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Green Pyrrhic victory?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Winning the state election in Baden-Württemberg could prove more than a Pyrrhic victory for the Greens.

The fact must now govern a country fully responsible by their Prime Minister and the majority faction, which was every bit as conservative or liberal yesterday.

Rather, the Greens now creamed off a middle class, mainly because Stuttgart 21 and Fukushima, which is still difficult to them in the stomach. (more ...)

Gauck and Wulff: Atlantic Bridge has himself defeated

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's official: The Atlantic Bridge candidate is the Atlantik-Brücke candidates failed just after a heroic struggle.

An Eighty million people held until the end of the breath.

It is said to have been responsible citizens, who suffered with tension nervous breakdowns and blackouts.

So much democracy never was.

Gauck and Wulff: Atlantic Bridge Seftel

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have stayed here twice pointed out that the choice between Wulff and Gauck is a farce, because both of you are in league with the same US-lobby-club "Atlantic Bridge".

Therefore, this choice of a rice straw broom I feel so schietegal, as if in Blankenese not even fall over.

Remarkable result

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

34 x 0.7 makes about the 24th

So that means that the Superduperwahlsiegervolksparteienüberriese Christian Union could just barely a quarter of the electorate induce them to cross themselves at him.

This encourages and shows that over three-quarters of Germans are not at least have been so stupid to choose a pseudo-conservative war party. (more ...)

Stupid question?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Only to wish someone success that not supported?

Away from the philosophical question: I will not choose the Steinmeier, but he is to me still better than the Merkel.

Merkel Risks

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The STAR-journalist Hans-Ulrich Jörges said this week, Merkel would actually prefer to continue to govern with the SPD as the FDP, for they knew well that it would be easier to distribute the necessary atrocities to the people.

I think the man is right.

However, the physicist could have charged it, and they got to be with this präponderanten, scraped Westerwelle drive because it has so often said, she was willing and the rich voices; otherwise it can just Steinmeier also provide, no matter how.

It's actually a little more fun to look at the circus; I look forward to the ring on Sunday between six and seven clock.

Conservative-liberal rabble

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm not known for violence, but some understanding I would have for people who threw times a squishy tomato in the direction of the current Steuersenkungsversprecher.

If one of these dog warmers least so brave to say: "Yes, we need to reduce the top tax rate and the public debt by halving the Hartz rule set finance" - so, would the thing in order, and each could choose knowing what he wants .

I may be a bit old-fashioned - or is it even a little reactionary to fascho? - Because I think that you should not be allowed to lie with impunity rotzdummfrech so, how do these people.

The argument that the others were lying but also, I can not accept there. Conservatives maintain pride in attitude and consistency are can hardly speak out on the left are just as ratty as themselves.


Choice recommendation

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I will confess now. I will not visit this election.

Three parties I would have thought in some respects worthy of support, but on the other hand, just too critical not.

As things are at present, is the strongest character that I can set for myself not voting.

If no one selects more the warring parties, they will be harder to maintain.

Against the Pirate Party, which is one of the three, I'm talking about me but now it is clear from; a pile, that knows no position to finance, social affairs, war, or anything else that would not be the Internet, should learn as a scout in the woods at least scavenger hunt reality only once.

Who should, however, instead of a declared war party select the pirate, after all, weakens the former.


As far as I pursued the pirates in my little boat before, you will probably also there for the love-US war be when you really have to show the flag.

If the Internet actually made automatically clever, we could not only high schools at any time abolish comfortable.

Steinmeier's Magic Bus

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Steinmeier has moved.

Still a few days ago he had described it as counterproductive to give a specific date for withdrawal for Afghanistan, even that of former Chancellor Schröder brought into play date of 2015 was in the SPD as too ambitious - that at least five more years of war than too little.

Now Steinmeier calls itself 2013 as the target. This is somewhat surprising, because until now it was always assumed at least 10 years dying with the Hindu Kush; but again it is not so surprising, since in two weeks, federal election, and then the matter can simply make again more difficult than one would have thought of before, so everything normal.

However, Steinmeier is no political novice: He knows most likely very well that can develop a debate with momentum here, he has opened a hogshead, (more ...)

Better red than dead?

Tuesday 08 September 2009

Earlier, I introduced on the Hammelburger marketplace a discussion with the Left Party-direct candidates of my Bundestag constituency, and then in more detail, one of his associates, who, although I had the candidates applied violently against me, as I differed among others Nazism from Fascism, however knowledge, understanding and fair weiterdisputierte.

If I were a bit younger, predisposed something conspiratorial, know how to do something, my blog with appropriate statements were not already available and I had time, I could well imagine mitzutun it to infiltrate the Left Party or, sometimes positive expressed to bring to reason. (more ...)

Fight the war liars

Monday, September 07, 2009

Trittin, the long beanpole of the Greens want the Afghanistan war "concrete benchmarks" (German he speaks rather not) with respect to the trigger, but of course, as well Steinmeier, who calls for a concrete roadmap, please without an appointment, which the latter so begündet so have only played into the hands of the Taliban.

They want it so absolutely concretely, at the same time but please do not concretely. (more ...)

Merkel hides and laughs lafo

Monday, August 31, 2009

Now Merkel seems to make the first serious error. At yesterday's election night, the last real litmus test before the election, is La Grande Dame did not look easy, as they have nothing to do with the disastrous results of their CDU in Saarland and Thuringia.

The military is called such behavior cowardice before the enemy; (more ...)

Campaign: Do not disturb!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The other lie more often than we do!

Therefore, every rational chooses us!

I know this is not a linguistic introduction pearl, but it expresses the state of the election campaign of the content.

All charitable promises from the cornucopia that are made are built on sand than ever, and what might be promised, namely war termination and the effective conversion of the world finances, not even seriously discussed.

You get time to suspect that actually wants no notice really. Each fry trinkets. Some think tank must all parties have been whispers that loses, who says anything sensible or even important and that too audible.

One may thereby exclude those pirate party a piece of (more ...)

Westerwelle dreams

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Westerwelli is outraged. His wooing the Union brings him only ridicule.

Now he wants their perfidious plans to continue the grand coalition, make a spanner in the works, he says.

Well, if he manages to press the SPD at 18 percent and the Union to 31, then it succeeds with perhaps 20 to coerce the Union into concubinage.

The man is known to be a jack of all trades.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Actually, I know the trick, that one thing that was not what it is, traditionally made of Freemasonry and similar black booths.

Whether Defense Minister Jung has his spurs, later to sell a war as Friedensdidelduundtatüt, earned in a hessian Hinterloge or not is irrelevant; a geostrategic military conquest is depicted as rescue and self-protective measure.

Obama, the semi-annual Savior of all idiots and drunks, the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan is expanding systematically, debt-financed.

Israel is building in the West Bank settlements, as if in Germany handles a Zementverschenkungsverbot from 1 1.

There are now only peace parties to happiness. All democratic want to achieve peace through war, however, the non-democratic about peace.

Seen democratically, so you can choose only a war party, if you want peace.

Hearing nots

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The embarrassment of this federal election is hard to beat.

None of the established parties (the "constitutional arch") provides an alternative to the US-war allegiance or even serious approaches to curb the speculative capitalist monster.

Not to mention debts, taxes, families, and the rest.

We want to choose?

I have been much been intended.

Democracy at its best

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What is the difference between elections in Afghanistan, Iran and Germany?

In Afghanistan there before the election two million voters more, especially women, as it is, and much of the cast is already sold on the black market of family leaders and tribal elders and warlords to the President. The UN is financing the expensive event, which is protected by NATO. (more ...)

Tough choice

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The stoning of the SPD is a personally modest, level-headed man who knows the world; but now I really understand him anymore.

Why promises the man only 4 - in four words - million jobs and almost nothing else? If you have the powdered with the staple bag?

Why he does not guarantee tax cuts of 50% for all across the beds and debt-free public budgets until Christmas and a Hartz IV standard set of two thousand euros for singles plus fifteen hundred for each child? - He needs it anyway but do not pay more for long!

Who chooses because today a run-down former People's Party, which promises just jobs?

The times should follow the example of the FDP. The cutting taxes to zero and the debt and unemployment so automatically. This is a campaign concept!

The Greens also have good ideas: they all go to Afghanistan for reconstruction aid and pay the one-way ticket out of pocket. Guess who I will choose. (more ...)