated or be permanently injured because he has pathological complexes or appending a stupidly-delusional belief, or similar does perverse, my info So disinfo. Aha. But the unconditional authorization of the individual is something good, pure anarchy, do what you want without needing to comply with the stupid "... as long as it does not harm anyone." (Which even the oh so "evil" Aleister Crowley accepted). Yes, the crown of creation may the. Anyone who says something else such. Example, "Thou shalt no kill." Is a (extraterrestrial) Desinformant. Already clear.

    Nothing is no alternative, probably true. You have nothing to drink, you can also die of thirst. One need not against sex offender fight back, you can also leave abuse, etc., etc. ..

    By raising the collective frequency, the people would never get rid of the disembodied souls (the own ancestors in many!) Or reincarnated. Only sometime also change for the better. The increase in the own frequency causes merely that one even more attractive Chi releases for the good side in the form of sublime emotions. (The mach mal, a measure that brings nothing but good.) And trust in this "Bashar" never. The real has no plan.

  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Lis Minou

    Your previous astral statements have not convinced me, despite the Dante-fun, but your riposte against bl I think that's great.

  16. bl says:

    . lis Minou

    Actually, I've posted a short excerpt of my views about "aliens", disinformation and manipulation. I do not quite understand why you you by "attacked" feel. But no matter ...

    Self-empowerment - self-determination, sovereignty - I think, in fact, my top priority. The term anarchy - without domination -beschreibt it quite well, but this term has been misused so often that he no longer works for the description.

    Sovereignty means that I know the mechanisms of consciousness and applying and full responsibility for my thoughts and feelings take over, which manifest themselves often enough. I assume that "out there" only this is what I have "inside". Everything that manifests itself must have been intended. Wars, torture, abused children, etc. is thought and manifested. It is the responsibility of every human being, just think what he wants and not constantly what he does not want. In the case of children (killer argument!) Parents could raise as much discipline, not to burden their children jumble of fear and conditionality, but to promote their free development and have a willingness to learn from their children unkontionierten ...

    To realize that you yourself are the cause of what we learn, can of course be very uncomfortable. There is no one who can be blame. You have to give up his comfortable "innocent" victim status and take full responsibility, mind you responsibility, not blame. Who realizes that he himself is the cause of the events and always has the option to choose other events, escapes also the fear trap and other conditionalities of the low frequency range. This raising of the vibrations has only advantages and the faster (higher) is the frequency, the more possibilities open up. It is from the frog perspective in the bird's eye view, so to speak. Needless to say that a being in this area, no one hurt.

    I in no way mean that you should let yourself "abuse". On the contrary. I write mainly from the fact that it just is not the victim of his own beliefs is, but sovereign, selbstermächtigt, self-determined lives, or

    Ni Dieu, ni Maitre. (4 Musketeers)

  17. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bl

    "Needless to say that a being in this area, no one hurt."

    Now I'm no longer with.

    According to your logic, yes can do no harm to another, but only one in itself.

    There are basically so yes, at least in this respect no other.

    Or how?

    And how then can anyone still be nice to me, if he can not the opposite?

    That sounds very confusing for me.

    Fortunately, this can only be me.

    Not even God Gimpel. (5 Göllers)

  18. bl says:

    "According to your logic, yes can do no harm to another, but only one in himself."

    Right. This is part of the inspection, therefore, a dis-wrap teres being hurt already from pure self-love anyone. But since we still find ourselves in a dual world, the other aspects of consciousness are, so to speak objectively and you take in them true only what you yourself believe ...

    "And how then can anyone still be nice to me, if he can not do the opposite?"

    Maybe you no longer need one day this contrast. The Dualiität is part of a particular frequency range. Falls off it, you will find other exciting things. For this purpose, creativity is yes because ...

    "That sounds very confusing for me."

    But you do not expect that I make a complete Welterlärung in a commentary, or ... -)

  19. bl says:

    Maybe make a comment ...

    I was surprised that self-empowerment is apparently not an issue or even rejected. It seems to me to be one of the most important issues.

  20. Josef von Aphoris says:


    I have flown over the translated book from you again. Since you have you taken the trouble of translating with your friend, I suppose that you are seriously interested in the topic 'aliens'.
    That the world is to be prepared in this regard on something and probably still is, and since Roswell to be attuned to something, for example, even with these crop circles, the many science fiction movies, the constant search for and the ongoing talk about habitable planets, the famous pyramids on Mars history, the allegedly repeatedly sighted "egg heads" with the big eyes, etc., is well within the realm of possibility.

    Previously, my opinion, man did not come from the earth here, because he is the only creature on this planet that do everything it can its native habitat, including animals and plants to destroy. If man were really a part of this planet and therefore from down here, then he would try to live in harmony with nature. But just after that it no longer looks a long time. Saw it from ever after?

    Later, I heard more about the miracle worker, healer and even resurrected from the dead, Jesus Christ, and first I tended rather to suppose that this Jesus to me so looks like an alien. And so totally wrong that is perhaps not at all, where indeed even accepted by the Christians, one half of it came directly from God. This raises the question of whether one should view God as an alien. I think no, so God must not see, and therefore ultimately Jesus not.

    About what constitutes God, we have discussed here already widely and opinions to go far apart. Anyway, we all keep coming to the same point that we do not know where we humans really are now. These then just everyone has their own idea or conjecture. Then I will not go into detail here, too.

    Except just to the point that Außeridische might have something to do with it. But even to those who question ultimately remains open, where they come from, ultimately, when it should really give them. Why are God's angelic beings, the fallen angels (demons) and humans as what it is not enough to pick up the pieces can? Why does man wants to still more creatures - Außeridische - with in this program of life involve?

    Can of course make each his own. Because everyone tries just to make things explained to him, which he can not comprehend with his mind. I want to make a short detour into the book.

    Quote from the book: recognize alien deception, of Montalk, page 11

    "The abductees rarely noticed anything of all this, unless he happened to be awake while he is out of his body. In this case it is possible to resist the tractor beam and to prevent the abduction, by returning through sheer willpower in the body and awakens. "

    I have throughout my life made some experiences that have proven to me that there is more between heaven and earth, than what you can see and touch. As a teenager, I made time concentration and breathing exercises, saying maybe meditation, and once there it occurred to me before then as if my spirit left my body really and would this float. This state was accompanied by a wonderful feeling, what is hard to describe, because I sure have never found a comparison. It seemed to me so before then, as if all my senses fully intact, but just completely detached from the body that I saw down there, a little sideways offset lie under me. I enjoyed this beautiful feeling of complete freedom very much, but how long all this lasted I do not know. It may have been only moments, perhaps even (much) longer. But then I wanted to go back over my will in my body, then what happened in one second to the other. Each experiment started after me to repeat the experience, failed however. But until today I can never forget. What was really happening? Was it been granted me to "look the other side" once on the? Anyway, when I read the passage quoted above in the book, I found some similarities firmly to what I have experienced personally. But I'd rather stay in the Christian jargon, where I then dealing with angels and demons of the earth and the heavens. Others may prefer the possible presence of other Außeridischen. But what if the source would be the same and only turn the descriptions different? Knowledge we do clearly neither of the one nor the other of something, the rest amounts to what we want to believe personally or to believe are ready.

    There are very strange things in this world here and a long time we have people not discovered everything there is to discover.

    You and everyone else here have a nice Saturday and


  21. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bl

    Almost every article I publish here, revolves around the theme of self-empowerment.

  22. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Josef v. A.

    The out of body experience that you describe, many also claim after drinking hard hallucinogens (LSD, datura, fly agaric, etc.) to have had: or just as a result of intensive meditation.

    I myself once had a near-death experience, which also lacked plenty of strange (slightly different, but similar, maybe I'm even a contribution from it).

    Also you a nice Saturday!

  23. Lis Minou says:

    @ Bl
    "" According to your logic, yes can do no harm to another, but only one in himself. "

    Right. "

    Oh, that it is actually true! Unfortunately, this is an optimistic generalization. Or, heartless words impudence wins. At least mostly.

    I have so attacked respond because you have just called absurd criteria to expose disinfo. I think you're very sympathetic, but I could have let that bad.

  24. Rainer Grzybowski says:

    @ Lis Minou

    "All these extraterrestrials from Minderles" Inferno "(Jippi, a new Dante wants us kidding) there! In the astral area ... "

    If there is only what I have personally seen and experienced, then there is no American president.

    I guess the person concerned will be able to laugh about your hard omissions.

    As such experience can be, is described here:

    That they do not constantly show, does not mean they were not there.
    You have to take some time, but it is highly recommended to listen to what Credo Mutwa has to say about reptilians:

    Here Phil Schneider about his encounter with great horror:

    Anyone who wants to can here a picture of the "Inferno":

  25. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bl & Lis Minou & Rainer

    I do not altogether know what is.

    But at least, I think that the statements of bl and Lis purpose for each abundant absurd.

    For too easy, inconsistent and absurd.

  26. Lis Minou says:

    @ Rainer
    Wenn ein (beinahe) Entführungsopfer durch Willenskraft einem angeblichen technischen astralen Traktorstrahl erfolgreich Paroli bieten kann, und seinen Astralleib zurück in den Körper zwingt, dann ist das eine reichlich lächerliche Erklärung für diese Ereignisse im Schlaf oder in Trance. Popelige, schwächliche ausserirdische Technik (die andererseits, ultraüberlegen wie sie ist, in der astralen Ebene(!) funktioniert)? Diese Alien Theorie halte ich für extrem wenig glaubhaft. Obwohl die “Entführten” mE sicher realen Horror im astralen Raum, oder zum Teil vielleicht gar in Geheimlabors der USraelis erlebt haben. Mir egal, ob Du mir traust oder Thomas sein schräges Gemälde abnimmst. Mehr als die Wahrheit sagen kann ich schlecht. Und ich habe es mittlerweile auch satt. Dafür kannst Du allerdings nichts.
    Kind regards

  27. Infonaut says:

    Oh, basically we are on this planet but all aliens, in which physical "shell" we may also stuck. According to the incarnation fuss in any case ...

    And if all this is true so was everyone verfleischlicht among us before on other planets. So, what the heck. Why all Auhebens?

    On a happy and carefree together! Let us continue playing happily. Make Peace, not War, Alien Family!

  28. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Infonaut

    The "incarnation fuss" is also in my opinion the weakest point of Montalks argument.

    Nevertheless, it must be, who may be wrong in one or several points, not wrong at all.

    I have all too often experienced that a true core had to be carved out of a partially incoherent appearing thing only.

    And it is also typical that skeptics or people refer generally dismissive attitude with only the most questionable in order to also discard the rest with it.

    I have stayed here several times pointed out in my blog that I do not think much at least of the current reincarnation theory for several reasons.

    Tom, however, is so far from being a gullible idiot. (I refer again to the passage on

    On occasion I'll entertain me safe times with him.

    Meanwhile, we see already in the discussion here, which partly exist for strange views to the point: the more serious Foschung does not.

    Noted yet: I have little doubt that apparent UFO phenomena produced ground-manipuliertermaßen or may arise in other ways.

    And to the crop circles I have relatively reliable information that at least many of those are manufactured by well-organized pranksters.

    It's just once again not about faith, but about thinking and testing.


  29. Föhnix says:

    @ Magnus

    "And to the crop circles I have relatively reliable information that at least many of which are manufactured by well-organized pranksters."

    This one for example:

    However, there are enough copies, which are a very amaze and technically, logistically, etc. no way to tell with such jokers.

  30. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Lis Minou

    You have for me unfortunately still does not begin to be able to demonstrate convincingly why it necessarily should be no aliens here and all phenomena could be explained in a somewhat esoteric nature.

    Why do sträubst you so fundamentally opposed that there could be any?

    Afraid your world view would like to collapse?

    At least once this fear is very common with security and defense reflexes reason for many.

    One more thing: It is the existence of aliens is very likely, if they exist, sometime can prove beyond doubt (if they do not disclose in the Tom suspected or another form itself), but it is never that it does not exist.

    Because they could be so superior to us all that we are able to detect them with no litmus test.

    White a salamander really who you are, even if he can see you?

    However, all people are not stupid, and we have an enormous potential for development.

    I do not believe fortunately, as it was already demonstrated by some mandatory.

    What I explicitly rather not have any religious founder, gurus, etc. Esos mean, but people like Leonardo, Bruno, Cervantes, Kleist, Nietzsche etc.

    So creators.

  31. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    Good example, thank you.

    But it may, in fact, as so often again give the one and the other.

    Precisely therein lies the limitation of many people - I said it before and to the UFO phenomena - that they were too happy for anything and everything only one explanation.

    This makes them sleep better.

    And that's (also) on this basis does mislead, whether False Flag Operations, there are, as Thomas Minderle (Montalk) thinks extraterrestrial intervention.

  32. bl says:

    "... Statements of bl ... For too easy, inconsistent and absurd."

    Yes, says the logic of the current beliefs ... But what if this logic is no longer sufficient?

  33. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bl

    Then it could still be that yours is wrong.

    Just like the other turn of Lis.

    And a thousand other.

    Moreover, some might just even once again be equal or even sometimes for various reasons and times.

    But you live certainly very well so that you all already know or believe it to know it.

    One more question: If you have noticed that here so far only you and Lis supposed to be able to provide virtually complete explanations?

    This does not mean per se that both would be wrong.

    And that is, in terms of the other, not just of self-confidence lacking you, it also speaks.

  34. bl says:

    It's impossible to be right and certainly not a matter of "know everything". This is not even necessary. It's all about a few basic mechanisms of consciousness, and are ... simple, just straightforward.

    This attempt to gain control "in the field" - both of the "elite" and the majority of the population - now taking on ever more absurd forms and will probably be carried out until the bitter end. Maybe then more people see that the world is created "inside". With ease. But fight spasm and complexity is just only one choice ...

    Nevertheless, I have the insinuations, "I know everything" and "I gave full explanations" from, but then wondered. If these few rudimentary statements that I've posted, give the impression that I "knew everything", then I do not really know what to make of it. Or should I before every comment "I know nothing" or "I'm just only human" write ...

  35. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bl

    Now there are suddenly only "a few rudimentary statements", although it should have simultaneously acted "to some basic mechanisms of consciousness".

    Simple, straightforward does not mean rudimentary.

    Simple, uncomplicated is the finding that two ate apples no longer on the table.

    If the tree only pea-sized, no longer bears fruitful apples, then its fruiting is rudimentary.

    And: You may like to know something.

    And just as happy to write down.

  36. January says:


    interesting article. Thanks for that. Have I caught up on the book plate. Nicht meine – die vom PC.
    Ich komme ja nur ab und zu hier vorbei. Finde deine Seite dennoch sehr gut.
    Lustige Kommentare sind hier zu lesen. Ich meine, weshalb sollen keine aus dem Kosmos hier sein. Auch bei mir war noch keiner. Ich habe aber das komische Gefühl, das die bösen Aliens alle im Bundestag sitzen.
    Na, vielleicht läuft mir ja mal eine über den Weg. Dann berichte ich es hier sofort.
    Beinahe vergessen: Vielen Dank für eure Arbeit das alles zu übersetzen.

    Schönes Wochende noch

  37. Erik sagt:

    Hi Magnus,

    kann ich auf auf deine Übersetzung “AUSSERIRDISCHE IRREFÜHRUNG ERKENNEN” verlinken? Ich hatte Fringe Knowledge For Beginners” übersetzt, weil ich's eben auch so gut fand.

    Best regards,

  38. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Erik

    Linking is always a problem.


  39. Josef von Aphoris says:

    What to do when in contact?

    After skin contact: wash off with plenty of water.

    After eye contact: Rinse 15 minutes eyelids under running water.

    If it's a third kind: ask for the Fourth.

    In Vietnam is even a UFO landed, like an egg that looked like.

    I would say the invasion is the aliens really well done.

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