As the Western Allies lose the Third World War (II)

How do I in Erstbeitrage " How the Western Allies lost World War III setting out ", it does not look like as if the three active major powers, the USA, England and France it is on the road to victory, why, because it's not obvious drain to ask (not that I would be the first posing this question) what the global puppet masters Bilderbergers et al. actually intend.

(The Third World War was officially started with 9.11, paradoxically, by the second not finished: Germany has no peace treaty, remains UN-enemy state, but must, gracious, as you are as to participate in the Third on the side of good).

Many "conspiracy theorist" now believe that when confronted with the proposition that lately might not "go according to plan" could run in two ways, with both lines of argument mix sometimes, it run just yet, "according to plan" (or, "that" had so many plans in store that could go wrong, what may).

A fraction is that China and Russia just also part of the great global cabal, ultimately only a long fatigue war is being waged between apparent enemies, to wear down the goals that mankind until they willingly, peace's sake, a fascist world government to accept zurechtverelendet and -geschossen.

The other faction believes that it the Globalistenbanditen was plentiful no matter whether the United States fall into chaos, the EU and the world financial system identical with, no, that was even taken into account, because maximum chaos is the Target, the downward spiral should all pull with it, so that at the end of the ruins just that fascist world government could be established.

We see that both notions, as already indicated above, overlap to a considerable extent. (It remains here mentioned that some suggest or assert that the world government then should serve as Satrapenregierung only. I leave this speculation here now first of my considerations outside before a secret behind all pact with Außeridischen.)

You can not now technically powerful aliens as the main actors "play", so both theories are still on shaky foundations.

Not only that, the patriotism of most Chinese and Russians genuine enough (even those of Japanese, Iranians, or even a few Germans), this is precisely in difficult situation is likely to intensify, a world state, herewith a foreign rule, oppose, but will also studiously ignored the problem (of course it depends so together), who should provide as the functioning total world army for the necessary dirty work because, in that relative maximum chaos.

Somehow associate the globalists who know to generate as much money as you know, anytime, anywhere from nothing, which then already out, so the usual answer, because if ever a following this question.

Now, it is undoubtedly true that "the globalists", one thinks only of the $ 30 trillion that will be parked on any of these islands, so far were for operating a huge debt money creation system in the situation. But it is precisely this, at least according to all logic, which is used in an appropriate global crisis almost inevitably can no longer remain functional.

When the Global soldier with his pay paper money can just wipe the ass, or the Gulaschkanone temporarily einheizen, he will not long be willing to let himself shoot off these his ass for it by those who just do not fight for money, but directly supplied by these, for their native countries, their peoples.

Well, the Global soldier can still move on robbing and pillaging of course desfalls. But that will not make him popular, can appear as that order force that wants to avert chaos.

A patriot fights for nothing, so to speak. Greed free until the last cartridge. He has in the field, not only has the advantage of its unconditional bravery, but also finds anywhere anytime for free quarters, you will protect him, hide, give him bread, nurse him entgeltlos as wounded.

It would have to, all in all, probably exercised a gigantic brainwashing, so that all mankind only push under the boots of the world state mercenaries.

It seems, therefore, in my opinion, not particularly rosy in the third world war not only for the Western Allies, but also for those who admit quite more or less always openly that they want to bring about the fascist world government by any means.

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24 Responses to "How the Western Allies lost World War III (II)"

  1. Dude says:

    Why fear the pathocracy that she loses control?

    Because it is threatened by the spread of knowledge.
    The greatest fear of any psychopath is to be recognized.

    Psychopaths live their lives in the knowledge that they are completely different from other people. Deep down they know that they are missing something.

    They quickly learn to hide their lack of empathy.

    At the same time they study the emotions of the other carefully, so that they can mimic normalcy while cold-bloodedly manipulating the normals.

    Today we are thanks to new information technologies on the verge of unmasking the psychopaths and a civilization of healthy people to build a civilization without war, a civilization based on truth, a civilization in which the sacred few instead of the diabolical few strive toward positions of power.

  2. Dude says:

    If there is a work that deserves full commitment to help humanity in these dark times, it is the study of psychopathy and the propagation of this information as far and fast as possible.

    There are only two things you can compel a psychopath in the knee:

    A bigger psychopath.

    The non-violent, absolute refusal to submit to the psychopathic rule, be no matter what the consequences will (non-violent non-observance, Mahatma Gandhi's Satyagraha). Let us choose the way 2!
    If individuals would just sit down and refuse to lift a finger to support even a single aim of the psychopathic agenda,
    if people refused to pay taxes,
    if soldiers refused to fight,
    when government officials and corporate drones and prison guards refused to go to work,
    when doctors refused to treat psychopathic elites and their families,
    then the whole system would come to a screeching halt to a standstill.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    "Psychopath" is indeed first "mentally ill".

    You must now have to ask, like maybe 80 or 90% mental reasonably Healthy should be possible to draw 10 or 20% psychopaths. (Have had of course no time to study the recommended in the linked page you literature.)

    The above is indeed partially plausible explains for me but not sufficiently.

  4. Dude says:


    Lupo has brilliantly summarized in a declaration, and also called for further reading.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude & All

    I think that the question of how people from Kriegstreibergeschmeiß - unhealthy, unconscious - can draw, is entirely cut in the successor Article:

  6. Armin says:

    "Run it just yet," according to plan ""
    I think that the basic question is here. You've summed up the prevailing theories concise. The basic question is still, however, there is a conspiracy to third world war - also in terms of population reduction ala Georgia Guidestones - or not. If there is this plan - and the above control (drones, cameras, NSA GCHQ etc), globalization (world government, world currency) as well as mind control goes - then you can not say that it does not reasonably according to schedule one. How does it right - with all the current confusion that you have been well documented in your articles - can derive a third world war, I am also not clear. This does not mean that the danger is not real. If it starts to burn times, then probably all goes pretty fast ...

    "If individuals just sit down and refuse would have to lift a finger to support even a single aim of the psychopathic agenda"
    Unfortunately, this is not easy. I think if you survive in the system and its energy use is to stay as good as possible critical and willing to resistance in the above sense, then you already do what you can. Obviously, you can just sit down, with all the consequences that has. Likewise, you may also work and thus inevitably comes into the mechanisms of "Blutgeldmolochs" - as you call it concise - but that does not mean that you support him. So I do not agree.

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Armin

    It may be the "worldwide war on terror", declared as a global war of terror and many individual theaters of war after 9/11, not (yet) see as the Third World War, because he has claimed far fewer victims than WW I and WW II. Or maybe yet. Since I do not want begriffspfitzeln now.
    To what extent is a serious, really potent based planning through to Great Bums including population reduction (sounds so beautiful, do not - it would be the dimensional absolutely unprecedented mass murder) are á la Guidestones, of course I can not judge.
    Much running within the meaning of the mind control quite "according to plan", but much hinwiederum not.
    The plan (just think of relevant utterances David Rockefeller) to establish a corporatist-fascist world government exists (e) no doubt; he will also have been hardly given up entirely, because some things just do not go quite smoothly.

  8. Armin says:

    Magnus Wolf Goeller
    "He will also have been hardly given up entirely, because some things are just not quite smooth"
    I agree with that. Yes, the targeted population reduction would be the absolutely most insane mass murder that you can imagine.
    What I just noticed that the collective both globalization as well as complete elimination of privacy accepts quite indifferent. The fear of loss of livelihood increases in the extent to which we are exposed to the system. Each is his own sweetheart. I also think it's wrong to say now, oh Snowden, oh Wikileaks, that we knew it all already. The Invididuen, the whistleblower who take high risks, precisely in order to make this "already Gewusste" of the conspiracy theory to reality, if you speak of it no longer causes a pitying smile. The third world war is also so a conspiracy theory that if reality could still be with or without aliens, whether with or without China and Russia. Then we can say yes then again, we knew that a long time. I for one find myself which lost the human qualities of empathy, of courage, of conscience currently in such a predicament that I want to do even more for something that it's not going on in this world in which people become more and more about the products have come. I must vehemently effort in "Blutgeldmoloch" to survive, the alternative is social assistance, fear, still further marginalization me at the time. This does not mean that I would have lost the above properties. On the contrary, I really want to do everything I can to help a livable world for breakthrough.

  9. Dude says:


    "Just not there or the conspiracy to the third world war - - also in terms of population reduction ala Georgia Guidestones."

    The there is guaranteed! And the funny thing is yes, they will go as far as possible without the pathocrats emulate vonstatten when those very blank the global air bubble burst money, thus bringing to a halt the logistics systems in the world.

    The degenierten, hypnotized, conditioned, self-centered active bio-robots are each other when there's nothing more galling to the Coop, Migros or at Aldi, Lidl and Spar on the shelves, like hungry wolves to form gangs and go hunting for meat ...

    And for the rest there's drones based Hellfires and army operations in the country ... The DHS has not even fun to 1.6 billion surplus Holm Antel projectiles risen ... and supplied the police with tanks ...

    And if it is not enough, is quite funny mutant viruses in top-secret laboratory that can be easily passed around the world ...

    Lieben Gruss of 12 monkeys

    . Ps The foresight precaution well supplied Pathokratenpsychos However, grinning in their bunkers one up their sleeves and make this the underpants - so they wear what - wet ...

    But about me watching Uncle Ruger;)

    In addition, fear me is always strange ...

  10. Dude says:


    "The Invididuen, the whistleblower who take high risks, to provide this" "to make use of the conspiracy theory to reality, if you speak of it no longer causes a pitying smile." Already Gewusste

    I you here unfortunately just do not agree at most what is said at 19:40, but. Because due to the brainwashing and mind control, so many sit up, and also because of what Magnus announces the title of the episode article, many of the conditioned Biorroboterschuldgeldknechtschaftssklavenegezontriker believe just even if a VT is as Actual conspiracy BUSY, it was still only a VT, and one of them spread a crazy, angebräunter Esotheriker-Nazi ... Spinner.

    Ps. When you stand in a snooker, if we look at the best times in peace the whole table, and the distribution of balls, and works ne so clean solution from that of the enemy, after the clean execution of the impact, in itself a nasty Snooker stuck, so I return to my previous comment. ;)
    Pps. You make a lot more important than most, So you must like to be sometimes a little pride, despite the fact that you blood money debt bondage dance (yet?) Join. :-)

  11. Dude says:


    Excuse please the many atrocious spelling mistakes do myself in the eyes hurt ... I have not read these things ... and since I have no admin rights here, the hard with a correction. :-D

  12. Armin says:

    "You that the blood money debt bondage dance (yet?) Join. :-) "
    There ... and I will have to join to croak soon.

    "I agree with you the most what is said at 19:40, but here unfortunately, just not"
    Maybe, but then all efforts have no meaning. People who do something are important to me. So that it does not understand the majority, you have to live. Snowden had from the beginning to the fear that it brings nothing. But absolve the futility of the company the individual from doing something? I can not find.

  13. Dude says:


    If you always go out of it, that the soon croak out is imminent, then I do not understand especially why you want to further participate? Because then it's ultimately as Hans Hiri - assuming it goes in completely wrong no longer participate, and not good at what you mE. should not be excluded. ...

    The effort to operate true enlightenment, makes sense, regardless of an expectation of a benefit, because it is about the conscientiousness and integrity.

    Doing something because you just know that it is the right ... ... I myself am suffering currently under a coarser Scheib blockade also ... I'm lousy grumpy ... and if I erzwänge an article in this state that could possibly not agreeable to me early episodes ...

    So I am happy of course to see how others are still capable of doing ... such as here:


  14. Dude says:


    "Could possibly not agreeable Follow me time ..." or do not correspond to what I try to convey in principle.

  15. Dude says:

    Ps. I had the above two Lupo Quotes for fun not leave here as a comment. ;)

  16. Armin says:

    "I do not understand especially why you want to further participate? "
    Me neither. Hope?
    The hope someday get out of the crap while doing something good. But you're right, probably I was doing a mistake. But if I currently know nothing better, then I have to stop. I work times until it happens just.

  17. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Armin

    "But exonerate the futility of the company the individual from doing something?"

    Who knows already whether any sub-Exempt is pointless?

    Kleist put a bullet in the head, and 200 years later it is still reading his short stories and plays his pieces, and a few German tongue have so far come close to his language arts or they surpassed even partially.

  18. Dude says:

    Armin (Read Cheap strand comment! And is also still nen Part II)

    Ps. Must you have only what you want to, you might meil possible consequences of an opposite decision afraid ...


    Maybe you read it so precisely because he - perhaps deliberately to averting damage - shot in the head? Maybe not ...;)

  19. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Armin (just comment pointing overlapped)

    I do not mean that you have there, as it announces Dude, you now saying that you (probably) make a mistake by you work outside of or this round here.

    @ Dude

    I do not think it appropriate to add Armin so. Everyone has to find his way. I have my two guy (the Great peeps now literally down on me), so again conditions other than you or Armin. Let each one do what he can.
    This does not mean that you should not criticize others or him sometimes unsolicited Council grant.
    Our task here - as you well -, however, is essential for people to offer information and ideas and to encourage them at the same time, on the whole, as in the sense of their own actions.
    And yet it is also good that we are not always openly concur, what regards certain situation assessments or procedures was displayed.
    To put it in a picture: If someone comes with a pickaxe and a spade, and with the one with the shovel, is already out to each of which tool who just better loosening the soil.
    If we just cut down around our ears, we do not achieve much.
    Nevertheless, it is also time to catch, to smoke a Zigarettchen and examine each as it could just go on.
    Armin has gathered up again, and that's a lot.
    (I'm even an old geezer as he, though not by many years,. Sometimes half the old people also need something more than the young man still in juice)
    Yes, and if I even still want to come from civil engineering to construction: It is all because what is said.
    And if told well, then it is so, regardless of whether an otherwise straight in Zurich Blutgeldmoloch muddles rather marginal or perhaps a piece next to it just a little happier or here in the not always entirely local Swabia.
    Contenance, dear Dude, perseverance, create, every day a piece, on a good day a larger one.
    I just noticed that I almost speak, alswie that I would be a priest or even a psycho. It has already happened. I let the time now that. A little pathos we can treat ourselves sometimes. But not too much of it.

  20. Rainer Grzybowski says:

    @ All and Armin

    At Snowden et al. see also:

  21. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    The almost incomparably rapid novellas of Kleist does not read it because of his tragic end. Behind this face so gentle punt a firebrand and one linguistic genius of the rarest kind.
    Here someone has shown how one can tell, in which density and depth at the same time, still achieves the best of his time in Satzbaue and surpassed in many ways. He was just as old as you, as he chose to commit suicide.
    The courage, which he himself had not finally he gave us, also entrusted with the power of his oratorical power to carry on.

  22. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Rainer Grzybowski

    I have here as well as in Armin - the Tarpleys assessment, if I do not remember wrong, well known - note that I, as in the case of Wikileaks but something strange happens in this, as this sheep media figures such as the WashPost, or Guardian or the mirror, otherwise good to play once for every rotten war propaganda, the guardian of freedom and justice. That alone leaves a very stale taste.

  23. Dude says:


    Turning me not the words in the mouth of ...
    I can not verbutzen! But I'm tired of theater ... is boring with time;)

    And as Kleist, you're probably right. Had said: "maybe". :-)

    But I had actually meant quite different, as you have understood it. Thus, under the motto: If I continue writing, I'm probably just not the quality that I wrote previously, zoom, and given the Tribulation around, the almost general lack of understanding awareness, it makes no sense to try to force something, and then possibly to write rubbish on the posterity then hang me, and therefore no longer reads my early works ...

    Capiche? ;-)

  24. The Schwarzbesaiteten says:

    "Many" conspiracy theorist "now believe that when confronted with the proposition that lately maybe not" everything "could run ..." according to plan

    Perhaps there is simply yet another power, ie one that works AGAINST the NWO and the NWO simply can not do anything against, because this other power is stronger than evil.

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