Just look like an artist!

Last night I received good advice.

This was honestly and precisely even, well-intentioned.

In short, asking me to talk and act more as an artist, especially externally, in appearance, in terms of what today is called "outfit".

So it was a better marketing myself.

Allzuvorschnell I drew this a little ridiculous.

Whether I should than half, totally shaved monkey hinunt strutting the King Street because, to be better seen on the Vanity Fair? - About as I answered.

Whether I should do more for me than Kasper, just as, just as if I would not of been and already would look like this?

That was me then resented something from Ratserteiler. At least inalsoweit that he let the thoughts from myself as me.

That I did not let go, it proves without a doubt that I'm writing about it now.

The turnip in the anus, nackert, on all fours, in the Vienna U-Bahn, the statements of the real and so remarkable artistic existence that is through.

I recently already but sometimes even wearing a hat. However, a very fine, otherwise I would not have done to me.

For this purpose, a Swiss Clock: And I am sometimes shaved also.

These pink and lime green bows hintrum on Fracke, so could I not help but to blaspheme, right out on the Christopher miles, yes, so I approached the obedient recognized cultural institutions.

Maybe you could do me so reverently in one of the relevant bars to make yonder relevant acquaintances.

Or it would look at me even a Caucasian with more interest. Attracting attention is everything.

To be conspicuous, I do not even have to be derogatory, however. Long.

There must therefore be a much kalkuliertere kind of unusual, because the advised, or at least calculated differently, because what I really have in addition attempted to me as.

An ostrich feather in his hat? Three impudent sayings, disguised as aphorisms that I repeat at every opportunity? The pants in the ass wearing? Three face piercings?

Exactly: The in the middle stands for the universal spirit, that is me, and the right for all men and infidels, the right for all women and faithful.

Even at my eyes, I was told before the source is locked, is to work.

Arg is the pungent often, too little clemency and Allmitmenschentum will verströmet too often by him. Even the real puppy dog ​​eyes as often wiser to advise came from this week.

Loud and clear arguments. Genuine care. Humanity from selfless.

Since I can not get past it.

Of gratitude alone, I will make something of the artistry sake differently than in the past to Mitleidenskekse, the place to eat, this might crumbs drops that just once, when the biscuit tastes particularly good, tumble out of the pit.



No, I will not run around with a Button, emblazoned on the: "Only Vegans Are Humans!" Not even with such a "NSA - We Care For Your Data".

English I do not give me anyway. Attracting attention, namely doing now only German.

"Have you ever shown?" "May your Schmerzphon ham?" "What Friedhoferl would you like it?"

No, no. This is all not my thing.

It is me, finally look like an artist who has yet come up with something.

If not, I'll have me then just admit that I'm simply not.


"Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you yourself." (AC)

The three of us live on 81 square - for the classroom actually nine less.

Do you have more than 24?

Magnus Goeller - Volksbank Stuttgart - BLZ 600 901 00 - 580 280 13 Kto.

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