Google does not yet Allah

By Google under my Image Search to Magnus Goeller still assigns a Hitler image, while the other search result is still more ridiculous and irrelevant, I was told very firmly that I should not be sitting on me, I should, no, I had the "Report inappropriate photo" in Google at least report the better send equal a juicy e-mail, even better, with lawyer threat.

I beg your pardon? What should I do?


At the company, the German free tutoring takes many years for me, me for me initially quite weighed (as I said, until recently was little to complain about in the classifieds), now treated as a Unterpariah of Netzsubprekariats?

Should I beg these wayward giant squid about?

Please, please, prefer Google, but the Hitler-making away from me?

This Schwielheimern I trust there quite yet, transverse determine what I wanted because, finally, I would have written about runes, since it was still associated with quite innocent-excellent, and where more natural, since one could me quite different, and the legal action, yes, the one would see, I wanted to follow it, very calmly.

The people cringe to this company, already in anticipatory obedience whether their fear of downgrading in the classifieds that a slug can not go beyond the slime and sun lights may shy.

"Against Google you have no chance!"

Well, we want to see some games.

Some ideas, phrases, rhythms, lyrics by me, and probably new words are in a hundred years standing, when this company long history.

Maybe you will only then remember them when philologists wondering when that common German pejorative word for the first time broke into the lexicon of the German language.

What a cowardice! What a submission! Google is the Allah of the enlightened Westerner?

Mohammed brought, I am assured by various side, at least in Arabic probably impressive poetic verses: What is it from Google?

"Do not be evil!"

This is, in fact, times an original English-language poetry. Sacrament. Something the world has not yet heard.

I imagine times, someone used the Google logo on its advertising and grabbed always a pretty Hitlerbildchen next. The Goeller for example. Or a more significant to Pekunia Holding.

I nevertheless expect on the first warning or (more likely) the same injunction out cold smiling reply that Google, by unasked campaigned with me and Dolf for its products, I automatically gave Permissio, conversely to do the same. You would see it differently, so the gentlemen lawyers would let think of something. Clear: Google is just so stupid that he do something most accidentally who can not take care of every idiot even so, while obviously vorliege intent with me. In addition, could the poor Google created billions in losses, what I would have definitely calculated, especially as judged that my cash flow do not give much to ruin to my existence or anyway.

An exciting process's it anyway. Unfortunately, I'm not so ruined that nothing is there, otherwise, with legal aid, I could be there quite happy, even with my legal counsel, I will have to make clear that he has to limit himself on formals, I write the lyrics from which it differs not one iota without my permission, my oral and written comments will determine the course, depend on to compete resist Cartucci & Rosecrance & Silver Steen, in case Google vs Goeller because Hitler advertising.

They will already see, where they go, if they do not come down quickly, from their hollow steeds.


Supplement folgnächtens

The best we can already all wayward psychiatrists and gender researchers preventive going on it.

It is true, proficient proceed logically.

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2 Responses to "Google Not yet Allah"

  1. Woodcut says:

    Cowl spy is to boycott a long time, not just since I can Snowden.Da equal to Visagenbuch !! Ixquick is sitting after all in Holland ...... ..

  2. Armin says:

    Google is just awful. While Facebook is just unsymphatisch, at least spoken off and on about it. But the extreme size and power of this company scares.

    What does Google have everything bought and where mixed everywhere with Google? You lose the overview.

    I think Google crazy. I use Gmail always (hey if I lose, then I am missing so many documents) and am ashamed and when I search Google I only. I know of course that everything is logged and verwerbt and evaluated. But what the hell, right?

    But Google is simply too powerful, too big, too dominant. Clearly. The buy almost daily on the company, whether in robot technology, pharmaceuticals, mobile etc. etc. and only they know what they ultimately achieve with it.

    And your CEO,'ve even the experienced to the Bilderberg, I can not see his face, his smile, his sayings give me the creeps.

    "Do not be evil" ... yes, there really is only the verwzeifelte hope that this motto is also only partially implemented to some extent.

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