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Allah has no bread

Tuesday 02 July 2013

In Egypt, it now looks almost like as if most people would be happy if they would get right back its military dictatorship.

The bring back order, and the money and the wheat from the US and Europe is likely to continue flowed.

Without these two boons namely Egypt would not govern. Whether it is the official 83 million Egyptians or rather 100 million: This river delta with this is not enough for all, and of course, due to road construction, etc. every day just for the less people. Allah may be greater than everything and everyone, but not as free bread baker and Linsenbreikoch. You did not even see him reap a bulb of garlic.

In this respect, it lies to the matter again around, as well as you can. (more ...)

So talk gates

Friday 08 March 2013

Quite a few are calling for more recognition and promotion of Islam, while for women and homosexuals. So talk gates.

The WHO is one of Germany?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Islam is part of Germany."

Saudi Arabia, he obviously belongs; but he is no longer part of Mali really, at least not like there.

Sad-funny it gets that anyone who rejects Islam, contrary smashed, "" Islam did not exist, yes. What the pöhse Diskriminateur and racist etc. fanatasiere there? If the religion of peace, however, should belong to Germany, then it is available with a "The".

You turn it around, as you need it now. Islamists who do not want to kill the same all Christians and Jews (possibly the rest), do not say this in any case, the talk is of "moderate".

So no need because, it seems as if at German schools also teaching of Islam, ie instruction in religion, the one founded, is said to have taken his favorite wife of 9 years. So a ... (more ...)

According semantics for the purpose of subjection

Sunday, September 23, 2012

No, I did not submit myself.

Especially not with words introduced to Behufe of submission (Islam) and alswie taken for granted.

Since when did they say in German "Muslim", "Muslim", "Muslims"?

Check it, you should be interested in such a great little things, the time after.

It was said to not too long ago, always "Muslim".

I'll stay as long as you do not even forbids me here.

And not just because of the plural "Muslims" need no extra syllable. (more ...)

Does it get any dumber?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's unique stupid that people believe in an omnipotent God and His final prophet, the here below mean by any means, including murder, must be protected by infidels against insults.

Cowardly submission, anywhere

Monday, September 17, 2012

'The Central Council of Muslims in Germany praised the decisive policy response. "The federal government has condemned the video clearly. We welcome that, "said association leader Ayman Mazyek the" Ruhr Nachrichten ". The Politics Show that she has understood the situation. '

I read the trimmings with respect to the controversial Mohammed film just on SPON.

After the German Embassy in Sudan has been flattened, the Bundesregierug logically subjecting the religion of submission, it is consistent praise from the Central Council of Subjugators in Germany.

Similarly, the federal government has subjected the Kinderverstümmlern the sub-thrower and the Chosen People, and to the EU the Holy Europeans.

Everywhere cowardly submission. (more ...)

Germanobellion against Unkuffar

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I just saw a Unkuffar so, as he affirmed that Christians and Jews, all non-Muslims were going to hell. So it stands now times in the Quran. Whether he should now change about the Koran?

Well, dear Islamophilic, as is probably the problem. You can get a statement from such weight not simply be dismissed as a minor matter where you pass believes liberal.

This is true concerning for many other passages, infidels, women, adulterers, etc.. Who the Koran takes its totalitarian, merciless, cruel, conceivable and anti-art demands that can be in the blue bin equal to the book. In addition to such legislation he consists of just poetizistisches redundant babble and babble, which probably may sound harmoniously in Arabic and are good for recitative for weak minds.

And it must also be weak minds that can still tell reverently, of so-called "moderate Muslims," ​​Islam is a religion of peace. This is about as absurd as to assert that the G 36 is just a modern German walking stick. (more ...)

Islam eats Nigeria: What about us?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Islam now seems to eat up even Nigeria.

But we know that Islam is a religion of peace and therefore also with us a cultural enrichment.

There are only a few poor, abused, scorned, understandably, Mad, since the massacre Christians. With the real Islam has nothing to do.

Yeah, about as little as a railway company with the laying of rail tracks. Since ashamed of any of the acts of his colleagues. Or who? Is there a?

Geert Wilders but still not right, so that Islam is not a religion but a fascist ideology. (more ...)

The blessing of the Prophet

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Here you can learn what brings Muslim inbreeding over people.

Sarrazin mentioned it, so he was the devil.

Moslemapologeten permanently drunk?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Since it is now beginning to train imams in Germany, interested me but once, what you teach them, that they may teach to all the Ungläubigenmordpassagen and Anderlei niceties of the Koran.

For example, that Mohammed was probably too hot when he wrote these passages?

That a call to murder a relative thing is? (more ...)

Professor of Humbug

Saturday, 09 October, 2010.

I just found this in a discussion at the "party of reason." A professor Puin can Putziges go :

"You perceive Islam as a threat?

Puin not Muslims, but Islam, yes. "

Probably the Koran soon grow feet and Islam is personally a Kalashnikov around with (more ...)

Respect Islam!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Left respect Islam, because it is rather liberal because it is cheaper, Christians, because he is faithful, Green, because it creates a better conscience, the rest because it is ridiculous to German.

Lying for Islam

Thursday, September 09, 2010

This tells us Kourosh Ziabari , an alert young Iranian journalist eloquent, albeit more than euphemistically, to ensure, when planned Koranverbrenunng from a 9/11 anniversary, as well the pious Muslim is abandoned, Jews and Christians.

He Argue about of what happens, verbrennten Muslims Thora how well the global outcry would look like: not without then clear that such a thing could occur to any devout Muslim, because all the darinstehende, as well as the legacy of Christ, even as sent by Allah Voroffenbarung, be subsumed under Islam.

Beautiful: But on the rights of the existence infidel a word.

Dear Mr. Ziabari, your remarkable eloquence, especially at your age, even in a foreign language, in all honor: By omitting over half of humanity out of your equation, which praises Islam in the result as true religion of generous tolerance, this is still not right.

Rather, it turns into a well-calculated lie.

No respect for Islam Minister

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Of course, I can respect a Muslim. Assuming he thinks and does not live what is in the Quran.

There are so substantial that is how bad things.

Ever, that a woman has only half a testimony and inheritance law and may be punished by marriage husband.

Then, Jews and Christians only very limited rights.

All other people have no rights.

There are even more nasty stuff in it, as if that was not enough.

Why should I respect as a religion, someone who believes in them in this sense?

In addition I would be a completely morbid Decadent, or brainwashed Wirr- and flat head.

For unbelievers, like me (more ...)

The Art of Non-submission

Thursday, 02 September, 2010

Unfortunately I have no time to go and actually no desire to demonstrate, because it makes you feel slightly redundant and stupid, even ridiculous.

But this time it really worth while.

Since the art and freedom of expression in the context of Islam in Germany is inwischen de facto abolished, criticism or satire can be life-threatening not only but are possibly on top of that prosecuted action is called for.

So here's an unusual but logical and consistent idea for the brave. (more ...)

Sheep debate

Sunday, April 25, 2010

For the debate on Islam, I read just on freitag.de of an anonymous / a Anonyma, his / her eloquent Nick "Gockeline": ". Ms. Kelek exaggerates, even as those who want to make a difference"

This is one of dummgenialsten sayings that I have ever heard.

Anyone who wants to change something, so exaggerates necessarily soso, listen listen, shank, silent and thus die silence.

PS: What this woman Kelek says in detail here does not matter.

Understandable but naive

Tuesday, 09 March, 2010

I just read again in a longer power debate around that Europe's problems with Islam had specifically the subject.

Of the many arguments to the - whether or eingebrodert versteinfeldet us - have been replaced lately, I noticed a particularly striking was indeed already taken up by Lafontaine, but so far results in a relative shadows.

It is very scarce (and now I heard the like also of "rights"!): "Islam provides community security and cohesion, commands, to share with the poor, and he knows the prohibition of interest, thus provides the main enemy of capitalism, the forehead, which obviously no longer able we decadent Westerners. "(So he is good ...)

This is already a unique blend of fact and fiction, which I consider to be worthy of being considered a bit more detail. (more ...)

Because of Islam and tolerance

Monday, February 22, 2010

The trick with the "hurt religious feelings" on the part of Muslims sublime is considering its practices at home (and not only there!) And the laws of Islam, a bright, sly, tough-calculated stratagem in war against the west Determined effeminate idiots.

A Mohammed cartoon should be worse than severed hands, stoning and millions religion according to battered women?

Höhö because lachichma, though bitterly!

And the German feuilleton is also its green light mustard to this Saubande: Who offended this Mohammedan saints, by showing what they do and how they think themselves to blame if he is murdered by them.

The Saints then can not do anything else, because their religious feelings were hurt naughty.

So are finally murderer thoroughly pity, and the left is celebrating its sociological final triumph over reason and existence.

And moreover, the victims are guilty of the murders, alswelches the arch Zuckert icing on the dessert.

Eat everything

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I recently spoke with a senior editor of a national newspaper (now I will not tell if it was a rather "left" or rather "right", but one of them hit undoubtedly) and explained to him from time to time that I, given me the current German debate on Islam always wonder who is more stupid than the "right" or "left." (more ...)

Great Muslim Ranz

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whether the debate on Islam is me gradually so similar felt like, given that the swine flu and climate change: I was writing most like nothing more to it because I slowly hang out all the brazen frauds including the associated slander and baseless to possibly criminal malice to his neck and it must nevertheless satisfy my chronicler duty, especially if already someone, this time the Bielefeld professor Gess, is attacked and abused very badly "on behalf of all Muslims," ​​also sued for sedition and quite fear for his life, one must wofern him for expressing opinions who have been Voltaire, Marx and Freud in the West familiar, not verknackt hastily or otherwise in the name of tolerance currish cowardly silence makes on the side of Friedenssublime.


However, unfortunately not surprising when critics of Islam are called into German leading media in so called liberal commentators with the apologists of Islamist Fehmemördern, Steinigern Händeabhackern and morally on a par.

More information on this current case may please the reader can refer to "kritiknetz.de" the page.

Otherwise, here - "alas" - soon to be more to it.

Aphorisms 70

Friday, January 22, 2010

That even non-Muslims might have feelings - even non-religious - that we want'd better leave them out.

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