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Was Hitler a Green?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Hessian FDP parliamentary candidate has the green covered if their required "Veggie Day" with Nazi comparisons.

Although this is not very original, but it seems to annoy the Greens powerful. After all, they've got Antideutschtum and thus Nazi comparisons in the genes, while they had to learn it the war and bustle of the Upper German-hater fishermen.

"Same Nazis!" - One might as well be glad to call. Only, this time the reverse was first to act.

The limits of political conflict herewith are exceeded, it beeps. Since when is that? Have the Greens as a monopoly on decent Nazi comparisons?

You should call the so-called Federal Constitutional Court and can confirm that the superior court, in order that such liberal rabble-rouser may be moved to a neighboring cell Horst Mahler.

After all, they could result in Karlsruhe argued that there was no demonstrable macro-, women and kinderfeindlichere party in Germany, than they are. Not even the pirates could there really keep up. An intolerable scandal was it when the nachweislichsten all Germans haters would have to put up with Nazi comparisons.

Finally, this kind of comparisons are explicitly prohibited, while the FDP is first man acquitted of mistake of law. From there, but nothing works.

In addition to the matter was discussed whether one may refer Arab enemies as "anti-Semites", or whether this term only against people is casual, wishing to donate money for the excavation of Israeli "settlers" -Baugruben in the West Bank. For this purpose, the decision is postponed for the time being. A language scientific opinion is to bring clarification. The University of Cologne, a pioneer in gender equality issues, has been commissioned.

The lead in the process "Not man" Erika Obsurdides-Kalimantour - to be called woman, she rejects as sexist - argued that Hitler, with his welfare and his vegetarianism, only perfidious tried the Green Movement to infiltrate even before they arise Hereby, the FDP-Nazi now hang on.

The court summoned to Hitler in this context can not be prosecuted for sedition, not only because of his could not get a hold of it probably no longer live, but also because, as presented to him no certified copy of your membership card for the Greens, "according to the court, not intentional, lower motives in the direction to incite the people against the Green Party, be present, so the defendant can not be prosecuted."

It is, of course, outraged. Each GrünIn would naturally have liked to have seen confirmed as Urerzfeind Adolf Hitler, and now the Hitler. So even have done nothing against the Greens. A colossal misjudgment, which can appear very sinister the BVG.

Still staggering ". The Court can not in general, only occasionally to decide, just as there is no credible original statements on the Green Party can be substantiated by Adolf Hitler, at what point are Nazi comparisons on the floor of the Basic Law, hereby casual" But, respectively . and "The obvious fact that the Green Party will destroy the whole German people alsomit, is in the best anti-fascist tradition, she makes in the political debate does not automatically sacrosanct. The declared eradication will could be mere lip service, so it must be allowed to be questioned in such sharp way. "

Now see the Greens pretty old. The SNB has spoken first. So just before the election even hold a Ausrottungsvereidigungsparteitag, no, it can even prevent the agitators easily. Especially since you do not even know if the SNB can decisively influence of such a step could be.

Thus, consoles himself with the Greens for the time being in tofu and champagne so that it was after all not banned as Nazi undead party, the Nazis from the SNB would eventually even be trusted even been that these fascistic night watchmen.

Two hundred and twenty percent in the Bundestag! -: This is the new bold slogan of "root out folks". (On a German phrase could you not to some as too vague suspicion of treason also implicit in the good cause.)

A storm in a glass so. Time that we as a Green not only rumpfitzt, but once again applauded an aggressive war the Allied godfather.