Bilderberg 2011: World Peace efforts are geoffenbachert

Overall, the customer, the Bilderberger wanted this year in St. Moritz Kempinski to keep the world court.

Whether they will do it now or there anderwo that is not relevant.

Intriguing is the question of how the meeting will be sold this year.

After you have bricked two years ago in Greece or something, last year at Barcelona already like a natural tea party appeared under-competent, it would be for that alone, a fun anticipated, to which sheep Media shower for this year is planned in order to dupe the manipulators .

I would bet that you will be more specific this year: the freedom of nations, especially the Arab, is the subject of proceedings being declared.

It is against human rights abound just as in St. Moritz.

An anti-Semitic declaration will probably save you, though, according to well informed sources, toying with it.

Intent is for all considerations of course, especially that one exists in the tabloid universe only in the second year, long before only in the imaginary Orkussen of baseless Veschwörungtheoretikern over fifty years of his unreal existence perpetual, the one alsomit psychomorphogenetisch fairly new task facing.

You have to bring so to speak, so far only the numinous power finally into the earthly.

You will have to veroffenbachern us a lot of world peace efforts.

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7 Responses to "Bilderberg 2011: World Peace efforts are geoffenbachert"

  1. Armin says:

    Yes, Sitges, the Bilderberg Geheimsein has exploded final. You could smell it in the air, the cracks increased in Medienblackout was like eruptions, the lies soap bubble had burst. It's really exciting to watch now as the illustrated handle it. It is assumed that the Bilderberg is in St. Moritz a proportionate media spectacle. The Official Fan Site Bilderberg (@ , was just unfortunately already occupied) in any case shows their strategy, and gently forced the cat out of the bag to let.

    But what is ultimately really discussed in the Bilderberg inner literary circles, and even if there Tacheles is spoken and ceremonial which accompanied the images Bergler looking for enlightening, that 'seeps' probably not due to the public.

    Yes, the Bilderberg literary world peace, truly a blessing. As long as these floppy noses digi us globally, we can forget with any certainty world peace!

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Armin

    The matter now moves to the weight of what is being said to what is reported.

    To that effect we are seeing certainly a paradigm shift.

  3. Stefan Wehmeier says:

    Like all unconscious people are also the "Bilderbergers" by an artificial archetype in the collective control unconscious, the semi-civilized humanity in the first "mad enough" made for the use of money (precious money is always interest money), long before this ever since basic interpersonal relationship was scientifically investigated.

    Welcome to the 21st Century:

  4. Sebastian says:

    Would not it be nice if all the talk about the time span pages The purpose of Bilderberg? not fanatical, but true.

    If the Bilderbergers world citizens are on the road to world government, then I'm full of it.

    But what is the conspiracy scene: I've noticed that there are mittelerweile a global mainstream (I make 10 times as often determined trailers per day conspiracy theory as left or liberals or Nazis are EVERYWHERE in my generation (I'm mid-20)

    You have ONLY ONE WORLD UNIFIED VERASCHWÖRUNGSTHEORIE, a combination of Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, the CFP and the Fed, and all believe the same, and: EXCEPT YOU HAS NOT IN SAU DENTZTEN JAHRZEHNETEN BILDERBERG FOR INTERESTED.

    Technically, the Bilderberg Group may actually have yielded ONLY THIS pressure. The media has for 50 years NOT A SINGLE WORD SAID Who is the most powerful man in the world have taken

    I've been a critic of verschwöörungsszenen years, but since yesterday I have question I responded to what pressure the Bilderberg here. And with my Vorschreiobern I'm very excited about what this move means for the conference 2012th

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Sebastian

    Yes, the poor were forced to simply Bilderbergers for over 50 years to meet in order to meet all of the evil conspiracy theorists.

    It's logical!

    And if you want one world government, then you must also back there maybe times.

    However, if you're mid-twenties, then it is likely they did not know until you're old enough.

    Their days are numbered, namely at least years.

  6. Joseph of Aphoris says:

    @ Magnus

    "Their days are numbered, namely years at least."

    How you can make it be so sure?

    The drive of this game and their ancestors that is very, very long time.

    Who was the beautiful saying? ".... Then just by force."

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Joseph A. v.

    Justified objection.

    Which of course I can not really be sure.

    There are a few things that suggest that the young man will get no chance, where mitzutun itself.

    First, they could achieve their goals and thus their meetings will be obsolete.

    Second, they could at least in this form rather abolish itself. (Then, of course, the sauce would be just different)

    Third, and as such substantially here, they will probably soon be the end because their system of oppression no longer holds.

    Previously they had not only the money monopoly, the military, but also that of the information.

    This is over.

    It probably is not a Pike thought that it could get there.

    Why would the "third pass" to their inevitable victory.

    I am confident.

    Still too "... then just by force."

    You already get barely halfway intelligent young for the enlisted men.

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