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Friday, February 24, 2012

You put no more on trying to be understood value.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My esteemed colleague Friederike Beck suggested that I could take it out a little closer look at the specialized vocabulary of our highly respected Oberfinanz- "neocons", because they just with the Vita of the new Economics Minister zu Guttenberg umfässlich deal.

So: "shareholder value", "outsourcing", "Lean Management", "credit default swaps", "derivatives", "stop-loss option", "short selling", "Master of Business Administration", "Chief Executive Officer "," Key Account Manager "," market analyst "," art director "," Creative Director "," Sales Manager "," Auditor "," Bachelor "," senior partner "," Trend Scout "," trainee " "Win-win", "Consultant", "Equity", "underperformance", "broker", "rating agencies", "Human Capital", "Risk Manager", "franchisee", "hedge funds", "Cross Border Leasing "," personal bankruptcy ".

I admit frankly that I and so relatively simple concepts such. As value, profit, loss, bankruptcy, sales manager, share, intern, traders, short sale, outsourcing, consultant, dealer, employee, officer, manager, accountant, cash take ownership easier, although I am of English fairly powerful.

However, I know beyond all joy, my native language, at least when I speak or write German, to give the fundamental advantage that exactly means this Anglo-Saxon smoke candles not only many business management student was guided to the path of the feasibility delusion of "high finance" but also politician , country bankers and City Treasurer republic far. (more ...)