Islam eats Nigeria: What about us?

Islam now seems to eat up even Nigeria.

But we know that Islam is a religion of peace and therefore also with us a cultural enrichment.

There are only a few poor, insulted, scorned, understandably Mad, since the massacre Christians. With the actual Islam has nothing to do.

Yes, in about as little as a railway company with the laying of rail tracks. Since ashamed none of the deeds of his colleagues. Or who? Is there a?

Geert Wilders has but still not right, so that Islam is not a religion but a fascist ideology. It is a religion as fascist ideology.

Death for apostates: So it should be.

No, no, dear people, I will not rush here, I'm talking about the law.

Alswelches is of course not always carried out, where you can not.

But it is. Everything else is a lie.

I also will not let me clean eggs that Christianity had once been just as merciless. First, it's long gone, and secondly, I was never a Christian. And thirdly, the perversions past Christianity can not justify to have now ignorant these cruel to the helm.

Which Tacheles must be spoken. Not in the sense, I mean, as Israel does, but simply within the law. Who does not like this event here, goes into his paradisiacal sandy land where homely hookahs, camels and dates waiting for him back home.

Islam does not belong to Germany.

He has never heard then.

So I do not need this President who tells something.

Islam is an enemy of free thinking and free speech. He heard not here therefore. Islam has too little respect for girls and women, is therefore again not the same here. Islam requires unconditional surrender, and therefore does not belong to the land of rest yourself thinker. We all where not Christians or Jews, then with hard limited rights, have no human rights before Islam, the death are: another reason why he does not belong here.

Why do we get people like Turks and Arabs, eager to build mosques here, the cry of murder because of discrimination, if time a building permit is not equal, operated by state and parastatal organizations, while there is not even a Christian church should open its doors?

What is the hollow for a mischief?

It is a consciously driven nonsense.

That our so-called elites who probably also like would bring this text to any Index: only because he speaks the plain truth.

Whether them make more is keen to destroy our societies, or turn to justify reasons for war against Muslim countries, I let anyone's guess now.

It's a giant fucking game, and it's basically entirely clear how it works.

But still not know how it will turn out.

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2 Responses to "Islam eats Nigeria: What about us?"

  1. Annet breed says:

    "It's a giant fucking game, and it's basically entirely clear how it works."

    Yes, if it were just a game, then everything would probably be half as bad. Unfortunately, the thing is serious, and it would be good if the people would finally understand once.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Annet breeding

    Now, in English means "game" same game, hunting, game species ...

    The jokes are of course still bad, especially those I repeat here that, the racism accusation out catching up with people who are facing Islam hostile.

    There are European (Bosniaks, Albanians), Indo-European (Kurds, Persians, Pashtuns, Indian) Muslims, Muslim Turkic peoples (Turks, Uzbeks, Uyghur), Arabs, Berbers, black Africans, East Asians (Indonesians and Filipinos) Mongols (Hazara): It So are all races, at best represented with the exception of the Indians, to a considerable extent.

    Why this is an intentional, untenable, but often repeated formula, for which currently only a few, so malevolent, stupid, insidious and vicious it is but also raise their voice.

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