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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Killing science and technology art?

Yesterday I got into conversation with a literary very educated man, probably in his sixties who thought himself to be a writer for Radio, Film and Television (been), and how the speech surged, we came again to the fact that it and since Kafka Strauss - he called in music as an exception even Schoenberg - so for about three generations were no comparable with the big art more.

H. even went so far that there were no writers and no more readers. (I did not spare it our dialogues that at least I was still or again there.)

To which he leads back mean? - He had hastily prepared a Hegel quote that I have, between everything else, not just you, but it came down, that it will at some point in future only have to give the sciences, the arts whether it die.

"Look you so at times, everywhere only technology, engineering, technology! There is no room there for the art! Who reads nowadays seriously a text that is longer than four pages? "

Maybe I just want to not admit that he was right - he said he was Taoist and was therefore the slaves, while objection to the Germanic Dynamis I acknowledged myself - I argued that it just brave and undaunted in need of appropriate efforts, To change this, even took the word of a second renaissance in the mouth.

It is clear that the alleged antagonists science and art are initially the same rune Kenaz to you, so that it already does wonder why they should be opponents. (Spontaneously I suspect that something is out of control in conjunction with Geba, and Raidho Othala. This, however, as practically no runes interested only in passing.)

Well, I have a bit of this conjecture but explain that they may not daherschwappe like the famous drink of water in the curve: There is a lack of the gift, particularly to the dedication of rhythm ', ie higher order, and the Sacred Grove.

The Sacred Grove and physically, but especially spiritually, in the selfing.

Which means that we lose the really own inner space of the Hags, without whom not to create something special. (This should now be no excuse for my still not tidy desk, because I need plenty of time for my interior Hag. A bit yet.)

Now it is nötigerweis - notdurftweis - a little vulgar, but the example fits here. (more ...)