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Writing “For Our Time”?

Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

If one is gifted for, and does pursue, the writing of good novels, the question if he be writing “for our time” may be secondary. (It was, certainly, not so for Cervantes.)

Not quite the same is true for authors of essays and satire.

If their income is ok, their reputation therewith (or, mostly the same thing, thereby, at least with their wives and relatives), they may not even consider the problem.

Otherwise though, in the half-desert of some reception and little or no money earned, it is, at least for the better, more ambitious ones necessary to ask: “Am I doing this righteously, mainly, just for “our time”?

Or, is it not wiser, apter to this given fate, merely to take up some traits of the ruling zeitgeist, now and then poking some swine-snooted, dough-sooted, picking them nonchalantly up to go for goals beyond the now?

Can we not, should not exactly we, who are given the leisure (or rob it somewhere) to write what doesn’t even pay for wine and cigs, let alone rent and health insurance, give a darned sh.. on what is the latest babble of some petty politician, half-naked celebrity, pseudo-philosophical talkshow nitwit, the bankster whores, the blatant “scientific” lies of the shallow waters of the “expert” circus of the bigshot plutocrat pissoirs? (weiterlesen…)

Volatiler Zeitgeist

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Noch mögen viele Weiber statt Männern und Kindern lieber ihre und zweiterer Scheckkarten, Fitnesstudios, Facebook, ihre Friseusen und Pedikuranten. Das mag sich schnell wieder ändern.

Aphorismen II

Freitag, 13. März 2009


“Dass der Zeitgeist nur im Rückblick zu erkennen sei, behauptet nur der, welcher sich nie mit ihm angelegt hat.”