Hitler Hollywood II (Cannes can crack 'n cack)

The Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival is awarded.

Hardly surprising that as best film, a strip was excellent, the sheer perverse and fascistic German (the children should already be so!) Had the subject, as original times before the Nazi era, as proto-Nazis, so to speak.

As best male lead actor a Ösi was excellent, the - you guessed it easily - was a crazy SS officer and -Schlächter.

Best Actress - you might not guess's now so easy - a woman was awarded, the self-mutilated in a work of art with the great name "Antichrist" naked.

Nazis are in the case of exceptionally well not here.

But at least she stammers in the FAZ interview anything of Nietzsche therefore.

So fulfilled Anti German statutory minimum.

If almost only kinky Nazis, Kinderschänderfilme be awarded priest and bloody self Castigation sex Obscure Horror Ante in Cannes, our politicians should at least not more surprised when frustrated young person shooter games up to the real rampage.

Whether uranium "Dick" Cheney soon for once Iraqi children dead is ... see, George Bush it zuguckend even besorgend and thrilled by Obama to clap your hands, while Henry Kissinger fondles his neck?

Do not worry.

Hollywood and Cannes take good care of us, will continue to press not the present or recent past in their half-baked movies and prices but good penetrant do their work, so the older past always appears larger than life worse than the present time.

Alswelche so to speak, considering yesterday almost does not matter.

These will also fit that Hitler flies in the movies at the cinema in the air, because he is such a Kinonarr.

Now you have the painter from Braunau am Inn even art appreciation and artistic sense to concede, to make it again really befitting finished.

Soon you will probably have a few bastardized Brad Pitt Bulls have scored in the hollow Earth or Mars, to all harmless personally to forge the immortal villain in his hole a time of titanium spiked chains, so that his eternal suffering per 24-hour webcam always in may serve Internet voyeuristic purposes by people who find something horny rats and otherwise have to do in their miserable existence on earth anyway nothing rational.

Hopefully you staring mutated then not for mourning service ("Man learns only when he eats shit" - quote from a contemporary Blökers), the "frees" not in the desired manner.

Because at least then took Hollywood alongside top and under the earth a few potent aliens.

Which could help the tortured chained from ignorance or pure desire for freedom, and especially if all the obvious disturbed Müßiggaffer who never tired of watching at the painful bending and groaning of the prisoner pits and listen assets.

Then flew the undead Chancellor in the repaired Haunebu directly to New York to the UN and organized there a Rieseneiterbeulenbambule along with Super Swinger Parties in wetlands motherfucking marching music.

Hitler Hollywood would have again a blockbuster.

Who has my ten million for the screenplay idea?

(Read before the recent hyperinflation that - she guessed it again -. Precaution, the Nazis bring back to power for Large Cinema)

Even ten million please.

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