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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The following originally appeared on freitag.de:


21.03.2010 | 11:29
"Value and honor German language" - word creations
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It is a merit of Friday to have argued on this platform free spirits uncensored.

Those to whom you cut in the online editions of TIME, the FAZ, the SPIEGEL etc. the "word" can be found here again - and they're talking about as they can rise to the beak, free of the limits of the categorical imperative are still respected.

So I found this by chance a spiritual comrades again, I had seen 20 years ago and talked the last time. I then came across on his blog and on his peculiarity, not only to speak freely, tacheles, as they say, but also individually.


Magnus Goeller operates - undeclared and perhaps not to the delight of the Bibliographic Institute in Mannheim (where the dictionary is published.) - As a voice changer and word creator (more ...)