The WHO is one of Germany?

"Islam belongs to Germany."

To Saudi Arabia, he obviously belongs; but to Mali he is no longer part really, at least not like there.

Sad-funny it gets, that those who reject Islam, contrary smashed, "" Islam did not exist yes. What the pöhse Diskriminateur and racist etc. fanatasiere there? If the religion of peace, however, should belong to Germany, then it exists with a "The".

You turn it around, as you need it straight. Islamists who do not want to kill all Christians and Jews alike (possibly the rest), do not say this in any event, the talk is of "moderate".

And so you need because, it seems as if at German schools and Islamic education, so instruction in religion, the one founded, is said to have taken his favorite wife 9 years. So a ...

And by the way sends the Turkish state, the (only clubs) will not tolerate any genuine Christian churches on its soil, that profoundly European country, his people at local mosques, for it can do for the sake of tolerance, in addition to the jailing critical journalists, even very fine. And the smuggling of jihadists to Syria, of course. It charged the Saudis and Qataris yes. And the German sends his good air defense in the Syria even cruel bedrohnte Turkey.

And this Franzosen- "philosopher" whose name I have forgotten, gives his hundredth interview, which is why all this, especially since Libya has been true in Mali now supi that France was just the champion of democracy and human rights.

It's the buckets, what a brutal, brazen bullshit we put up with us.

A crazy bullshit, but the one consistent geostrategy follows.

Of Neukölln over Sanaa and Tripoli, Aleppo, Cairo to Timbuktu.

The whole dreadful perversion has method.

Anyone who can think sees and knows.

But one should not say it.

Well then.

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