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What does this teach us a false Goethe Quote

Thursday 03 April 2014

The history of this post I put here are known.


Two things in the matter of interest.

First, that even - or especially? - Shortened, removed from its context quote Goethe but to - in my opinion - quite relevant considerations led.

Secondly, we have learned along it, how careful one should deal with quotes.

Jermain it took just a collection (you have dessenthalben enough ash to your main scattered, rather Jermain!), And I took it, the quote judgmental, although it appeared to me so strange an angle, then hinwiederum simply by his side.

It is Jermaine credit that he then precisely nachsuchte that the fraud was uncovered.

So we both did at first, if not wollentlich, Goethe wrong, put things in the world that ascribe to him as when viewing the original passage could not withstand.


This will be a lesson to me.