Copyright: The artist as a man

From current events, I find myself challenged to take the copyright issue again.

Anyone who is interested in this, I ask, especially this post also to look at, as I must repeat here, although some content, but not everything, and especially in the other, (partly) less emotional, expressive form.

The same applies to this product .

And of course the youngest , who has obviously still not made ​​any sufficiently clear what, what is at stake here for a dimension.

I'm getting started now times easily and quote the Dude estimated from the comment string to " steals Göllers Full Text" :

"Dude says:
September 21, 2011 at 01:05 (Edit)


In principle, I support the dissemination of good, sound objectively and correctly worded articles, reader comments, forum posts, etc. always, however, only in strict compliance with the basic rules, which actually naturally should give every respect and healthy, honorable sense.

So if the content worthwhile and rhetorical readable clear - with the author's name and direct link to the source, in full (or with the appropriate identification, so it is merely excerpts) - on other platforms gecopypasted (sorry)), this is absolutely to support my opinion, firstly because it saves time and energy, the z.Bsp. could be used for productive activism, and secondly counteracts the abundance of common, brainwashed Meinungsgeschwurbels, even if I can your items listed here in the article thoroughly comprehend and understand.

I admit offizielll here, I do this every now and then without being asked of all of your articles - and also some other things - but ALWAYS mention your (or the relevant) name, as well as a direct link to the article in your blog (or the corresponding source) just as I clearly characterizes "[...]", if I take only excerpts (Many people are too lazy to read all about long articles, but you know already;)).
If I should fail to do so in the future, I will keep myself understood it.

What there on the expires is the longer, the more ridiculous and should (and will!), So no quick apology received by you are also rewarded accordingly (I already buzzing to some creative ideas by the head;)) ".

This sounds at first quite good and reasonable and responsible.

But only at first (forgive me, dear Dude, I must for the sake of the thing will be clear).

Because it can, even if my - or any other - texts are correctly reproduced and linked if any personal or commercial interests associated with it (when is that?) When around it not only louder disgusting filth is, no pictures around it or even inside mounted be contrary to the intentions of the author, in short, if it just yet "best" for these runs, but its vital interests (including its motivation and self-esteem, but they are anyway no matter) fundamentally ignored.

Because if this, the often - as in my case - everything anyway free will to power (otherwise there is still no rational argument), his work gets not even honored by the fact that he naming plus linking one to the reader interesting appearing contribution also necessary accesses draws on his side, he hereby perhaps can at least achieve some advertising revenue, increase its reach, so that its classification at stores like alexa and google, perhaps even draw a paid writing or teaching on land, while, conversely, the thief that specific page appreciates, so that fact for themselves and achieved them: then and therefore stops any fun.

Even in that rare, almost hypothetical "best" case.

And the argument that it is so time consuming to quote properly or set the beginning of the text for further reading, in my view is not only unacceptable but downright outrageous.

There must of arms, usually so busy (with what? With moneymaking? With any actions for any requiring other or different?) Illegal Kopist, of the arms, but actually maybe a minute (be it a go two or?) Tuned to give his high holiness more , for a text that he considers worth spreading.

This can of course as an author to write his text in tenths of a second, all he had to learn to can this, has collected in seconds of his life, of course not expect.

He must also live on nothing yes. And his children certainly not.

It is this practice so zuallerwenigst without roof term ate absolutely unfair.

If considered, it is absolutely ruthless, cynical and brutal.

I raised already in the article to just be flown Klau (third link) shows that one this nonchalant, gandenlose, selfish laziness only for small Krattlern as allowed itself to me, which appear defenseless (as we have seen, they are not always entirely, but mostly just yet, on money from Istanbul I wait still), the so seen weakest in the whole circus, while they never - and dare to steal without permission full texts of publishers, who can not afford a legal department - or soon will not so cut the master Abkupferstecher quickly or with perseverance in the pan that of the notes anyway.

So if you, your anarchists, whom the weal and woe of the creator does not matter (which you mean, everything belongs to all;? Belong to me also your shirt and your pants), the "small" at least, sometimes want to really play the hero says that copyright no longer applies to simply, is from yesterday, then you lays it out with the big ones.

Ever thought about it, how must feel the "Small", by scratching his troublesome in light of your behavior and do such arguments as above, that it would cost you just too much time to work correctly?

Except abgemeiert, ridiculed and spat upon.

It was already the "argument" that it was indeed a reader service, if this probably just not his time stolen wealthy stranger still must click a link to the full text to be angesichtig.

But Oh, that gives me again the great pity if someone in the otherwise completely free reading my text depending on Tatterigkeit must sacrifice 0,2 to 0.5 second of his precious life time to bring added a click with the left mouse button (well, if he still has to move up to the Link also like easy times two seconds it will).

Completely ridiculous, absurd, perverse!

But no laughing matter for the author.

You feel then have not even spit on, but smooth pissed.

One is as an artist whose work obviously other seems to interssieren, the other whose leaves are free partakers, so less value gets his money as the most mendacious beggar who spoil already for sitting around naked and kickstart the day.

This one is degraded to the niedrigstdenkbare social level.

I have therefore taken yesterday evening not only the decision to fight to the last for the copyright.

Each cross the blade, with the above bräsigem Mischief (sorry, Dude, I must say, as I think it) comes along.

And should be lost the battle, so that we, like many the want to lose all the rights, then I will not write for this world.

At best, even for me and my drawer.

Or possibly even a job working against fattest advance.

Or, and this but then, only perhaps more against a world that still spend more on a lolly ready, as they grant the creators.

The then but just so angry texts that these despicable because of me she likes to spread free against their own stupidity.

Because then I have muzzle and nose finally completed.

Then spit and I spit back only.

You get what you call for.

Well, now just quite yet and it is here: not only, but also, in their own right.

Who was robbed textually and to defend themselves alone do not really know who really on my non-lawyer professional help.

But professionally also means that it costs something in the normal case.

Not even I merely had stolen my time.

And I'm going to leave me so come up with some.

This is just the beginning.

I use consistently to win.

Those mitprofitieren therefrom for Umme, should I send a thank you letter happy times.

Maybe even a voluntary Zehrpfennig.

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4 Responses to "copyright: the artist as a man"

  1. personal_pronom says:

    Well roared lion :)

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Personal_pronom

    Thank you.

    At least I have the ascendant.

  3. chris says:

    Dear Magnus,

    For idiots you can only do if it is believed that giving is idiotic. The world view against which you are trying to fight in your lyrics, but your mind reflects, for it involves the 'dogmatism'.

    And who is of the opinion that money plays an important role in the world, the monetary system holds a fortiori 'the shit', as they say.
    So you can only by only a 180 ° turn help to create a world in which loss is created by thinking not by assumed someone would have this 'intellectual property' stolen. Intellectual property does not exist, because every mind is inspired from a single source. And this knowledge, people should be encouraged.
    'My' and 'your' was yesterday, from today's 'We-Think' creates the world of tomorrow.

    I myself am a creative person and have lance after many attempts, trying to earn a living, understand that it is very probably the work itself, is evident from the pleasure, but not necessarily the resulting or expected success.
    Van Gogh and many other artists have exemplified that. They lived for art and went inside her. You could even learn honor for her work directly neither wealth. Her work has but other allows it to draw or just to enjoy only to their experiences. So it's not about to be recognized by his works in his lifetime, but his self, to gain by this expression. That's what makes a true artist of life. Wealth, honor, fame come or not. For some, the doors open effortlessly, for others they remain closed and for the purpose of Learn at stimulating.
    After so I could not achieve public success with my journalistic work or shaping objects, I imagine it now wherever available, enjoy them or benefit from them all can. Without any expectations. That makes me happy.

    So you could proceed to to get something that you thought important enough it to the public so that something changes, it can also give without expectation of return. Because there is a creative a greater reward than the acceptance by fellow human beings, the use of the original and copy? This appreciation is mirrored but that weighs a lot more than monetary wealth because she was copying and passing on to considered.

    A new way pursue, is to leave the old. Self-righteousness and ego-related thinking is the old way. So the new way can only mean what I have is yours, because nothing of all is mine alone and that is because we are all one.
    Evolution is happening in the world of time not overnight, but a gradual shift away from wrong thinking patterns, in which everyone can participate, points to a way out, we can all go together and be.

    If you leave this world, what you take then? The fame? The money? The material values? The name? The title? The honor? None of this takes you take. but you take with what they gave from the heart, because the returns to a back even in his own lifetime.

    Like to submit, would like to share and rejoice when another favor to the articles shall, one has devised, is the only path that must be followed now. Because of this thought out, is also everyone can be happy, because he knows from personal experience the give and take in truth are one and the same. Then everyone is happy because he knows that the other feels the same way and are also happy. So there is no more loss.

    When all think so, then it does not need more money, then it does not need more fame, then it does not need a private possession more, because everything belongs to everyone and everyone sees it that way. That which has a then developed, which he likes to share with those who were able to on their own not create and thus helps them to follow this example.

    It is considered to be the Ghandi quote: "Be yourself the change you want to see you in the world. '

    This post is just my view of things again. Everyone has his beliefs and his own world view, reflecting his will and his way of thinking and that is a good thing. Yet all thoughts can jointly contribute to wear light into the darkness, when it comes to take a step forward, every man for himself but for a united humanity.

    Greetings. :)

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Chris

    That all sounds very nice, what you're saying.

    But why should only the artist give away everything?

    Gives me the baker the bread for my children?

    Can the free - ride tram - at least in the quasi-governmental?

    Can I just take down in the Kaufhof and me a pair of pants when I mean to need?

    What do you live?

    Moreover, I have put a few hundred hours of work in a translation under "Creative Commons" in the course of the last year: but that was my voluntary choice.

    In an ideal world, they like you settest in which everyone has enough of everything, I renounce then be enjoyed on any bonuses, pay, any money for my work.

    And: If I leave this world, I can in fact no material things, or even fame and honor to take.

    If I but a little bit can leave to my children, I think it quite appropriate.

    And anyway that everything originated from one source, may well be seen at least philosophically tenable.

    But I have decades of timber is harvested, stored, assembled, sealed with pitch so, with blisters on the hands to use it for scooping bucket, then dragged the water, so that others might drink.

    In the meantime - except drinking - herumhurten, Sayings and knocked quite easily earned with selling insurance or cars or bank certificates a bunch of money: if they do not perhaps even doing nothing and simply lived off the rest of humanity.

    Are you talking about, sir, a rough esoteric nonsense therefore.

    (But: If you want to set a good example, I am sending you like a list of what I might need from the things you altmodischerweise your name them, just the postage I pay then myself My kids could incidentally just need their own computer.. . You seem to be a "have". Which I first.) will

    Incidentally: I make indeed happy.

    But not on an empty stomach and an empty cup.

    (You know me a decent winemaker who creates me at least free wine?, Please adjust address here.)

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