The cash seller

The world was going to hit me by surprise, in the middle of a dark night.

Well, I just had one of my little kafka eskeren dreams, loaded with long corridors and office rooms of the strangest kind, always with useless, disorderly baggage, while beer-thirsty and urinate, but there was really nothing else out of the ordinary that would have for traumatic sense of alarm may provide .

He was like a ninja.

Invisible distracted by all the other usual risks, I met the scoundrel who had cunningly evaded by his frequent announcement of any perceiver drying.

He laughed at my roaring scorn.

Not even my duties towards the gatekeepers gestrengsten heedless, I finally found - a non-assessable stupefakt long time - back to the speech, my last habbaren awls: "YOU come now? THIS APPLIES? "I stammeldonnerte.

"Where should I pick for you then?" He replied, smiling.

"Moving about in your knight? That you would vermeintest still being able to negotiate with me in parables? Do you think I do not know how bad you can Kafka? "

He had a couple of rocks - the long hallways and corridors were gone - bursting around us, that it is not more than hinfortdopsten boulders.

Since I had the revelation.

He was still talking with me.

"Can you do with me, I am a rock, which you here to blow with a light touch? Or thou needest about my services, that you care about me as long bekümmerst? Manage it well alone, waswas? "

The end of the world began to vibrate tremble and quake. He did not look pretty anymore.

Before I was able to express my regret if my rude Umgangstons, he added, in a surly manner, he had now to do other business first before he would take care of security entirely to me.

And disappeared.

I believe - and this rarest luxury I treat myself only - this guy is basically a dirty little representative, told everyone everything blows up, until it bursts.

Finally, he has not even made it myself, and my part in abject position.

He probably just wanted to sell me money.

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65 responses to "The cash seller"

  1. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    @ @ Lis and Minou Magnus

    I think it nachgerückte Christianity, as it is currently, for dead, it is frozen in its sacraments and worship idols. The attempt to revive by the addition of evolutionary theory and Bewußtseinsgeldscheinkollektivität is completely failed and it has removed the people of God for at least 14 -19 dimensions.

    That God is dead, as Nietzsche says, however, I think nothing of it.
    Because God is really dead, even Jesus would not be resurrected. If Jesus had not risen, there was no spirit of truth and then there would be no escape for us. Then there would really only "Liberate tuteme, ex Infernis". But since I know of a devout atheist, that even he believes that Jesus at least a historical Jesus and true form to this day still moves the world, simply must be more to him off than some of my not being able to believe. Remains because in the end handed to each the decision itself, and that is so dear to God our thanks.

    I have made bookmarks hopefully not mad at me. If this is so, then I hereby ask for forgiveness. But the truth is just my very heart.

    Dear Lis, from the beginning of the Age of Aquarius in the year 2150 I have read. Even if there is such an age actually exist, and I'm in this hypothetical age more in it than you probably suspect, it scratched me not. Because after 1260 days was already done everything that is important. Who hath ears to hear.

    "Age determination by radio carbon dating" :)

    "I swear it. Trust me on this. ":)

    James 5:12 But above all, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven or by earth or with any other oath; your yes should be a yes and your no be no, so you do not fall under judgment.

    Hebrews 6:13 For when God gave the promise to Abraham, He swore, because he could swear by no greater, in themselves

    Thus began the whole disaster, namely the fact that there has been attempts to "humanize" God. God is spirit! No one has ever seen God receive. Although he will be times where Moses met, as the single, which he should have been found and that if, then only from behind or in the form of a burning bush, the bush will have to not mind. And then God makes Abraham and all the people of Israel, God appeared even at the tabernacle, before Moses gave his "office" to his successor Joshua. It is still not sure who wrote the book of Hebrews. Certainly, however, is only one thing that God is spirit. If this supreme God himself must swear that he is, he is in my view, not increase, but decreased.

    When they beheaded John the Baptist was, when Jesus went up the mountain. He wanted to be alone to pray to God. Nowhere in the NT is something that Jesus while he's been on our world has come to God (the Holy Father) as a person in contact. Was not necessary, because God was in Jesus, as God gives us other human spirit. Take his love then, can and should we feel baptized with holy spirit. This is why Jesus also said to the Pharisees, before Abraham was, because he would have been. For Jesus God is closer than it probably ever been to Abraham.

    You're Lis Minou, certainly a nice person, as well as Magnus is one, but that's why God is with me still in first place and I think first of all to Him. I think you understand what I mean.

    "Rather advise / recommend set / to my heart. I'm loving ... "

    Really sweet and good is only one:
    Matthew 19:17 And he said unto him, What are you asking me for good? Only one is good! If thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments!

    And wants someone to be perfect, then:
    Matthew 19.21 Jesus saith unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go, sell what thou hast and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me!

    Well, but totally wants in this world here seems to be as good as anybody. Because almost all of them simply turn their backs on the truth and then go their way, but it must surely be the more likely the wrong way. Why do people do it so hard to follow the truth, but only by saying what they want to express that a person comes into this world with nothing and with nothing of her going away again?

    I have neighbors that bordered their "owned" not only on the ground with a fence, but they could also be a fence in the form of a continuous tar paper under the sun - no joke now! But they celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ and his resurrection. Dead Christianity can not be!

    "Just because except the Nazarene no Jesuses famous from the period are known"

    There can be only one of its kind, this is the reason, quite simply. And even this Nazarene did not want to be compared with the one he is the only good.

    Grace and peace be with you all!

  2. Bookmarks says:


    Joseph, I'm not mentioned ;)

    The weather on the northern front is so perfectly fine.

  3. Minou Lis says:

    Dear Karl, the warning before the swearing, especially when something (when my children! ", As an extreme example) is understandable. I think it is so much that I swear just when I definitely know. But even as good as ever. That may be 10 years or even longer time to be my first oath.

    "" ... Except for the Nazarene simply no Jesuses famous from the period are known "

    There can be only one of its kind ... "

    How get that idea? There are already hundreds SoterInnen least, Horusse who dwell on earth now, and I swear it. At the heart chakra of their creator. My second Eid today, but in which there is zero risk even a lie. So allowed.

    A dear man, I'm definitely not. But really nice.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Lis Minou

    Because it is everywhere and Shakespearen Napoleone, are probably the Horusse Jesuses and not too rare.

  5. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    @ Lis Minou

    "I swear just when I definitely know"

    What do you think the color is white, definitely really knows? White in color, all other colors are included. Is that definitely will, or could it be that we make what colors, but ultimately not really explain? Basically, we know nothing, and therefore we should also James, do not swear.

    "At the heart chakra of their creator. My second Eid today, but even where there is zero risk of a lie. "


    "How do get that idea? There are already hundreds SoterInnen least, Horusse who dwell on earth at present, "

    Luke 24.51 And it came to pass, when he blessed them he parted from them and was taken up into heaven.

    Because Jesus is in heaven, he can not belong to those who you mean. There are only a Jesus of Nazareth.

  6. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    @ Magnus

    I want to come back to this:

    "You mean rather the logical implication.

    So if a then b and c if a then b then c is not necessary.

    Also, if a then b then if b is not therefore a necessary

    And, if not a then b then a is not necessarily not only unnecessary but b b.

    Bookmarks have determined in mathematical logic statement on it more than me "

    The thing is, this is not about mathematics or mathematical logic statement, but to the very peculiar language, and experience the world of the Hebrews.

    Revelation 1.14 to 15 His head and his hairs were white like white wool, like snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire, and his feet like unto fine brass, annealed in a furnace, and his voice as the sound of many waters.

    The Hebrews to paint with words. You can put anything over us for a U, which is not really, but from those intended, but they think and understand just different. They have their own logic. If you look at times as the number of the beast, then why should it necessarily be for the Hebrews only a numerical value? Yes, for us it's all right, but also for a Hebrew? Or what does the term "throne of God." Many people believe in the fact that God sits in heaven above, on a kind of chair beside him right now and Jesus, because the Bible says that He has set itself the right hand of God. But what is "up" and what is "down"? The world turns, and even our Galaxi states that it is spinning. Paul speaks of the "third heaven" and that he knows someone who had been there. Should we and can we now imagine in the sky above the other layers or dimensions? In which 'dimension' is our spirit when we are in deep sleep? We are then to travel to another "heaven" and yet we are also still here in this world. Memories can run before our eyes like a movie, but what will happen tomorrow, nobody knows.

  7. Minou Lis says:

    @ Charles: I also swore an oath that White was clearly seen physically white. There is the whole truth, and there is certain knowledge. For example, sound waves that have no absolute vacuum (natural law compliant) way to spread.

    "Because Jesus is in heaven, he can not belong to those who you mean. There is only one Jesus of Nazareth. "

    Exactly. I already mentioned, however, that the Nazarene was the Messiah of the current era by no means legitimate, but probably his "students".

  8. Minou Lis says:

    Oops. Of course, "the current era." Sorry ...

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Lis Minou

    'I already mentioned, however, that the Nazarene was definitely not the legitimate Messiah of the current era, but probably his "students".'

    The Nazarene was thus by no means something (not so sure), that the legitimate Messiah of the current (ie more then) era.

    Who was then consult the "legitimate" Messiah of the then current era?

    Why is "legitimate"?

    If a former Messiah of current era to be "legitimate"?

    Called a messiah at least not "real"?

    Do you need a way?

    Why do you believe in such a?

    It corresponds to Israel's ideas?

    Who should have been the guy?

    On what is the conjecture that the Nazarene had been his pupil?

    You bring at least some times specific evidence for your Geschwurbel?

    I asked you dessenthalben before, and it was, what a surprise: nothing.

  10. Minou Lis says:

    @ Magnus:
    He of the Nazarene was the its information. That was hardly known (so that his or her name might be handed down). At that time, such "sons of Jupiter" whose existence and special forces were called common knowledge and thus had nothing sensational.

    Legitimate because he was what he claimed to be the Nazarene. Anyone who spends just as something is not this still true.

    No. It would be better but for me. And new souls I'd rather not even start. To (partially) to reach enlightenment is certainly not a Sunday stroll.

    I know of so few To such. Mine is less faith.

    If so has a bad luck, he may be Jewish ideas meet, at a large pitch, by lousy "parents" or a bad, environment, even corrupted so that it is in fact the enemies of life, the "hordes of Seth."
    Otherwise, they are more romantic girl dream, in the case of a female Luz also male fantasies. At least "spiritually".

    Well, it means that the Nazarene would be (to the monologues of highly intellectual?) Horus nodded off permanently. He must indeed have a known (n). He knew too much about things that were even then known only to initiates.

  11. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Lis Minou

    I can piece together from the above, not much really.

    But I'm not the measure of all things.

  12. Minou Lis says:

    @ Magnus Wolf Goeller: "But I'm not the measure of all things."

    Welcome to the club ...

  13. Minou Lis says:

    "The age is already there. Evolution also. "

    So I can assume no perjury, I would like to add to this oath of explanation, that the existence of evolution is indeed a fact, because it took place, but I have never claimed that it goes further still, since "the throne of God", at least eight thousand years has been occupied. Rather, says my humble self, today there are just more mutations, as well as internal psychological evolution of individuals.

  14. Karl-Josef Malo says:

    Dear Magnus!

    "But I'm also not the measure of all things."

    Your honesty, openness, and "God's faithfulness" is the reason why I you all the small, as for me, appreciate and remember significant differences between us, and yet may very appreciate. Also, here in the form often and starting talking about intellectual competence to complete incompetence on matters, which is very appealing and one can not escape a maverick at times very difficult. Therefore, I will tell you to stay here but well. This means that if you do what my last comment here in terms of paragraph applies, also Will you show no hard feelings.
    By the way, your recent articles on women and gender, I think, so to speak evolutionös.


  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Joseph

    Dear Josef!

    I am delighted that you remain preserved.

    I'm not resentful.

    With best wishes


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