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Westerwelle "understands" Muslims, betrays the freedom

Friday, September 14, 2012

"I understand the outrage felt by many devout Muslims in the face of become known anti-Islamic film material. But: This outrage can not be a justification for violence. "

So, as I read up, our Foreign Minister Westerwelle on embassy storming and murdering Moslemmob.

I have not seen a second of this incriminating video, I am also really care alswie Ziegenschiet; and it would be me also plenty of the same, "insulting" to the measured Mohammed much closer related Odin (to which I also still do not think what a fortune, and if so would it be me anyway pig care less) I for one hundred thousandth time.

Why Verständis?

What is this? (more ...)

Condom ripped, tail off

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Naomi Klein, a famous "feminist", makes this funny deliciously over the Sexaffären-hunting Wikileaks chief Assange.

Voluntary birds as serious crimes, sufficient for an international arrest warrant, extradition proceedings, the whole program.

Meanwhile, the Büroschwuli of Westerwelli reveals everything to the Americans, which of course is not a real problem ...

At the moment things are truly on the head.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

So far, the Federal Foreign Minister not publicly declared that he would accept a woman as a partner, which he has undoubtedly continued his human rights gender duty even grossly violated: why this man is also in terms of gender equality, the German scandal in itself.

Grace is not to give here.

White Wall Streets Westie that?

Friday, February 26, 2010

For current Westerwelle:

Even in Jane Austen (late 18th century) was "liberal" in its primary meaning synonymous with "generous", "generous"; "A liberal man" was insonderheit a Wealthy, who had a thing for the lower orders, and personally took care in his home environment and nature for their welfare.

Nietzsche then said, liberal, which is a synonym for mediocre (as I recall, he referred to the British).

In the late twentieth century, then was called liberal, that you can not spank gays and imprison.

Now in the twenty it means that you voluntarily freezes for banks and starved, so that the entire liberal system does not in itself would collapse.

In the twenty-second, the adjective should be for those who prefer not equal more like incarnate on earth here below not possibly even having to endure the company of other liberal until exitus.

Among colleagues

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Extraterritorialsubservient and Defendarreferatssubservient face a huge brownish swamp.

Otherwise unheard and unobserved feeling, says Westerwelle remarkably sober: "Look, Gutti, so a large, pacified, poppy-growing free zone mitohne Hindu Kush and xenophobic homophobes looks."

Then zu Guttenberg: "Wrong, you Kollalleralschaden. This is an opium depot of the CIA. "

News from Extraterritorialsubservienten

Monday, February 15, 2010

Known the truth dies in the war first.

If Westerwelle will soon asked what he thought'm wearing there, he will probably say no longer jacket and pants, but "superfiziale, okzidentalstilistisch customized thoracic and analoventrale and legal (from English" leg ") Verhülldeckstoffe".

Bravo, Mr. Extraterritorialsubservient!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have just heard in my Bavaria radio that we are in Afghanistan, according to Foreign Minister Westerwelle from today in an "armed conflict under international humanitarian law".

The smart Bonner has therefore say quite in keeping with his Rhenish cheerful nature and at exactly the right time of year and write 18 (!) Wasted syllables for what "was" the Americans called the Frenchman "guerre" and not completely fallen to the Laberrübe German as monosyllabic war.

Soon this word artist is probably not well explain he was gay (more ...)

Gentleman Streaming

Monday, February 01, 2010

The term "warming" is of Westerwelle, Shop & Cie am needed elsewhere, so is recently only talk of "climate change".

So it fits

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I've been thinking.

I will now Taliban, and then I go to the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs and fetch me my money dropouts.

So I get my taxes back last war.

High losses

Monday, October 05, 2009

In Afghanistan, an outpost of the Americans was nearly overrun after a nearby police station had been taken by the rebels.

McChrystal's new strategy, not only herumzubomben, but to distribute his men on the surface, showing their Achilles heel.

Small garrisons can be just easier attacked as large fortified camp.

The former commander of secret assassination squads in Iraq will still have to come up with something.

Perhaps Merkel and Westerwelle of the General commanding yes from the front: you demonstrated on Khyber Pass against burqas, and it operates on the flat land in Kunduz yet further sexual education.

Merkel Risks

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The STAR-journalist Hans-Ulrich Jörges said this week, Merkel would actually prefer to continue to govern with the SPD as the FDP, for they knew well that it would be easier to distribute the necessary atrocities to the people.

I think the man is right.

However, the physicist could have charged it, and they got to be with this präponderanten, scraped Westerwelle drive because it has so often said, she was willing and the rich voices; otherwise it can just Steinmeier also provide, no matter how.

It's actually a little more fun to look at the circus; I look forward to the ring on Sunday between six and seven clock.

Till Gutterwelle

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guttenberg and Westerwelle say they want to cut taxes after the election.

Till Eulenspiegel was himself a moderate and promised the Erfurters only that he wanted to fly down from its cathedral, which he then immediately admitted at trial, despite all efforts not to prevail.

Steinmeier's Magic Bus

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Steinmeier has moved.

Still a few days ago he had described it as counterproductive to give a specific date for withdrawal for Afghanistan, even that of former Chancellor Schröder brought into play date of 2015 was in the SPD as too ambitious - that at least five more years of war than too little.

Now Steinmeier calls itself 2013 as the target. This is somewhat surprising, because until now it was always assumed at least 10 years dying with the Hindu Kush; but again it is not so surprising, since in two weeks, federal election, and then the matter can simply make again more difficult than one would have thought of before, so everything normal.

However, Steinmeier is no political novice: He knows most likely very well that can develop a debate with momentum here, he has opened a hogshead, (more ...)

Westerwelle dreams

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Westerwelli is outraged. His wooing the Union brings him only ridicule.

Now he wants their perfidious plans to continue the grand coalition, make a spanner in the works, he says.

Well, if he manages to press the SPD at 18 percent and the Union to 31, then it succeeds with perhaps 20 to coerce the Union into concubinage.

The man is known to be a jack of all trades.

Go Steini, go!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Now Steinmeier has promised the withdrawal from Afghanistan, when he should be Chancellor for.

A clear perspective on life and the end of the insert must forth. To give a specific date for the deduction, but he keeps "irresponsible" for.

So the zage chief diplomat do not actually have a clear perspective, but please. After all, he offers his most ten years already the Secretary of Defense, has again demonstrated its superior intelligence and leadership skills just once thus proving that he prematurely declared Karzai the victor.

Who has less?

All soldiers in Germany at home with their families under the Christmas tree, I offer as an extra vulgar Notkanzler. Yes we can: Go home!

Meanwhile, Westerwelle makes ridiculous in its own special way: you defend Germany there "against terrorists who are already therefore to the leather want, because with us men and women are equal".

Really? Is the common Afghan farmer through our dissolute life so outraged that he, as soon as it no longer prevents the Bundeswehr, his only donkey saddles (more ...)

Stone Schröder

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Before I heard an excerpt of the speech of Foreign Minister and SPD chancellor candidate Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the party the Social Democrats in Berlin Estrel Hotel.

He sounded as if he had previously intentionally 30 Marlboros and six fünfundvierzigprozentige (D) revenge killer inveigled so proletarian decided to sound as once his mentor Schröder.

He tried aufzuschrödern, and except that the last syllable, which I heard, was clearly too soft (which the Gerd rather not happening), he squat-made and certainly not so bad. (more ...)