9/11: I'm Journamist

9/11 is a gaping wound. The Nightmare of sheep media.

The official story of the collapse of the three towers is so outrageous that everyone remembers who thinks just a bit. So it is not easy. Or, all statements are not suitable.

The difficult task that now falls to the sheep media, is that, ever to present adventurous allegations against all known physics and any common sense as incontrovertible facts that one forgets Newton wants under the apple tree out and Wieland call in from the forge as witnesses whose supertemporal laughter to hear.

The absurd explanations for almost three in fall velocity perpendicular collapsing into itself reinforced concrete buildings are now legion; Only one remains stubbornly's just not on.

I have often wondered how long we have to watch this still be wrong-headed spectacle that the impossible is trying to position itself as the only possible, everything is actually in contrast, portrayed as Possible crazy fantasy.

Yes, of course, drives me to the question of how stupid the MSM journalists who play there really are. The faith itself, a reinforced concrete building would be something like thin plastic threads on each storey tower-like suspended pancakes, which then coincided to a pancake lump? Pylons, several inches of strong steel wall, first penetrated by thin aluminum, then whether a fire suddenly with a monkey Pip rundrum exactly the same time and to the bottom right one after the other portions crumbles? Those who believe this crap? Journamisten?

Perhaps we should be concerned about such people also do not have to worry.

But it is also again not entirely irrelevant, since whoever believes what he dished out, and who is not, therefore, lies directly.

Most of all, I distributed the following questionnaire.

Please tick:

0 - I am a journalist and I believe in the official version of 9/11

0 - I am a journalist, but do not know what was better, and is

0 - I am a journalist and I know what I have to say and not to say

0 - I am a journalist and lie with

0 - I am a journalist and stick my nose out of other people's business

0 - I am a journalist and know that Mesut Özil was too young to pull the thing alone

0 - I am a journalist and I find it funny how stupid people are

0 - I am a journalist and think about not publicly after

0 - I am a journalist and therefore worldview structural engineer

0 - I am a journalist and therefore responsible for nothing

0 - I am a journalist and therefore do not get paid for thinking

0 - I am a journalist and confess only a priest or the master of the chair

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7 Responses to "9/11: I'm Journamist"

  1. Schmotz says:

    The same madness when it comes to practically non-existent anthropogenic climate change.

    Since then calls the climate guard the NGO Greenpeace cloud operators to order. After all, I can still laugh about it.

    Why not say GP but chemtrails? Why the use of ELF systems (HAARP, Lois ...)? Why m. W. to the use of DU munitions?

    However, it annoys me completely when in almost every mission of public service lies transmitter that has something to do with technology, such as automobiles, etc., the CO2 is highly Relevance cooked.

    And what is with another great "misfortune" of the Titanic?



  2. collective passion says:

    We are doing an overview of the most absurd Highlights of the 9th / 11 ritual that previously could not thematize journalists:

  3. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Schmotz

    Greenpeace is a lying thoroughly store.

  4. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ All

    This is just the Google under "Journamist":

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  5. Block Osphäre says:

    I am blogger, but I just make time to a physicist and for me to have a monopoly on the truth about embracing a never-seen event like 9/11 for me - I have finally seen the film Zeitgeist, even 3 times.

  6. Block Osphäre says:

    Hehe, it was clear that you can not comment here free :)

  7. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Block Osphäre

    How you think?

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