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Mali War: France's defense minister babbles

Thursday, January 24, 2013

"The honor of the Malian military leadership is at stake."

Thus the French Defence Minister Le Drian, in view of reports of killings and rapes by regular Malian army soldiers during their joint advancement with French units to the north.

Well, the man has time to worry.

If the matter is not so hypocritical cynical, it would be laughable.

The French army bombed cities - which they did not deny but himself said - where one understands well, what of surgical air strikes, as in Libya, of course, no civilians are killed. All honorable.

Otherwise: What did you expect? (more ...)

Uranium ammunition - now used in Mali?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Medical Journal today seems an urgent call to resist the use, even for worldwide ban on uranium munitions.


It is also spoken by reports that this weapon was used against Gaddhafi troops in Libya.

Already on the occasion of the Libyan War I threw the - so far as I know, never clearly answered - question on it.

To confirm this clearly or to deny, however, is not so easy as to see if mosquitoes flying around the desk lamp. Nevertheless odd because it would be too difficult hinwiederum where you wanted because, certainly not. (more ...)

The WHO is one of Germany?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Islam is part of Germany."

Saudi Arabia, he obviously belongs; but he is no longer part of Mali really, at least not like there.

Sad-funny it gets that anyone who rejects Islam, contrary smashed, "" Islam did not exist, yes. What the pöhse Diskriminateur and racist etc. fanatasiere there? If the religion of peace, however, should belong to Germany, then it is available with a "The".

You turn it around, as you need it now. Islamists who do not want to kill the same all Christians and Jews (possibly the rest), do not say this in any case, the talk is of "moderate".

So no need because, it seems as if at German schools also teaching of Islam, ie instruction in religion, the one founded, is said to have taken his favorite wife of 9 years. So a ... (more ...)

Germany supports the French war of aggression

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Germany will again support a war of aggression: The Patriot batteries to help the main aggressor Turkey against Syria, the Transall machines of the Bundeswehr to serve the French war of aggression in Mali.

The rebels in Mali fight, as it is said (this is for once credible), with those same weapons to them, if not directly, but indirectly, kindly provided by the French (also British and Americans) were leaked by them or their cronies weapons depots Gaddafi's self-service freibombte.

It is a question not only of assault rifles and other light weapons, but also of modern ground-to-air missiles in substantial numbers. A French helicopter gunship has apparently been shot down dead pilot. A Transall should be significantly easier to hit. As with maximum passenger transport could equal 93 soldiers and 5 crew plunge into the desert. (more ...)