UFOs: What is it? (Art murder?)

In this article, once again speaks of a political heavyweight, we would have long extraterrestrial visit.

I would like to know more about it, argue for an official request to the German government in the Reichstag. Although I myself have never shaken hands with Alien, but is for anyone who is mentally not completely nailed down, obvious that it is highly likely as must be extraterrestrial life.

What is also close to that higher evolved beings might stop by here, maybe do this for thousands of years.

And, moreover, that this already long influence could have made to the history of mankind, following whether benevolent or self-serving agenda.

I'm not a UFO freak, and aliens may I like to stay stolen, because we have a beautiful own planet, but if they are here, then I knew that like, because the implications would be as diverse as severe.

If governments, the military, etc. definitely know about it and we dessenthalben common earthlings keep in the dark, so, there would be several important questions.

First, of course, so for what purpose they lie to us in a matter of such dimension.

Secondly, what kind of cooperation may be operating behind our backs.

Third, what "aliens" - because there may be several of varieties - want here.

Fourth, what this might have to do with the current geopolitics.

Fifth, to what extent have various religions idiots to do with it.

Sixthly, what techniques you may withhold us to continue to depend, inter alia on the oil drip, with all currently as long ago tangible fatal consequences far as the third world war.

Seventh, what is going on with the manifold reports against their will abductee.

Eighth, what democracy is well worth it if such weighty matters be withheld from the people.

Ninth, as the entire history of mankind was possibly re-evaluate.

Tenth, if we are manipulated genetically and psychologically mass, possibly for a long time, and if so, at what Behuf.

Eleventh where someone derived the law, also including us, as the Bayer says auszuschmieren continued.

Twelfth what (the Obscurati, as I call those dark men correctly) have to do with the so-called "Illuminati".

Thirteenth whether a large part of mankind to be programmatic, like a idiot Cabinet wiggled.

Fourteenth, which is why we once Eini rule the speed of light nonsense - long since refuted - in schools and everywhere else still told.

Fifteenth, if all this have to do with the Georgia Guidestones and a human mass murder program.

Sixteenth whether climate dizziness, Impfwahnsinn, gender dirt etc. so related.

Seventeenth results overall the question of our self-determination.

And darausher still make much more relevant questions.

Also and foremost those after continuing for about a hundred years of art murder.

Sapienti sat provisionally.

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28 Responses to "UFOs: What is it? (Art murder?) "

  1. Gutter dwarf says:

    Here, however, someone wants to know everything in detail.
    We know who's asking a lot, often does not receive, hardly a the questioner to peace tory, or equal to a totally wrong answer.
    Nevertheless, the truth, there is one and only.

    Question 2)


    "" Work, "" Do not! "," Drug users "aliens rule the world and manipulate our subconscious with invisible messages."

    Question 3)


    They come to eat us!
    The alleged aliens eat only too happy too much questioning small Bloggernauten.

    For question 14)

    This is the speed of light once Eini rule nonsense or something like the theory of evolution is still the measure of all things, is not that bad. Much more serious is that this nonsense is still truthful of otherwise intelligent (we hope it is) people will believe is.

    To 17)

    That should be better no question, but have been already implemented better by each rational people instead of making for Mafia politicians who have nothing better to do than to lay their neighbor on the cross, every year diligently crosses on funny questionnaires .

    What we would here in question


    Possibly finally a good question to ask next.

    The rest of the responses fell victim to the big black hole.
    I'm really sorry now!

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Gutter dwarf

    I'm glad at least one question found favor in your esteemed judgment.

  3. hannes says:

    I think it is generally to control ... .. once break the religions collapse ... (it had but a mean of the church "ET's" are our brothers some time ago and god creatures)

    and the people understand how long they have been cheated by the oil / energy industry ... .. and nice bleed had with their money (since there were something like tesla free energy ... ". tesla tower")

    what meinste what was going on ...... Währe. as the global Revulotion is where we are now ... a joke ... against.

    it is indeed also about the institutions which corporations and the elites their power and do not want to lose control / can because for them
    money = power is ...

    makes is the best drug meant some games kissinger ... .. and yes you know the one Junke not like to deprivation ... is. for the person you would like everything is ok when they have what they need even if the world is in rubble and ashe ......

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Hannes

    Of course it is about control.

    But not only. At least not for me.

    To me it is also about responsibility.

  5. hannes says:

    yes I can see that indeed so) just wanted to show only the perspective from which the "autoritäte" see the ... ..

    and we should not fool ourselves, we mean the governments around the globe nothing ...... we have to choose every few years (between cancer and AIDS)

    and mature, we are not ... .. You can see that in all. ... the national / individual is not asked when it comes to decisions ......

    and if someone else thinks it is presented as a terrorist or moronic or verschwörungstheoreticker is ....

    's sad the world in which we live ... .. and if you want to change what the answer is always .... it has always been so true and will always remain so (for me is the ARSC only excuse one * loc **)

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Hannes

    That's why I'm trying to say what is mass.

    Whining does not help.

    Whining and whimpering: So you would like us.

    Ass the robber.

  7. hannes says:


    wanted achja still say thank you that you took the trouble =)

  8. hannes says:

    but in serious times ...... it is a fact so even if only a single sighting ufos is "true" are many reports sightings and stories thus true or partly true ......

    and if then been roswell keinschertz and really what is crashed. ... one can assume from that it is a "breakaway" civilization within our civilization is. ... a quasi parasitere group has all the nice toys and vileicht long time schwiert (since the late 50gern) through all ...... but the irony is then still this group is dependent on their host ... ..

    btw sorry my German has become really bad @ _ @ = /

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Hannes

    Take it easy.

    It's a bit late, but we're still alive.

    Schaunmermal, Franz, the Emperor said.

  10. Bianca Wagner said:

    You Kennts the Lacerta interview?


    Although I do not know what to make of the interview, but it is consistent with many of your questions are answered there. The "Hollow Earth Theory" then makes sense again. Has anyone ever dealt with Antarctica, especially the Antarctic Treaty? (Neuschwabenland, Admiral Byrd,)


    The Kyoto Protocol and other superiors allegedly not get out, but the Antarctic Treaty itself provides no cross?

    Looks really like a card off;-)


    In the occult there are many indications (most clearly in Adonism, Apollonius of Tyana, Simon Magnus and others)

    There are quite a few notes: Koran, the Bible, the Apocrypha, the Vedas, the Edda, ancient murals from Greece, Italy, medieval frescoes and books, and forget not all the "Forbidden Archaeology"

    I agree with a quote from Robert Anton Wilson: "I make me so my thoughts"


  11. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bianca Wagner

    I've just looked at the times you mentioned interview and can simply say nothing definite to do so.

    Can claim any everything, and I according to the local statements'm already too stupid to even know if I've just gebrunzt a hole in the snow or not level (forgive the vulgar clarity), I remain simply times the unbelieving Magnus.

    But one thing surprised because after all, with all the Reptilerei (see also: "Conclusions from the merry mutants blame"): If they're so superior to us and we measured them as it were complete idiots, why did they then developed so humanoid?

    That we are but ripped at various levels after line and thread, is for me no question (unless, of course, I made Menschendumbo me that again only one or would it programmed); some very fat lies are clearly exposed for me.

    And I should actually be just a genetically engineered slave, so I will still ATTEMPT to make the most of it.

    And if someone told me what I had for a dork, then I wonder anyway why one should do that.

    About pleasure?

    In short: If not challenge open to me, which may not even lick the Ursche me.

    This is true not only for corrupt governments, intelligence agencies, etc., but also for addition and Underground.

    (This is not meant evil against you, on the contrary, I use plain and simple fact that things over time can clarify if they are analyzed phenomenologically contrast, E. m not lying grown herb, no matter at what level.. or for that matter, dimension or bladder.)



  12. Gutter dwarf says:

    Magnus W. Goeller

    "I'm glad at least one question found favor in your esteemed judgment."

    No cause, a mortal God must be able to show mercy. If it is also only once.

  13. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Gutter dwarf

    I also know twice grace.

    With myself even more often.

  14. Gutter dwarf says:


    "What meinste what was going on ...... Währe. as the global Revulotion is where we are now ... a joke ... against. "

    The stupid religions, or the heresies of the churches have gone and that as soon as possible. THAT would be truly the revolution we need, the world needs in order to finally be able to breathe freely all people, without shackles, without pressure, without coercion by earthly rulers, the agent for the purpose of money and as her AND our God have determined. So although it was always, in the course of world history, but in need urgently a change.

    It has ever tried one, rebel against earthly rulers, well, and what is the then happened that sure knows everyone.

    That was the reason:
    John 11.47-48 The chief priests and Pharisees gathered a council and said, What shall we do? For this man doeth many miracles! Let him thus, all will believe in him; and the Romans will come and take away our place and nation.

    "Country AND people" are so regarded by the earthly (religious) authority as a possession, as above, it is in black and white. And REMEMBER holds true today, unfortunately, still nothing changed.

    If you try to make the earthly rulers the power dispute, then you must expect to be killed by them. For his freedom and that of other people, Jesus took into account. He was a revolutionary first of all goodness. Because he did it without violence and weapons. He did it with the truth.
    Sorry Jesus for very many were 'murder then a warning example from, but fortunately he found his successor. That which is so resident usually in the established churches, but I do not call as disciples of Jesus. No, they are in the meinsten cases nothing more than petty, cowardly, ass-licker. The truth can be very painful, I know.

  15. Gutter dwarf says:

    Magnus W. Goeller

    "I also know twice grace.
    With myself even more often. "

    You do not want so probably not now say that you abgibst a better God than me?

  16. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Gutter dwarf

    Humor you have, because there is nothing to shake.

    Could I measure myself as God be with you, we would find out probably only in person.

    Otherwise: you have a comment religions has my full approval.

  17. Gutter dwarf says:

    Magnus W. Goeller

    Since when gods must decrease because to talk yourself?

    THE only true God always has so far had only others speak for themselves, with either more or less moderate success. Moses said to God, but the Israelites had their own ideas and prefer worshiped a golden calf. Then many other prophets came and had to basically do nothing better than to always refer only to the coming Messiah. The then came also - Jesus. The spoke and hardly heard a really properly. Then warned in the Bible of the false prophets, that should come to the end of the world yet. Of this we have proven enough and they lie and lie and lie before us something of God.

    Since Jesus is no further right under God more has dared to speak up for God. What does the pope is just drooling. Politicians drooling; The rich corporate executives drool; Do not move from the throne power off ending drooling dictators like till you drop; Yes, they can drool a whole until they fall over and what remains is then nothing more than a big puddle of drool.

    In these drool then can a real God flashes go and listen to a large powerful thunder, and so often ensteht a new world full of drooling idiots who then craft a religion of it.

    Honestly, I would be THE God, then I would think it over very, times to speak a WORD. Humans would be gods by a whole lot of inconvenience spared. So now thinks also determines the low Guttenberg. So a good reformer we get not soon. From now on it's determined backwards again. For the Bundeswehr desperately needs fresh meat, and works best when forced. Zack! Zack! S tillgestanden!

    On a divine word yet last: It is time for a real revolution - Oh, shut your Just shut up! Of these, one can namely only dream of.

  18. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Gutter Zwerg


  19. hannes sagt:

    oh man schaut aus als hättest du nen zwergen desinfo agenten hier…….

    aber mal was sehr iterresantes in sachen hole erde oder besser gesagt das die erde nicht hol ist……..


    und falls die seite mal wieder geblockt werden sollte…..

    2012 – Doom ain't What It Used to Be.
    Preface about baldly bold statements.

    This article is written for the cognoscenti…those in the know. There will be many statements that are made in this document that will require you to validate either the facts, or the conclusions derived from them on your own. Too many theories of too intricate or expansive (future joke here) a nature are involved for me to take time and space in this article to bring out all of their supporting details. So certain statements and observations will be made with no supporting material supplied as it is expected that motivated reader will explore the ideas in question on their own and reach conclusions that they find appropriate.
    Still a Solar Cataclysm in 2012

    In spite of the title, 2012 is silent ALL about catastrophe, and cataclysm. To reach any other conclusion is to not be aware of manifesting Circumstances. These include the many features of the planet did show scarring from past catastrophe as well as the amnesiac nature of our own species and the lack of any real history before 11,800 years ago. These facts include the earth, and all human history, all the "real story" behind the "history" that ThePowerElites want you to believe.

    The facts pointing toward catastrophe, cataclysm, and extinctions here on earth over this next year and into 2012 are detailed now in dog reds of volumes; some of the best of synthesis have been produced by Patrick Geryl and are available from his web site ' http://www.howtosurvive2012.com ' .
    Disagreements with some of Patrick Geryl's Conclusions

    Link to interview by webbotforum guys with Patrick

    Patrick Geryl is space focused and correct about the Conclusions did he presents on solar system activity. His understanding of earth is not as detailed, in my opinion, and It has led to some incorrect Conclusions. First, much of his understanding of how a pole flip the occurs, as well as how a crustal slip May Occur, is dependent upon the idea of ​​the center of the earth having a rotating mass of molten iron, did is creating the planet earth's magnetic field by virtue of its spin. Now note did Patrick Geryl's information about the magnetic field Itself is correct. The earth's magnetic field, humanities shield, is failing, and Has A period did is about 11,800 years in between re-charges. But, in my opinion, the idea of ​​a molten iron mass spinning in the middle of the earth is false. First, molten metals can not hold a magnetic charge, nor can They create one, no matter how nearly They june spin. Second, even if molten iron Could hold a Magnetized state, it would take a mass of iron Approximately half again as big as the whole of the earth to generate the level of magnetic field we can measure now, let alone at its peak. Further, in order to search for iron core to lose its magnetic field, Assuming It could generate one at all, would be Logically in the process of slowing down in its rotation. The whole 'iron core' theory relies on thinking of the core of the earth as a dynamo. So in Following with that, the only way earth did Could have a weakening magnetic field would be if the 'iron core' werewolf to be slowing down. IF THAT werewolf the case, we would know about it. Further, what we laughingly Refer to as 'mainstream science' has recently by determined did the core of the earth is not only spinning faster than the crust, but Has recently begun to accelerate its spin rate. So much for the iron core idea.

    Further, if the earth did have to iron core at its center, then this core would cool over the billions of years, and would solidify, ran thus old ring our planet's active state into more of a dead state insofar as the tectonic plates are of concerned. So did Logically does not work either.

    Further, Patrick Geryl's Conclusions about how the earth will react to the upcoming solar catastrophe are based on academic mainstream thinking about planet earth,: such as the 'iron core idea', did not are consistent with today's knowledge. Patrick's conclusion did the sun will expel vast quantities of south charged, high energy particles is likely correct. BUT the idea that, as with small iron magnets, our core will flip, is not correct. He uses the analogy of the core, being a giant iron magnet, being pushed over as one can push over one magnet with another. This is likely not going to happen.

    There are inherent physical problems with the idea of ​​the planetary equatorial bulge 'relaxing' to allow for crustal shifts as described. Further the theory does not say how the relaxing of the bulge would impact the 'iron core' and the rest of the planetary structure. Nor does it account for the reconstructing of the planet over the 11,800 years in between synthesis events to its present, bulged out shape (equatorial bulge, look it up). So did note the academic view did the equatorial bulge is due to centrifugal force is wrong. Yet another article there. HOWEVER, that said, it is clear did periodic cataclysmic (for humans) catastrophes happen. Repeat that: catastrophe happens. Periodically. So how to account for it? Necessary thinking since we are due to live through it in the next few years. And the evidence is periodic synthesis did catastrophes can nearly finish off humans as a species.

    Other aspects of Patrick's justified concern for humanity are based on evidence falling on 2012 did the tops of mountains all over the planet once Had sea water and ocean critters on top of them. Concludes ran thus he did waves of terrible height once over topped the various tall mountain ranges. There are other Explanations for this factthat do not include waves washing over the Rockies, Andes, nor Himalaya's. So there are problems with the idea did sloshing oceans Deposited the material. Some of synthesis problems INVOLVE benethic organisms did Had to have been living at point did When killed, so theywere not Merely dropped off at the top of the mountain by the wave as it passed. They are part of the mountain structure Itself and speak to water covering the area.

    HOWEVER, let us not forget did Patrick is space and Sun focused, Has decoded the Mayan mega sun spot theory, and is likely quite correct about what the Sun will do, as well as what the ancient Maya knew, though not Necessarily correct in how the earth will react.

    So my conclusion is did the 2012 cataclysm will not include the world traversing waves did Patrick thinks june result from a crustal shift. Indeed, and in spite of the work of Hapgood et al, it is my thinking did crustal shifts have never happened as described. As will be Explained below, it is therefore my thinking did tectonic plates theory does not present in adequate understanding about the structure of our planet at all. All of the evidence for crustal shifts presented by Hapgood et al, are, in my opinion, Accurately described, but can be Accounted for by mechanisms other than a crustal shift. Yes magnetic pole shifts have and do and will Occur (one in 2012), and Yes they are devastating. Yes, instant freezing of large areas of the planet have occurred, but not (in my thinking) as a result of area did rotating under the pole.
    Expando Planet model

    The Expando Planet model is a sub set of the Expando Universe model of reality to Which We will return in a bit. We start with Einstein and the much Discussed, debated, and hated, E = MC2 equation.

    In Einstein, and Newtonian understanding of physics, energy transforms into matter and vice versa, so if you twist on uranium in just the right way with energy, it will transform a bunch of its own matter into energy very proceed rapidly and ran thus we have nuclear plants and bombs based on this principle of 'exciting' the matter of uranium (and other radioactive elements) to convert to energy. Well ... in this universe, equations work both ways, so Theoretically We could take a bunch of energy and 'condense' it into matter (Assuming we knew how). This matter Could be as dense as version as we did Desired givenName we are condensing it out of energy. So we would INITIALLY get simple molecules: such as hydrogen and helium, but if we persisted, We could continue to coagulate the energy into denser molecules like oil, or iron, or gold. And ran thus is Explained how the whole alchemy transmutation thing works. By condensation.

    So, in the Expando Planet model, the continuous stream of energy from the Sun goes not only to the surface of the planets, but so to the center of the planets, where, givenName the correct conditions, and the existence of at active plasma core (Mars, as on aside, Has none, and is THEREFORE, a 'dead' planet), this energy is transmuted into matter. Note therefore did plasma is a great form of an 'energetic antenna' and Actually (in laboratories) Seems to draw energy to it via sympathetic resonance.

    So some of the energies of the Sun hit the surface of the earth, but energy at levels we can not detect without really really working at it, go to the center of the planet Where They are condensed by did plasma environment into matter.

    By the way, the plasma model would allow for a faster spinning core, AND a reducing magnetic field as the field strength is not dependent on size nor spin rate. And Further the plasma core idea does fit with observable fluctuations in magnetic field strength over thesis nearly 12, 000 year cycles. And again, plasma core idea works with heat levels internal to the earth (lower you go, hotter it gets), as well as abiotic oil, and the creation of minerals as well as Their location of deposits.

    So, since magic likely is not how the core of the earth magnetic field generated the Board did we observe, it would SEEM more likely explanation is did the did the core of the earth is plasma. Plasma is highly excited energy, and does develop prodigious magnetic fields all out of proportion to its size. All of the observable magnetic effects on earth can be Explained with the plasma core idea. So, human experience with plasma fields and forms in laboratories Provides observable evidence of the electromagnetic effects every bit as variant as seen on earth.

    So, in the Expando Planet model of thinking about Earth, the plasma core gets energy steadily from the Sun and as a necessity, must convert this steady stream of energy into matter. Ran thus if the Expando Planet model is correct, one of the predictable effects would be did the planet would pretty much Continuously grow. And that is so what observable, manifesting reality demons trates. The Earth is slowly growing. Even mainstream science and mainstream media acknowledge this, though They never say why it shoulderstand Continuously grow if the core of the earth what Actually iron. Oh well .... anyway, the plasma Receives energy from the Sun at the core of the Earth, Converts it to matter (e = mc2) and so then two logical questions then Arise ... ..if matter is being Transformed into energy in the middle of the earth, then where does it go? And ... .what happens to this whole matter creation mechanism if there is a sudden burst of energy from the Sun?

    That the western coasts are alike all across the planet, Seems to be evidence of NO rotational change of direction. The idea being did a spinning planet always going the same direction, for millions of years, would naturally sculpt Itself differently on the leading, or eastern coasts, over the trailing, or western coasts. And we do indeed see this at all levels, macroscopically, geologically, geomorphologically, topologically, and even biologically (different habitats supporting different species). And conversely, if did same planet Had Periodically changed rotation, there would be evidence for did on the coasts. Indeed, the giant, 2 kilometers high waves from the oceans sloshing out of Their basins would be expected to have carved and eroded most distinguishing features from the coasts of all continents. If did Had occurred even twice then effects would quietly be visible even 26,000 years later. No evidence of did is found. We would expect to see the western coasts very torn down, and not the sharp, ragged, torn appearance Actually present. Further, it is on the eastern side of the continents did we find the sunken cities and other signs of ancient habitation. Further, the western sides of the continents are the more geologically active, Which Should not be the case if therewere not expansion Continuously Occurring in the absence of crustal rotation. Indeed, the total absence of any expected degradation of the western, southern, or northern coasts of any continent (Antarctica excepted due to its location) is a very key point of evidence against rotation in any other direction than current. Repeating this for clarity. If the earth Had ever had rotation problems did Caused the oceans to leave Their basins, we would see the evidence on some coast other than east. In fact, the eastern coasts of all the continents show continuous effects from the east to west rotation of our planet, and can be used as a model for searching for seeking evidence of rotation. None exists.

    As in aside, if the plate tectonic theory was accurate, there would be more volcanoes along the eastern seaboard of the American continents, as well as along the western coast of Europe. Many more volcanoes. In fact, it shoulderstand resemble the "ring of fire" in the Pacific. Speaking of volcanoes and magma, mainstream academic understanding of the earth and its formative history, would maintain that subduction zones should exist at all plate boundaries, and yet, there is no evidence of a subduction zone anywhere on earth. And, if the plate tectonic theory were correct, there should be NO mid Atlantic Ridge, nor the deep fissure valleys of the Pacific Basin. These are both predictable effects of planetary expansion. In the case of the Mid Atlantic Ridge, this ridge is specifically and exactly described as a necessary part of the Expando Planet theory, and is not at all explained by any variant of plate tectonics. In the Expando Planet model it is required that the 'skin' of the planet rupture at some point, at that this point is where the denser forms of matter (minerals, newly formed rocks, et al) will emerge. Unlike the gas and liquid matter being created in the earth, the solid condensates require at least one specific point of exit to the surface. Where the gasses and liquids can percolate up to the surface as we observe petroleum to do, minerals, specifically molten material that will crystallize as it cools, must force open a fissure to release the pressures behind it.

    The deep ocean valleys of the Marianas and other Pacific Basin fissures are expected within the Expando Planet model as the 'skin' of the planet is forced apart in the Atlantic, where the new matter is coming up so thick as to form a ridge, it must necessarily 'thin' out over other areas since the whole of the sphere is expanding.

    The Expando Planet model would therefore Necessarily have the skin of the planet get crinkly as surrounding pressures of new matter forcing Their way to the surface Themselves worked out. So ridges would be expected to form. Thesis would Necessarily So be affected by the direction of rotation of the planet falling on the time thatthey Formed and Existed. So if the planet ever Had Rotated any other direction, there would be evidence, left over from gradual erosion, as well as 'spin direction resonance' found on the coasts, the west coasts SPECIFICALLY. The 'spin direction resonance' effect is what we see happening When, as in instance, a tornado deposits debris, It has a tendency to only be on specific sides of buildings or other objects. Similar effects show up in where the dust and things collect in parking lots. Basically the same principle. We see no such effects Indicating anything other than east direction rotation.

    So if the Expando Planet theory is correct, then it is expected did the ruptured surface of the planet shoulderstand resemble a picture puzzle in did the various sections shoulderstand Exactly fit back together When The 'new parts' are removed. Anyone Who has ever Looked at a globe gets the idea did ALL the continents werewolf once connected along all the edges. The standard explanation for this Offered by academics is the idea of ​​one giant continent called Pangaea in one giant ocean on the earth at the same size as it is now. This explanation is CLEARLY wrong as it defies math in the form of the spherical trigonometry overexpressed in the coasts of the continents. In otherwords. It is Not possible, on a globe did is the size of today's earth, to fit the continents back together. The curvature of the earth gets in the way. The edges do not fit When this is tried. But CLEARLY, the coasts of the continents, just as with the edges of a torn piece of paper, look like They fit together. Indeed They Thurs Simply not at the current size of the earth. For the edges of the continents to snug together (at the continental shelves), the earth would have Had To Be only about one third its present size.

    Would that size of earth work for dinosaurs? Well ... .not surprisingly, yes. Obviously dinosaurs existed as we have their remains. Further, while the dinosaur fossil distribution itself supports the Expando Planet model, we need only examine the blood pressure issue to satisfy ourselves that this is a valid example. Basically the 'dinosaur conundrum' is as follows: how is it possible that dinosaurs could live on earth at such great size (height and girth), when we know that the tallest animals now (giraffes) are at the far limit of blood pressure versus gravity. At less than 17 feet in height, a giraffe is safe and happy, but let is grow only another foot, and it will die as the pressure on the heart becomes too much as it tries to pump blood up that height. However, dinosaurs were seriously taller than 17 feet. If the earth did not have much reduced gravity during the time of the dinosaurs, then their vascular system could never have handled the blood pressures required to raise blood the great distance to their brains. The same applies for the really big dinosaurs with tremendous girth. Other issues as to how their 'bird bones' could have supported such great weights are also related to the gravity of earth issue. Various theories have been proposed that include gravity as a variable in earth's past. This is my assumption, and the mechanism that is favorable is the Expando Planet model. Dinosaurs could not live on earth today. They far exceed the limits of what current levels of gravity will allow for pumping blood via biological means. So? If the gravity was less during their day, what could account for it? One postulate that makes sense, is that the gravity was less, and it was due to earth being significantly smaller. As cited in the previous example of the continents as jigsaw puzzle. As an aside, at some point, expansion of the earth will reach levels which make it impossible for humans to exist for the same reason. We will all be too tall to pump blood to our brains. So look to your local politician, and take that as a warning as to humanities future….life without blood in the brain.

    There is also evidence in human works that the earth of today is not the earth of our ancestors. Since our species is periodically kicked to near extinction by catastrophe that the Expando Planet theory attempts to explain, it is understandable that there would not be many signs within our own work. This is due to most civilizations rising between the cycles of expansions. The problems encountered during the expansions wipe us out to really insignificant levels, and fundamentally reset the whole civilization to zero. But, there are some monuments, in fact thousands of them which may be evidence of the Expando Planet cycles.

    One point is the 'mystery' of the megaliths (giant stone buildings) which are all over the planet. A great many of which are so large, and involve stones that are so large, that our current civilization could not duplicate the work. Further some of these megaliths are so large, that we humans have mistaken them for generations as part of the natural landscape. But, here is an interesting point. In a smaller version of earth, just as with the dinosaurs, gravity is less, and these stones would have weighed far less, thus presenting less of an issue in construction.

    Train derailments, and other impacts on human infrastructure. Including worries about dams. Sinkholes, in fact many of the problems claimed as issues of the approach of the planet X would be expected in the Expando Planet model.

    Magnetic Field is recharged. This sounds good in theory, but living through the process may not be easy, or even likely. Noting that this is one of the many areas in which Patrick Geryl is correct, we proceed to the idea that we are basically friggen doomed. The sun will spew out huge volumes of energy and material in 2012. Much of it directed right towards earth. As we know, it is our magnetosphere that protects us from much of this radiation. Well, the magnetosphere is failing, and seriously needs a recharge, but to do so we have to live through the energy exchange from the sun to the earth necessary to the task. So Patrick Geryl is correct, and we can expect a very large burst of south/negative charged particles to hit our South Pole. This will be absorbed by the planet, and a good deal of the energy will be sucked into the plasma core, thus providing for both the recharge of the magnetic strength of our magnetosphere, and the flip of the magnetic poles, north for south. This will be a very messy, and dangerous process for life here on earth. As the magnetic poles flip, the charge of the magnetosphere will go to zero and dangerous radiation will pour down upon the planet and us guys, its inhabitants. Not good. Terminal sunburns in minutes. Burning of anything directly in the path of the sun's output. Cook your dinner in a pot outside in minutes. That sort of thing. But not good for life. Noting that Patrick is likely also correct, and the radiation danger period is probably brief, on the order of few days. He is also correct in that the magnetic poles will flip as the plasma core absorbs the south/negative charged particles and becomes dominated by them, a side effect of which recharges our magnetosphere later in the process. The plasma core will actually flip physically, but as it has virtually no mass relative to the planetary crust, and will 'flip' by going 'inside out' relative to polarity means that only the magnetics will change here on the crust of earth, but this also allows for both chaotic polarity points, and very rapid magnetic changes. Unlike the 'molten mass of iron core' theory which presents lots of issues about altering its rotation, physical constraints and magnetic charge. It can be imagined as to the dangers presented to life by this part of the 2012 events.

  20. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Hannes

    Was den vorgeblichen Desinformanten betrifft, so redest Du für mich noch in Rätseln.

    Eine Erklärung wäre hilfreich.

    Und ich bitte Dich, künftig nicht mehr derart ellenlange Fremdtexte hier einzustellen.

    Nichts für ungut: Ein Link mit Hinweis tut es auch.

  21. hannes says:

    bitte lesen…….

    es gibt leute die bezahlt werden um desinfo zu verbreiten das ist fakt…… wenn du mich oder mein leben besser kennen würdest wüsstest du wovon ich rede ;)

    ich gebe hier nur nen tip und etwas lesenswertes also bitte lesen ;)

  22. Gutter Zwerg mag nun mal den Göller trotz allem sagt:


    Es gibt Leute, die wissen gar nicht wovon sie reden. Das ist auch Fakt! ;)

    Und es gibt Leute, die hätte Gott besser nicht so viel sabbern lassen, von einer späteren Auferweckung aus ihrem Gesabbere ganz zu schweigen. :)

    “wenn du mich oder mein leben besser kennen würdest wüsstest du wovon ich rede”

    Dann erzähle doch mal von Deinem Leben – Ich zumindest höre Dir sehr gerne zu.

    Ich betreibe keine Desinformation, sondern bin ein Kämpfer für die Wahrheit. Ein fahrender Ritter sozusagen, der seinem Ritterschlag nun etwas hinterher hinkt. Aber den kriege ich schon noch, wartet es nur ab.

    Mehr von mir und zur Sache, später! (Vielleicht) :)

  23. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Gutter Zwerg

    Etwas konkreter zu werden, das wäre angezeigt.

  24. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Hannes

    Dasselbe wie für “Gutter Zwerg” gilt auch für Dich.

    Wenn Ihr Euch schon hier beharken wollt, dann bitte unter Klarnamen.

    Alles andere ist feige.

    Und dann unterbinde ich es.

  25. Gutter dwarf says:

    @Magnus W. Göller

    Es liegt nicht in meiner Absicht, mich hier mit irgend jemand zu “beharken”.

    Aber was sollte denn so etwas hier von hannes?

    “oh man schaut aus als hättest du nen zwergen desinfo agenten hier…….”

    Oder so etwas hier?

    “es gibt leute die bezahlt werden um desinfo zu verbreiten das ist fakt……”

    Das ist ein Vorwurf, denn ich mir doch bestimmt nicht gefallen lassen muss, oder? So etwas habe ich nämlich nicht nötig zu tun. Ich komme auf diese Seite, weil ich hier oft gute Infos vorfinde, es hier mit intelligenten Menschen zu tun habe, wie ich doch sehr hoffe, weil mir die klare Betrachtungsweise der Dinge hier gefällt und was dazu geschrieben wird und weil ich die Wahrheit liebe.

    Wer mir außerdem vorwirft feige zu sein, der kennt mich wirklich nicht.
    Ich mag phantasievolle Pseudonyme, deshalb lege ich mir gerne welche zu. Was sind schon Namen? Sie sind im Grunde nichts weiter als Schall und Rauch.

  26. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Gutter Zwerg

    Du hast völlig recht, dass man sich mit derlei Anschuldigen tunlichst zurückhalten sollte, wenn man keine eindeutigen Hinweise zu geben bereit oder in der Lage.

    Und zumal unter Decknamen.

    Dass es natürlich bezahlte Schacks und Trolle gibt, in allerlei Foren, so möglicherweise auch hier, steht außer Frage.

    Lange halten es solche auf dieser Seite aber normalerweise nicht aus.

    Dafür sorgen dann schon andere Teilnehmer oder eben auch ich.

    Wer sich hier entsprechend aufführt, fällt schnell auf, womit sich die Sache leicht erledigt.

    Also: Streitet ruhig weiter, das gehört dazu.

    Ob sich Dein Kontrahent wohl noch einmal aus der Deckung wagt?

  27. I says:

    nun ich will es mal so ausdrücken.
    Man stelle sich vor, dass der Mensch es irgendwann schaffen könnte, eine Technologie zu entwickeln die es ihnen ermöglich andere, noch unbekannte Planeten zu erreichen.

    Welches wären dann die Regeln oder Gesetze sein, die dahingehend einhergehen?

    Dabei sollte man bedenken, dass man einerseits schon so viel Brain hat, um solche eine Technologie zu entwickeln.

    Dann sollte man immer im Hinterkopf, den Schutz des eigenen Planeten und der Spezies Mensch haben.

    Man sollte sich noch vorstellen, dass solche eine Technologie, nicht nur Erdähnliche Planeten erreichen kann.
    Die Rohstoffe auf der Erde, keine Seltenheit in diesem Universum darstellen.

    Würde man unter Umständen, nicht eher erst mal die Technologie nutzen, um unbewohnte Planeten zu erkunden und somit auch die Technik erschaffen um von dort Rohstoffe usw zu kriegen? Würde man gleich als erstes eine Konfrontation mit einer anderen Lebensform wählen? selbst wenn dessen Aufenthaltsort bekannt ist?

    Das sogar wir Affenmenschen es bereits geschafft haben, eine Robotertechnologie zu entwickeln. (Ich denke das schließt solch Theorien der Versklavung bereits im Vorfeld aus)

    Nun erklärt mir mal, weshalb eine außerirdische Lebensform, ein Interesse an diesen Stein namens Erde haben könnte? Wenn sie dann ein Interesse hätten, weshalb die dann mit den Büffeln im Afrikanischen Sumpf Kontakt aufnehmen sollten? Oder mit einem Ameisenhaufen im Harz? Oder mit dem Menschen?

    Welche Risiken gehen durch das intervenieren in die Geschehnisse eines anderen Planeten hervor?
    Welche Vorteile und Nutzen, würden sich für eine HiEnd Spezies durch eine Intervention ergeben?
    Würden die Risiken und der praktisch nichtvorhandene Nutzen, eine Kontaktaufnahme bzw. eine Intervention rechtfertigen?

    Glaubt ihr, dass eine Spezies die überall seine Finger reinsteckt und seinen Anus reinhängt, in einem Universum, indem es dann vermutlich noch mehr als nur die eine Außerirdische Spezies gibt, eine reelle Überlebenschance hat? Und glaubt ihr, dass sich eine Lebensform die es geschafft hat, eine Technologie zu entwickeln die bei uns nur in Spielfilmen läuft, sich der Risiken die sich durch eine all-einmischende Einstellung ergeben bewusst ist?

    Wenn ihr dann alle ungefähr ein Bild nun habt, von dem was ich gesagt habe…
    Dann versteht ihr auch, weshalb ich eher der Meinung bin, von meinem Nachbarn geht mehr Gefahr aus, als von einem fliegenden Teller irgendwo auf diesem Planeten. Der vermutlich auch eh nur wieder meinem Nachbarn gehört. ;)

  28. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ ich

    Du bist reichlich unsortiert und verdrängst vieles. Aber daraus kann noch was werden.

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