Honor the end of the world!

On 21 12th 12 is to honor World downfall, purely empty Sauternes.

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46 Responses to "Honor the doomsday!"

  1. bl says:

    Of course there is no "doomsday". On the contrary. The previous negative energies are slightly higher than go into the positives.

    But for the Sauternes, there are plenty of other reasons, such as the events of today and in the next few months ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bl


    But: Imagine me, the world was going on, just like that, and all the beautiful Sauternes moldy ungetrunken to himself.

    THAT would be tragic!

    Above all, totally irresponsible!

  3. Karl-Josef says Malo:

    "Honour the doomsday!"

    When, before or after? :)

    If the world was going of things, the mind would lose in the void.

    The mind is already in the void, it must not be afraid of the loss of objectivity.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Karl-Josef Malo

    When perishing of course!

  5. Karl-Josef says Malo:

    @ Magnus

    When perishing to go in himself, that is really natural?

    Incidentally, it is allowed you to call me Joseph.


    Now please do not ask me who is LG. The often haunts me wherever I go. On 21 12th 12 will be the end but hopefully so.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Joseph

    LG = Loose trash

    And when perishing to go in himself, which is more than natural.

    Yes why should the Sauternes are maintained so that one does not immediately stand out.

  7. Föhnix says:

    @ Karl-Josef Malo

    "If the world was going of things, the mind would lose in the void.

    The mind is already in the void, it must be about the loss of objectivity is not afraid. "

    That's why I'm looking for either gold strategies, even for survival preparations. Nothing and I mean we will welcome each other and our common resolve to totally anonymous pleasure.

  8. Föhnix says:

    ... Therefore I say but: Anonymity is the future!

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    A doomsday without a name: That sounds like a very Drögen apocalypse.

    Not even Müller-Thurgau and Bacchus, let alone Sylvaner, Riesling, Semillon.

    From the end of the world do I sign out of precaution.

  10. Föhnix says:

    The Well-known is smoke and mirrors, the nameless reality.

  11. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Joseph

    Crawl into the communion wine is called the wine.

    This means that he is finished in moderation, so wegzutrinken liter.

    Else should like it even the devil.

    And killed by drunken driving out devils tore never no priest.

  12. Föhnix says:

    @ Magnus Wolf Khayyam

    The Rubaiyatismus is certainly a worthy alternative ...

  13. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    Got this Persian-Muslim genius because of his irrational counting fermented Zibebensud as medicine?

  14. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Joseph & Föhnix

    Such a law is actually an exciting thing indeed fall world.

    Finally you have time to take care not to his work: so that even workers and artists can profit.

    As the state moves out but not so easy, new annual holidays, perhaps we could rededication of the Assumption.

    At the time, it's usually pretty warm, so that the celebrations are well outside lined with freshly grilled grundlagsweis.

  15. Föhnix says:

    @ Magnus Wolf Goeller

    Not only as a medicine ...

    "I have penetrated the heights and depths of existence, it is capable of so much spirit,
    And everything that any gauged thinking;
    But call me fool, unless not all, of what man is risen,
    The best wine of the highest noise is! "

  16. Föhnix says:

    Nothing to talk about the Omar also has something to contribute:

    Philosophy has often
    With "is" and "is not" me sounded in his ear;
    But I'm never penetrated so far inside,
    Like wine-filled into the pitcher.

  17. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    Is the motto of that poet

    It is my trust

    I rejoice

    Listen Dionysen loftiest lights

  18. Föhnix says:

    @ Magnus Wolf Goeller

    Sure, the Ruba ʿ ī comes from that.

  19. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    Not enough of the jar!

    I Anhiero verwage

    Seriousness of the whole situation!

    Who's going to rot

    If we are not dead in the near future?

    May well be that a Chines' still awaits

    At the other end of earth

    On Wall forsaken barren terrain

    Scratches in the rice straw with his feet

    What this may bring us Germans now

    Bar of each drop to sing?

  20. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    By the time I even sat down on a West-Eastern Divan.

    Severally raise one.

  21. Föhnix says:

    've Recounted in Khayyam Rubijat: in the 336 verses is found 154 times "wine", which is whopping 46% vol

  22. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    Thousand years of Persian Cognac?

    You can offer me one of them.

  23. Föhnix says:

    Here's half a dozen German translation of the Rubáiyát:


  24. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    This seal would taste good to me.

    Thank you!

    World sunsets are not the only meaningful and timely application of noble liquids, but also the world's advanced spiritual perfection!

    I knew it from her heart, that one will not fall sauternesgestützter world can turn unproductive.

  25. Karl-Josef says Malo:

    @ Föhnix

    If the trip goes off into nothingness, as I pack then please make a Sirwifewalrucksack?

    In addition to our cavities in the brain, since we have yet another pack?

  26. Karl-Josef says Malo:

    @ Magnus

    "Finally we have the time to take care not to his work. So that even workers and artists have something like this"

    Magnus agrees that artistic activity has always been the most sense, and write all the more formidable. The best example is the Book of Revelation - very powerful and the very meaning has to date no one. Until now! Now it's high time too slow, otherwise it may soon be too late - Endgame in December 2012!

    How many Lutheran apple trees planted before and you have to actually ask where exactly, depending on how often the downfall of the world should be repeated later?

    If you take enough altar wine, what do you think? The Bible says something about you that something like a city, I think it was in Jerusalem, would measure with a pipe. Measurement of drinking wine, then, must be always been very in.

    Vinegar from a sponge on the tube, I do not fact.

    The loose rabble greets also beautiful!

  27. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Joseph

    I'm just a new (almost -?) Set of the world.

    It will be perhaps not quite to your taste, because Jesus and God is not yet allowed to play.

    But we are also still in the first act

    Maybe I'll put them yet on the boards that mean the world.

  28. Karl-Josef says Malo:

    @ Magnus

    My worldview has changed yet again, a doomsday is therefore no longer so absolutely necessary.

    I've learned to do without Jesus in the meantime, but it would be very fine and decent of you if you'd let you play the loving God, at least in your other plays.
    God bless you too gracious!
    Tip noch'n mock, never the Holy Spirit, because he never forgives you.

  29. Föhnix says:

    @ Karl-Josef Malo

    The backpack can be safely omitted in this case. Only a robe would be useful - and perhaps a towel.

    With this guide, and a little manual labor is the way the robe ready in no time: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=327204.0

  30. Karl-Josef says Malo:

    @ Föhnix

    Thanks for the reply!

    I did not mean that nothing is spoken in English.

    Better perhaps would be a towel and a morning star, instead of dressing gown.

    Kind regards

  31. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Joseph

    I did not know that the Holy Spirit is so unforgiving.

    I do not even know if I will give the Council a High Galactic God's license.

    A request is made in any case.

  32. Karl-Josef says Malo:

    Here it is in black and white for reading.

    Women (and women with a penchant for other women) may not all:

    Psalm 79:12 and repay our neighbors sevenfold into their bosom the blasphemies with which they blasphemed thee, O Lord, have!

    (T'schuldigung, now I'm smooth "repays" with "awards" confused. Was probably irritated easily, because the word breast in the Bible.)

    Men may not all:

    Matthew 12:32 And whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven either in this world nor in the future.

  33. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Joseph

    Since haste but you jehabt luck, dear Joseph.

    The women may rumlottern that the Hebrews desert shakes, and you may not even need to say something about your Holy Spirit, which the taste could not possibly.

    That's a tough draw.

    Maybe you should umglauben and be in the next incarnation of himself a wife, so you have uninhibited fun times may.

    So as convalescence incarnation.

    Maybe you're then yes again like man, alone, to you to recover.

  34. Föhnix says:

    @ Karl-Josef Malo

    Yes, but. Engels. Also, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, as well as Franconian, Alemannic and kinesic.

    Who knows the grammar of ancient Humanity also knows how this works. This created two and a half millennia ago by a certain Panini's masterpiece is known of that language consists of several layers: First of three more or less concrete levels Vaykari (formal), Madhyama (objective) and Pashyanti (wisdom). Which is Para, an abstract, featureless plain is based - the transcendental nothingness, so to speak.

    How to apply not as nothing in vain Nothing this language, we will already see - or not. ;-)

  35. Föhnix says:

    @ Knight

    "The women may rumlottern that the Hebrews desert shakes, and you may not even need to say something about your Holy Spirit, who would not taste what may."


    Now I finally understand what the "C" with the "YOU" and to do the "SU" has! Feminism is willed by God and has therefore rightly ensconced in the corresponding C-parties. Ursula and Kristina are as God's warriors on behalf of the Holy Spirit on the way to enslave the masculine in the sense of the word of God, or something like that ...?

    @ Magnus

    Incidentally, I first read rogue "Hebrews sausages". But that was probably from you calculated so picaresque ;-))

  36. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    In Nothing We will probably just as well as Spanish and Chinese can Alemannisch.

    With me because I would still not so sure.

    Nothing is really secure spoke resistant?

    I mean do not compete now that the Wang Hinzen there with the simple terms is, especially not in terms of pronunciation and transcription ...: but where they already dispute on these two fields may not be completely ruled out.

    Nothing is so, if there is nothing to be infinitely small, so condensed, and thus are also thought to be compacted into nothingness infinity.

    A wide field.

  37. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    Clearly, the Christian parties lesbian sister organizations who consider themselves numerically strong male bonding.

    Because those members are allowed on holidays schniedelbebändelt lie in a coffin and recite proverbs.

  38. anonymous says:

    @ Karl Josef Malo
    As a "bust" was referred to this time the male breast. The Psalm thus refers also to men.
    Blasphemies against the source of their existence, women are just as little is forgiven. Less because of that mother nature had some grudge, but because that person ought ever "find the wisdom," as one Muslim put it quite aptly, they will hardly have the temerity to forgive yourself. No one can take such a size and holiness in words, we must witness to the divine magic to do it. Then stay sane and still live on, although, very surprisingly, however, feasible.

  39. Karl-Josef says Malo:

    @ Magnus

    "You can not even say anything about your Holy Spirit, which the taste could not possibly."

    We all have the Holy Spirit in us, not only I the Great, and in fact even with the time when our fresh meat and blood merged with the spirit of God is fulfilled. And telling you honestly, would you make your own mind contradicting himself and then do something that you could not even taste. But just the other "unclean" spirits are constantly trying to make us, by trying to curb our Holy Spirit and what should we do then some of us want, ALTHOUGH we did not taste it. Goes to pay taxes with it begins to incite the people against each other to the absolute chaos (total war, etc.) and so it continues to believe what we do, it stops. And in between we are the Gelackmeierten. This will and must change and quickly!

    "Maybe you're then yes again happy man, alone, to you to recover."

    I had as my husband always fun. Why should I wish me a "blood-fluid" (as it's seen periodically) woman to be? I love being a man.

    That said, how completely anonymous anonymous, with "Breast" used to be the male breast has been called, I was already known. Oh, you understand my jokes do not always and if I do something really serious about this, is that too often problems. You did well, nor do I know how Tättanuss is correct, what? I know this clearly, namely with the final beta.

    By the way, I just God (Jehovah, he shall be called after all) have met on the Internet. More on that later.


  40. Karl-Josef says Malo:


    Sure, you can not trust anyone and certainly not one wikileachspedia.

    But we should and must trust Jesus and what he has said: "I am the bright morning star" (Revelation 22:16)

    But the Book of Revelation is so difficult to interpret and still pointing to the future, although it is already completely naked, has since said that with what Jesus intended a different Bewandnis. The world is full of people who believe that Jesus is coming back soon. 2000 years are nothing, because in the Bible, for God would like us 1000 years for 1 day and people must or should we still seem to us like it or not as ordered and not picked up. The easiest way to keep people in their despair at the leash and exploit the best method by the way, according to all bar and thread can be. And the snakes in the world is here reserved. And these people care more for a world-wide chaos, because that is one of their underhanded plan.

  41. Karl-Josef says Malo:

    "For God would like us humans 1000 years 1 day"

    Of course the other way around! Stupid blunder by me.

  42. Karl-Josef says Malo:

    A little story, taken directly from the Bible.

    Everyone knows the story of Jesus' birth and what will be happened. Before our eyes appears the crib where the infant Jesus lies. Joseph and Mary are there, a very bright star shines directly above the crib in the night sky and this was the Magi or Wise Men from the East - in particular they should have been: Kasper, Melchior and Balthasar - directly led to this one place in Bethlehem (been what has to be so therefore been a long march, or where is the Orient? For one of the kings was dark-skinned, and where can a black man at that time already king or something special to be?) and this brought him gifts, gold, Frankincense and myrrh, as it is also easy when a new king sees the light of day. This picture makes a good impression and it also comes in the usual best of all Jesus films also home to the people in the parlor. It wants to see and believe everyone who wants and all the others have also determined this picture in mind. The said event is what the Bible under Matthew.

    Bible-believing Christians say it's all true what the Bible says something else and if it is different, it is nevertheless true total. Otherwise, where are we going there? Then you would even ponder and we do not want.

    But then, only two of the Gospels of Luke continues the story about the event in question is as follows in the same Bible, and I quote:

    Luke 2.8 And there were shepherds in the same area of ​​the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. 9 And behold, an angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were sore afraid. 10and the angel said unto them, Fear not! For behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be unto all the people. 11Denn you is born today a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord, in the city of David.

    From the bright star was so suddenly an angel has spoken, and he did it in the same area and same night. And until that night, the shepherds were told (there are now also have no or very high-ranking personalities, but poor shepherds) that because someone could not be prevented from coming. But these small variations of the same story in the Bible, so what? The report by Matthew is beautiful and the audience more effectively and therefore you have tuned out the world. Is that right?
    If it was not only all the many other discrepancies in the reports in the Bible there, of which hardly someone will notice something, because people are not so much any interest from reading the Bible to correct itself once. And anyway, the best thing about the Bible, the Revelation, which is that Jesus is against come to judge the wicked, is because that they deserve and we must leave him alone, and until then, Jesus has already said:

    Matthew 5:39 But I say unto you: ye resist not evil: but if anyone strikes you on your right cheek, he is also offering another;

    Matthew 26:67 Then they spit in His face and beat him with fists, others gave him slaps

    There are just more evil-minded people that can be asked not last long.
    Now Jesus is waited for with much patience, since 2000 years ago (or there are only two days?).


    A little story, taken directly from our recent history.

    Is the movie "The Tin Drum" known? This says little actor, now knows his name, "but it was not Santa Claus, but the gas man came." Günther Grass's film is set during the National Socialists, where in the movie then the Adolf came to power.
    The people believe in the good until it happens to evil firsthand. Unfortunately, only then, if at all. There are also people who understand nothing at all.

  43. 18 says:

    "We all have the Holy Spirit in us ..." Karl-Josef-Malo

    The less now. In me is you / It does not merely the divine spark. Sad, but true. Congratulations, if the cited one of the rare few who may be called "Churches". Then he would ask his spirit, whether you call it the perfect femininity just "Father in heaven" must ... Tsssss!
    "... Will judge the wicked, for that they deserve ..."
    Why? Selfishness, competition and self-preservation were more necessary engine of evolution. Although "evil" in such people is now obsolete, it was "ordained by God", respectively "gottgeduldet" because of its purpose. The first awareness had no right to accuse scum its suchness. Him to discard but already. Only this is not a "punishment" in the strict sense.

  44. Bookmarks says:

    "For God would like us humans 1000 years 1 day"

    Or otherwise

    For God there are no days or years. Time from the third dimension is no more perishable size and thus always available.

    I like to compare it with the height. We have a three-dimensional beings always high. It does not pass, it's always there, it is not limited, unless we have built the rooms too low.

    Time, however, is for us a transitory size, because it does not belong to our available dimensions. We can sniff it, but it is limited.

    Why not also contradict evolution and creation. Evolution is only noticeable in three-dimensional space at all, because there time is fleeting. What is evolution over thousands of years for us is for God, not even a blink of the eye - if it has eyelashes;)

    An exciting affair.


    Bookmark this

  45. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    The FAZ has no sympathy with the front of the world 21:12:12 Drowned.

    Gerapptured bad.

  46. Stefan Wehmeier says:

    "The creation of wealth is not at all contemptible, but in the long run there are only two people for worthwhile pursuits: the search for knowledge and the creation of beauty. This is beyond debate - at most one can argue about what is important from both. "

    Arthur C. Clarke (Profiles of the Future)

    Who in the categories of "good" and "evil" thinks, and therefore has not even started with the thought, but thinks of himself that he knew already what may, the fact that the rare wealth in "this world" at the expense More of the work of others and does not grow on apple trees, as "immoral" feel. Who will be reduced to the search for knowledge goes, and already can see, that the sensible use of the gold plating electrical plug contacts is met, at the end of the all-important question:

    Why a man who has been operating space has basically something as simple as the money was not understood until now?

    The cause is an outdated programming kollekiv the unconscious, which the half-way civilized humanity in the first "mad enough" made for the use of money (precious money is always interest money), since long before this most basic human relationship between scientific research. Doing so would have what we now call "modern civilization" which can not develop! That - and nothing else - was (and still is) the real purpose of religion, which mutated from method to madness with madness without method, and to us - regardless of the so-called faith (Cargo Cult) - all made to subjects who not know their own program.

    The awareness of the program is called "Resurrection".

    Welcome to the 21st Century:


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