The oil is there rain

I run here any video link station, but wants to Ölkatastophe on this, the oil showing rain point, but an example:

Otherwise, I looked in the past few days several short films from various U.S. states, the strange crop damage documented.

The network side gives you about career opportunities should be of interest to them.

A video even came from Ohio, a state so far north, and the garden owner was already occurring anderwo chrakteristischen white spots on their plants.

The remarkable thing was that not only plants of a genus or family were affected, what is absolutely still as an attack by a virus or other disease could suggest.

Rather, it was herbaceous and woody plants of various types are equally damaged: this creates in this way with such symptoms usually not a disease, not a pest.

Ask an experienced gardener or a doubt botany professor, if you can.

If you think I am mistaken for, please let me know the purpose of counter-speech correction, because I am not keen to spread this nonsense.

I run just over 25 years gardening and have only three semesters studying botany.

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3 Responses to "The oil is there rain"

  1. Redhat says:

    I also run horticulture.
    Will let us stay in contact because I suspect we will soon have similar Symphptome in Europe.
    Write me on my e-mail

  2. AdeptusMinor says:

    Components of the oil have long since dissolved into aerosols. The flaring of oil in gold also contributes to the toxic components of the oil are transported through the air.

    That's all for the moment yet harmless!

    Just wait once off when a hurricane sweeps by now about this great 10.000Quadratkilometer Slick, GIANTS-oil compounds are sucked up and then later rain down in the U.S..
    July and August is the main hurricane season.

    This is of course not confined to the coast as it now wants to make white Americans. The wind, especially a hurricane can quickly transport the materials thousands of kilometers.

    Imagine a giant vacuum cleaner, the oil transported to great heights as a hurricane, zuerstäubt very small and it all comes down again later of course.

    It is the largest pollution in the entire human race!

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ AdeptusMinor

    In fact, the Schlunz be blown thousands of miles, sometimes we get Saharan dust in Germany, so even solids from an appropriate distance.

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