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Save the walruses NOT!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I have just learned from a reliable source Arctic that now afflicts the Walrus SWINE FLU pandemic, because they can harm the most people so little.

Rumors that the WHO had hurried along to obtain the paltry H1N1 virus somehow alive, or that some climate deniers could be behind that seek so to conceal the immanent Schwitztod the animals, yet were confirmed.

Rather, it appears to be a smart ecological alternative behavior of the pathogen, which has probably roped via Copenhagen to Greenland, Siberia and northern Canada.

So I revise my previous entry: The walruses may be saved under any circumstances!

Save the walruses!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Everyone talks about the polar bear.

It has always been this threaten the walruses.

Just because the walruses not the western thinness and beauty principle correspond, wrinkled and somewhat gruff, no one has anything left for them.

And even the Pacific walrus acts do not like a pure pacifist and polar bear friend; equipped with a 60 inch long penis bones and equipped little friendly tusks of up to one meter to show up, as always, especially the bulls as Erzmachos.

So I initially zergendern all understand that the desire arises, to let these creatures who like are not even willing to eat from the good; they are so sweet and cute and do not want to even play often.

Nevertheless, I think it is an intolerable Bioethnozentrismus and difficult diskriminös that is always spoken only of the cute bears and the walruses are handled by contrast, just as if they were North Sea Taliban, the place ugly rind veil themselves, aesthetically only average central Europeans hurting-religious sentiments.

And the ladies beards, carrying the Walrossweibchen to their 600-800 kilos to be taken seriously by the cops halfway, which rotates the polar bear fanatic these comical creatures probably still pure, only that they may be worse crawled into the picture!

Completely unacceptable!

PS: Of all the air rabble, all these merciless Goresken animal racists in Copenhagen, I have not heard a word for the walruses, effektheischendes certificates Pack, hypocritical!