Women's Soccer Linguistics

Linguistic equality for women's football:

"The dirty bitch's true no ball!"

"You Kuck at this abgeschäckste Vollchaotin. Zero plan, while playing the ball! "

"Finally a reasonable reception of the ball. Perhaps the aunt is not completely drunk! "

"Have you seen the goal clearance lesbian? The same can indeed put in a coffin with the Merkelin! "

"The referee has no doubt a grenade in tea! So a mega asshole! "

"Look at the abgewichste trainer! Roars just rum and no plan! "

"Look, sacrament, as has the ausgefickt! Goil! "

"Saviour bag! How can this stupid Vettel just pull the over the goal! The part but to the shoe grandchildren hung! "

"Until the times ... moves her fat ass,'s is probably midnight!"

"Eats the ... merely tofu?"

"Look at you this lame bunch of chickens. No ass in his pants. I ity in the break on their ... Hang. "

"What a lame Gekicke. For something like this get Butt 'nen heap of coal. It is not understood! "

The politically correct, totally equal but comments are probably read something different.

"Oh, shame that ... has the ball slightly warped!"

"The goalkeeper was at all eager aspiring Bemühn the ball but not quite bring under control!"

"This pass was well intentioned, but unfortunately played not exactly!"

"The referee recognized the situation apparently not very well."

"This challenge seemed just a little unattractive."

"The two central defenders try to prevent the opposing strikers with consistent femininity from the goal. This necessarily results in some free-kicks. "

Well, andsoforth.

Maybe I need to just watch a game to study the applied sociolinguistics of reporters and spectators during public gawking closer it out.

As a comparative Spachwissenschaftler then perhaps just yet almost a must.

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56 Responses to "Women's Soccer linguistics"

  1. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    The TAZ read just only people who fully hinted total.

    Whether men are yet to be considered as partially humanoid, which we will examine here separately on occasion.

  2. Föhnix says:

    Speaking of "TAZ reader comment":

    In the referenced article shows the way again quite clear that here http://is.gd/BQJr4U principle of sacrifice shown myth is central and vital for feminism. With claws and teeth the grass guardians defend their sacrifice truth; without this base would coincide in the whole house of cards including the Genderismus.

    Even the title "Men are victims" paints a black and white woodcut image. It is suggested that the men wanted to claim for themselves, GENERAL victims to be (so just the reverse of the previous victim-ups). In this case, it not out of the question; Männerrechtler merely indicate, both men and women can be victims. So this is a non-sexist perspective, it denies that the sex was the primary feature of victims and perpetrators.

    It has repeatedly been shown that feminism is no more emancipatory force, but has established a kind of gender-racism. This term is used the way the professor Dr. Margaret Wirth in a very insightful presentation on the woman question and the wrong view of feminists. (Mp3) http://is.gd/PZ9QD6 If you want to delve deeper into the mysterious power of feminism, which had recommended this detailed presentation. Dr. Wirth proves that modern feminism has no legitimate scientific basis, but based on an arbitrary belief construct.

  3. Föhnix says:

    Speaking victim myth:


  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    Thanks for the link to Strauss-Kahn!

    If true, what the NYT reported (in this case, more likely), then it might again in a different way be exciting (even if the woman then probably not likely to turn out to be a super professional, but still could Mohrin course on behalf of their have done duty).

    DSK gets his job back?

    Probably not.

    Can he still be French president?

    Probably not.

    Lands aunt himself in jail?

    Interesting question.

    Either way DSK is likely to be politically ruined.

    Just because a - we remain cautious times and say probable - false statement.

    Even for women's football: Yesterday I went to relax in my local pub and saw me - I had no idea that the game runs there - but then the last half hour France-Canada at. (In the German girls after I saw conversation sake do not go back.)

    I am saying now prefer nothing.

    Except that I have (while playing football, myself especially in hockey) learned that it often does not really hurt if you also boldly goes against the ball in the adoption, if he so or so eventually arrives at a ...

    Meanwhile, you can also read it in German:



    (Der Spiegel called the woman from Guinea "star witness" for the prosecution. Funny types are there ...)


    Another bad joke: It is thought that DSK now on "misdemeanor" (a misdemeanor) should plead according to the wish of the prosecution to get free.

    He would have to admit a smaller mess, so the prosecution has somehow got him off at least and not completely lose her face.

    In the din, she has organized solely on the basis of a statement.

    And of course, probably in order to the woman would not have to seriously draw with law enforcement ...

    Maybe Julian Assange is indeed a crime of which he admits to grade so gnawed Paris in the use of fun myself ...

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    Here still very worth reading for women's football brain washing:


  6. Föhnix says:

    Also, cultural scientist Barbara Vinken speaks of a "victim feminism":


    "Culture time" is a niche in which there is fortunately always manages to elude the "political correctness".

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