Blanke Amblyopsidae

I repeat: There are three generations for almost any large new art more.

This applies to anyone who is not able to change it, but how much more those which have not even been aware of. Still did not do not worry about the implications of the possible fact. Never thought about why this might be so.

The art scene in this regard is still one of the blanksten Amblyopsidae.

Even old hands relativize everything. Previously it was just different.

There are reasons why we do not have much more art for almost three generations.

The first task is to find out it.

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18 Responses to "Naked Amblyopsidae"

  1. Eric says:

    How about Banksy?

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Eric

    Bansky is quite funny, but not what we are missing.

  3. Bookmark says:

    You should just listen to people who know something about it.

    One of them:

    Sir Ken Robinson "Do schools kill creativity?"

    One of my favorites :)).


    the bookmark

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmark

    From thirty eight minutes, it is really exciting. Brilliant presented!

  5. Eric says:

    What is the matter?

    Maybe life is the new art!

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Eric

    It lacks what, extends life throughout the day, the decade.

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmark

    One could also say: Hardly reached the compulsory education for Edukation production of citizens, were art and creativity kicked the bucket.

    One reason is found.

  8. Bookmark says:

    Hello Magnus,

    there is something to it. Right now I go there pretty much through the head, even and especially when I watch the debate together with the current care benefit politically distorted reports in Germany. Oh, if they could but it provided only with a swastika or other Nazi-label, then the world would be so healing, especially the journalists and politicians who so have no children themselves. I could also really despair when I see how incredible as a state orthodoxy is established. The state should set up everything. Anything is better than care provided by their own parents. So much so that the children are attributing mental damage that may befall them if they are cared for at home until they come to kindergarten with 3. The absurd arguments come to the fore and since all pray it after moderate mantra. Not a bad weather zone spreads over Germany, but a huge mantra.

    You have to look the truth in the eye and realize that the geniuses, the poets and thinkers of Germany do not come from the public education system. Ken Robinson has since completely right with his statement that the education system comes not only from the period of industrialization, it is also precisely designed Comparable to a production line at a fast-food system through all the same bands, get the same ketchup and mustard, the same lettuce leaf, the same meatball times with and sometimes without cheese, and afterwards the same wrapping paper.


    When something can be no individual learning, even if ever so often relabelled. When something rotten meat is punished, not for rotten education. Spiritual nourishment is subject obviously no durability test.

    Recently I've even Nobel laureates "Germany" in the natural sciences, specifically physics, checked. You get almost all their Nobel prizes in the US because there funding for this research are provided. As appeared on the legitimate question whether they have not actually won the Nobel Prize for the USA? The - mostly elderly - winners have gone at a time in Germany to school when you had to pay more money for everything that was not elementary school. When my father the way, was also like that.

    I would for the immediate introduction of compulsory education advocate much. Parents who want to send their children to state schools are not so prevented, but for others it would be more space.

    Should we even have grandchildren, then the school fund shall be invested so that real freedom of choice in the educational institution will be done in time.

    pensive today

    the bookmark

  9. Eric says:

    The art of the 20th century, the technology and new knowledge as the relativity formula, quantum physics and the like ...

    I suppose that now something completely new comes that I have referred to as "life". A different way of life, as it was never gelbt ... Knowing so to speak.

  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Eric

    Say clearly what you are talking.

    The relativity formula is not art. Otherwise, the Pythagorean theorem would be that too. And standing for some time.

  11. Eric says:

    Art is and was in my eyes has always been the ability to undiscovered aspects of consciousness - skills - uncover and present, usually in symbolic form, whether as painting, poetry or prose of the people. This process must not even be aware of the artist.

    But today many people are so far that these aspects of consciousness could be seen directly - of course only if you want to live it, so that the experiences are a result of this knowledge. Life is as it were artfully. A high culture. I see that as art of the 21st century.

    And no, not all want to be part of it, whether from fear or other interests. But as you so unloved by the Goethe aptly said:

    "The amount varies in uncertain spirit; then it flows to where the current rips it. "

    And yes, the "Pythagorean theorem" is clearly art!

  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Eric

    The Goethe quote is good; but otherwise I can hardly agree with you.

    The Pythagorean theorem is not an art, but describes a geometric relationship. The Euler number is not art but the irrational number, the constant of the natural logarithm. The golden section is not art, but the distance ratio in the pentagram, numerical result of the so-called Fibonacci series, as well as 1 plus root 5 divided by 2. They are like there, so nothing creative manmade.

    What the art of the 21st century is concerned, as high culture of artistic life, so I see little of it so far. Who has not written in the last seven or eight decades a book that outshines centuries?

    Should one hedonistic nonsense sated self-promoter, including its new hero image, that of a new Dorian Grey, but the humor of Oscar Wilde deprived, situate as art? As great art does?

    It is liberal. Laberal. It lubricates old grease on scrap and declared it the Publiko as art. Another lies in the Vienna U-Bahn a turnip in the anus, kriechlings, and that is - art. Ten billion perceived Indigo children not to forget. The stakes of any body parts dito. That one thinks about what proxy server to know. Yoga makes. Pumpkin soup. In the words spiritually not immediately think of the next Boonekamp. In the circus of the Vanities. As Panda, Knut, dancing bear in the Unräterepublik.

    Nönö, this is the mob. The already caught in a kind of matrix, but not that, but then again those of the Wachowski brothers. The - yes, I've been waiting for, but it can not omit here - now ecstatically to the "Pirates" runs, einzuverbilden be consumerism as Hochseedrahtseilakt itself. Phone at the back '. Lapdog laptop, refrigerator old yogurt. Each is a miracle. Not in good smoked meat, to Seich and nonsense.

    Well, it may well even now and bookmark and partly also give me that do not correspond entirely to this image of being modern United Artists. Clear. But I ask for the works.

    When literature and art of music not find any new highs more, the mind must be flattened. That is my goal.

    I look forward to another contradiction.

    Encouragement would of course just as welcome.



  13. Bookmark says:

    And again Ken Robinson

    His book "The Element" is actually absolutely worth reading.

    I wish there were more like him.

    Even for the Pythagorean theorem:

    For so many of these set or various other may feel like a work of art because it raises the urgent question:

    What is DAS because ????


    the bookmark

  14. Eric says:

    You get consent from me of course for your description of large parts of the population in the so-called civilized world. But for me, these are not hedonists, but rather manic-depressive. And what is nowadays referred to as art is determined by "authorities", eg by museum directors or curators. No wonder, what comes out. I know myself too little in literature and music, to allow me to assess. But it seems to me that specify as "critics", at least in the literature, the sound.

    No consent of course the Pythagorean theorem and similar groundbreaking discoveries. Yes, it was already there. Everything is already there. The art is but to exercise those aspects of consciousness - true to take - and take them to the felt, experienced reality. This is the creative spark! It does not matter what someone discovered the point where his vision, his imagination, his theory becomes reality, is the art. So I would term the art not so closely bound to traditional definitions.

    A minority that thinks itself and is itself a creative act will determine the future. On the Internet, these people are already very strong. There were anyway never majorities have changed anything, but individuals, often only one individual. I see, however, that soon a critical mass of individuals determines the "current" and this time for the benefit of all. That is the desired and expected me high culture. The artistic life ...

  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Eric

    So far I see the desired and expected of you high culture erupt only very limited; would be very gratifying to detain you right.

    I do not think that the art only leads already existent in mind, but can be originally creative self. If you like, add all being a hitherto nonexistent.

    Here we come naturally to the consideration of the whole. Bookmark seems as suggests using the Pythagoras also leaning toward your point of view. The world as a total work of art of the One (the Creator). All art seen as emanations from the one source.

    So it may be; I have no hard evidence to the contrary; but the approach does not please me. Because this system is to complete me, to final. Like as if everything that exists was created ready as our eternal hamster wheel.

    Against it speaks my appreciation of the (binary derived) I-Ching and the Runenfutharks (more ternary, multidimensional derived) not in the least because so are general functional structures mapped, but by no means the world is confined therein as a merely Entdeckbares to Repeating.

    Ultimately, such a world view, a form of implicit negation of the creative extension of what everything is already. A, considered exactly worldview monadic founded, very static in the last.

    Which incidentally is also expressed that today many say that there is just nothing new in the art, it is all been there, always ultimately the same.

    What I say may sound harsh, but it would be logically difficult to refute.

    So I stay because even with my question about the decadence of art especially relativism founded as stated averse.

  16. Eric says:

    "The world as a total work of art of the One (the Creator). All art seen as emanations from the one source. "

    Emanation from the consciousness, yes. But not of "a Creator", but as a continuous change, depending on the particular nature that lives there. It seems paradoxical that everything already exists. But I'm thinking more like a kind of blueprint that already exists as a probability. The creative act of man - but or any being who makes himself aware of this probability is, therefore, not less important.

    Maybe you have to bear in mind that the time is only used in low frequency ranges and that there is no consciousness in time, but everything exists in the now.

    This of course does not mean that nothing new can be added ... It's just a paradox.

  17. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Eric

    Your comment is for framing.

    Suddenly we are very close to each other.

  18. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Bookmark & ​​Eric @

    My considerations in this our philosophical skat I will add that a world to me, as I imagined, initially described by you, Eric, not only did not like, but it also, and it would be escapism, refused to obey. Because even if I knew for sure me that she was so since Jahrmilllionen, would remain for me the word yet.

    And Yet! Time! You! Want to tell me what you have not seen? Well, yes we have thereat reason for prolonged chat! If you also just do not fall asleep!

    But I like it when you sometimes sleep, let me go alone with me to rate all of our child.

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