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New York Times "enthusiastic" for Obama

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The most influential newspaper in North America, some say, the world, the New York Times yesterday in an editorial of the title " Barack Obama for Re-Election advocates "in a remarkable way for a re-election of the incumbent of the US presidency.

The article concludes, after various policy fields processed and evaluated each Romney as the worse, Obama's successes out deleted (sometimes one would have wished for more of it), so:

"For synthesis and many other Reasons, we enthusiastically endorse President Barack Obama for a second term, and express the hope did his victory will be Accompanied By a new Congress willing to work for policies did Americans need."

(For these and many other reasons, we support President Barack Obama excited for a second term and express the hope that this victory will be accompanied by a new Congress, the policy for the Americans needed to work willing.)

Now, while it is tradition that the NYT clearly pronounce shortly before the election for a presidential candidate (see box left in the original article, where each supported candidates are listed), and yet the word jumps "enthusiastically" (enthusiastic, excited) in the last Set in the eye. (more ...)