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When I look at what local contributions were the recent hit with the comment strokes, namely "? Densities Lesbian Sapphorismen", "Honor the world" and "thinking and faith," so here it goes clearly to normal: sex, faith and the end of Sex and the faith that people are most interested in. (Fourth, "What shall we men may now want woman minister?" Turns in the broadest sense, a combination of these Triassic.)

Remarkable and maybe not normal is that a money issue ("Gold and Silver: Gigantic dizziness") is only ranked fifth.

That a philological subject ("has FAZ blogger") only aroused the sixth word is not surprising turn, nor that it is a genuinely philosophical ("From the positive traumatized people V") only managed seventh place. (What you may well be very satisfied however.)

The ranking should not be because I had one of those territories granted a priority too one-sided and hereby probability of success anyway.

Well, people who think only about money day and night, probably one hand not always be enthusiastic about my treatment of the subject, here anyway Blazed less; but many Christians are not always done when I was getting myself into religious stuff.

If you press the button, Jesus, at least that is even safer than if you apply the money-and-gold button.

That makes me happy in the sense that Jesus is sympathetic to me than the Rothschilds.

Sexual and that, in connection with poetry, it completely abolished forward is indeed primarily due to a participant who was now burning really nothing, even less, because if he was concerned with Jesus, but that does more meaningful.

Interpreted vicious would mean: First comes food, then morals.

The other way round you could also say: Eros stops opposite the logos forehand.

What is to be welcomed as Eros ensures that even our descendants can think about the logos.

The order is therefore in complete harmony with the cosmic laws.

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