From the down-setters

Yes, I too have secrets.

The following, however, is hardly one.

The downconverter grin askance already equal, and if you just look them in the eyes, not long.

Usually they do not know what they for whom, against whom, why, where, especially against themselves, do.

The act consciously on behalf of that may be a little harder; but also keeps only from elf to läut '.

Most significant is her stupid laugh whenever they do not know what is.

View Weis or word-oriented, which is almost all the same.

DU !!!

That's enough to them already, that the facade is crumbling.

You know nothing or very little of how vulnerable they are.

If only because they are in their lowering just usually they are not.

And they are lowering themselves, we put the case, they get quickly to the effect dealing with the fear that this might just be exposed. So her whole shameful Lebensbehuf.

Along it you get the other, usually more stubborn variety that.

Often they already constitute forward a little, to look sternly; in terms of speech they know all the little tricks, allzumal those of distraction when things get tight.

If you now but someone over, who seems to need more no introductory course of Scientology, not plead not lack of understanding the Management Board at Goldman Sachs, then save the candidates quickly in rudeness, where not played boredom, most like then but dumb in the mass, their sheltering abode.

Yes: How wise is the wiser among them already, knowing that sent hired alswie not escape looks that it is them yonder slightly reckless assistance given.

A liar of format, anyway, than that I doubt a liar and also recognized by format, I noticed in the last few years in personal relation only one.

Since undoubtedly prevailed intention. Why, I do not know yet exactly how I would like to know at least for funs. But at least it is clearly exposed and warned not a lawyer.

Even funny what so hop on figures through the net.

The basic trick is of course quite simple.

"You're zerelektrokastet, but I'm not!"

Then you explain the terrified what that means.

He can make his algorithms and semiconductor count and extrapolate so much that is how he wants from any mail from any Elektroschiet, of each of a first sees the light or half-light of the world, this cause but did not know one grain of what one might as Next, do, indeed, especially in view of unforeseen ad hoc challenges which.

Hach! - There is of course no downconverter, but only themselves Disparaging. Says in any case my unsolicited Eso-Avatarin that I do not quite get rid of for the past two weeks.

It does not matter. That depends on already. You already whines powerful.

It is in the nature of the downconverter that it draws a strong penchant for vanity. Who takes the lowering seriously question arises now times also, he wessenthalben itself could perhaps be reduced successfully.

Ultimately you have against the downconverter either a filled bag, which she always impressed, or you have to try it with superior wit, perseverance and cheerfulness.

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3 Responses to "From the down-setters"

  1. Polish Joke says:

    Is interesting forum. Can people from Polska where nothing controlling write German grammar correctly?

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Polish Joke

    Dirfe schreiba all Leite where the Daitsch nix all right sprecha anyway.

  3. Woodcut says:

    The "downconverter" are so neat that they durchgeorgelt grin, want to go by seeing, hearing, touching and writing sustainable. As says the old adage? "On a fine block belongs rudeness"!

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