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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The "alternative for Germany" has become so clearly defined against "law" and against "dull Islam haters" that even the fan base that salvation-Israel blogs called "Politically Incorrect" begins to choke on their sympathies for the pile. We laugh about the PI Seppel, these would-sandbox pseudo-patriots, in this context, gloating a branch.

Hooray Islam and please, please just not right: If the AfD the same placarded, the PI-Kita inmates and many others would not now surprised rub your eyes.

But: If you open a conservative-liberal party which is to be an alternative for Germany, as one should not expect because that "rights" could be attracted, whoever that was, too?

So you have to know from the outset that you either will have to take and it can kill medial or sharp action against them and marginalize them.

In this respect the AfD from the beginning is on, a name already, been a sham, only the next sow after those pirates, in which freedom of expression long sunk behind Usedom in the Baltic Sea, driven through the political village. (more ...)

Uncertainty conference in Munich - Third World War?

Saturday 02 February 2013

After his Islamist terrorists do not seem to create the coup in Syria alone, has the American Vizepäsident Joe Biden, self-proclaimed non-Jewish Zionist, called at the Munich Security Conference intervention there.

He does so, to Libya, even bomb an Arab secular state into chaos.

Let's see if any German political force except the Left Party dares open, clear contradiction. A great newspaper? (Rather probably puts a chicken pork ham.)

Again, I wonder how, if you look at the spring-like conditions in Egypt, may be in Israel's interest, and soon north of its boundaries to have an unpredictable state Islam.

If you look at this policy, so no wonder that the Jew Henry Kissinger said, there in ten years, no more Israel.

It looks as if the most senior friends of Israel's most dangerous enemies. Yes, this sounds crazy, but funny, but all the evidence. (more ...)