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Save the walruses NOT!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I have just learned from a reliable source Arctic that now afflicts the Walrus SWINE FLU pandemic, because they can harm the most people so little.

Rumors that the WHO had hurried along to obtain the paltry H1N1 virus somehow alive, or that some climate deniers could be behind that seek so to conceal the immanent Schwitztod the animals, yet were confirmed.

Rather, it appears to be a smart ecological alternative behavior of the pathogen, which has probably roped via Copenhagen to Greenland, Siberia and northern Canada.

So I revise my previous entry: The walruses may be saved under any circumstances!

Pandem ... Hicks!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I survived the swine flu, and my sons are doing well just because they have today bought from her pocket money eagerly Mickey Mouse comic books and Yu-Gi-Oh cards without breaking the go.

How do I know this? - A teacher of my Great (soon eleven) summoned my son yesterday whether his cough determined that he had the swine flu (I had runny nose, Katarrhartiges and sometimes ears pulling from last Monday, on Thursday / Friday, there were inconsistent symptoms in children).

Since the Bavarian schoolmaster has been diagnosed us and we are all Dreie already well on the way to the final recovery, I see a fortiori no reason, perhaps even to infect a poor country doctor or his more or less pretty receptionists by way of a consultation and so irresponsibly together with their families also direktemang more potential patients negligence or even maliciously strike down smirking at her end.

I have my sons explained that we were perhaps the only ones who have survived this usually fatal disease due to our Neanderthal genes; but that they probably would not be keen to not give at least a few playmates same chance.

That made sense to them; we therefore enjoy the perfect swine flu family peace.

Of Pandemrix, the WHO and squalene I told them but nothing, for therefore they are still too small.

Weltholz eyes Organization

Thursday, October 08, 2009

In view of the swine flu, which could now be in a boy, who died of severe pneumonia, demonstrated, however, had most likely nothing or little to do with his death, something, as in a woman with severe sepsis and various other diseases, I must say that my respect for the WHO pandemic has further increased immeasurably.

Our disease ministry we could actually also equal to a stock company owned by Novartis, Glaxo and OGG (more ...)

Flu Mist

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is the swine flu went back into the swine?

I do not hear nothing more that we should drop soon, as would massively harvested suckling pig for Large barbecue.

Embarrassing thing.

Now the Panikologen of the WHO can only hope daruf that at least the vaccines are favorable to cull a few unfeiste piglets, supporting weak females and sirloin lame boars.

Swine Flu: What's that?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Because the thing takes with the swine flu hysteria always monstrous trains (one need only look at once bild.de after), I began anew to research and came immediately on the current online contributions of F. William Engdahl , Gerhard Wisnewski and Michael Grandt on the network side of the Kopp-Verlag , to which I would like to expressly point.

As these authors so clearly show the current problem already, that I better not to see myself in the situation, I want it today, except a small personal comment left at this urgent recommendation to inform there.

(I sit below an at least rudimentary reading of the articles mentioned authors advance.) (more ...)

Strongly depleted brain

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I had long been of the (heavily depleted) uranium munitions , as part of which is fired by NATO and Israel for nearly twenty years of their toxicity, both as a heavy metal, distributed to other than alpha emitters explosions feinststaubmäßig (nanoparticles!) ,

In the last days I looked again after close and will therefore refer to, among other things Grimme Prize winner Frieder Wagner, who has turned to movies that I have not looked completely, however excerpts and interview snippets, finally getting all the detailed conversation with him, which I so far the easiest among wikio.de/video/1133632 was called.

In this exceptional case, I recommend the interview, so far without his television or cinema - to have ("Deadly Dust dust of death") to deadly uranium dust all seen.

He describes it absolutely credible and substantiated terrible and shows on YouTube images that I sometimes only hinhorchte and no longer looking.

Vast areas of Iraq and Afghanistan, but also many of their own soldiers have now been contaminated knowingly, this quiet man of 66 or 67 years should not only louder tell completely ludicrous lies that he could not afford without under a bus to be ruined by lawsuits or fall. (more ...)

Swine flu back

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Somehow it seems again not going so well.

Already on bird flu largest fears were established, which were not fulfilled.

Perhaps the descendant of the survivors of the ligands are not so easy to kill "Spanish flu" virus by mass. (more ...)