Mit ‘War’ getaggte Artikel


Mittwoch, 21. April 2010

Gerald Celente, der US-Trend-Guru unserer Zeit, kommt aktuell damit:

White House Song

Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

My name is Obama

Though I’m not a Lama

I anyway feel

Quite genteel

Every soldier dead

Maimed, ripped, or blind

Is right the kind

To Wallstreet fed

Therefore it’s me

Grinning and fast

To take from ye

The very last

Such is my commitment

That in ev’ry shipment

Ye find more dire

Bellicose quagmire

This is for my friends

The lofty ones

Of money and guns

Their noble ends

The Overall Fake And Fraud

Samstag, 06. Juni 2009

Obama is an overall fake.

He is not even black, though almost everyone says him to be.

He has not recognized the Armenian genocide as he promised to do.

He has not dismantled Guantanamo as he promised to do.

He has not disclosed material about American torturers as he promised to do.

He doesn’t prosecute them.

He doesn’t bring American troops home from Iraq as he promised to do.

He does expand war in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He keeps the Patriot Act untouched. (weiterlesen…)

One Trillion

Sonntag, 22. März 2009

The FED has brought in another trillion Dollars.  Billions have gone down to be of little importance, peanuts in Hinter-Africa,  the stuff one feeds little despots and smaller black operations with. Noone really dares ask where this fairy tale Trillionkin comes from. It’s just kind of there, folks.

To invent a trillion Dollars to buy worthless crap is the idea of the greatest chutzpah I have ever beheld. (weiterlesen…)